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Boston Globe: Pope will host Mideast presidents in prayer summit 5/30/2014
Examiner: "Spiritual" people more prone to violence than "religious" people, study finds 5/30/2014
Huffington Post: Why We Need the Humanities to Improve Health Care 5/30/2014
Kiplinger: Tap Your Portfolio with Taxes in Mind 5/30/2014
NASDAQ: Summit Hotel Properties Appoints Interim Chief Financial Officer 5/30/2014
Pagosa Daily Post: A POSITIVE VIEW OF RURAL: Small Companies Are a Better Bet 5/30/2014
Penn Energy: Siluria Technologies Names Jeffrey P. Wood EVP, CFO 5/30/2014
Realtor: Overconnectivity: When Too Much Tech Hurts Your Relationships 5/30/2014
The Morning Sun: Bajas bring it on 5/30/2014
Waco Tribune: New Brazos Park East trail extension offers green escape 5/30/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Officials project slow startup to mosquito problems 5/29/2014
1. Yahoo Sports: Art Briles refuses to go inside Baylor's awesome $260M stadium 5/29/2014
2. KXXV-TV: Light Display to be Added to New Bridge 5/29/2014
2. KXXV-TV: McLennan County rain gauge program to help water management 5/29/2014
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Waco needs statue of native son Jules Bledsoe 5/29/2014
4. Texas Lawyer: What Texas Law School Deans Think About Scalia's Proposal for Their Schools 5/29/2014
Baylor, Northrise University in Zambia Establish Partnership to Foster, Strengthen Global Higher Education 5/29/2014
Huffington Post: She Existed: How Maya Angelou Changed My Life 5/29/2014 Encounters at coffee shops help corporate communicators influence company 'chiefs' 5/29/2014
Associated Baptist Press: N.C. pastor Matt Cook nominated as CBF moderator-elect 5/28/2014
Associated Baptist Press: Religion played role in sowing seeds of future conflict in World War I, says researcher 5/28/2014
Broadway World: Baylor University Theatre Department to Present ON THE VERGE and THE ALIENS, Summer 2014 5/28/2014
Indiana Gazette: RED-BLUE AMERICA: 'Trigger warnings' from profs? 5/28/2014
KWKT-TV: Baylor Law students host free legal clinic to veterans 5/28/2014
Mayborn Museum Celebrates 10 Years with Larger-Than-Life Exhibit 5/28/2014
Sports Destination Management: McLane Stadium to Get Soft Opening Aug. 29 5/28/2014
Sprout Social: Get Schooled on the Instagram Strategies Used by Universities 5/28/2014
The Network Journal: Young Entrepreneurs Becoming Bosses, Not Employees 5/28/2014
The New York Times: Colleges Rattled as Obama Seeks Rating System 5/28/2014
1. e! Science News: Sunday school teachers as 'culture warriors': Lay leaders wield political clout 5/27/2014
1. The Baptist Standard: Texas Tidbits: Baylor OKs College of Health and Human Sciences 5/27/2014
1. The Star Tribune (MN): Counterpoint: Clergy sex abuse is serious, but the church is also a target 5/27/2014
2. National Review: Don Draper’s Inferno 5/27/2014
2. News Rx: Obsessive-Compulsive Disorders: Obsessive-compulsive disorder questionnaire may give clues to other mental health problems 5/27/2014
3. National Review: Do the Right Thing 5/27/2014
4. Jenkins on the Secret Gospel of Mark as a Hoax 5/27/2014
Encounters at Coffee Shops, Fitness Centers Help Corporate Communicators Influence Company “Chiefs,” Baylor Study Shows 5/27/2014
Napa Valley Register: Harper named to lead Kaiser Permanente in Solano and Napa counties 5/27/2014
The New York Times: The Quotation of the Day 5/27/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Ryan A. Luna, guest columnist: Scrapping early voting would provide less time for electoral mischief 5/27/2014
Baptist Standard: Study: Sunday school teachers wield political clout 5/23/2014
Christianity Today: The Forgotten Side of the First World War 5/23/2014
Dallas Observer: With Its New Play, Booth, Second Thought Moves from Youthful Angst to Grown-Up Fears 5/23/2014
Inside Higher Ed: Academic Minute: Proconsul Fossils 5/23/2014
MedicalNewsToday: Making amends gives us moral permission to forgive ourselves 5/23/2014
Modesto Bee: RedBlueAmerica: Should professors issue 'trigger warnings' before class? 5/23/2014
Religion News Service: Was World War I a religious crusade? An interview with Philip Jenkins 5/23/2014
Rocket News: Ancient warrior myths help veterans fight PTSD 5/23/2014
