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1. The Dallas Morning News: A look at the best Baylor athletic traditions 2/27/2015
1. Yahoo! Finance: What Should Employers Do About Misrepresentation? 2/27/2015
2. Christianity Today: Why We're Hooked on Heaven and Hell 2/27/2015
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Officials from 6 counties use McLane Stadium for mass fatality training 2/27/2015
Arabic Professor to Share 9th-Century Commentary on Muslim, Christian Conflict 2/27/2015
Baylor Nursing School grant to help develop tool to measure geriatric competencies 2/27/2015
Baylor Research Finds First Direct Evidence of Gene-Exposure Link in Gulf War Illness 2/27/2015
Exhibitor Online: Dallas Market Center Announces Two Company Promotions 2/27/2015
First Things: Beleaguered Behemoth 2/27/2015
The Baptist Standard: Around the State 2/27/2015
The Washington Post: How long can you go without your phone? Well, what if it’s for a good cause? 2/27/2015
University Business: New HR technology focuses on compatibility, standardization 2/27/2015
1. Health Tips: Good Sleep for Good Health 2/26/2015
1. The Baptist Standard: Todd Still named Truett Seminary dean 2/26/2015
2. Baptist News Global: Todd Still named Truett Seminary dean 2/26/2015
2. The Loop: Want more sex after 50? Just stay married 2/26/2015
3. Baylor Lariat: Starr names Still new dean of seminary 2/26/2015
3. Love That Magazine: Phones: Depressing? 2/26/2015
4. The Kansas City Star: Midwest lynchings aren’t included in new report, but a 94-year-old woman remembers one in St. Joseph 2/26/2015
Baptist News Global: Pastoral residencies picking up as churches expand ministry, purpose 2/26/2015
Baylor Lariat TV Newscast Debuts Today at 11 a.m. CT 2/26/2015
Baylor Nursing Instructor Receives D Magazine Excellence in Nursing Award for Neonatal Nursing 2/26/2015
Baylor University Entrepreneurship Program to Host New Venture Competition 2/26/2015
Entrepreneur: What Should Employers Do About Misrepresentation? 2/26/2015
Mechanical Engineering Professor Lesley Wright Honored with 2015 SAE International Ralph R. Teetor Educational Award 2/26/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: The challenge of a blank canvas 2/26/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor grad leads Vienna Boys’ Choir in Waco concert 2/26/2015
1. Christianity Today: Gleanings: March 2015: Important developments in the church and the world (as they appeared in our March issue). 2/25/2015
1. New Statesman (UK): Heaven is a place on earth: popular culture has more to say about the afterlife than religion 2/25/2015
2. You-Beauty: Fixing Your Sleep Habits Now Will Pay Off Later in Life 2/25/2015
3. Safe Bee: How to Break Your Cellphone Addiction 2/25/2015
4. Tech Times: Constantly Checking and Looking At Your Smartphone Could Be A Sign Of Depression 2/25/2015
Baylor Honor’s College Welcomes Brian E. Daley, S.J., to Wilken Colloquium 2/25/2015
Baylor President Ken Starr Announces Appointment of Dr. Todd Still as Dean of Truett Seminary 2/25/2015
KRIV-TV (Houston, FOX): Idol’s Top 24 Revealed 2/25/2015
KWTX-TV (Waco, CBS): Waco: Documentary Screened On Baylor Campus 2/25/2015
KXAN-TV (Austin, NBC): Texas’ Tweeting judge shows off supreme sense of humor 2/25/2015
Michigan Newswire: Gov. Rick Snyder Makes Reappointments to Veterans Trust Fund Board of Trustees 2/25/2015
Renowned Scholar To Speak In Honor of Former Baylor Professor 2/25/2015
Sharon (PA) Herald: Religious College Presidents Agree on “Calling” and Common Threats to Schools 2/25/2015
Texas Highways: Celebration of Independence: Texas' humble beginnings at Washington on the Brazos 2/25/2015
