Baylor in the News Archives for March 2014

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1. Associated Press: With iPhone, Pope Starts New Era with Pentecostals 3/31/2014
2. Newsweek: For Soldiers With Gulf War Illness, a Clue to the Mystery in Their Cells 3/31/2014
3. The Christian Post: Do Christians Actually Live Up to Their Christian Identity on Twitter? 3/31/2014
Baylor University and McLane Children’s Scott & White Partner to Open Center for Developmental Disabilities 3/31/2014
FOX & Friends: What precedent will Hobby Lobby case set? 3/31/2014
Gratitude, Not ‘Gimme,’ Makes for More Satisfaction, Baylor University Study Finds 3/31/2014
New Study by Baylor University Professor Reveals Early Strength Training Can Decrease Heart Health Risks in Children 3/31/2014
Renowned Media Critic Ted Baehr Will Lecture at Browning Library 3/31/2014
Baylor URSA to Host 2014 Scholars Week 3/28/2014
CNBC: Concho Resources Appoints John Surma to Board of Directors and Names Jack Harper Executive Vice President 3/28/2014
Concordia Composer Carl Schalk to Present at 28th Northcutt Lecture 3/28/2014
Former White House Chief of Staff Who Notified President Bush of Sept. 11 Attacks Will Speak At Baylor 3/28/2014
General Aviation News: LiveAirShow TV profiles Jerry ‘Jive’ Kerby 3/28/2014 Not For The Faint Of Heart 3/28/2014
Nebraska City News-Press: Big Banks Fail Rural Businesses 3/28/2014
Orange County Register: Faiths target mental illness 3/28/2014
San Angelo Standard-Times: Food needs put in focus at West Texas Hunger Summit 3/28/2014
The Wall Street Journal: Can Faith Rewire an Addict’s Brain? 3/28/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Crawford named president of First National Bank of Central Texas 3/28/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Kathleen Parker, Washington Post: Surprise! Ken Starr, Alan Dershowitz on same side in Hobby Lobby showdown 3/28/2014
1. The Baptist Standard: Baylor president weighs in on Hobby Lobby case 3/27/2014
2. Legal Bisnow: Dershowitz Talks Contraception 3/27/2014
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Ken Starr, guest columnist: When Caesar demands more than law allows 3/27/2014
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: Bear Foundation to dissolve, merge with Baylor 3/27/2014
Discovery News: Why Do We Need Earwax? 3/27/2014 New Research Shows Gratitude makes You Happy, Not Stuff 3/27/2014
USA Today: Baylor’s Sweet 16 run another key date in ‘Year of the Bear’ 3/27/2014
1. Real Clear Markets: Politicians Have Never Been Good Venture Capitalists 3/26/2014
1. The Baptist Standard: Texas Tidbits: Baylor fundraising breaks records 3/26/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Couture gowns made from recycled materials at Baylor’s Project Greenway 3/26/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Job fair being held for McLane Stadium events 3/26/2014
2. FashionUnited: The Rise of the Global 'Menaissance' 3/26/2014
2. KWTX: Job fair being held for McLane Stadium events 3/26/2014
2. The Baptist Standard: Coalition Discusses Six Ways for Churches to Fight Hunger 3/26/2014
4. Business Because: New Technology Energizes Online MBA Revolution 3/26/2014
5. Waco Tribune-Herald: Beall Poetry Festival at Baylor celebrates its 20th anniversary 3/26/2014
Hispanic Business: Sloan, Bagley, Hatcher & Perry Associates J. Ryan Fowler and Carson R. Runge Named to 2014 Texas Rising Stars List 3/26/2014
Local Area Superintendent Partnership with Baylor University Receives Statewide Recognition 3/26/2014
NPR’s Morning Edition: Air Force Academy Squadrons Test Peer-Effect Assumptions 3/26/2014
Washington Post: Hobby Lobby case creates unexpected allies in Dershowitz and Starr 3/26/2014
