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Story Date
1. Baylor University English Professor Receives Prestigious Award for Literary Scholarship and Criticism 3/31/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Study Seeks Fix for Scenic but Dangerous Section of Lake Shore Drive 3/31/2015
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: City Seeks Descendants of Those Unearthed from First Street Cemetery 3/31/2015
4. Yahoo! Finance: 10 Common Investing Rules That Don’t Apply Anymore 3/31/2015
Baylor Trumpets Flung Their Green Afar, Took Home the Gold 3/31/2015
KWTX-TV (Central Texas): Former Baylor WR Reaches Out To Child Battling Life-threatening Illness 3/31/2015
KXXV-TV (Central Texas): Record-breaking Crowd Attends ‘The Gathering’ 3/31/2015
The Lariat: New School of Music dean to pursue excellence 3/31/2015
1. Baylor Provost David Garland Announces Appointment of Dr. Gary Mortenson as Dean of the School of Music 3/30/2015
1. KWBU-FM: On Topic: Frank Wolf 3/30/2015
1. The Boston Globe: A PEN/Hemingway for Hemenway 3/30/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco sees 35,000 ‘gather’ to worship at McLane Stadium 3/30/2015
2. Baylor English Professor’s Book Receives Country’s Largest Award for Debut Fiction 3/30/2015
2. KXXV-TV (Central Texas): Preview of ‘The Gathering’ at Baylor’s McLane Stadium 3/30/2015
2. The Baptist Standard: God wants Christians for ‘officiating crew,’ Evans tells The Gathering 3/30/2015
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Professor Wins Hemingway Fiction Prize 3/30/2015
Baylor Contestant Wins First Place in Texas State Japanese Speech Contest 3/30/2015
KCEN-TV: ‘The Gathering’ at Baylor’s McLane Stadium 3/30/2015
KWTX-TV: "The Gathering Waco" Draws In More Than 30,000 People 3/30/2015
KXXV-TV (Central Texas): Worshippers call The Gathering Waco a success 3/30/2015
MSN: Money Alone Can't Buy Us Happiness, But Gratitude Might Help 3/30/2015
The Wall Street Journal: What Is a Future Income Stream Really Worth? 3/30/2015
1. Finalists Selected for Baylor's $250,000 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching 3/27/2015
1. Iowa Now: UI alumnus wins PEN/Hemingway Award for Debut Fiction 3/27/2015
1. Texas Lawyer: Which Texas Law School Is Rated Among the Best for Practical Training? 3/27/2015
2. U.S. News and World Report: 10 Common Investing Rules That Don’t Apply Anymore 3/27/2015
Austin American-Statesman: Kiely counselor at RRHS for decades 3/27/2015
Baylor Religion Professor to Present Lecture on Biblical Accounts of the Resurrection 3/27/2015
Charisma Magazine: Why a Former Orphan Wants to Go Back 3/27/2015
Fort Hoot Sentinel: Armstrong Browning Library: Poets' life, love, works documented in Waco 3/27/2015
Hymn Writer, Professor of Worship to Lecture on the Psalms 3/27/2015
KWBU (NPR affiliate): Multidenominational Palm Sunday Service Coming to the "Buckle" of the Bible Belt 3/27/2015
Medical Daily: From Walter White To Don Draper: The Science Behind Our Love Of Antiheroes 3/27/2015
San Angelo Standard-Times: Summit focuses on community involvement to end hunger 3/27/2015
The Arizona Republic: Kane Russell Coleman & Logan, PC Adds Two Litigation Attorneys 3/27/2015
The Huffington Post: Money Alone Can't Buy Us Happiness, But Gratitude Might Help 3/27/2015
USTA Today: Kim Lubel presents College of Business Frost Distinguished Lecture Mar. 26 3/27/2015
1. KXXV-TV: Historic Worship Service this Weekend at McLane Stadium 3/26/2015
1. PsyPost: ‘Violence-free’ zones improve behavior and performance in middle and high school students 3/26/2015
2. KCEN-TV: Baylor to Auction Off Floyd Casey Stadium Equipment 3/26/2015
2. Psych Central: Adding Gratitude to Wealth May Help With Happiness 3/26/2015
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Gallery shows highlight Waco’s high school, college artists 3/26/2015
AZ Central: Kane Russell Coleman & Logan, PC Adds Two Litigation Attorneys 3/26/2015
Baylor Missions Sprang to Action for Spring Break 2015 3/26/2015
