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1. Minneapolis Star-Tribune: Minnesota summers lure the faithful from their pews 8/31/2015
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: 10 years later, have we learned anything from Katrina? 8/31/2015
2. Preston Hollow People: BGCT Salutes Baylor Nursing School 8/31/2015
2. The Chattanoogan (Chattanooga, TN): Debra Chew: Lifted Out of the Quicksand of Fear 8/31/2015
3. Yahoo! Health: Here’s One Possible Way to ID a Psychopath 8/31/2015
Amarillo Globe-News: Pastor's 20th year at First Baptist celebrated 8/31/2015
Baylor to Debut New Television Commercial Sept. 4 8/31/2015
Scottish Catholic Observer: The Scottish Church after McLellan 8/31/2015
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Southern Tradition Tailgating comes to McLane Stadium 8/31/2015
1. “The Rise and Fall of Atticus Finch?” Examined in Event Hosted by the Baylor Law School 8/28/2015
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor releases details on Brad Paisley concert 8/28/2015
Al Jazeera America: Life or Death Journey: Hundreds of Immigrants Die in Texas Desert 8/28/2015
Baylor’s Louise Herrington School of Nursing, BGCT Participate in ‘Passing of the Mantle’ Ceremony 8/28/2015
Cosmopolitan: If your friends don’t do this one thing, they’re probably a psychopath 8/28/2015
Kiplinger: Boost Lifetime Social Security Payouts With the Spousal Benefit 8/28/2015
KWTX-TV (Waco): Waco: BU Journalism Student Says Va. Shooting Won’t Deter Him 8/28/2015
MoneyTalks News: Does Gender Equality Lead to More Homicides? 8/28/2015
PRWeek: Are PR pros 'professional manipulators?' This study says not 8/28/2015
Sports Video Group: Baylor’s New McLane Stadium Preps for the Next 63 Years of Bears Football 8/28/2015
Yahoo! Finance: SettlePou Hires Four New Attorneys for Dallas Office 8/28/2015
Al Jazeera America: Lost on Their Journey: University Works to Identify Migrant Remains 8/27/2015
Baptist Standard: Baptist Building transferred to Baylor nursing school 8/27/2015 Psychopaths immune to contagious yawns 8/27/2015
KCEN-TV: Breaking Barriers in Central Texas 8/27/2015 Sophia Young Malcolm to Retire Following 2015 WNBA Season 8/27/2015
Sports Video Group: Venue Q&A: Baylor University’s Pattie Orr 8/27/2015
The American Conservative: A Religious Liberty Thought Experiment 8/27/2015
WORLD Magazine: Religious groups: Don’t dismantle ISCIRF 8/27/2015
Yahoo! Finance: Does Gender Equality Lead to More Homicides? 8/27/2015
D Magazine: Conversation With: Checking In With Baylor CEO Joel Allison Near Anniversary of Scott & White Merger 8/26/2015
Details Announced about Brad Paisley’s Country Nation College Tour Presented By Zaxby’s 8/26/2015
Medical Daily: Gender Equality at Work Linked To Higher Murder Rates In Some Countries; Respect For Women Is Deciding Factor 8/26/2015
National Ground Water Association: 2015 Farvolden Award winner spotlight: Stephanie Wong 8/26/2015
Science Blog: Racial attitudes of blacks in multiracial congregations resemble those of whites 8/26/2015 Psychopaths Might Be Immune to Contagious Yawning 8/26/2015
The Catholic World Report: What Kind of Evil? 8/26/2015
The Dallas Morning News: Ann Casey: Adjusting isn’t easy when your child goes to college 8/26/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: With nearly 1,000 happenings, McLane Stadium/Baylor Club becoming events, business hub 8/26/2015
247Sports: Baylor reveals Beauchamp Athletic Nutrition Center 8/25/2015
Bowling Green (KY) Daily News: 'Baptists' a captivating book 8/25/2015
Chair of Baylor’s Department of Modern Languages and Cultures Named the 2015 Texas Foreign Language Association’s Higher Education Administrator of the Year 8/25/2015
Colorado Springs Gazette: Social workers want to talk religion — but they don’t 8/25/2015