The Washington Post: Two Chicago universities, one private and one public, vie for Obama library 2/25/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: ‘Carry a Jerry’ race to raise funds, awareness for water crisis in Uganda 2/25/2015
Weld for Birmingham (AL): The evolution of church 2/25/2015
1. Epilepsy U: Professor searches to discover link between seizures, autism 2/24/2015
1. My Fox Houston: Texas man moves family into Iraq and creates a place of hope for Iraqis 2/24/2015
1. The New York Times: Married Sex Gets Better in the Golden Years 2/24/2015
1. Washington Jewish Week: Yeshiva U. head Richard Joel boosts ‘values-driven’ learning 2/24/2015
2. Christianity Today: New & Noteworthy Books 2/24/2015
2. Christianity Today: Why Protestant Pastors Need a Sabbath 2/24/2015
3. The Daily Signal: How Does Your State Rank in Church Attendance? 2/24/2015
3. WGEM-TV (Quincy, Illinois): O'BRIEN: How addicted are you to your smartphone? Take the quiz 2/24/2015
4. Investor’s Business Daily: IPhone Addiction Making Us Dumb and Dumber 2/24/2015
5. We Don’t Need to Be a “Voice for the Voiceless” 2/24/2015
6. National Review: Through a Glass, Darkly: The year in religious films 2/24/2015
7. The Baptist Standard: Obituaries: Matt Dawson, Bob Freeman 2/24/2015
Keston Center of Religion, Politics and Society Panel to Discuss ‘The Post-Soviet Challenge Today’ 2/24/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco churches ‘Gathering’ for massive Palm Sunday service at McLane Stadium 2/24/2015
Baylor Lariat: Baylor mourns passing of respected law professor 2/20/2015
Baylor’s Annual Nursing School Gala to Feature NFL Stars Robert Griffin III, Mike Singletary 2/20/2015
Black Christian News: Former Congressman Frank Wolf Offers Six-Point Plan to Protect Mideast Christians 2/20/2015
CBS News: Are your grandparents having more sex than you? 2/20/2015
Classics Professor Takes Friendship Beyond the Grave 2/20/2015
Documentary about The New York Times Plagiarism Scandal of 2003 Will Be Shown Feb. 24 2/20/2015
Good Housekeeping: Constantly Checking Your Phone May be a Sign of Depression 2/20/2015
Health Canal: Sleep Tight and Stay Bright? Invest Now, Baylor Researcher Says 2/20/2015
KCEN-TV: Baylor Professor Releases Smartphone Addiction Survey 2/20/2015
Read the Spirit: The Greg Garrett interview on our love of angels and demons 2/20/2015
CNN: Actually, that's not in the Bible 2/19/2015
Film Expert Discusses Gender Bias in Hollywood, 2015 Oscar Nominees 2/19/2015
Houston Chronicle: Baylor Student Takes Next ‘Idol’ Step 2/19/2015
KUCW-TV (Salt Lake City, CW): Cellphones: The New Addiction? 2/19/2015 5 Ways to Organize Your Job Search 2/19/2015
Terra Daily: Researcher Finds Evidence of Climate Change in Ancient Northern China 2/19/2015
The Health Cast: Golden Anniversaries May Bring an Added Special Glow 2/19/2015
The Washington Times: 5 ways to help your friend who's struggling with faith 2/19/2015
U.S. News & World Report: Can Money Buy Us Happiness? 2/19/2015
Woman’s Day: Constant Phone Checking Could Signal Depression 2/19/2015
Woodlands Online: Grammy-Winning Soprano Nancy Curtis to Sing National Anthem at The Woodlands Marathon 2/19/2015
1. The John Batchelor Show: God of Liberty: A Religious History of the American Revolution by Thomas S. Kidd 2/18/2015
1. Yahoo! Health: Married Couples’ Love Lives Eventually “Rebound” 2/18/2015
2. Study Finds First-Ever Evidence of Climate Change of Northern China Region Dating Back Thousands of Years 2/18/2015
3. Wall Street Journal This Morning: Are you addicted to your smartphone? 2/18/2015 Former Congressman Calls For Safe Haven For Mideast Christians 2/18/2015
Baylor Mourns Passing of Legendary Law Professor Matt "Mad Dog" Dawson 2/18/2015
Breathe Cast: Gospel Music Association Announces Hall of Fame Inductees & Honorees; Bebe and Cece Winans, Twila Paris, and More 2/18/2015
