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'Going for the Gold Gala' Supports Endowed Scholarships for Nursing Students at Baylor's Louise Herrington School of Nursing 4/30/2014
1. Cyberspace scholarship nets high grades, better critical thinking for classmates in Facebook learning group 4/30/2014
AAAS: 40th Class of Mass Media Fellows Heads for Science Newsrooms 4/30/2014
Baylor Lariat: Community HealthCorps Relieves woes of health needs 4/30/2014
Black Christian News Network One: Baylor University Study Says Listening to Gospel Music Makes Seniors Feel Better 4/30/2014
Journal Standard (Freeport, IL): Why It’s Time to Ditch the Sleeping Pills 4/30/2014
Natural News: Materialistic people are more likely to be depressed and unsatisfied 4/30/2014
NCAA Champion Magazine: 1,000 Words 4/30/2014
Voice of America Learning English: Gospel Music Restoration Project for New Museum 4/30/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Journalist Juan Williams – “On Topic” with President Ken Starr 4/30/2014
1. Alaska Public Media: Whale Earwax Offers Opportunity for Unique Insight 4/29/2014
1. Ethics Daily: 3 Ways Your Church Should ‘Cater’ to Millennials 4/29/2014
1. The Christian Century: Historic Riverside Church recommends first woman as senior minister 4/29/2014
2. Associated Baptist Press: D.C.’s Amy Butler is candidate for Riverside Church in New York 4/29/2014
2. Indianapolis Star: Indiana prison puts strong emphasis on work, faith 4/29/2014
2. WOAI: Study – Gospel Music Makes Seniors Feel Better 4/29/2014
3. Business Standard: Facebook can help students learn better: study 4/29/2014
3. News-Journal: TB&T chair joins Texas Bankers Hall of Fame 4/29/2014
4. NASDAQ: Capital Senior Living Corporation Announces Carey P. Hendrickson Will Join as Chief Financial Officer 4/29/2014
4. The Financial Express: Facebook can help students learn better, study shows 4/29/2014
5. Free Press Houston: Comedy Crusaders: Jeromy Barber 4/29/2014
5. Yahoo! News: Tune into religious music to relieve ‘death anxiety’
Baylor Lariat: Students merge yoga, faith in business model 4/29/2014
Religion News Service: Historic Riverside Church recommends first woman as senior minister 4/29/2014
1. HealthDay: Religious Music a High Notes for Older Christians 4/28/2014
1. KETK-TV (Tyler): Autism Expo raises awareness, dire need of services in East Texas 4/28/2014
1. Spectrum: Jesus, the Solution 4/28/2014
1. The Baptist Standard: Congreso draws 4,000-plus for 50th anniversary 4/28/2014
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Ann Richards doc to air on HBO 4/28/2014
2. Baylor Lariat: Baylor sustainability efforts win local award 4/28/2014
2. Real Clear Religion: How World War I Became a Crusade 4/28/2014
2. The New York Post: ‘Fargo’ star savoring her big, bloody, snowy break 4/28/2014
3. Oil & Gas Financial Journal: Trendsetter Promotes Downing to President
3. The Newnan (GA) Times-Herald: C.S. Lewis Scholars Speak On Good And Evil
3. The Waco Tribune-Herald: National Day of Puppetry celebration delights youngsters at Mayborn 4/28/2014
Baylor International Studies Major Celebrates 60 Years 4/28/2014
Baylor Theatre Presents Tale of 1,001 Life-Saving Stories: The Arabian Nights 4/28/2014
Cyberspace Scholarship Nets Higher Grades and Better Critical Thinking for Classmates in a Facebook Learning Group, Baylor Study Shows 4/28/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Past glories, present gridlock: Q&A with author, Fox News correspondent Juan Williams 4/28/2014
Baylor Honors College Will Host “The Pulse” Student Lecture 4/25/2014
Baylor’s Honors College Welcomes English Professor Brett Foster 4/25/2014
Exhibition World: CEIR Unveils Immersive Experience Preference of Expo Visitors 4/25/2014 How Being Grateful Can Change Your Life 4/25/2014
Houston Chronicle: Students Defy Expectations by Reinventing College Transportation 4/25/2014
KWTX-TV: Baylor Student Building Rocket in Dorm Room 4/25/2014
Mozart’s Final Work Will be Performed at Baylor’s 111th Annual President’s Concert 4/25/2014
National Center for Policy Analysis: What Sweden Teaches Us About ObamaCare 4/25/2014
Newsday: Religious Music a High Note for Older Christians 4/25/2014
The Baptist Standard: Obituaries: Cunningham, McGee, Solomon 4/25/2014