Medical Xpress: People with psychopathic traits are less likely to 'catch' a yawn than empathetic folks 8/25/2015
New Kerala (India): Craig L. Hall takes over as new US Consul General in Kolkata 8/25/2015
San Antonio Magazine: The Sailgate Life: Baylor fans take tailgating to a new level in Waco 8/25/2015
The Baptist Standard: Multiracial churches may not promote progressive racial attitudes 8/25/2015
The Greater a Country’s Gender Equality in Employment, the Higher Its Homicide Rate, Baylor Study Finds 8/25/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: What Waco financial advisers think about China-driven stock market turmoil 8/25/2015
CRUX: Social workers want to talk religion — but they don’t 8/24/2015
KCEN-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/NBC): Baylor Students Mean Big Bucks for Waco Businesses 8/24/2015
Kitsap Sun (Bremerton, WA): Pastor embraces challenge of connecting with seekers 8/24/2015
KWBU-FM (Waco/NPR): More than 3,300 Incoming Freshmen Heading to Baylor as Move-in Starts 8/24/2015
National Catholic Register: Why Is Christianity Growing So Quickly in Communist China? 8/24/2015
Psych Central: Psychopaths Less Likely to “Catch” a Yawn 8/24/2015
The Huffington Post: Five Bottom Line Reasons Why Employers Should Hire Ex-Felons 8/24/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor history prof to recount Waco’s glory days of 1800s 8/24/2015
WNYC FM (NY): Nature May Have a Profound Effect on Our Religiosity 8/24/2015
1660 ESPN Radio (Waco): Interview with Tony Heath 8/23/2015
1. Baptist News Global: For some, another threat to church survival: natural beauty 8/21/2015
1. KWTX-TV 5 p.m. (Waco, Temple, Killeen/CBS): Baylor University Welcomes New Students 8/21/2015
1. PJMedia: Christianity and Social Networks: A Lesson from China 8/21/2015
2. KWTX-TV 10 p.m. (Waco, Temple, Killeen/CBS): Baylor University Welcomes New Students 8/21/2015
2. Los Angeles Times: Is There a Message In the Music? 8/21/2015
2. Rewire Me: How to Stop Comparing Yourself To Others 8/21/2015
3. KWBU-FM (Waco/NPR): Hankamer School of Business Finds New, State-of-the-Art Home 8/21/2015
3. PsyPost: Study: Multiracial congregations don’t promote progressive racial views 8/21/2015
4. Psychology Today: Psychopaths Are Immune to Contagious Yawning 8/21/2015
5. New Boston Post: Social workers want to talk religion — but they don’t 8/21/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Piano technicians keep local music in tune around Waco 8/21/2015
Yahoo! Finance: Prison program produces businessmen 8/21/2015
1. KCEN-TV 10 p.m. News (Waco, Temple, Killeen/NBC): Baylor’s Most Selective Class Ever Moves In 8/20/2015
2. KCEN-TV 6 p.m. News (Waco, Temple, Killeen/NBC): Move-in Day at Baylor University 8/20/2015
3. The Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Baylor is pretty ‘cool school’ 8/20/2015
4. KWTX-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/CBS): Waco: Brad Paisley To Headline Free Concert On BU Campus 8/20/2015
Baylor Mourns the Passing of Former Regent and Distinguished Alumnus Bill Bailey 8/20/2015
KDKA-AM (Pittsburgh, PA): Naps by younger adults may help their memory 8/20/2015
National Review: The Deeps and Shallows of Two New Films 8/20/2015
NPR: Nature May Have a Profound Effect On Our Religiosity 8/20/2015
People with Psychopathic Traits Are Less Likely to ‘Catch’ a Contagious Yawn than Empathetic Folks, Baylor Study Finds 8/20/2015
PRSAY: Counterpoint: PR Practitioners Can Not Afford To Lose Credibility 8/20/2015
The Courier (The Woodlands, TX): Governor Abbott appoints Blair to Stephen F. Austin University Board Of Regents 8/20/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Public art matters to beauty of a city 8/20/2015
Brad Paisley’s Country Nation College Tour Presented By Zaxby’s To Visit Baylor University 8/19/2015