Georgia Newsday: Made to Measure Blinds infographic reveals the snoozing habits of world's most successful people 2/18/2015
KETK-TV (Tyler, NBC): Former Gregg County Judge Matt 'Mad Dog' Dawson dies at 98 2/18/2015
KWTX-TV (Waco, CBS): Baylor Mourns Passing Of Legendary Lawyer, Professor 2/18/2015
1. Fox News: Married? Your sex life will 'rebound' ... in 50 years 2/17/2015
1. Intercollegiate Review: Is Cinema Art? 2/17/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: A. Christian van Gorder, Board of Contributors: It’s high time Americans recognized Armenian genocide 100 years ago 2/17/2015
2. The Philadelphia Inquirer: Golden Anniversaries May Bring an Added Special Glow 2/17/2015
3. Science Daily: First-ever evidence of drastic climate change of Northern China region 4,200 years ago 2/17/2015
4. Deseret News: 5 ways to help your friend who's struggling with faith 2/17/2015
5. Reporting Climate Science: Evidence of Climate Change in China 4,200 Years Ago 2/17/2015
6. Healio Psychiatric Annals: Poor sleep during middle age associated with cognitive decline 2/17/2015
All-University Sing 2015 Takes the Stage 2/17/2015
Killeen Daily Herald: Baylor Women of Central Texas Plan Brunch Feb. 21 in Temple 2/17/2015
The Baptist Standard: Armenian Genocide a Warning to Resist Religious Persecution 2/17/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: McLennan County DWI/Drug Court Credited with Changing Lives at 100th Milestone 2/17/2015
1. Christianity Today: Can the 'Genocidal Onslaught' of Middle East Christians Be Stopped? 2/16/2015
1. HealthDay: Golden Anniversaries May Bring an Added Special Glow 2/16/2015
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor regents approve $31M in facility improvements, dorm renovations 2/16/2015
1. The Wall Street Journal: America’s Spiritual Founding Father 2/16/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Grad to Open Salon, Blowout Bar in Downtown Waco 2/16/2015
2. KWTX-TV (Waco, CBS): Waco: Baylor Regents OK $31M In Building Upgrades 2/16/2015
2. WOAI-AM (San Antonio): How Sound Sleep in Earlier Life Affects in Later Years 2/16/2015
3. Urban Christian News: College Presidents Discuss Why Faith-Based Education Is Good for You 2/16/2015
4. KWTX-TV (Waco, CBS): Waco: Baylor Law School Holds Annual People's Law School 2/16/2015
5. KWTX-TV (Waco, CBS): Today in History 2/16/2015
Baylor Researcher Finds First-Ever Evidence of Climate Change of Northern China Region Dating Back Thousands of Years 2/16/2015
Dallas Cowboys marketing, sales executives to speak at Baylor University 2/16/2015
Marital ‘Long-Timers’ Have a ‘Slight Rebound’ in Sexual Frequency after 50 Years, Study Finds 2/16/2015
1. BGR: This simple quiz will tell you whether or not you’re a smartphone addict 2/13/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor student’s bow tie collection raising money for Kenya orphans 2/13/2015
2. WWL-AM (New Orleans, LA): Brian Williams Suspension 2/13/2015
3. News Money: SMPTE Raises More Than $66K in Crowdfunding Campaign, Continues to Pull in Support for ‘Moving Images’ Documentary 2/13/2015
4. WDAM-TV (Moselle, MS, NBC): Social Work Degree Guide Recognizes Today's 30 Most Influential Social Workers 2/13/2015
Baylor Regents Approve Ed.D. in K-12 Educational Leadership, Authorize $31 Million for Upgrades to Penland Hall, Memorial Dining Hall and Baylor Energy Complex/Substation 2/13/2015
Greece Post: Study: Exposure helps reduce racial prejudice 2/13/2015
Huffington Post: Want to Harm Your Relationship? Here Are 2 Easy Ways! 2/13/2015
KWTX-TV (Waco, CBS): Student-Managed Investment Fund Provides Scholarships For Baylor Student Athletes 2/13/2015
The Advisory Board Company: How two CEOs found a 'third way' and created one super-system 2/13/2015