WAMC: Academic Minute: Dr. Dan Peppe, Baylor University - Proconsul Fossils 5/23/2014
Baylor The Washington Times: EDITORIAL: The academic recession: Big bucks, little knowledge 5/22/2014
Before It’s News: Baylor’s new tailgating area will make you jealous 5/22/2014
Computer Magazine: Sunday school teachers as ‘culture warriors’: Lay leaders wield political clout 5/22/2014
KCEN-TV: Old Floyd Casey Turf Finds New Home at Baylor's McLane Stadium 5/22/2014
KXXV-TV: Baylor offers to gift old stadium, land to Waco ISD 5/22/2014
Religion News Service: Was World War I a religious crusade? An interview with Philip Jenkins 5/22/2014
The Epoch Times: Letting It Go: Take Responsibility, Make Amends, and Forgive Yourself 5/22/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Artistic cars reveal urge to create 5/22/2014
1. The Dallas Morning News: Young entrepreneurs becoming bosses, not employees 5/21/2014
2. Religion News Service: The troubling trends in America’s ‘Calvinist revival’ 5/21/2014
3. Diverse - Issues In Higher Education: A Model Minority? A National Look at Asian-Americans and Endowed Professors of Education 5/21/2014
Associated Baptist Press: As ‘culture warriors,’ Sunday school teachers wield political clout, says study 5/21/2014
Associated Baptist Press: Texas Baptists, Baylor agree to sale of Baptist Building in Dallas 5/21/2014
Harvard Medical School News: Taking a History - A profile of Mark Adickes 5/21/2014
Parade: What Forgiving—And Being Forgiven—Mean for Your Health 5/21/2014
PhysOrg: Sunday school teachers as 'culture warriors': Lay leaders wield political clout 5/21/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco ISD to consider acquiring Floyd Casey Stadium land 5/21/2014
Yahoo! Sports: Random offseason tweet of the day - Baylor puts old playing surface in tailgating area of new McLane Stadium 5/21/2014
1. Baptist Standard: BGCT, Baylor agree to sale of Baptist Building in Dallas 5/20/2014
1. Christian Broadcasting Network: God’s Economy: From Part-Time Passion to a Job — 10 Times the Income 5/20/2014
1. NPR Weekend Edition: Nigerian Church Spreads African-Style Zeal Across North America 5/20/2014
1. Five Medical Studies You May Have Missed 5/20/2014
2. Baptist Press: Fuller named music director & conductor of the CenturyMen 5/20/2014
2. Nature World News: Making Amends Can Be Selfish: Study 5/20/2014
2. Texas Baptists: Texas Baptists announces sale of Dallas facility 5/20/2014
2. YubaNet: World War I as a “Holy War” Sowed Seeds for Many Modern Conflicts, Baylor Historian Says 5/20/2014
3. A Shocking Conclusion about American Christianity 5/20/2014
3. Temple Daily Telegram: Full steam ahead for museum director 5/20/2014
3. The Dallas Morning News: Baylor nursing school buys East Dallas building 5/20/2014
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Smith Getterman, guest columnist: To show love for God, we must take care of his good earth 5/20/2014
4. Knoxville (TN) News-Sentinel: Terry Mattingly: The quest for safe, generic, ceremonial prayers 5/20/2014
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: ‘Sailgating’ armada could be new tradition at Baylor stadium 5/20/2014
CBS 11 (DFW): “White-Eye” Photos May Indicate Rare Cancer In Children 5/20/2014
Eugene (OR) Register-Guard: Education Extra: Achievements 5/20/2014
1. Medical Daily: Get forgiven, then forgive yourself 5/19/2014
1. Science Daily: Favored by God in warfare? How WWI sowed seeds for future international conflicts 5/19/2014
1. The Dallas Morning News: Baylor nursing school raises $750,000 for endowed scholarships 5/19/2014
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor unveils new 5-year goals focused on academics, fundraising 5/19/2014
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor to launch new College of Health and Human Sciences 5/19/2014
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: KWTX to air new Baylor football pregame show 5/19/2014
3. Baylor Lariat: Baylor establishes College of Health and Human Sciences 5/19/2014
3. Wall Street Journal MarketWatch: Retirement strategies for 30-year-olds 5/19/2014
Sunday School Teachers as ‘Culture Warriors’: Lay Leaders in Churches Wield Political Clout, Baylor University Study Finds 5/19/2014
