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1. KCEN-TV: Day of Reflection for West Residents 2/28/2014
1. KWTX-TV: Free Program Breaks Down Language Barriers for Waco ISD Parents 2/28/2014
1. Las Vegas Sun: Consultants tease UNLV panel with examples of newest college, pro stadiums around the country 2/28/2014
1. News Rx: Researchers from Baylor University Detail New Studies and Findings in the Area of Spinal Cord Injuries 2/28/2014
2. ADVANCE: Oticon Donates Hearing Instruments to West Texas Blast Victim 2/28/2014
2. USU ecologist aids breakthrough study of early apes’ forested habitat 2/28/2014
2. KWTX-TV: Behind The Green and Gold: Drew Nearing History 2/28/2014
3. The City University of New York: Origin of Apes: Lehman College Researcher Joins International Team in Groundbreaking Discovery 2/28/2014
4. Modern-day Pilgrim: Against Calvinism by Roger E. Olson 2/28/2014
Baylor Lariat: Emcee brings puns, laughter to All-University Sing stage 2/28/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: McLane in 'great company' with TSHOF lifetime award 2/28/2014
1. The Baptist Standard: San Marcos pastor named Baylor director of church engagement 2/27/2014
DFW Child: Moms Next Door: Silla Francis 2/27/2014
Foreign Affairs: Ukraine in Context: What Happens When Authoritarians Fall 2/27/2014
KCEN-TV: Day of Reflection for West Residents 2/27/2014
Mark Newton Joins Baylor as Director for Church Engagement 2/27/2014
Roger Kirk To Give the Cornelia Marschall Smith Professor of the Year Lecture 2/27/2014 Are We Transmitting Our History and Culture to the Next Generation 2/27/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: New NEA nominee from America’s heartland 2/27/2014
Waco Tribune-herald: Brock McGuire Band shares Irish heritage, Influence at Baylor 2/27/2014
Yahoo! News: Baylor’s brand new stadium will feature pregame “sail-gating” 2/27/2014
El Paso Times: Western Refining founder Paul Foster put on Dallas Fed's El Paso board 2/26/2014 Is this the ickiest health indicator? 2/26/2014
PhysOrg: Small start-up businesses in rural areas must hustle for loans from far-off banks 2/26/2014 The House unveils William Poage's portrait, Feb. 26, 1968 2/26/2014
Religious Freedom Coalition: Is Religious Liberty On The Decline In America? 2/26/2014
WorldNews: Nurse Practitioner In Baylor's Louise Herrington School of Nursing Chosen For Excellence Award 2/26/2014
1. Baylor Mourns Passing of Longtime Friend and Alumnus Joe Baxter 2/25/2014
2. Baylor Mourns Passing of Business School Faculty Member 2/25/2014
3. Small Businesses in Rural Areas Must Hustle for Loans from Far-Off Banks, Baylor Study Shows 2/25/2014
4. Baylor Society for Early Christianity Presents Panel Discussion on Constantine 2/25/2014
5. Black History and Culture Will Be Explained Through Student Performances 2/25/2014
6. Nurse Practitioner in Baylor's Louise Herrington School of Nursing Chosen for Excellence Award 2/25/2014
Baylor Lariat: Bearathon to change in difficulty, technology 2/25/2014 Discovery by Baylor University Researchers sheds new light on habitat of early apes 2/25/2014
Christian Examiner: Most pastors say religious liberty on decline 2/25/2014
El Paso Times: Borderplex Alliance hires former Moody's economist as research director 2/25/2014
Men's Fitness: 6 Reasons You Should Be Using Whey Protein 2/25/2014
San Marcos Daily Record: Baylor University to offer online MBA 2/25/2014
The Baptist Standard: Faith was 'right stuff' for Baylor grad test pilots 2/25/2014
The Doctor Will See You Now: In Relationships, a Good Foundation Matters More than Communication 2/25/2014
The Sacramento Bee: Ken Starr to speak at UC Davis on law, religion, Hobby Lobby case 2/25/2014
1. Global BC: Ukrainian president's role in crisis 2/24/2014
1. KCEN-TV 5 p.m. News: "Starr" Power at Baylor 2/24/2014
1. KWTX-TV: Finding Her Own Light 2/24/2014
1. The Epoch Times: Learning Good Citizenship the Digital Way 2/24/2014