University Herald: Religion Could Help Sexual Victims Deal with Distrust 2/13/2015
Yahoo! Tech: Are You Addicted to Your Smartphone? Read These 12 Sentences to Find Out 2/13/2015
1. CRI English: Leaders Agree About Ukraine Peace Roadmap 2/12/2015
1. Huffington Post: Prison Program Helps Keep Inmates From Reoffending By Equipping Them With Business Skills 2/12/2015
1. KWTX-TV: Judge R.E.B. Baylor’s 19th-century Law Documents to Be Preserved 2/12/2015
1. Newberry Observer: Nerve agent pill could be cause of post-war illnesses 2/12/2015
1. The Washington Post: This may be the way to eliminate the biases white students don’t even know they have 2/12/2015
2. The Aquila Report: Religious College Presidents Agree On ‘Calling’ And Common Threats To Their Schools 2/12/2015
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Waco live music scene full of opportunities 2/12/2015
3. Black Christian News Network One: Baylor University Study Finds College Women Who Are Sexual Assault Victims Can Find Healing In Religious Groups 2/12/2015
4. Baylor Lariat: Baylor professor assists in Arkansas-Oklahoma dispute 2/12/2015
Armstrong Browning to Host Angelic Valentine’s Day Extravaganza 2/12/2015
Baylor University’s Heavenly Voices Choir Celebrates Gospel Fest 2/12/2015
1. Baptist News Global: College sexual assault victims healed by religious communities, chaplains and study say 2/11/2015
1. The Baptist Standard: Presidents: Faith-based universities offer society ‘ethical ammo’ 2/11/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Could McLane Stadium be world’s best? 2/11/2015
2. Daily Mail (UK: Ask Dr. Google: Search engine adds professional health information to its results — but will it encourage hypochondria? 2/11/2015
2. KCEN-TV: McLane Stadium Among 32 that could be Named Stadium of the Year 2/11/2015
2. Patheos: Faith in higher education 2/11/2015
Baylor Geology Professor to Speak at the American Association for the Advancement of Science’s Annual Meeting 2/11/2015
Baylor Medical Humanities Retreat: “What In God's Name Can We Do?" 2/11/2015
Marshall News Messenger: Central Baptist Church of Marshall welcomes new pastor 2/11/2015
Newsmax: Christians' Role as Political Players in Middle East Could Be History 2/11/2015
Yahoo! Finance: 10 Questions to Ask When Collecting Customer Data 2/11/2015
1. Athens Daily Review: WWII veteran speaks to LaPoynor ISD students during Free to Be presentation 2/10/2015
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor history on display 2/10/2015
1. Yahoo! Health: How You Might Be Sabotaging Your Relationship Without Realizing It 2/10/2015
2. Psych Central: Religion Can Help Women Cope With Sexual Assault 2/10/2015
2. San Antonio Business Journal: San Antonio’s newest energy lawyer 2/10/2015
2. Student-managed Investment Fund Provides Scholarships 2/10/2015
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor foodie panel to highlight what makes Texas cuisine unique 2/10/2015
3. Christian Today: College is not just to get a job but to instill ethical responsibilities, say Baylor, Yeshiva, and Catholic University presidents 2/10/2015
4. Deseret News (Salt Lake City, UT): 3 faith-based schools see challenges to their religious freedom 2/10/2015
5. Black Christian News: Baptist, Catholic and Jewish University Presidents Agree Religious Higher Education Is Essential for Country’s Health 2/10/2015
6. The National Jurist: Best law schools for practical training: 2015 2/10/2015
Baylor Law School Hosts 10th Annual People’s Law School on Feb. 14 2/10/2015
WWL-AM (New Orleans, LA): The Brian Williams Saga 2/10/2015
Baptist Press: Trustees: LifeWay Outlines Vision for Future 2/9/2015
Baylor Theatre Arts Presents a Revealing Comedy 2/9/2015
Baylor’s Texas Collection Hosts 'Cooking in Texas' Panel Discussion Feb. 12 About Texas Food and Cuisine 2/9/2015