Deseret News: Social workers want to talk religion — but they don’t 8/19/2015
EEW Magazine: Kirk Franklin Sees Youngest Daughter Off To College, Says ‘I Miss Her’ 8/19/2015
Harper’s Magazine: Bloodbath and Beyond 8/19/2015
KWTX-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/CBS): Baylor Recognized Nationally for Sustainability Practices 8/19/2015
KWTX-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/CBS): Baylor Refurbishes Two Residential Facilities 8/19/2015 Communities with beautiful scenery, weather have lower rates of religious affiliation 8/19/2015
Yahoo! News (UK and Ireland): Religion: Black people adopt 'white' views on race in America's multiracial congregations 8/19/2015
1. Catholic News Agency: Why is Christianity growing so quickly in mainland China? 8/18/2015
1. International Business Times: Religion: Black people adopt 'white' views on race in America's multiracial congregations 8/18/2015
2. The Washington Post: Social workers want to talk religion — but they don’t 8/18/2015
3. The Huffington Post: Psychopaths May Be Immune To Contagious Yawning 8/18/2015
Desiring God: When America Put Pastors in Prison: The Baptist Battle for Religious Liberty 8/18/2015
Greenwood Democrat (Arkansas): Russell Named to Gifted and Talented Advisory Board 8/18/2015
KCBD-TV (Lubbock/NBC): Erik Vance New Assistant Coach for SPC Track & Field Teams 8/18/2015
Science Blog: Communities with Beautiful Scenery, Weather Have Lower Rates of Religious Affiliation 8/18/2015
The New York Times: Union Ruling Underlines N.C.A.A.’s Evolution 8/18/2015
1. PhysOrg: Racial attitudes of blacks in multiracial congregations resemble those of whites 8/17/2015
2. The Washington Post: Every county in America, ranked by natural beauty 8/17/2015
3. International Business Times: Psychopaths are immune to contagious yawns, say scientists 8/17/2015
New Orleans Times-Picayune: Glenn Craig is named Louisiana Heart Hospital's Chief Operating Officer 8/17/2015
Racial Attitudes of Blacks in Multiracial Congregations Resemble Those of Whites, Study Finds 8/17/2015
Religion News Service: Social workers want to talk religion — but they don’t 8/17/2015
Temple Daily Telegram: UMHB expands Christian studies 8/17/2015
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Programs award laptop to college-bound graduate 8/17/2015
1. Houstonia: Hello, Dollie! 8/14/2015
Communities Digital News: Living with Post Traumatic Stress: "The desire to kill someone is driving me insane" 8/14/2015
El Paso Inc.: Hallelujah BBQ: Rescue Mission CEO/chef plans barbeque restaurant 8/14/2015
Indianapolis Recorder: Is it pretty outside? Then you're less likely to go to church 8/14/2015
KXXV-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/ABC): Baylor gets nod for environmental sustainability 8/14/2015
Q&A with Baylor University Fulbright Recipient Bailey Green 8/14/2015
Q&A with Baylor University Fulbright Recipient Rebecca McHenney 8/14/2015
The Vindicator (Youngstown, Ohio): Isabelle Demers to present organ concert at Stambaugh Auditorium 8/14/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Power of great pop lyrics can transform a performance 8/13/2015
Baylor Gets ‘Cool Schools’ Nod for Campus Sustainability Practices 8/13/2015
Houston Forward Times: Elise Banks Crowned Miss International 2015 8/13/2015
Loudoun Times-Mirror (Ashland, VA): Ashburn neighborhood residents fear repaving project is toxic 8/13/2015
Psych Central: Scenic Communities Have Lower Rates of Religious Affiliation 8/13/2015
The Huffington Post: The Global Search for Education: 7 Teachers 7 Continents 8/13/2015