1. Associated Baptist Press: Baylor's Ken Starr weighs in on Hobby Lobby case at DC event 3/25/2014
1. Patheos: Yes, Religious Liberty is Threatened in America 3/25/2014
2. Transitions Online: Ukraine's Metamorphosis, Protest by Protest 3/25/2014
2. U.S. News and World Report: Views You Can Use - Hobby Lobby Gets Its Day in Court 3/25/2014
3. Tyler Morning Telegraph: Religious freedom in the Constitution 3/25/2014
4. Focus Daily News (Dallas): Baylor Announces Record-Shattering Fundraising Success 3/25/2014
C-SPAN: Discussion on Sebelius v. Hobby Lobby Stores 3/25/2014 Church attendance may improve your marriage 3/25/2014
KPDQ (Portland, Ore.): How Does A Church Survive When Big Givers Leave? 3/25/2014
Students Showcase Work in Martin Museum's Baylor Art Student Exhibition 3/25/2014
The Baptist Standard: Baylor basketball's 'extraordinary' season has left lives changed 3/25/2014
The Leader (Corning, NY): Hollywood movie directed by East High grad opens today 3/25/2014
1. Christianity Today: An Interview with Dr. Philip Jenkins, Distinguished Professor of History, on Global Christianity (Part 1) 3/24/2014
1. KWBU-FM: Oracle CEO On Big Data, Privacy 3/24/2014
1. USA TODAY: Ken Starr: Obamacare shackles religious freedom 3/24/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor ‘super fans’ criss-cross Central Texas for NCAA tournament games 3/24/2014
1. WOAI-TV (NBC San Antonio): Seeing Eye-to-Eye 3/24/2014
2. Deseret News (UT): Hobby Lobby case will reach far beyond one family's firm 3/24/2014
2. Guernica Magazine: Ananda Rose: The Journey of Bones 3/24/2014
2. KCEN-TV (10 p.m. News): Baylor Prepares for Bearathon 3/24/2014
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Lady Bears bring business to Waco 3/24/2014
3. KXXV-TV (10 p.m.) News: Bearathon Honors Fallen Friend 3/24/2014
4. KWTX-TV: Baylor Bearathon 3/24/2014
5. KCEN-TV (6 p.m. News): 12th Annual Baylor Bearathon 3/24/2014
6. KXXV-TV (10 p.m. News): Bearathon runners honor fallen friend 3/24/2014
Baylor Department of English Presents 20th Annual Beall Poetry Festival 3/24/2014
Baylor School of Education to Host Journalist Ron Berler March 26 3/24/2014
Financial Chronicle: The power of framing 3/24/2014
Numerous Fortune 500 Companies Will Recruit at Baylor’s Marketing & Professional Sales Career Fair 3/24/2014
1. KWKT-TV: Baylor announces record shattering fundraising success 3/21/2014
Academy Lecture Series Speaker Will Offer Solutions to Human Trafficking 3/21/2014
Baylor School of Music Presents Dean's Honor Concert 3/21/2014
Baylor Theatre Presents "The Learned Ladies" 3/21/2014
CBS Evening News: NCAA March Madness-2014 Baylor star's disadvantage becomes inspiration 3/21/2014
First Things: Georgetown Religious Freedom Event 3/21/2014
Loyola University Philosophy Professor Graham McAleer Will Lecture on Baylor's Campus 3/21/2014
National Review Online: Bench Memos 3/21/2014
Science Codex: A majority prefers letting computers decide 3/21/2014
The Christian Post: Mental Health and the Church: How Do Christians Get It Wrong? 3/21/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco Symphony programs new, fresh American composition 3/21/2014
WAMC-FM: Academic Minute-What Can Whale's Ear Wax Teach Us? 3/21/2014
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Prosecutors strike Starr from capital murder jury panel 3/20/2014
2. ABAJournal: Ken Starr is nixed for jury in capital murder case due to expressed views about witness testimony 3/20/2014
3. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor stadium project leads to two-year fundraising record 3/20/2014
4. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor moves Moliere satire into 1950s with 'Learned Ladies' 3/20/2014