Catholic Chronicle: Faith-based universities aim to relay values, not just educate students 2/9/2015
Ceremony Honoring Legacy of Judge R.E.B. Baylor to Feature Namesake's Rare Law Documents 2/9/2015
Florida Weekly: 2 Board Members Added to Dreyfoos Foundation 2/9/2015
KBTV-TV (Beaumont, FOX): Jasper resident competes on American Idol 2/9/2015
Oxford University Press Blog: Listening on the edge 2/9/2015
Pacific Standard: What Celebrity Sightings Tell Us about Memory 2/9/2015
The Baptist Standard: Around the State: 'White coat' ceremony for Baylor nurses 2/9/2015
The Baptist Standard: Kathy Hillman: 175 Years and Counting – Blest Be Ties That Bind 2/9/2015
The Baptist Standard: Religion can help collegiate victims of sexual victimization, Baylor study shows 2/9/2015
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Why “Modern” and “Contemporary” Art Are Much, Much Different 2/9/2015
1. Graham Leader: Graham Special Education Teacher Honored by Chamber 2/6/2015
1. KBTV-TV (Beaumont, FOX): New app detects eye cancer 2/6/2015
1. KXXV-TV (Waco, ABC): Local program helps launch, grow local businesses 2/6/2015
1. Science Codex: Religion can help college-age sexual victims deal with distrust 2/6/2015
1. The Chronicle of Higher Education: Religious-College Leaders Reflect on ‘Calling’ in Today’s Academe 2/6/2015
2. Baptist News Global: Faith-based education offers ‘ethical ammo’ for American society, say university presidents 2/6/2015
2. Dallas Morning News: Robert Miller: Nursing gala’s goal: $1 million 2/6/2015
2. Freestone County Times: Is the Customer Always Right? 2/6/2015
2. Iquisitr: Cell Phone Usage Claims 9 Hours Of Students’ Day On Average 2/6/2015
2. San Antonio Business Journal: SA Chamber VP Tapped to be Director of the Alamo 2/6/2015
3. Houston Chronicle: Schools’ Show Aims for “Disney Magic” 2/6/2015
3. Lifeway: 5 Best Books in Christian Biography – Thomas Kidd 2/6/2015
3. The Catholic Sentinel (Portland, OR): Faith-based universities aim to relay values, not just educate students 2/6/2015
Baylor Students Excel at Texas Model United Nations Conference 2/6/2015
Baylor's Pat Neff Tower To 'Go Red' Friday For American Heart Association's National Wear Red Day 2/6/2015
1. Juicy Ecumenism (Blog of the Institute on Religion and Democracy): Ken Starr Offers Encouragement on Religious Freedom 2/5/2015
1. Religion Can Help College Women Who Are Sexual Victims Deal with Distrust, Study Finds 2/5/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Recruits Retired Congressman to Lead Efforts to Protect Religious Freedom 2/5/2015
2. Houston Chronicle: A Powerful Way to Beat Depression 2/5/2015
2. The Christian Post: Purpose of College is Not to Get a Job, is to Instill Ethical Responsibilities, Say Presidents of Catholic University, Yeshiva University 2/5/2015
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Trombonists Blow Their Horns All Month Long at Baylor 2/5/2015
3. Baylor’s “Underpants” a Revealing Look at Indiscretion, Rumor, Scandal 2/5/2015
3. The Boston Pilot: Faith-based universities aim to relay values, not just educate 2/5/2015
Accounting Today: Salmon Sims Thomas Appoints Sims as CEO 2/5/2015
Amarillo Globe-News: Texas Panhandle Native to Run State’s Most Iconic Landmark 2/5/2015
Baylor Center for Christian Music Studies Orchestrates Annual Sacred Sing Event 2/5/2015
Fast Company: Why Managers and Employees Have Wildly Different Ideas About Work-Life balance 2/5/2015
Historic Summit between Presidents of Baylor, Yeshiva and Catholic University Focuses on ‘State of Higher Education and the Calling of Faith-based Universities’ 2/5/2015
NBC Anchor's "Fog of Memory" -- His Explanation for False Claim about Being Shot Down in Iraq -- Is Likely "Spot on," Baylor Psychologist Says 2/5/2015