The Tribune (Humble, TX): New VP set to begin at Memorial Hermann Northeast 8/13/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: 2 exhibits using lines, space kick off Martin Museum slate 8/13/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Thomas Everett to join the greats in SWC Hall of Fame 8/13/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Texas Collection displays ceramics donation from Hardin Black 8/13/2015
“Florida Roundtable” WTFL-AM (Orlando): Part 5: The Price of Valor: The Life of Audie Murphy, America's Most Decorated Hero of World War II 8/12/2015
Baylor University Holds Summer 2015 Commencement Ceremony 8/12/2015
Bremerton (WA) Patriot: Naval Hospital Bremerton Change of Command set for Aug. 14 8/12/2015
Daily Finance: A Valuable New Strategy for Passing Your IRA to Your Heirs 8/12/2015
Martin Museum of Art to Feature Two New Exhibitions 8/12/2015
Q&A with Baylor University Fulbright Recipient Syd Lewis 8/12/2015
Truett Seminary to Host Two Services 8/12/2015
Tyler Morning Telegraph: The role of junior college as a stepping stone 8/12/2015 Why is the South more religious than the West? It could be the scenery 8/12/2015
Willis ISD (Texas): WISD’s Zapata Named Region VI Elementary Teacher of the Year 8/12/2015
1. “Florida Roundtable” WTFL-AM (Orlando): Part 3: The Price of Valor: The Life of Audie Murphy, 8/11/2015
2. “Florida Roundtable” WTFL-AM (Orlando): Part 4: The Price of Valor: The Life of Audie Murphy, 8/11/2015
4. KWTX-TV (Waco, Temple, Killeen/CBS): Pregnancy Nutrition 8/11/2015
Catholic Online: Are more people choosing nature over church for spiritual needs? 8/11/2015
Cypress Creek Mirror: Tomball resident connects with the city’s sister city in Germany 8/11/2015
Q&A: Film Expert Explains Why Hollywood Banks on the Zombie Feeding Frenzy 8/11/2015
Refinery 29: The Mass Grave In Texas No One Talks About 8/11/2015
The Baptist Standard: Baptists Briefs: Advocate for women ministers honored 8/11/2015
Waco Today Magazine: Arts and activities help boost downtown Waco 8/11/2015
“Florida Roundtable” WTFL-AM (Orlando): Part 1: The Price of Valor: The Life of Audie Murphy, America's Most Decorated Hero of World War II 8/10/2015
1. “Florida Roundtable” WTFL-AM (Orlando): Part 2: The Price of Valor: The Life of Audie Murphy, America's Most Decorated Hero of World War II 8/10/2015
1. Austin American-Statesman: Mark Saccomanno returns for alumni weekend 8/10/2015
1. KGO-AM (San Francisco): Where You Live Affects How You Believe 8/10/2015
2. KTRH-AM (Houston/CBS Radio): Beautiful Scenery and Religious Affiliation 8/10/2015
2. The Tampa Tribune: Plant City’s First Baptist selects new worship pastor 8/10/2015
ARLIS/MA Book Art SIG: Creating Online Exhibits to Extend Reach 8/10/2015
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Creative Waco takes lead role to form cultural arts district 8/10/2015
USA TODAY: God competes against Mother Nature on Sundays 8/10/2015
AASHE Blog - Campus Sustainability Perspectives: Preaching to the Choir 8/7/2015
KCEN-TV: Baylor Professor Weighs in on GOP Debate 8/7/2015
Santa Monica Daily Press: Santa Monica sponsored law contest issues invitations 8/7/2015
Temple Daily Telegram: Caring for veterans: Warrior Institute in Waco striving to change face of care for veterans and first responders 8/7/2015
The Blaze: Study Finds Something Else Could Be Meeting People’s Spiritual Needs in Place of Traditional Churches … Nature 8/7/2015
The Huffington Post: Religion Loses When It Competes With Beautiful Nature, Study Suggests 8/7/2015
The Republic (MO) Monitor: Republic native interns in Long’s D.C. office 8/7/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: $200,000 gift largest contribution to Doris Miller Memorial 8/7/2015 Parsley Energy Expands Management Team 8/7/2015
1. ABA News: 2015 Pro Bono Publico Award Recipient: Baylor University Law School 8/6/2015