Inside Higher Ed: Academic Minute: What Can We Learn From the Ear Wax of a Whale 3/20/2014
KGOU News Oklahoma: Why It Could Take Years For Ukraine To Recover From 2014 Power Vacuum 3/20/2014
Marshall News Messenger: Doing what's right 3/20/2014
President Appoints Provost Search Committee Members 3/20/2014
The Baylor Lariat: University sets records, raises funds for college's future plans 3/20/2014
Baylor Announces Record-Shattering Fundraising Success 3/19/2014
Baylor Department of History Welcomes the Rev. Bill Miscamble 3/19/2014
Embracing Leadership: Truett Seminary Will Host BGCT Women in Ministry Conference 3/19/2014
Fox Sports: Baylor's 'extraordinary' season has left lives changed 3/19/2014 Gov. Perry Reappoints Four to Finance Commission of Texas 3/19/2014
Sciencecodex: Many low-income women don't want to leave hospital after false-labor diagnosis 3/19/2014
Texas Insider: Gov. Perry Appoints Three to State Health Services Council 3/19/2014
The Daily Siftings Herald: Why It's Time to Ditch the Sleeping Pills 3/19/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Former Baylor professor signing book on women's athletics history 3/19/2014
Wellsville (NY) Daily Reporter: Hollywood movie directed by East High grad opens today 3/19/2014
1. Education Week: Another Study Fuels Movement to Push Back High School Start Times 3/18/2014
1. Fox News: Make college students take (real) history 3/18/2014
2. Data Informed: Mobile Offers Big Data Opportunity for Brick and Mortar Retailers 3/18/2014
2. News-Medical: Over 40 percent of pregnant low-income women after diagnosis of false labor do not want to be sent home 3/18/2014
3. Science Daily: Nearly half of pregnant low-income women do not want to be sent home from hospital after diagnosis of false or early labor 3/18/2014
3. Yahoo! Finance: Lottery provides over-spending insights 3/18/2014
4. BBC News: Secretion secrets: things you didn’t know about ear wax 3/18/2014
5. Mackinacjournal (Cheboygan, MI): Why It's Time to Ditch the Sleeping Pills 3/18/2014
Altus (OK) Times: Barnes to hold book signing Saturday 3/18/2014
Baylor Lariat: Business forum features topics focused on data 3/18/2014
Furniture World Magazine: IHFRA Elects Matthew Keepers as 76th President 3/18/2014
Green Practices at Truett Seminary Acknowledged by LEED Certification 3/18/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Oracle president Mark Hurd to speak at Baylor forum 3/18/2014
1. CNN Money: Undressing today's man: Men's fashion enters a renaissance 3/17/2014
1. Nashville Lifestyles: Exclusive Interview with Jillian Edwards 3/17/2014
2. KWTX-TV: Waco: Baylor Grad Speaks At State Of Nation Luncheon 3/17/2014
2. The Tampa Tribune: The dangerous allure of one-armed bandits 3/17/2014
3. The Washington Post: Supreme Court won’t hear appeal of dispute over Episcopal Church’s property in Va. 3/17/2014
3. Woodlands Online: Teacher of the Week: Jessica Maloney, Hailey Elementary 3/17/2014
Baylor’s Institute for Studies of Religion Presents World War I Symposium 3/17/2014
Nearly Half of Pregnant Low-Income Women Do Not Want to Be Sent Home From Hospital After Diagnosis of False Labor, Baylor Study Shows 3/17/2014
Oracle President Mark Hurd, BBA ’79, to Open Baylor Global Business Forum on Big Data 3/17/2014
The Huffington Post: Sleep-Deprived Obese Teens May Face Health Risks 3/17/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Local achievements 3/17/2014
1. Military Times: Scientific panel unable to come up with singular definition for Gulf War illness 3/14/2014
1. San Marcos Mercury: Faces: Former First Baptist Pastor Honored by City Council 3/14/2014