Uintah Basin Standard: Utah Opera Bringing Romance to basin 2/5/2015
1. KWTX-TV (Waco, CBS): More sleep means better memory, Baylor research says 2/4/2015
1. Religion Can Help College Women Who Are Sexual Victims Deal with Distrust, Study Finds 2/4/2015
1. Washington Post: Religious college presidents agree on ‘calling’ and common threats to their schools 2/4/2015
1. WOAI-AM (San Antonio): Chamber VP Will Be First Ever Alamo Executive Director 2/4/2015
2. Amarillo Globe-News: Tascosa Adds Chaplain, Lawyer to Hall of Fame 2/4/2015
2. Care 2: How Sleep Tonight Will Affect Your Brain’s Future 2/4/2015
2. KCEN-TV: (Waco/Temple, NBC): Saving the Golden Age of Gospel 2/4/2015
2. The Christian Century: Religious college presidents see challenges to their schools' religious freedom 2/4/2015
3. Akron Legal News: Texas Prison Program Aims to Produce Business-Savvy Inmates 2/4/2015
3. WTLV-TV (Jacksonville, FL, NBC): Psychologists: Cell Phone Addiction on the Rise 2/4/2015
Baylor History Department Hosts Lecture on Unlikely Heroes of the Civil Rights Movement 2/4/2015
Baylor Physics Department Presents Science Thursday Lectures at the Mayborn Museum 2/4/2015
Baylor Professional Development Program Presents Spring Series 2/4/2015
Baylor’s Mayborn Museum Celebrates 10th Anniversary with “The Buffalo and Horse in the Southern Plains Culture” Presentation by Larry Belitz 2/4/2015
Honors Residential College Formation Series Welcomes Celebrated Speakers This Spring 2/4/2015
1. Missoulian (Missoula, MT): Billings geologist turns trash into tunes 2/3/2015
1. ProHealth: Baylor Scientist Finds First Direct Evidence of Gene-Exposure Link in Gulf War Illness 2/3/2015
1. The Baptist Standard: Baptist Briefs: GuideStone releases tax guide for ministers 2/3/2015
1. The Dallas Morning News: Collin College partners with Baylor University for transfer program 2/3/2015
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Archivist shares rare images of 1953 Waco tornado devastation 2/3/2015
2. Shape Magazine: 3 Bad Habits That’ll Ruin Your Future Health 2/3/2015
2. The Baptist Standard: Baylor University and Collin College sign transfer agreement 2/3/2015
3. Baptist News Global: Pastors eager to find preaching’s place in modern church 2/3/2015
3. WLOS-TV (Asheville, NC, ABC): Special Report: Cell Phone Addiction 2/3/2015
4. The Baltimore Sun: With new governor, Maryland gets new, cheesy greeting 2/3/2015
Religion Can Help College Women Who are Sexual Victims Deal with Fear and Distrust, Baylor Study Finds 2/3/2015
Religion News Service: Religious college presidents agree on ‘calling’ and common threats to their schools 2/3/2015
1. Entrepreneur: 15 Reasons You Will Live a Long Life 2/2/2015
1. KLTV-TV (Tyler, ABC): Proud of East Texas: Jennifer Moreman Bears 2/2/2015
1. Sioux City Journal (IA): 6 Questions to Ask When Considering Community Living 2/2/2015
2. Bio News Texas: Baylor University Study Indicates That Sleep Influences Memory Differently According to Age 2/2/2015
2. El Paso Times: Business People 2/2/2015
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor composer writes music, inspires film short 2/2/2015
3. The Jewish Advocate: Baylor U: Jewish Americans Who Attend Synagogue Enjoy Better Health 2/2/2015
Baylor Entrepreneurship Professor Receives Prestigious Fellowship 2/2/2015
KXAN-TV (Austin, NBC): Sports stadiums compete with TV for audience 2/2/2015
Presidents of Baylor, Yeshiva and Catholic University to Discuss ‘State of Higher Education and the Calling of Faith-based Universities’ 2/2/2015
The Baptist Standard: Texas Tidbits: Lilly Endowment grants $500,000 to Truett 2/2/2015
The New York Times: N.B.A. Career Blocked, Ex-Player Dreams Anew 2/2/2015

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