The Huntsville Item (Huntsville, Texas): Texas Bankers Hall of Fame Names Four Honorees 4/25/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor’s ‘Arabian Nights’ truth through storytelling 4/25/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Mozart masterwork staged for Baylor President’s Concert 4/25/2014
WNYT-TV (Albany, NY): Experts: Problem Gamblers a Sure Thing 4/25/2014
Austin American-Statesman: Former AP Reporter Robert Heard Dies at Age 84 4/24/2014
Baylor Lariat: Baylor Vice president to join school in Georgia 4/24/2014
KXAN-TV: Ann Richards HBO documentary premiers in Austin 4/24/2014
MSN Healthy Living: Religious music a high note for older Christians 4/24/2014
Paul Wadell of St. Norbert College Will Lecture at the First Annual Bill and Roberta Bailey Family Lecture in Christian Ethics 4/24/2014
Students Impacted After Powerful Baylor Mission Trip Experiences 4/24/2014
The Baptist Standard: One in five Texas still food-insecure 4/24/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Waco arts scene on upswing, but in danger nationwide 4/24/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Increased spending, hotel stays spur growth in Greater Waco economic index 4/24/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Robert Griffin III to headline Friends for Life fundraiser 4/24/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Chelsey Crye, guest columnist: A night of horrors, a night of miracles in West 4/23/2014
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Ex-Bear Udoh draws fans for book club 4/23/2014
3. The Pasadena Citizen: Redmond named Minister of the Year 4/23/2014
Baylor Film and Digital Media Will Host Black Glasses Student Film Festival 4/23/2014
Georgia Regents University Names Dr. Karla Leeper as New Chief of Staff to President 4/23/2014
PsychAlive: 5 Simple Steps to End Any Fight 4/23/2014
Science Daily: Religious music brings benefit to seniors' mental health 4/23/2014
Sports Video Group: Baylor Taps Daktronics for McLane Stadium Video Display 4/23/2014
The Mustard Messenger: Can Christian Cinema be Catalyst for Spiritual Healing? 4/23/2014
The Wall Street Journal: What Is the Biggest Waste of Money in Retirement? 4/23/2014
University Business Magazine: Donors & Dollars: Big gift gives Baylor momentum 4/23/2014
1. The Wall Street Journal: What Sweden Can Teach Us About ObamaCare 4/22/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor professors using meditation, reflection exercises to boost students’ focus 4/22/2014
2. KERA: On Anniversary of Explosion, West Pays Tribute -- And Looks Forward 4/22/2014
2. KVUE-TV: Amid rebuilding and rebirth, West considering new plant 4/22/2014
2. Medical News Today: Older Christians benefit from listening to religious music 4/22/2014
3. Association for Psychological Sciences: Why More Things Don’t Make Us Happier 4/22/2014
3. EHS Today: Book on West Fertilizer Plant Tragedy Tells First Responders’ Stories 4/22/2014
3. KWTX-TV: “We Are Indeed Blessed To Be From West” 4/22/2014
4. National Review: God and Man and Moderns 4/22/2014
5. KCEN-TV: Thousands of Hispanic Youth Descend on Waco for 50th Annual Congreso 4/22/2014
5. Waco Tribune-Herald: Has Hollywood finally found religion? Faith-based films here to stay 4/22/2014
6. Waco Tribune-Herald: Over 5,000 in Waco to attend 50th Congreso conference 4/22/2014
7. The Baptist Standard: Jeff Johnson: Hispanic youth light the way for Texas Baptists 4/22/2014
8. Dallas Morning News: Baylor’s Herrington School of Nursing hopes to raise $750,000 at gala 4/22/2014
Baylor Mourns Passing of Emeritus Professor of Religion Daniel McGee 4/22/2014
NBC News: Recession Not Over for Poor: Families Stretch Food to Last 4/22/2014
1. The Katy News: First Responders Share Stories about West Explosion in New Book by Baylor Professor 4/17/2014
2. Psychology Today: 5 Simple Steps to End Any Fight 4/17/2014
Baylor School of Education Professor Honored with Outstanding Professor Award 4/17/2014
Marshall News Messenger: TB&T chairman one of four named to Texas Bankers Hall of Fame 4/17/2014
Midland Daily News: Study: Stronger kids have less risk of diabetes, heart disease 4/17/2014