1. UPI: Lack of sleep in obese teens predicts heart disease risk 3/14/2014
3. Science World Report: Lack of Sleep in Young Children Associated with Heart Disease, Diabetes in Obese Adolescents 3/14/2014
3. Word & Way: McEntyre receives CBF award 3/14/2014
4. Today’s Christian Woman: Women Doing Well: How four friends inspire and equip others to leverage their wealth 3/14/2014
The Suit: Great Promotional Products Boost Brand Recognition 3/14/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Attorney suits up in jailhouse orange for Lent 3/14/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: WACO Gardening club for kids aims to raise awareness of environmental effects 3/14/2014
Army Times: Scientific panel unable to come up with singular definition for Gulf War illness 3/13/2014
D Magazine: Eleven Words That Will Sink Your Organization 3/13/2014
Hill Country News: FOOTBALL: Cedar Park to face Aledo at Baylor’s new stadium 3/13/2014
KWBU-FM: Civil Rights Messages on Gospel’s B-Sides 3/13/2014
Silicon Hills News (San Antonio): We Walk and Others Pitch at San Antonio New Tech 3/13/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Legit art or forgery? Tough to tell at times 3/13/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Historic village at Baylor plans spring break fun 3/13/2014
Baylor School of Education Professor Receives 'Scholar Award' for Research 3/12/2014
Miami Herald: The Home Economist: Lottery provides lesson in mastering art of self-control 3/12/2014
New York Daily News: Mets pick New Jersey doo-wop quartet to perform at Opening Day 3/12/2014
San Antonio Express-News: Cheap diet experiment yields surprising lessons 3/12/2014
The Baptist Standard: Mission to Haiti prompts launch of Bears for Orphans 3/12/2014
The Christian Post: Mental Health and the Church: Just 'Pray More' Not the Answer, Says Christian College Student With Clinical Depression 3/12/2014
Tyler Morning Telegraph: Three to be honored at UT Tyler Alumni Gala 3/12/2014
U.S. News & World Report: Lack of Sleep Compounds Health Problems for Obese Teens: Study 3/12/2014
YNN Austin: Study: Eating Breakfast Improves Student Learning 3/12/2014
1. Guideposts: Best Friends Forever 3/11/2014
1. KOLR-TV (Springfield, MO): Hometown Heroes Make Prom Dreams Come True 3/11/2014
1. Oxford University Press Blog: Why American must organize innovation 3/11/2014
1. The Baptist Standard: Hunger programs partner to feed Waco's children 3/11/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco's high lead contamination rate prompts new initiative 3/11/2014
2. Austin American-Statesman: A talk on faith and 'business' at Bastrop's First United Methodist Church 3/11/2014
2. HealthDay: Lack of Sleep Compounds Health Problems for Obese Teens: Study 3/11/2014
2. KRIV-TV (FOX26 Houston): American Idol contestant dealing with tragedy in real life 3/11/2014
2. KWBU-FM: More than Drums at Baylor Percussion Symposium 3/11/2014
KWBU-FM: Boosting School Breakfast in Texas 3/11/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Nonprofit urges schools to boost breakfast meal participation to curb child hunger 3/11/2014
1. KWTX-TV 5 p.m. News: Free Breakfast Initiative 3/7/2014
2. KWTX-TV 6 p.m. News: New Report Aims at Breakfast Awareness 3/7/2014
3. KWTX-TV 10 p.m. News: Texas Hunger Initiative Publishes Report 3/7/2014
Alumni and Friends Make Significant Gifts to On-Campus Track and Field Stadium at Baylor University 3/7/2014 Lenten meditations 3/7/2014
Health Day: Lack of Sleep Compounds Health Problems for Obese Teens: study 3/7/2014
Hearing Aid News: Oticon Donates Hearing Aids to West Texas Blast Victim 3/7/2014
KWKT-TV: MCC to offer hospitality degree program 3/7/2014