Houston Chronicle: Baylor University expects to fill new sports stadium at Sunday prayer-worship rally March 29 3/26/2015
Inside Higher Ed: New Presidents or Provosts: Amarillo College, Baylor U., Campbell U., Housatonic CC, Lakehead U., Louisiana State U.-Shreveport, Middlesex U., Rasmussen College, Tacoma CC 3/26/2015
Austin Family: Baylor Study Finds “Violence-Free Zone” Program Effective 3/25/2015
Baylor University’s A Cappella Choir Gives Performance at Mormon Temple in Salt Lake City 3/25/2015
BioSpace: Ignite Sales Further Strengthens Its Board of Directors 3/25/2015 Deputy Sheriff - County Spends ‘Half of Our Budget’ on Illegal Alien Body Recovery 3/25/2015
Deaf Education Scholar to Lecture on Sign Language in Education 3/25/2015
Deaf Network: REMINDER: The Gathering 3/29/15 in Waco 3/25/2015
Michigan State University Today: Office for International Students and Scholars Welcomes New Director 3/25/2015
Science Daily: Looking for happiness in all the wrong places 3/25/2015
The American Conservative: Putin’s Corrupted Orthodoxy 3/25/2015
The Baptist Standard: Religious liberty climate worst in recent history, Baylor panelists agree 3/25/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Beall festival brings variety of poets to Baylor 3/25/2015
1. First Things: The Disappearing Body 3/24/2015
1. The Washington Post: Can one pastor bridge deep divides between evangelicals and mainline Protestants? 3/24/2015
2. Patheos: Do We Pay Too Much Attention to Radical Islam? 3/24/2015
3. One News Now: Baylor names new chair to fight for religious freedom 3/24/2015
Baylor’s Martin Museum of Art to Host Annual Art Student Exhibition 3/24/2015
KXXV-TV: ‘The Gathering’ Comes to McLane Stadium 3/24/2015
Science Daily: ‘Violence-free’ zones improve behavior and performance in middle and high school students 3/24/2015
The Waxahachie Daily Light: Spotlight on history: Chaplain and educator Rufus C. Burleson 3/24/2015
‘Violence-Free’ Zones Improve Behavior and Performance in Middle and High School Students, Baylor University Study Finds 3/23/2015
1. KXXV-TV: Local health district conducts healthy eating and exercise survey 3/23/2015
1. The Oklahoman: Why you should begin planning for retirement in your 30s 3/23/2015
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Voices of Valor: Ervin Davis 3/23/2015
Baylor University’s Department of English Welcomes Literary Greats to Beall Poetry Festival 3/23/2015
China Daily: Golden oldies have more sex if they make it past their 50th anniversary 3/23/2015
KCEN-TV: ROTC Runs and Recruits at Baylor Bearathon 3/23/2015
The Active Times: Top 5 Places to See Wildflowers This Spring 3/23/2015
The Advocate: LSU events mark Flannery O’Connor’s birthday 3/23/2015
The Dallas Morning News: Out of the Loop Fringe Festival Winds up on High Notes 3/23/2015
Visiting Professor to Address Zionist Movement and Future of the Jewish State 3/23/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: App brings ‘virtual museum’ of Waco history to phones 3/23/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: I-35 bridge lights will give Waco striking image at night 3/23/2015
1. The Wall Street Journal: Why a Total Return Investing Approach Makes Sense to Me 3/20/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor-led NCAA tournament benefits Waco economy 3/20/2015
1. WLOS-ABC (Asheville, N.C.): Furman President Officially Inaugurated 3/20/2015
2. St. Louis Post-Dispatch: Brickhouse Named SLU’s New Provost 3/20/2015
2. Yahoo! News: 5 Top Spring Wildflower Getaways 3/20/2015
Baptist Standard: Many find meaning in vampire and zombie tales, Baylor prof says 3/20/2015
Baylor University’s School of Music Presents Annual Dean’s Honor Concert 3/20/2015
Baylor’s Department of Religion Presents Lecture on Baptists and Religious Freedom 3/20/2015
KWBU (Public Radio): Community Unification One Goal of The Gathering 3/20/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Wild Torch Uses Art to Raise Funds, Awareness of Women in Sex Industry 3/20/2015