Texas Entrepreneur Network Blog: University Business Plan Competitions – A Viable Funding Source for Startups 4/17/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Conductors much more than a metronome 4/17/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Mental Trauma persists a year after West fertilizer blast 4/17/2014
1. Associated Baptist Press: Texas Baptist named to National Commission on Hunger 4/16/2014
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: West first responders profiled in book by Baylor lecturer 4/16/2014
2. KWKT-TV: First Responders Share Stories about West Explosion in New Book 4/16/2014
2. The Baptist Standard: Jeremy Everett named to National Commission on Hunger 4/16/2014
3. The Baptist Standard: Preachers should learn from their global peers, Gregory says 4/16/2014
3. The Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Baylor, McLane’s Children merger puts focus on special children among us 4/16/2014
Baylor Students Try to Solve Real-Life Teaching Problems Through Research 4/16/2014
Baylor University Observes Easter Holiday with Special Hours 4/16/2014
Corsicana Daily Sun: Remembering West: Ceremony to mark first anniversary 4/16/2014
Freestone County Times: Baylor’s Executive MBA Program in Austin Launches Healthcare Concentration 4/16/2014
Killeen Daily Herald: Simulation demonstrates problems with payday lenders 4/16/2014
Sung Joon Jang, Ph.D., Will Join Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion 4/16/2014
University Business: Baylor University to enhance game-day experience at McLane Stadium 4/16/2014
YNN-TV Austin: First Responders Share Stories about West Explosion in New Book 4/16/2014
1. Chicago Sun-Times (Voices): ‘Fargo’ the place to be for Chicago’s Allison Tolman 4/15/2014
1. Information About Diabetes: Forget jumping jacks: kids who strength train have lower risk of diabetes 4/15/2014
1. Real Clear Markets: Failed Crony Subsidies: From Washington (George) to Obama (Barack) 4/15/2014
1. The Roanoke Times (Virginia): Court should leave religious freedom intact 4/15/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor’s Sims heads to Tulsa, joins Diggins to create ‘very scary’ backcourt 4/15/2014
2. UT appoints new director of Butler School of Music 4/15/2014
2. KXXV-TV: Everett Appointed to National Commission on Hunger 4/15/2014
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: NASA surgeon discusses space medicine career with Baylor health students 4/15/2014
3. KWTX-TV: Baylor University Hosts Walk for Autism 4/15/2014
3. The Katy News: Texas Hunger Initiative Leader Appointed to National Commission on Hunger 4/15/2014
4. KXXV-TV: Baylor hosts walk against eating disorders 4/15/2014
4. WORLD Magazine: Slaughtering conventional history’s sacred cows 4/15/2014
First Responders Share Stories about West Explosion in New Book by Baylor Professor 4/15/2014
KWTX-TV: West: West Prepares for Somber Explosion Anniversary Observance 4/15/2014
The Baylor Lariat: Alum chosen to lead national hunger efforts 4/15/2014
1. Sioux City Journal: ‘Fargo’ gives actress Allison Tolman that big break 4/14/2014
1. The Baylor Lariat: Current stadium parking plan best option 4/14/2014
1. The Baylor Lariat: Votes counted, Edwards wins 4/14/2014
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor study: strength training lowers kids’ risks of developing diabetes, heart disease 4/14/2014
1. Tyler Morning Telegraph: Autism Expo scheduled for April 26 at UT Tyler 4/14/2014
2. Brain Mysteries: Gratitude, not ‘gimme,’ makes for more satisfaction, study finds 4/14/2014
2. KWTX-TV: Tree of Hope in West 4/14/2014
2. The Baton Rouge Advocate: Conference seeks to strengthen lives 4/14/2014
3. Special Awards Salute: Arch Ward recipient Julie Bennett (Baylor) 4/14/2014
BioNews Texas: Baylor University Scientists Aim to Design Safer Chemicals for Humans and Environment with Multimillion Dollar Grant 4/14/2014
Texas Hunger Initiative Leader Appointed to National Commission on Hunger 4/14/2014
1. KVUE-TV: Texas Democratic leaders weigh in on LBJ, Obama 4/11/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Healing is focus of April 17 West memorial 4/11/2014
Baylor University’s Model Organization of American States Team Shines in Washington D.C. 4/11/2014
Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion Welcomes Former Congressman Ernest Istook 4/11/2014
