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1. Bill's 'Faith Matters' Blog: Love me, love me not: 1:30-14 1/31/2014
1. The Wall Street Journal: Praying for a Super Bowl Win Is a Hail Mary 1/31/2014
2. Exhibit City News: CEIR report: Attracting New Attendees 1/31/2014
2. KCBS (San Francisco): Does God Watch the Super Bowl? Sports And Spirituality Linked For Fans 1/31/2014
3. San Antonio Radio WOAI 1200: Will God Decide Super Bowl Winner? 1/31/2014
4. Charleston Chronicle: Baylor's Black Gospel Music Restoration Project Will Become Part of the Smithsonian 1/31/2014
5. The Witherspoon Institute Public Discourse: Being at Home in the World: Burke, Paine, and Modern Politics 1/31/2014
Inside Higher Ed: Starr President 1/31/2014
KXXV-TV: Federal grant helps pay for $39k annual cost for Waco homeless 1/31/2014
The Brownsville Herald: Judge takes bench in federal court 1/31/2014
Beaumont Enterprise: Governor Perry appoints assistant U.S. attorney Crenshaw as Jefferson County DA 1/30/2014
Citizenship Goes Digital: Baylor University Researchers Find Online Gaming Effective in Teaching Civics Education 1/30/2014
Counsel & Heal: Religious People Love Their Neighbors, Study Finds 1/30/2014
Personal Liberty Digest: U.S. Embraces Serfdom, Market Is Taking Over Sweden's Government Healthcare 1/30/2014
Publishers Weekly: Let's Get Real: Pastors Open Up About Mental Illness 1/30/2014
The Baptist Standard: Love thy neighbor? It depends, Baylor research says 1/30/2014
Women & Africa: College student raises money for families in Kenya with CARE for AIDS 1/30/2014
1. KJTV-TV (Lubbock): Baylor president and chancellor speaks to Big 12 status in Lubbock 1/29/2014
Associated Baptist Press and Religious Herald: Baylor's black gospel music collection to be part of Smithsonian exhibit 1/29/2014
BioNews Texas: 4 Texas Scientists Among AFOSR's Young Investigator Research Program Grants 1/29/2014
Black Christian News Network One: Baylor University's "Black Gospel Music Restoration Project" to Become a Part of Smithsonian Exhibit 1/29/2014
Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas: Dallas Fed Announces Executive Promotions 1/29/2014
KWKT-TV: Generous donation creates new soccer, olympic sports center at Baylor 1/29/2014
Medical News Today: Religion, prejudice and "love they neighbor" 1/29/2014
Tampa Bay Times: Column: Casinos are a losing bet 1/29/2014
The Baylor Lariat: Four students start organization to improve orphan care 1/29/2014
The Maneater: Meera Chandrasekhar wins national teaching award 1/29/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: RG3 to visit Waco for fundraiser 1/29/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor alum provides $1.5 million gift for new on-campus soccer facility 1/28/2014
2. Baylor Lariat: New soccer, sports facility in works 1/28/2014
3. KCEN-TV: Baylor's Future Soccer and Olympic Sports Center 1/28/2014
4. KXXV-TV: $1.5 Million Gift for Baylor Soccer and Olympic Sports Center 1/28/2014
5. KWTX-TV: Baylor Unveils Plans for Soccer Complex 1/28/2014
C-SPAN Bus to Visit Baylor's Campus Jan. 30 1/28/2014
Houston Chronicle: Profiles International Announces New Chief Research Officer 1/28/2014
JD Journal: Locke Lord Re-Elects Jerry Clements as Chair 1/28/2014
Psych Central: Religiosity Means Love of Neighbor If Values Line Up 1/28/2014
Science Codex: Do religious people love their neighbors? Yes - some neighbors, Baylor study finds 1/28/2014
The Baptist Standard: School breakfast program participation shows slight increase 1/28/2014
The Baylor Lariat: Habitat builds Waco from ground up 1/28/2014
Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion Welcomes Mark Tooley 1/27/2014
Beaumont Enterprise: Wright Road to Hollywood 1/27/2014
Chicago Tribune: Emanuel wants 1 pitch for Obama library 1/27/2014
Gift from Billy and Elaine Williams Creates Williams Family Soccer and Olympic Sports Center 1/27/2014
KWBU-FM: Baylor's Gospel Collection Heads to the Smithsonian 1/27/2014 Researcher examines relationship between religiosity and "love" of neighbors 1/27/2014 Restoring the Culture of Freedom: Judge Ken Starr At TEDx Institut Le Rosey 1/27/2014
The South Asian Times: Meera Chandrasekhar wins US Great Teaching award 1/27/2014
The Washington Post: Michelle Smith, working behind the scenes to shape the Fed's public image 1/27/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco jobless rate falls 1/27/2014
1. Exiles from Eden: What Breaking Bad Reveals about Teaching Virtue 1/24/2014