Women’s History Month Lecture to Travel Back in Time to Baylor’s Beginnings 3/20/2015
‘The Gathering on the Brazos’ to be a Time of Worship and Prayer for Waco at Baylor University’s 45,000-seat McLane Stadium 3/19/2015
1. Baylor Lariat: On Topic Talks Religious Freedom 3/19/2015
2. KWTX: Waco: “Her Texas” Event Celebrates Creativity of Texas Women 3/19/2015
3. Scottish Catholic Observer: St Andrews professor meets with Pope 3/19/2015
Baylor Provost David Garland Announces Appointment of Dr. Michael McLendon, B.A. '91, as Dean of the School of Education 3/19/2015
Business Wire: Hughes Watters Askanase Attorneys Allison Byman, Erica Hakimi, Simon Mayer, Nathan Milliron, Sabrina Neff and Sarah Robbins Named to 2015 List of Texas Rising Stars 3/19/2015
KCEN-TV: Baylor Fans Gear Up for Bears' NCAA Tournament Appearances 3/19/2015 Social Media Training Works Best for Student-Athletes, Study Shows 3/19/2015
Prominent Philosopher John Haldane Appointed to New Chair in Baylor’s Department of Philosophy 3/19/2015
Baylor University’s Great Texts Program Welcomes Guest Lecturer to Discuss Relationship Between Italian Cinema and Questions of Faith 3/18/2015
Christ & Pop Culture: ‘Where We Started’ Is a Picture of What Christian Cinema Could Be 3/18/2015 Biblical Scholars and Theologians You Should Be Reading 3/18/2015
Our Town Texas: Waco: A One-of-a-Kind Spiritual Gathering 3/18/2015
Patheos: Handling Rejection in Academic Writing 3/18/2015
UpstateBizSC: Cushman & Wakefield/Thalhimer Welcomes Retail Specialist 3/18/2015
World-renowned Chemist Will Present 2015 Gooch-Stephens Lectures 3/18/2015
1. Business 2 Community: User Profile Data: Marketing Gold at the End of the Rainbow 3/17/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: An evening to discuss liberty, religion and the Founders 3/17/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Mother-Daughter Duo Inducted into Women in Aviation Hall of Fame 3/17/2015
2. Shorty Awards: Jess Cagle, Editorial Director of PEOPLE and Entertainment Weekly, joins the RT Academy! 3/17/2015
2. Sports Business Daily: Sports Business Awards nominees 3/17/2015
3. The Dallas Morning News: Out of Loop winds up on high note 3/17/2015
KCEN-TV (Central Texas): HARDER TO BECOME A BEAR: Baylor To Have Most Selective Class In History 3/17/2015
Sustainable City Network: Researchers Use Roommate Selection Data to Examine Attitudes Toward Minority Groups 3/17/2015
Youth Worship Leader Camp at Baylor in July to Feature Renowned Christian Musicians David Crowder and Robbie Seay 3/17/2015
Arkansas Online: Arkansan Sings onto The Voice 3/16/2015
Baptist News Global: Many Americans finding meaning in vampire, zombie tales, Baylor prof says 3/16/2015
Huffington Post: Evolution of the Mobile Phone in Pictures 3/16/2015
KXXV-TV (Waco, ABC): “The Gathering” Comes to Waco 3/16/2015
The Glory of Texas Women to Be Released In New Book 3/16/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Faith Adds Dimension to Financial Education Programs 3/16/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Run, Eat, Run in Waco’s Competitive Gut Pak Race 3/16/2015
Aleteia: How a "Little Course" from Spain Strengthened Christianity in America 3/13/2015
Global Religious Freedom Summit to Be Hosted March 19 at Baylor University 3/13/2015
Greenville Online: North Greenville names interim president 3/13/2015
Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot (California): Students bring forensics to Jamestown Colony 3/13/2015
Realtor: Know Who Your Best Clients Are 3/13/2015
Seton Health Care Family: Jeff Cook: 'Filling the Tip Jar is a Great Thing to do, But Usually it isn’t Enough' 3/13/2015
Smithsonian Magazine: When Even the Simplest Word Looks Weird and Wrong, You Have Wordnesia 3/13/2015
The Baptist Standard: Faith that motivates aid groups can be a hurdle 3/13/2015
‘Remembering Genocide’ Symposium Hosted by Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion to Examine the Turkish Empire’s Atrocities Against Armenian Christians 100 Years Ago 3/12/2015