BizWire Express: Westminster Presbyterian Church Welcomes New Pastor, Enters New Denomination 4/11/2014
Georgetown University’s Michael Slater Will Lecture on American Religious Philosophy 4/11/2014
Health, Medical, and Science Updates: Early strength training can decrease heart health risks in children 4/11/2014
Merced Sun-Star: Fort Hood shooting focuses attention on military mental health 4/11/2014
The New York Times: Austin: The Gospel 4/11/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: MCC names new VP of research and planning initiatives 4/11/2014
Baylor School of Education and Midway ISD Announce Two New Professional Development Schools 4/10/2014
Baylor Scientists Aim to Design Safer Chemicals for Humans and Environment with Multimillion Dollar Grant 4/10/2014
Fort Bend Star: Sugar Land native Allison Tolman starring in new FX Series Fargo 4/10/2014
KWBU-FM: Baylor, Scott and White Launch Developmental Disabilities Center 4/10/2014
KWTX-TV: Waco: BU, Midway ISD Announce New Professional Development Schools 4/10/2014
McClatchy DC: Fort Hood shooting focuses attention on military mental health 4/10/2014
Smoky Mountain News: A well-written, lively look through history 4/10/2014
Takepart: Your Antidepressants Are Freaking Out the Fish 4/10/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Midway, Baylor create two more PDS campuses 4/10/2014
Associated Baptist Press and Religious Herald: ‘What’s mine is yours’ defines ‘kingdom economics,’ New Testament scholar insists 4/9/2014
Baylor Alumni, Library Benefactors Receive Texas Library Association Awards 4/9/2014
Baylor Medical Humanities Retreat ‘Breathes New Life’ into Modern Medicine 4/9/2014
Baylor Model United Nations Excels at Conference 4/9/2014
KCEN-TV: Baylor Sophomore Plans Record-Breaking Rocket Launch 4/9/2014
Medical News Today: Materialistic people ‘more likely to be depressed and unsatisfied’ 4/9/2014
Stars and Stripes: Fort Hood shooting focuses attention on military mental health 4/9/2014
The Arrow (Southeast Missouri State University): Red Bus Project raises money for orphans 4/9/2014
The Baptist Standard: Secularization linked to sexual revolution, Eberstadt asserts 4/9/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Former Baylor baseball coach Schroeder to join Southwest Conference Hall of Fame 4/9/2014
82nd Annual Diadeloso Includes Old Traditions, New Additions 4/8/2014
Baylor University Professor Speaks at Amnesty International Conference on Human Rights 4/8/2014
Baylor’s Model Arab League Team Successful at Regional Competition 4/8/2014
Christianity Today: The Book of Common Prayer Is Still a Big Deal 4/8/2014
ESPN “Olbermann”: Scott Drew Breaks Down National Championship Game 4/8/2014
Health Central: Materialistic people more likely to be depressed 4/8/2014
KWTX-TV: Waco: New MCC Vice President Named 4/8/2014
MBA Today: Baylor University adds Healthcare Concentration to its Executive MBA in Austin 4/8/2014
Memphis Business Journal: ‘Mentoring Monday’ features top St. Jude talent 4/8/2014
Yahoo! News: Baylor groom’s cake with illuminated video screen wins the day (Photo) 4/8/2014
Yahoo! News: Your Antidepressants Are Freaking Out the Fish 4/8/2014
1. Huffington Post: Why more Things Don’t Make Us Happier 4/7/2014
1. The Baptist Standard: Revisionists get church & state wrong, law professor says 4/7/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor advocates for more recruitment, retention of women faculty 4/7/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Voices of Valor: Carroll Webb 4/7/2014
2. North Dallas Gazette: Local Elementary School Coach Cooks His Way to New Playground 4/7/2014
2. The New York Times: Kim Bowers of CST Brands, on Managing Up vs. Managing Down 4/7/2014
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Gospel concert to raise money for Doris Miller memorial 4/7/2014
2. Theramatch News: Stronger Muscles May Mean Better Health for Kids 4/7/2014
Baylor Mourns Passing of Longtime Dining Services Staff Member 4/7/2014
Baylor University Will Host Ninth Annual Philosophy of Religion Conference 4/7/2014
Las Vegas Sun: First details of next UNLV stadium proposal released 4/7/2014
Science of Relationships: Which Couples Can Fight Intensely and Still Reach Satisfying Resolutions? 4/7/2014