1. The National Jurist: 60 law schools earn top honors for practical training 2/24/2014
2. D Magazine: The Excellence in Dallas-Fort Worth Nursing Awards 2/24/2014
2. KCEN-TV 10 p.m. News: Baylor Emerges as Athletic Power 2/24/2014
2. MBA Today: Baylor University will Launch an Online MBA 2/24/2014
2. Port Arthur (TX) News: Crenshaw takes oath as DA 2/24/2014
2. Women in Academia Report: Vast New Additions to the Digital Archive of Browning Letters 2/24/2014
3. KWKT-TV: Discovery by Baylor University researchers sheds new light on habitat of early apes 2/24/2014
3. RealClearMarkets: It's Dangerous When Corporations Give Away Your Money 2/24/2014
3. The Baptist Standard: Faith and science agree: Compassion aids well-being 2/24/2014
Competitors from 10 Universities to Compete in New Venture Competition this Week 2/24/2014
1. Baylor Lariat: Celebrating the beauty of knowledge, diversity: Legacy of Baylor's first black prof remembered by colleagues, friends 2/21/2014
1. KWTX-TV: Waco: Baylor to Offer Online MBA 2/21/2014
1. Forested Environments Were Important in the Evolution of Early Apes 2/21/2014
2. Money News: Attorneys Angel, Muenster Named Partners at Dallas' Estes Okon Thorne & Carr 2/21/2014
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor to offer online MBA program 2/21/2014
3. Baptist Press: Survey: Most pastors says religious liberty on decline 2/21/2014
3. Before It's News: Forested Environments Were Important in the Evolution of Early Apes 2/21/2014
3. Texas' Baylor University to Launch Online MBA Program 2/21/2014
3. Hotel Interactive: Pratik Patel Named to Two Leading Boards of Directors 2/21/2014
3. Yahoo! Finance: 10 Questions to Ask When Collecting Customer Data 2/21/2014
4. Baylor Lariat: Texas' Baylor University to Launch Online MBA Program 2/21/2014
5. Beyond the Ordinary: Hell hath some fury - and potential benefits - for many Americans 2/21/2014
6. Baylor University to Offer Online MBA 2/21/2014
KCEN-TV: Feature on Judge Starr 2/21/2014
KWTX-TV: Behind the Green and Gold: Tanner's Special Day 2/21/2014
1. Baylor University to Offer Online MBA 2/20/2014
Baylor Big 12 Council on Black Student Leadership Presents One for All Soiree Gala 2/20/2014
Baylor Center for Christian Music Studies Will Host Annual Festival of Youth Choirs 2/20/2014
KSAT-TV: Baylor professor Robert Darden restoring vanishing black gospel music 2/20/2014
KWTX-TV: Waco: Free Law Clinic for Veterans 2/20/2014 Discovery sheds new light on the habitat of early apes 2/20/2014 Discovery by Baylor University researchers sheds new light on the habitat of early apes 2/20/2014
The Baylor Lariat: Former convict uses her story as basis of recovery ministry 2/20/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Graffiti can brighten urban landscape 2/20/2014
Truthdive: Satisfying relationship can help couples weather a storm 2/20/2014
Vivian Gamblian Tapped by National League for Nursing for Selective Faculty Leadership Development Program for Simulation Educators 2/20/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Martin Museum of Art asks online viewers for info 2/20/2014
1. Science Daily: Discovery sheds new light on the habitat of early apes 2/19/2014
2. Citizenship education goes digital 2/19/2014
3. Check Up: How's YOUR earwax odor? 2/19/2014
ABC Religion and Ethics: Becoming Icons of God: Divinization in the writings of C.S. Lewis 2/19/2014 The Greater Work in Prayer 2/19/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Council gets details on booking plans for McLane Stadium 2/19/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Oklahoma quake swarm may be related to drilling-waste disposal 2/19/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: State legislators Branch, Watson speak on expanding higher education options 2/19/2014
Zimbabwe Star: Satisfying relationship can help couples weather a storm 2/19/2014
1. RealClearMarkets: It's Dangerous When Corporations Give Away Your Money 2/18/2014