Baylor Honors College Welcomes Stephen Chapman, Ph.D., for Lecture on Historical Interpretations of the Bible. 3/12/2015
Baylor Programs Ranked in U.S. News Grad School Survey 3/12/2015
Eduvantis: The “Big Four” Business School Game Changers 3/12/2015
Good Housekeeping: Sex life boost after 50 years of marriage 3/12/2015
Morningstar: How to pump up retirement income by as much as 30% 3/12/2015
PR Web: The Marfan Foundation to Honor Isaiah Austin, Former Baylor University Basketball Star, and Carolyn Levering, Emeritus CEO of The Marfan Foundation, at Heartworks Gala 3/12/2015
The Dallas Morning News: College Sports Blog: Baylor’s Scott Drew named District VII Coach of the Year; Rico Gathers, Taurean Prince named All-District 3/12/2015
The Tablet: The International Catholic News Weekly: An Afterlife for Our Times 3/12/2015
Wire and Tube News: Alan Jones is Appointed Regional Sales Manager for American Kuhne and Welex Brands 3/12/2015
Baylor Students Master the Japanese Language in Regional Contest 3/11/2015
Baylor’s McBride Center for International Business Presents Global Business Forum on “The Global Classroom: Issues in International Education” 3/11/2015
Christian Newswire: Christian Leadership Alliance's 'Outcomes Conference' to Equip Christians for Leading in These Times 3/11/2015
Citybizlist: Carlos Ramon Joins 1010data Board of Directors 3/11/2015
Honors College to Show Poignant Film About the Papacy 3/11/2015
KRHD-TV (ABC Bryan/College Station): Immigration Information Session Aims to Help Clear Up Confusion 3/11/2015
Newsmax: 10 Signs Christianity Is on the Rise 3/11/2015
Spectrum: Too Much and Not Enough 3/11/2015
Amarillo Globe-News: Accounting group adds shareholders 3/10/2015
Houston Citybizlist: Jay T. Huffman Joins Blank Rome as an Associate 3/10/2015
MarketWatch: How to pump up retirement income by as much as 30% 3/10/2015
Psych Central: 6 Ways to Regroup and Reconnect with Your Partner 3/10/2015
Southwest Times Record (Fort Smith, Ark.): Hutchinson Picks Fort Smith Graduate, Former State Representative To Head ADFA 3/10/2015
The Huffington Post: His NBA Dream Lost, Isaiah Austin Winning in New Ways 3/10/2015
The Washington Times: Waco student’s mission ties one on for orphans 3/10/2015
1. Before It’s News: ‘Why will no one speak out for us?’ 3/9/2015
1. The Good Men Project: Hack Your Relationship By Learning Your Girlfriend’s ‘Love Language’ 3/9/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: RG3 encourages all to exercise in Waco appearance 3/9/2015
2. KERO-TV (Bakersfield, ABC): National day to unplug intended to give more time for family, friends and relaxation 3/9/2015
2. The Houstonian: Huntsville Honors Houston’s Birthday, Texas Independence 3/9/2015
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: RG3, Tomlinson to open Waco sports training facility 3/9/2015
3. Cypress Creek Mirror: CFISD Names New Principal for Andre Elementary 3/9/2015
3. El Paso Times: Lorraine Kubala: Jazz Rules at Hanks Fest This Weekend 3/9/2015
4. Augusta Free Press (Waynesboro, VA): Rob Straughan Named Next Dean of W&L’s Williams School of Commerce, Economics, and Politics 3/9/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor intern’s character stands tall in stature 3/9/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: TSTC planning grand 50th anniversary celebration 3/9/2015
Healthy Women: Sex After 50: More Than Ever? 3/6/2015
iDigitalTimes: Smartphone Addiction Statistics Reveal that 1 in 8 are Addicted to Their Phones 3/6/2015
Juicy Ecumenism: Rick Warren: “Thank Baptists for Religious Liberty” 3/6/2015
Monadnock Ledger-Transcript: Filmmaker Opens 14th MacDowell Season 3/6/2015
Texas Highways: Celebration of Independence 3/6/2015
The Baptist Standard: Hold Onto Hope, Criminal Justice Reformer Urges Baylor Crowd 3/6/2015
The Dallas Morning News: Horn: Baylor's 'locker room lawyer' balances law school with highest level of women's college basketball 3/6/2015
The Dallas Morning News: Loop Co-Producer Takes Chance on Creating Her Own New Show 3/6/2015