1. Bangor (ME) Daily News: Pray for me: A woman’s escape from spiritual, sexual abuse by a pastor 4/4/2014
Atheist-Raised, Christian Convert Jing “Cathy” Zhang Will Lecture at Baylor University 4/4/2014
Baylor History Department Welcomes Chris Given-Wilson 4/4/2014
CBS News: Stronger muscles may mean better health for kids 4/4/2014 Frequent Involvement in Spiritual Activities Helps Drug and Alcohol Treatment: Study 4/4/2014
Expert on Health and Religion Neal Krause of U of M Will Lecture at Baylor University 4/4/2014
Institute for Studies of Religion Presents “Does the Family Matter?” Symposium 4/4/2014
Kingsville Record: Ortiz selected as Baylor ambassador 4/4/2014
New Orleans Times Picayune: Pennington Biomedical Research Center welcomes new communications director 4/4/2014 Gratitude, not ‘gimme,’ makes for more satisfaction, Baylor University study finds 4/4/2014
The Baptist Standard: Gloer: ‘What’s mine is yours’ defines kingdom economics 4/4/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: I-35 bridge work on track for Baylor home opener 4/4/2014
ABC News Radio: The More You Want, the Unhappier You Are 4/3/2014
Baylor Trumpet Players Place Third in National Competition 4/3/2014
Baylor University Professor Receives Grant to Help Settle Long-standing Water Quality Dispute Between Oklahoma and Arkansas 4/3/2014
Baylor’s Executive MBA Program in Austin Launches Healthcare Concentration 4/3/2014
BioNews Texas: Early Strength Training in Children Can Decrease Heart Health Risks, According to Baylor Study 4/3/2014
Huffington Post: 3 Myths Americans Still Believe About Innovation 4/3/2014 A Struggle with Gratitude at the Heart of Materialism, Study Says 4/3/2014
The Baylor Lariat: University, hospital announce new alliance 4/3/2014
The Wall Street Journal: Don’t Take Social Security Too Early 4/3/2014
1. Robert Cresanti to Lead Government Relations and Public Policy for the IFA 4/2/2014
1. KWKT-TV: Baylor, Scott & White unveil new developmental disabilities treatment center 4/2/2014
1. Medline Plus: Stronger Muscles May Mean Better Health for Kids 4/2/2014
2. Christianity Today: An Interview with Dr. Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History 4/2/2014
2. KWTX-TV: Baylor, Scott & White unveil new developmental disabilities treatment center 4/2/2014
2. Medical News Today: Children with better muscle health had improved metabolic and heart health 4/2/2014
2. St. Charles Herald-Guide: Teachers of the Year will represent St. Charles schools for statewide title 4/2/2014
3. Baltimore Sun: As Carroll debates prayer, founding fathers' faith comes into focus 4/2/2014
3. RedOrbit: New Study by Baylor University Professor Reveals Early Strength Training Can Decrease Heart Health Risks in Children 4/2/2014
4. Science Codex: Gratitude, not ‘gimme,’ makes for more satisfaction, Baylor University study finds 4/2/2014
5. RedOrbit: Gratitude Makes for More Satisfaction: Baylor University 4/2/2014
Baylor and Georgetown Professors Will Lecture on Social Justice and the Nature of Man 4/2/2014
Baylor Students Will Serve Waco Community During Steppin’ Out 4/2/2014
Before It’s News: Gratitude Makes for More Satisfaction: Baylor University 4/2/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor, Scott & White unveil new developmental disabilities treatment center 4/2/2014 Rick Warren launches mental health ministry 4/2/2014
2014 Walter B. and Kay W. Shurden Lectures on Religious Liberty and Separation of Church and State Will Be Held at Baylor April 1 and 2 4/1/2014
Baylor University and McLane Children’s Scott & White Partner to Open Center for Developmental Disabilities 4/1/2014
Christianity Today: Why the World Is Becoming More Violent 4/1/2014 Kids’ muscle strength linked to heart health 4/1/2014
HealthDay: Stronger Muscles May Mean Better Health for Kids 4/1/2014
Legislative Gazette: Let’s not exploit our pathological gamblers 4/1/2014
Lexington (TX) Leader: Local attorney named to elite list of Super Lawyers 4/1/2014
Texas Author Steven Saylor Will Reveal His Creative Writing Process April 2 4/1/2014
The Baptist Standard: 2nd Opinion: Of faith and film 4/1/2014
The Lakeland (FL) Ledger: Materialistic Me-People Less Happy, Study Says 4/1/2014

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