The Baylor Lariat: Baylor professor puts Ukrainian situation in Waco perspective 3/7/2014
The Vindicator: Liberty-Dayton Area Chamber Citizens of the Year 3/7/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Voices of Valor: L V Arnett 3/7/2014
1. The Huffington Post: Grief Online: The Dos and Don’ts of Internet Etiquette 3/6/2014
1. KCEN-TV 6 p.m. News: Free Breakfast in Texas Schools 3/6/2014
2. KCEN-TV 10 p.m. News: Texas Hunger Initiative Releases Texas School Breakfast Report Card 3/6/2014
3. KXXV-TV 6 p.m. News: New report and programs aims to increase breakfast awareness for students 3/6/2014
4. KXXV-TV 10 p.m. News: Texas School Breakfast Report Card 3/6/2014
Christianity Today: The 160-Year Christian History Behind What’s Happening in Ukraine 3/6/2014
Civil Engineering Magazine: Baylor University Stadium Makes a Campus Connection 3/6/2014 Could lack of sleep cause heart problems? 3/6/2014
KWBU-FM: Ancient Apes' Climate Becomes a Little Clearer 3/6/2014
Marshall News Messenger: Dallas Cowboys chaplain speaks at ETBU 3/6/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Washington D.C. may lose great art museum 3/6/2014
1. KXXV-TV: Economic Impact of McLane Stadium 3/5/2014
2. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Aledo gets first football game at new Baylor stadium 3/5/2014
Center for Law and Religion Forum: Jenkins, "The Great and Holy War: How World War I Became a Religious Crusade" 3/5/2014
Foreign Policy Journal: Humanitarian Intervention Undertaken In Crimea 3/5/2014
Global Finance: Vietnam: Not for the Faint of Heart 3/5/2014
Guidry News: Gov. Perry Appoints Blair to Texas Economic Development Corp. 3/5/2014
Gulf Coast News Today: Too many nuts, not enough Nutts 3/5/2014
ScienceDaily: Texas Hunger Initiative releases Texas School Breakfast Report Card for School Year 2012-2013 3/5/2014
The Daily World (Grays Harbor, WA): Earwax is most informative 3/5/2014
The Optimist: Board chooses three new members 3/5/2014
1. "The Stream" (Al Jazeera America): Political unrest in the Ukraine 3/4/2014
1. KAMR-TV (Amarillo): Child Hunger in Texas 3/4/2014
2. Analysis Eurasia Review: Humanitarian Intervention Undertaken in Crimea – Analysis 3/4/2014
2. Business News Daily: Rural Small Businesses Hit by Decline of Local Banks 3/4/2014
3. RealClearPolitics: Heed George Washington’s Wisdom 3/4/2014
4. KXXV-TV: The power of the Tea Party in Texas 3/4/2014
Baylor Lariat: Baylor improves recycling effort, leads the Big 12 in competition 3/4/2014
UC Davis School of Law: Ken Starr Speaks at King Hall on Hobby Lobby Case 3/4/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: MCC starts hospitality degree program as interest in development near Baylor, downtown soars 3/4/2014
1. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Dispensing with indispensability? 3/3/2014
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor professor, public health district conduct food desert survey 3/3/2014
2. Association of Religion Data Archives: Racial power vs. divine glory: Why desegregation remains an elusive goal for U.S. congregations 3/3/2014
Consider This (Al Jazeera America): Ukraine in Crisis 3/3/2014
Iowa State Daily: Big 12 conference provides opportunities for black students to network, discuss concerns 3/3/2014
Pastor Bob Fu Will Speak at Baylor on Religious Freedom in China 3/3/2014
Texas Hunger Initiative Releases Texas School Breakfast Report Card for School Year 2012-2013 3/3/2014
The Belton Journal: Baylor Women Host Annual Brunch 3/3/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Big 12 champion Bears hit spring field brimming with pride 3/3/2014

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