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: 'Stand-your-ground' laws aren't excuses to turn trigger-happy in life's dustups 2/18/2014
1. Yahoo! Finance: 10 Questions to Ask When Collecting Customer Data 2/18/2014
2. KCEN-TV: Baylor Law Hosts "Stand Your Ground" Course 2/18/2014
4. KCEN-TV (Temple): Baylor University honoring fallen construction worker 2/18/2014
Associated Baptist Press: Faith was 'right stuff' for graduates of test pilot school 2/18/2014
Discovery by Baylor University Researchers Sheds New Light on the Habitat of Early Apes 2/18/2014
KWKT-TV: Baylor, Wellesley collaboration expands digital collection of handwritten Browning letters 2/18/2014
Once a Bear, Always a Bear - Screenwriter and Alumnus Returns to Baylor for Screening of NBC's Drama "Chicago P.D." 2/18/2014 Citizenship education goes digital 2/18/2014
Poage Library Exhibit Commemorates 50th Anniversary of the Civil Rights Act 2/18/2014
The Baptist Standard: Baylor provost to Furman; Garland named interim provost 2/18/2014
The Baptist Standard: Faith and science agree: Compassion aids well-being 2/18/2014
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor to honor construction worker killed in stadium project 2/17/2014
1. Want kids to learn civics? Let them play video games, researchers say 2/17/2014
2. KXXV-TV: Baylor to have memorial plaque for worker who died in construction accident 2/17/2014
2. The Baptist Standard: Around the State: Grant for Baylor's 'Faith Project' 2/17/2014
3. KWTX-TV: Baylor To Honor Construction Worker Killed In Stadium Accident 2/17/2014
4. KCEN-TV: Baylor Regents Approve Naming of Track and Field Stadium 2/17/2014
5. KWKT-TV: Baylor regents approve name of Track and Field Stadium 2/17/2014
6. KWTX-TV: Free Law Classes Draw Big Crowd 2/17/2014
7. Fort Hood Sentinel: Wranglers strengthen bonds with Baylor Bears 2/17/2014
Baylor Graduate Wins National Make It with Wool Competition 2/17/2014
Houston Chronicle: Honorable T. John Ward Joins FedArb as Mediation and Arbitration Panelist 2/17/2014
The Dallas Morning News: Church must stop abdicating its role in mental health 2/17/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor regents approve new chapel on campus; Starr names interim provost 2/17/2014
The Washington Post: Blind eye no excuse for Baylor's Isaiah Austin 2/17/2014
1. Associated Baptist Press: Baylor profs to study nature, value of faith 2/14/2014
1. Associated Press: Blind Eye No Excuse for Baylor's Isaiah Austin 2/14/2014
1. Baylor Regents Approve Naming of Track and Field Stadium, Construction of Elliston Chapel; President Announces Appointment of Dr. David Garland as Interim Provost 2/14/2014
1. D.C. Air Force Introduces Volume 8 Of Portraits In Courage 2/14/2014
1. Patheos: Couple Conflict: Quality of Argument Less Important than Quality of Relationship 2/14/2014
2. ANI NEWS: Satisfying relationship can help couples weather a storm 2/14/2014
2. Baylor, Wellesley Collaboration Expands Digital Collection of Handwritten Browning Letters 2/14/2014
2. Community Impact Newspaper: Ann Snyder 2/14/2014
2. EdTech Magazine: Colleges Take a Sophisticated Approach to Web Filtering 2/14/2014
2. KTRE-TV (East Texas): Fate for Jasper native Savion Wright revealed on American Idol 2/14/2014
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Miss Waco pageant crowns winners 2/14/2014
3. SiFy News: Satisfying relationship can help couples weather a storm 2/14/2014
4. Travel Daily News: Organization size: What really matters 2/14/2014
5. Exhibit City News: CEIR report: Organization Size - What Really Matters 2/14/2014
Patheos: Townhall Exclusive: Where Church and State Collide 2/14/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Learning about the law, good and bad, in fairly painless fashion 2/14/2014
Baylor Lariat: New class to pay it forward next semester 2/13/2014
Baylor University Fashion Department Is Named One of 32 Most Influential Fashion Schools 2/13/2014