1. Livingston County News: Former Geneseo resident opens Chelsea art gallery 1/24/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor art professors show work in first Biennial 1/24/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Field-level view of McLane Stadium offers glimpse of future 1/24/2014
2. Create your next customer: Data Fog Blinds Marketers 1/24/2014
2. KCEN-TV Texas Today: Big Step in Baylor Football Stadium Construction 1/24/2014
2. Packaging Europe News: Sonoco Names Kraus, Christensen and O'Neal to Lead Protective Solutions Divisions 1/24/2014
2. The Baylor Lariat: Photos: Martin Luther King, Jr. Day of Service 1/24/2014
3. KCEN-TV 5PM News: Construction Coming Along on McLane Stadium 1/24/2014
3. KCEN-TV 6PM News: Baylor Celebrates Progress on McLane Stadium 1/24/2014
3. The Gainesville Sun: Morality aside, gambling costs outweigh benefits 1/24/2014
4. KCEN-TV 10PM News: Topping Out Ceremony Today at McLane Stadium 1/24/2014
4. KWTX-TV 6PM News: McLane Stadium Reaches Another Milestone 1/24/2014
5. KWTX-TV 10PM News: McLane Stadium 60 Percent Complete 1/24/2014
6. KXXV-TV 5PM News: Milestone for Baylor's McLane Stadium 1/24/2014
7. KXXV-TV 6PM News: Milestone for Baylor's McLane Stadium 1/24/2014
8. KXXV-TV 10PM News: McLane Stadium 220 Days from Opening 1/24/2014
9. 1660ESPN: Update on McLane Stadium Construction Progress 1/24/2014
9. KWBU-FM: Baylor Tops Out New Stadium 1/24/2014
The McAllen Monitor: Giant, college-themed cowboy boots tailored to brand Mercedes, draw foot traffic 1/24/2014
Black Gospel Music Restoration Project Launched by Baylor Will Become a Permanent Feature at the Smithsonian 1/23/2014
Do Religious People Love Their Neighbors? Yes -- Some Neighbors 1/23/2014
Fleet Equipment Magazine: Heart and soul service pays dividends 1/23/2014
Mayborn Museum Presents WEEBLES Coast to Coast Display 1/23/2014 MU physics professor receives $250,000 Robert Foster Cherry Award 1/23/2014
Prevention: 9 Top Solutions for Sleepless Nights 1/23/2014
The Baylor Lariat: History maker revisits campus 1/23/2014
The Baylor Lariat: New app puts Baylor sites all in one spot 1/23/2014
The Orlando Sentinel: WFTV's Bianca Castro headed to Dallas 1/23/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's first black female grad discusses integration, MLK legacy 1/23/2014
The Waco-Tribune Herald: Mayborn's new 'Coast to Coast' exhibit an indoor road trip 1/23/2014
Christianity Today: Friday Five Interview: Thomas S. Kidd 1/22/2014 Singing his way to the top 1/22/2014
KWTX-TV: Baylor's Faculty Senate Passes Resolution Honoring Judge Starr 1/22/2014
KWTX-TV: Baylor's Faculty Senate Passes Resolution Honoring Judge Starr 1/22/2014
Life & Health Advisor: Social Security Claiming Strategies for Those Facing a Terminal Illness 1/22/2014
The Baylor Lariat: Starr meets pope, talks faith 1/22/2014
The Baylor Lariat: The 'Wright' Stuff: BU senior gets his shot in the spotlight 1/22/2014
The Baylor Lariat: Wacoans gather for MLK candlelight vigil 1/22/2014
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Savion Wright advances in "American Idol" contest 1/22/2014
1. Business Standard: Indian-American honoured with top US teaching award 1/21/2014
1. KCEN-TV (Waco): Baylor Students Spend Weekend Preparing for MLK Day of Service 1/21/2014
1. KWKT-TV (Waco): MLK Jr. Day is day of service for Baylor students 1/21/2014
2. KCEN-TV: Hundreds Volunteer in Waco for MLK Day of Service 1/21/2014
2. KWTX-TV: Waco: Mayborn Museum To Open New Exhibit 1/21/2014
2. UM News Bureau: University of Missouri Physics Professor Receives $250,000 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching 1/21/2014
3. Columbia (MO) Missourian: MU Professor Meera Chandrasekhar awarded $250,000 teaching award 1/21/2014
3. KXXV-TV: Waco Transit to launch GPS tracking app 1/21/2014
Columbia (SC) Business Report: USC Sumter names Sonntag dean 1/21/2014
Tyler Morning Telegraph: Sic 'Em Petty: Baylor quarterback wins first Tyler Rose Award 1/21/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco artist commemorates Baylor stadium construction 1/21/2014
1. Old Gold & Black (Wake Forest University): Mental illness should not be viewed as sin 1/17/2014
1. New Consumer App Helps Clients Communicate Needs to Stylists 1/17/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Grant Teaff statue removed from Floyd Casey Stadium 1/17/2014
1. Wausau Daily Herald: Jim Veninga, influential dean of UWMC from 2000 to 2007, dies 1/17/2014
2. The Hoya (Georgetown University): Students, Faculty Get Papal Audience 1/17/2014