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Matthew G. Gerber, guest columnist: How to make a political debate count as an informed voter 8/6/2015
2. The Washington Post: Which presidential candidate leads among evangelicals? Right now, it’s Donald Trump. 8/6/2015
2. University Business: Baylor regents OK tuition hike, $26M renovation 8/6/2015
3. Christian Century: The militant Buddhists 8/6/2015
Higher Ed Tech Decisions: McLane Stadium Fills the Stands with New Network, App Implementation at Baylor University 8/6/2015
Religion News Service: Is it pretty outside? Then you’re less likely to go to church 8/6/2015
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Midway, Baylor grad earns acting degree in UK 8/6/2015
The Washington Post: Is it pretty outside? Then you’re less likely to go to church 8/6/2015
Yahoo! Finance: Susan G. Komen Welcomes Christina Alford as Vice President, Development 8/6/2015
ABA News: Four Solicitors General remember their time advocating for the government and “playing traffic cop” 8/5/2015 Meet America's Newest National Monuments 8/5/2015
Art Forum: New Director at Baylor University’s Martin Museum of Art 8/5/2015 Despite Improvements, Social Security Needs Bigger Fix: Retirement Scan 8/5/2015
Brownwood News: TSTC Chancellor Announces New Leadership for West Texas 8/5/2015
Communities with Beautiful Scenery, Weather Have Lower Rates of Religious Affiliation 8/5/2015
Debate 101 - Expert Offers Five Tips to Equip Viewers to Watch, Analyze Presidential Contests 8/5/2015
Digital Journal: PayPal Appoints New Chief Financial Officer 8/5/2015
Laredo Morning Times: Chamber of Commerce announces 2015 Businessperson of the Year 8/5/2015
Montgomery Advertiser (Alabama): Gambling not what state needs to solve financial crisis 8/5/2015
1. Baptist News Global: ‘Outsider’ history prepares U.S. Baptists for future, authors say 8/4/2015
1. U.S. Daily Review: The Global Crisis of Religious Persecution 8/4/2015
Baylor Launches Online Ticket Sales for Major Fall University Events 8/4/2015
Hamburg Reporter: Sleep and Alzheimer’s: Better sleep may stave off memory loss 8/4/2015
Mic: The Astoundingly Simple Secret That Makes Argentines the Best Texters in the World 8/4/2015
NBC News: NAACP to Embark on 860-Mile ‘Journey for Justice’ March 8/4/2015
Next Avenue: The First Thing to Do With Your Social Security Check 8/4/2015
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Texas Musicians Museum gets permanent home in Irving 8/4/2015
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Summer reading fair puts books in hands of students 8/4/2015
The Washington Post: Why Russell Moore is interviewing Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio today 8/4/2015
Yahoo! Finance: Reinforcements Arrive for Our American Heroes – the Green Berets 8/4/2015
1. ABA Journal: Sen. Durbin promotes pro bono, honors award recipients 8/3/2015
1. Chicago Daily Law Bulletin: Country’s top lawyers swap ‘war’ stories 8/3/2015
2. Above the Law: A Great Legal Job, Or The Greatest Legal Job? 8/3/2015
2. The Baptist Standard: ‘Outsider’ history prepares U.S. Baptists for future, authors say 8/3/2015
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: $200,000 gift largest contribution to Doris Miller Memorial 8/3/2015
Baptist News Global: Advocate for women ministers honored for lifetime achievement 8/3/2015
Martin Museum of Art Names New Director 8/3/2015
Q&A with Baylor Fulbright-Scotland Summer Institute Participant Tim Campbell 8/3/2015
San Antonio Magazine: Becky Dinnin, Alamo director helps shape the future of Texas’ historic landmark 8/3/2015
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Summer reading fair puts books in hands of students 8/3/2015
Top of Mind with Julie Rose (BYU Radio): Social Work and Religion 8/3/2015

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