Business Standard: Satisfying relationship can help couples weather a storm 2/13/2014
Catholic Online: Philosopher and Legal Scholar to Speak on Religion in the Courts 2/13/2014
Health Canal: Happy Couples Can Get a Big Resolution to a Big Fight - Mean Talk Aside 2/13/2014
KCBD-TV (Lubbock): American Idol cliffhanger leaves viewers in the dark about Savion Wright's future 2/13/2014
Science Codex: Happy couples can get a big resolution to a big fight - mean talk aside 2/13/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Olympics opener shows value, legacy of Russian Art 2/13/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: People's Law School to discuss 'stand your ground' law 2/13/2014
Word & Way: Unequally yoked? Navigating interfaith marriage 2/13/2014
Biblical Recorder Now: Oliver succeeds Dockery at Union Univ. 2/12/2014
FOX 26 (Houston): Baylor's Davis selected as Furman president 2/12/2014
Happy Couples Can Get a Big Resolution to a Big Fight -- Mean Talk Aside 2/12/2014
KWTX-TV: Local American Idol Contestant's Dream Fueled by Brother's Murder 2/12/2014
National Review: The HHS Mandate Meets an Immovable Object 2/12/2014 Pro&Con: Restore ban on online gambling before it harms more families 2/12/2014
The Baptist Standard: Evangelicals have higher divorce rates, Baylor report says 2/12/2014
The Port Lavaca Wave: Melissa Mullins 2/12/2014
American Sheep Industry Association: National Make It with Wool Contest Winners Chosen at Annual Competition 2/11/2014
Council for Christian Colleges & Universities: CCCU Introduces New Online Faith Integration Course 2/11/2014
Dallas Morning News: Texas Faith: Did United Nations report on Catholic Church go too far? 2/11/2014
Deseret (UT) News: Restore ban on online gambling before it harms more families 2/11/2014
Killeen Daily Herald: Baylor brunch Saturday to honor Distinguished Woman of 2014 2/11/2014
The Baptist Standard: Dub Oliver of ETBU named Union University president 2/11/2014
The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education: Baylor University Archive of Black Gospel Music to Be Housed at the Smithsonian Museum 2/11/2014
Baylor Among Select U.S. Universities to Offer Philanthropy Lab Course 2/10/2014
John F. Baugh Center for Entrepreneurship and Free Enterprise Welcomes Author Os Guinness 2/10/2014
Music Times: Gospel Music in the Smithsonian's National Museum of African American History and Culture 2/10/2014
Muskogee (OK) Phoenix: Biology professor to run river study 2/10/2014
Off Road Politics: Baylor Professor Discusses Presidential Greatness 2/10/2014
The Greenville (SC) News: Furman president sold on college after visit 2/10/2014
The Tampa Tribune: Restore ban on online gambling before it harms more families 2/10/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Ex-Baylor golfer Jimmy Walker wins 3rd at Pebble 2/10/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor senior starts program to provide transportation to help pregnant Kenyan moms 2/10/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Savion Wright advances in "American Idol" 2/10/2014
1. KXXV-TV: Income Inequality in Texas 2/7/2014
1. Methodist Health System: Laura Irvine Named Methodist's Executive Vice President for Integration and Alignment 2/7/2014
1. Vancouver Sun: Evangelicals have highest divorce rates: Study 2/7/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's top academic administrator to become president of Furman University 2/7/2014
2. Merced Sun-Star: Restore ban on gambling before it harms more families 2/7/2014
2. Science Daily: Evangelical Christians have higher-than-average divorce rates, new report shows 2/7/2014
2. The Baylor Lariat: Furman welcomes Davis as president 2/7/2014
3. The Baptist Standard: Christians need to develop public theology, pundit says 2/7/2014
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Theatre's 'Dead Man's Cell Phone' rings identity questions 2/7/2014