The Ho'okele Navigator (Hawaii): WWII veteran receives award from Hawaii students for ‘Heart of A Hero’ 5/19/2014
Baylor Regents Approve Formation of College of Health and Human Sciences 5/16/2014
BioMedicine: Obsessive-compulsive disorder questionnaire may give clues to other mental health problems 5/16/2014
BioPortfolio: Obsessive-compulsive disorder questionnaire may give clues to other mental health problems 5/16/2014
Chemical & Engineering News: Multifaceted Collaboration Solves Natural Product Puzzle 5/16/2014
Dallas Morning News: New Second Thought Theatre play promises fresh insights into Lincoln’s assassin 5/16/2014
Dallas Morning News: Old courthouse, jail a fading bit of Dallas lore 5/16/2014
Metro: Study: To forgive (yourself) is divine 5/16/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Amber Adamson, guest columnist: Sifting through West memories to learn what makes first responders tick 5/16/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Student-athletes are not college and university ‘employees’ 5/16/2014
KWTX-TV: Baylor Professor on “The Last Alarm” 5/15/2014 Letting it go: Take responsibility, make amends and forgive yourself 5/15/2014
Mission Network News: The International Day of Families 5/15/2014
PsychCentral: Self-Forgiving Important First Step to Healing 5/15/2014
Science Codex: Obsessive-compulsive disorder questionnaire may give clues to other mental health problems 5/15/2014
Time: The Secret to Forgiving Yourself 5/15/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: ‘Everywhere’ art show brings US classics from coast to coast 5/15/2014
World War I As a “Holy War” Sowed Seeds for Many Modern Conflicts, Baylor Historian Says 5/15/2014
Baylor University Holds Spring 2014 Commencement Ceremonies May 16-17 5/14/2014 The 50 Most Beautiful Christian College & University Campuses in the World 5/14/2014
Gerontology Expert: Six Questions You Should Ask Before Choosing a Nursing Home 5/14/2014
InsideCounsel: Lawyers warn of consequences when allowing college athletes to form a union 5/14/2014 Questionnaire to assess risk factors for OCD may help determine risk of depression, anxiety 5/14/2014
Omaha World-Herald: Kelly: As Girls Inc. expands, it will honor a true groundbreaker 5/14/2014
Quad-City Times (Davenport, IA): How quickly do you forgive yourself? 5/14/2014
Rhetoric, Race and Religion: The Great War and Religion: A Neglected History 5/14/2014
Science Codex: Letting it go: Take responsibility, make amends and forgive yourself 5/14/2014
Science Daily: Obsessive-compulsive disorder questionnaire may give clues to other mental health problems 5/14/2014
1. Chicago Business: Congress begins college athlete union fact-finding 5/13/2014
1. Publishers Weekly: The Great War and Religion: A Neglected History 5/13/2014
1. Talk Radio News Service: Eastern Ukraine Is A Battlefield of Ideas, And Kiev Is Losing 5/13/2014
1. Woodlands Online: CHI St. Luke's Health-The Woodlands welcomes D. Argueta as Chief Operating Officer 5/13/2014
2. Associated Baptist Press: Baylor prof questions popular views of heaven 5/13/2014
2. The Dallas Morning News: SMU class turns students into entrepreneurs 5/13/2014
3. Breitbart: Does Texas Need Gambling or Does Gambling Need Texas? 5/13/2014
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Lifelong Learners Take Trip 5/13/2014
4. Should Christians Date Online? 5/13/2014
1. C-SPAN Washington Week: Student Athlete Unions 5/12/2014
1. Huffington Post: Unexpected Signs You Need Couples Counseling 5/12/2014
1. KWTX Announces Long-Term Partnership with Baylor, To Premiere “Baylor Game Day” 5/12/2014
1. Religion & Politics: A Short History of Christian Matchmaking 5/12/2014
1. The Washington Post: Satan and scandal: Why does a Harvard student group want to reenact a Satanic black mass? 5/12/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: RG3 dazzles his new ‘Friends for Life’ 5/12/2014
2. Charisma News: Half a Million Hispanic Churches Come Together in Evangelical Merger 5/12/2014
2. Reuters/Jackson (MS) Press: U.S. House hears witnesses opposed to union for college athletes 5/12/2014
3. WBUR Radio (Boston): Chemist Turns Software Developer After Son’s Cancer Diagnosis 5/12/2014