The Wall Street Journal: How to Pump Up Retirement Income by as Much as 30% 3/6/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Texas WWII Museum Holds Fine Collection from Pacific 3/6/2015
WBAP-AM (Fort Worth): Focus on Texas Businesswomen: Jennifer Sampson 3/6/2015
1. Beliefnet: Experience Deep Soul Satisfaction 3/5/2015
1. Longview (TX) News-Journal: Local Schools Participate in National Breakfast Week 3/5/2015
1. Patheos: One Step Forward, But Now What? 3/5/2015
1. SB Nation: Who is Denver Nuggets Interim Coach Melvin Hunt 3/5/2015
2. Baylor Lariat: NYU Professor Speaks for Silenced Voices 3/5/2015
2. Slate: Rohds. Rowds. Row-ads? Rhowds??? 3/5/2015
2. Washington and Lee University: Rob Straughan Named Next Dean of W&L’s Williams School of Commerce, Economics and Politics 3/5/2015
3. Farmington (NM) Daily Times: Farmington Native, Artist Returns Home for Show at San Juan College 3/5/2015
3. KWTX-TV (Waco, CBS): Baylor Hosts Lecture on Injustices in Justice System 3/5/2015
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: Superhero Walk to Benefit Lorena Boy with Heart Condition 3/5/2015
Baylor Bookstore Partners with Read Across America to Host Dr. Seuss Day Celebration 3/5/2015
Ouachita Baptist University: Ouachita Alumni John Ashburn and Elyse Senteney to Present Guest Artist Recital March 11 3/5/2015
1. Aero-News Network: WAI Announces Pioneer Hall of Fame Inductees for 2015 3/4/2015
1. Houston Style Magazine: Researchers Use Roommate Selection Data to Examine Attitudes Toward Minority Groups 3/4/2015
1. KXXV: Immigration Information Session Aims to Help Clear Up Confusion 3/4/2015
1. Press of Atlantic City: Can you go without your phone for good cause? 3/4/2015
2. Arkansas Matters: Web Extra: Meet Clinton Washington, AR Native on “The Voice” 3/4/2015
2. Herald-Tribune Health: Passionate Still, After All Those Years 3/4/2015
2. KWTX: Waco: Speaker Touches on Injustices in American Criminal Justice System 3/4/2015
2. Next Avenue: Help for Deciding When to Claim Social Security 3/4/2015
3. Spoke: American Traffic Solutions Elevates David Roberts to President and Chief Operating Officer 3/4/2015
Psych Central: Double Trouble: Two Bad Habits that Kill Relationships 3/4/2015
1. KWTX-TV (Waco, CBS): #TheDress Color Debate Explained 3/3/2015
1. Morningstar: Student Volunteers from 10 Universities Developing Innovative Solutions to Hunger and Isolation among Older Americans 3/3/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Author Kuehl Brings Texas ‘Snark’ to Waco 3/3/2015
2. Amarillo Globe-News: Great Preacher Series brings back familiar faces 3/3/2015
Baylor School of Music Presents Women’s Choir Festival 3/3/2015
Inside Higher Ed/WAMC-FM (Albany, NY/NPR): Academic Minute: Viking Social Standing 3/3/2015
KLTV-TV (Tyler, ABC): Tyler Teen Carries a Jerry All the Way to College 3/3/2015
Researchers Use Roommate Selection Data to Examine Attitudes Toward Minority Groups 3/3/2015
Visiting Professor to Spell Out Muslim Impact on Philosophy 3/3/2015
1. Nasdaq: Sparton Corporation Appoints Frank A. Wilson to its Board of Directors 3/2/2015
1. World News Daily: Kurds 'at point of the spear' against ISIS 3/2/2015
2. Climate News Network: Ancient landscapes point to dramatic climate change 3/2/2015
2. Gift Shop Magazine: Dallas Market Center Names Senior Vice President, Marketing Communications and Vice President, Market Services 3/2/2015
Arabic Professor to Share 9th-Century Commentary on Muslim, Christian Conflict 3/2/2015
Baylor’s Department of Communication Hosts “Mapping the Stars: Celebrity and the Politics of Metonymy” Lecture 3/2/2015
CNN: Amid killings and kidnappings, can Christianity survive in the Middle East? 3/2/2015
Muskogee (OK) Phoenix: Water advocates focus attention on Arkansas legislation 3/2/2015
New “Waco History” Website and Mobile App, Created by Baylor University, Showcase Central Texas Heritage 3/2/2015
WAMC-FM (Albany, NY/NPR)/Inside Higher Ed: Vikings, Beef and Beer 3/2/2015

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