5. Splunk and Internet2 Join Forces to Deliver Operational Intelligence to Higher Education Across the United States 2/7/2014
The Baptist Standard: Ham hocks and hymns in an African-American cookbook 2/7/2014
1. KWBU-FM: 50 Years After Baylor's Integration 2/6/2014
1. The Huntsville (AL) Times: Praying together = NOT staying together? New findings about faith and marriage 2/6/2014
1. Townhall Exclusive: Where Church and State Collide 2/6/2014
2. Why You Need to Attract Newbies to Your Event 2/6/2014
Air Force Retiree Services: Air Force introduces Volume VIII of Portraits in Courage 2/6/2014
Armstrong Browning Library Celebrates Love at Valentine's Day Extravaganza 2/6/2014
Baylor's Pat Neff Tower To 'Go Red' Friday For American Heart Association's National Wear Red Day 2/6/2014 15 Top CSI Professors 2/6/2014
Heavenly Voices Gospel Choir Presents Gospel Fest 2014 2/6/2014
Sacred Harp Sing Tradition Returns to Baylor 2/6/2014
The Charleston Chronicle: Hog's Head, History and Hymns: African-American Cookbook Includes Tales of Underground Railroad 2/6/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Opera star brings distinction to Super Bowl 2/6/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Group contest next for "Idol" contestant Baylor's Savion Wright 2/6/2014
WALB-TV (Albany, GA): Thomasville native competes for American Idol title 2/6/2014
"Oprah-Where Are They Now?": Brittney and Bethany Wekesser 2/5/2014
Community Impact Newsletter: The Immortal 10 2/5/2014
Evangelicals Have Higher-than-average Divorce Rates, According to a Report Compiled by Baylor for the Council on Contemporary Families 2/5/2014
Inside Higher Ed: Forgive Us Our Debts 2/5/2014 Splunk and Internet2 Join Forces to Deliver Operational Intelligence to Higher Education Across the United States 2/5/2014
Philosophy Scholars at Baylor University Receive Grant from the Templeton Religion Trust for "The Nature and Value of Faith" Project 2/5/2014 Report Explores How to Attract New Attendees 2/5/2014
The Baylor Lariat: Black History Month observed at Baylor with speakers, events 2/5/2014
The Baylor Lariat: One professor's crusade to keep music alive 2/5/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: McLennan County Courthouse to light up red for heart disease awareness 2/5/2014
Associated Baptist Press: Oklahoma minister to assume pastorate of Knoxville, Tenn., church 2/4/2014
Baylor's School of Education Welcomes William H. Schubert 2/4/2014
Ethics and Philosophy Expert Will Discuss Same-Sex Marriage at Baylor 2/4/2014
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Bianca Castro to join Channel 5 as anchor-reporter 2/4/2014
Hog's Head, History and Hymns -- An African-American Cookbook Blends Traditional Recipes with Spirituals and Tales of the Underground Railroad 2/4/2014
Short-term Missions -- Not as Effective as You'd Think, Says Dennis Horton 2/4/2014
Small Biz Survival: Want to help save your small town? Start your own business. 2/4/2014
The Baptist Standard: Texas Tidbits: Gift for Baylor soccer center 2/4/2014
The Brownsville Herald: Migrant search group returns 2/4/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Local settlement house organizers spreading 'Good Neighbor' mission 2/4/2014
Victoria Advocate: Master Naturalists to host meeting on pharmaceuticals in drinking water 2/4/2014
Diverse Issues in Higher Education: National Black History Museum to Include Baylor University Gospel Music Collection 2/3/2014
Environmental Science Students Win Poster Presentation Awards 2/3/2014
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Obama's campaign-style rhetoric 2/3/2014
Texas Monthly: When Prisoners Read Dostoevsky's Crime and Punishment, It's Pretty Powerful 2/3/2014
The Baptist Standard: Baylor's Gospel Music Restoration Project 2/3/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Presidents' "bully pulpit" seldom preaches the arts 2/3/2014

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