4. PolicyMic: 10 Stunning Photos of Libraries Show Just How Important They Are to American Culture 5/12/2014
Letting It Go: Take Responsibility, Make Amends and Forgive Yourself 5/12/2014
Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder Questionnaire May Give Clues to Other Mental Health Problems, Baylor Study Finds 5/12/2014
1. Inside Higher Ed: The Politics of Player Unions 5/9/2014
2. The Dallas Morning News: Baylor’s Ken Starr says college sports unions would cause instability 5/9/2014
3. WCBS-AM (NYC): Witnesses oppose NLRB ruling on college athletes 5/9/2014
4. KWTX-TV: Starr Testifies Before House Committee 5/9/2014
5. KXXV-TV: Starr Testifies Before House Committee 5/9/2014
Association for Psychological Science: How Being Grateful Can Change Your Life 5/9/2014
KPBS Radio (San Diego): Chemist Turns Software Developer After Son’s Cancer Diagnosis 5/9/2014
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Battle Over College-Athlete Labor Unions Flares Up at House Hearing 5/9/2014
The Irish Catholic: A Common heritage: The Anglican tradition of prayer 5/9/2014
Westport News: Award-Winning Assisted Living Administrator to Open New Silverado Memory Care Community in Bee Cave, Texas 5/9/2014
1. Associated Press: Witnesses oppose NLRB ruling on college athletes 5/8/2014
1. The Blaze: Father’s Faith Leads Him to Turn a Parent’s Nightmare Into a Positive for Thousands 5/8/2014
2. Texas Public Radio: Chemist Turns Software Developer After Son’s Cancer Diagnosis 5/8/2014
2. The Dallas Morning News: Baylor president Ken Starr to testify about unions for college athletes 5/8/2014
3. Baylor president Ken Starr opposes NLRB ruling in favor of players union 5/8/2014
4. Klein: Unionizing student-athletes is 'not the answer' 5/8/2014
American Library Association: Jeff Steely elected LLAMA president-elect 5/8/2014
Baylor Professor George Gawrych Honored for Book on WWI Turkish Leader Atatürk 5/8/2014 American Festival for the Arts 5/8/2014
NASDAQ: Summit Hotel Properties Strengthens Management Team 5/8/2014
The Baptist Standard: Baylor receives grant to benefit West recovery 5/8/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Music educator opens young minds 5/8/2014
Baylor School of Education Hosts ‘Old Hollywood’ Themed-Gala to Support Autism and Developmental Disability Programs 5/7/2014
Baylor’s Accelerated Nursing Program in Dallas Equips Students, Addresses Workforce Shortage 5/7/2014
Freestone County Times: Baylor Alumna Recommended as First Woman to Lead NYC Church 5/7/2014 Chapman University’s California Dreamin’ Entrepreneurial Conference and Competition Draws 35 Universities Competing for $250,000 in Prize Money 5/7/2014
Med City News: Parents’ digital cameras may be a helpful new tool in early detection of pediatric eye cancer 5/7/2014
NPR “Morning Edition”, Part Two: Faith Drives A Father To Create A Test For Childhood Cancer 5/7/2014
Orlando Sentinel: Which heaven is the real heaven? 5/7/2014
Texas Monthly: Six Must-Attend Events: May 2-May 8 5/7/2014
The Gospel Coalition: George Whitefield: Lessons from Eighteenth Century’s Greatest Evangelist 5/7/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Controversial Baylor-area overlay district gets 5-0 council vote 5/7/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Learn about Waco’s progress at Community Expo 5/7/2014
1. U.S. News & World Report ranks top nursing grad schools 5/6/2014
1. Science Daily: Cyberspace scholarship nets higher grades, better thinking for class Facebook group 5/6/2014
1. St. Louis Today: St. Louis Students Lynette Atkinson Honored by Baylor University 5/6/2014
1. Westport News: Award-Winning Assisted Living Administrator to Open New Silverado Memory Care Community in Bee Cave, Texas 5/6/2014
2. Inside Higher Ed: University Announces Creation of Online Chapel 5/6/2014
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Former Baylor frat house to re-open as Christian discipleship center 5/6/2014
2. WAMU: Interfaith Voices (Washington D.C.): The Great and Holy War 5/6/2014
3. History News Network: Was the Great War a Holy War? 5/6/2014
3. LA Weekly: Where We Started 5/6/2014
5. The Baptist Standard: CBF names Steven Porter global missions coordinator 5/6/2014
7. The Baptist Standard: What makes a funeral distinctively Christian 5/6/2014
Athletic Business: U. of Oklahoma Plans Major Football Stadium Expansion 5/6/2014
NPR “Morning Edition”: Part One: Chemist Turns Software Developer After Son's Cancer Diagnosis 5/6/2014
1. Communications of the ACM: Cyber-Connected Students Net Higher Grades, Study Shows 5/5/2014
1. KWTX-TV: Waco: Students Create Campus Bike-Share Program 5/5/2014
1. Parade Magazine: Happy Decision Day! Parade Editors Share What They Love About Their Alma Maters 5/5/2014
1. Tampa Bay Times Pundit Fact: Fact-checking the May 4 news shows 5/5/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Workers slice, remove Floyd Casey turf 5/5/2014
2. Baylor Lariat: Baylor alumnus Jimmy Chiang conducts Vienna Boys’ choir 5/5/2014
2. Health News: Religious Music a High Note for Older Christians 5/5/2014
2. KWTX-TV: Turf’s Up at Baylor’s Floyd Casey Stadium 5/5/2014
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Tony L. Talbert, guest columnist: We ‘opted out’ of public education a long time ago 5/5/2014
3. KCEN-TV: Transition Begins from Floyd Casey to McLane Stadium 5/5/2014
3. The Baptist Standard: A Christian funeral means facing reality of death 5/5/2014
Baylor School of Education’s Susan Johnsen Received the Council for Exceptional Children Outstanding Leadership Award 5/5/2014
Baylor University's Armstrong Browning Library to Host Browning Day 5/5/2014
NPR: Baylor Chemistry Professor to be Featured on "Morning Edition" 5/5/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Grant to fund summer community service jobs for students in West 5/5/2014
Which Heaven is “for Real?” Baylor Pop Culture Critic Explores That Question 5/5/2014
1. The Baylor Lariat: McLane Stadium shows promise in anticipation of football season 5/2/2014
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: With McLane Stadium rising, football season can’t come soon enough 5/2/2014
3. WFAA-TV (D/FW): Progress report: Baylor's new football stadium readied for August debut 5/2/2014
4. KWTX-TV: Touring McLane Stadium 5/2/2014
5. KCEN-TV: Baylor’s McLane Stadium Sneak Peek 5/2/2014
6. KXXV-TV: McLane Stadium Tour 5/2/2014
Associated Baptist Press: CBF braces for ‘new day’ in global missions 5/2/2014
Baylor Alumna Recommended as First Woman to Lead The Riverside Church in New York City 5/2/2014
Baylor Students Earn Prestigious Scholarships 5/2/2014
Bloomberg Businessweek: AT&T Names New Vice President and General Manager for Illinois/Wisconsin 5/2/2014
Campus Technology: Can Facebook Make Better Students? 5/2/2014
Caribbean Today: Religious Music Brings Benefit to Seniors’ Mental Health 5/2/2014
Church Executive: Historic Riverside Church recommends first woman as senior minister 5/2/2014
DFW Child: Mom Next Door: Angela Stephens 5/2/2014
First Post: Facebook can help students learn better, says study 5/2/2014
KWTX-TV: Grant to Baylor Will Fund Summer Program To Help West 5/2/2014
KXXV-TV: Baylor receives $280,000 grant for summer program to help recovery in West 5/2/2014
The Baylor Lariat: Acclaimed journalist visits campus: Williams, Starr cover topics from politics to Mandela 5/2/2014
The Fort Campbell Courier: Soldier, athlete heads to training camp 5/2/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Private art goes public: Showcasing Kermit Oliver, Texas women at Baylor 5/2/2014
1. Yahoo News: Facebook is your new classroom teacher! 5/1/2014
2. Science Codex: Cyberspace scholarship nets higher grades, better thinking for class Facebook group 5/1/2014
Baylor Lariat: Men’s Choir raises voices, funds for Kenyan women 5/1/2014
Baylor Receives Grant for VISTA Summer Program to Assist West, Texas Recovery 5/1/2014
Health Magazine: Religious Music a High Note for Older Christians 5/1/2014
Martin Museum of Art Will Host “Women in Art and Academia” Exhibit 5/1/2014
Scarves, Paintings of Internationally-Renowned Waco Artist Kermit Oliver Will Be Shown in Baylor’s Martin Museum of Art 5/1/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor’s McLane Stadium construction on schedule 5/1/2014
The Wall Street Journal: ClubCorp Announces Plans To Open "The Baylor Club" In Waco 5/1/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Appreciating art goes beyond facts 5/1/2014

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