3. Baylor Lariat: Faculty Senate congratulates President on appointment 1/17/2014
3. Catholic Review: For working moms, 'balance' is a lie 1/17/2014
4. KWTX-TV: Behind The Green and Gold: Floyd Casey's Legacy To Live On 1/17/2014
Fresh and Familiar Faces Will be Featured at the 2014 Department of Art Faculty Exhibition 1/17/2014
Martin Luther King Jr. Day Campus Closures 1/17/2014
Waco Community Celebrates Martin Luther King Jr. 1/17/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Mizzou prof awarded prestigious Baylor teaching award 1/17/2014
Baylor Honors University of Missouri Physics Professor With $250,000 Robert Foster Cherry Award for Great Teaching 1/16/2014
Baylor Lariat: Baylor student hits the right note on 'American Idol' 1/16/2014
Faculty Senate Passes Unanimous Resolution Recognizing Baylor President 1/16/2014
The Christian Post: Veterans Group Wants Congressional Hearing on VA Dept.'s Alleged Religious Liberty Violations 1/16/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Pops concerts are in the comfort zone 1/16/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor musician Savion Wright to appear on "American Idol" 1/16/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Commissioners want public hearing on potential redistricting 1/16/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Free dinners offered to Waco-area children 1/16/2014
Dallas Morning News: TEXAS FAITH: Can you have morality without the existence of God? 1/15/2014
Greater Good: When Guilt Stops Gratitude 1/15/2014
KMBT-TV: EXCLUSIVE: Alfred Wright's brother Savion excited to be on American Idol 1/15/2014 What should we do about the trace chemicals found in drinking water? 1/15/2014
The Optimist: Baylor professor to discuss religious identity 1/15/2014
The Wall Street Journal: When's the Right Time to Start Claiming Social Security? 1/15/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Ballpark to receive part of Floyd Casey Stadium scoreboard 1/15/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor fans quickly snagged vintage 1950 uniforms 1/15/2014
Baylor Lariat: Coalition to host day of service 1/14/2014 LISTEN: Pray! Think! Do! 1/14/2014
InformationWeek: Data Fog Blinds Marketers 1/14/2014 New Consumer App Helps Clients Communicate Needs to Stylists 1/14/2014
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Cyclical politics can lift GOP 1/14/2014
Rock Hill Herald Online: Time Inc. Names Jess Cagle Editor of PEOPLE 1/14/2014
Voice of America English News: Gospel Music Restoration Project for New Museum 1/14/2014
Winnipeg Free Press: Texas-sized dreams for leaving crime 1/14/2014
1. Forbes: The Ignorance of Today's College Students Shouldn't Surprise Us 1/13/2014
2. Christianity Today: The Top law Schools for Devout Christians 1/13/2014
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Strong solar flare triggers space storms (as usual) 1/13/2014
3. First Things: Witherspoon Institute's Church and State Seminar 1/13/2014
3. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: TCU's role model should be Baylor 1/13/2014
Amarillo Globe-News: Firm boasts 'Super Lawyers' 1/13/2014
Associated Baptist Press: Texas minister helps bring abuser in Kenya to justice 1/13/2014
Greenwich Post: Eagle Scouts flock together at Recognition Dinner 1/13/2014
National Review Online: Romancing the Phone 1/13/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Sequestration-related cuts, layoffs shouldn't hinder L-3's prospects 1/13/2014
Dallas Morning News: TEXAS FAITH: The religion and faith issues that will be the big story in 2014 1/8/2014
Huffington Post: HuffPost Live: Does Sneaker Violence Exist? 1/8/2014
International Business Times: Internet Poker Vulnerable To: Money Laundering By Terror Groups; Cheating; And Fraud, Warn Four Experts And FBI 1/8/2014
Los Angeles Times: A tale of two churches -- and a persistent racial divide 1/8/2014
The Brownsville Herald: New magistrate judge joins federal court in Brownsville 1/8/2014
Venues Today: No Shame Growing in the Middle 1/8/2014
Waco Today: LuAnne Butler 1st woman to head Heart of Texas Builders Association 1/8/2014 All About Pop: Solo exhibit of Houston artist, Mitch McGee at 1stdibs@New York Design Center 1/7/2014 Can God Save Baylor? 1/7/2014
Los Angeles Times: Lights, camera, Supreme Court: It's about time 1/7/2014
The Baptist Standard: Gift to Baylor funds Foster Campus boardroom 1/7/2014
The Bryan/College Station Eagle: Syrians flee strains of war for that of music 1/7/2014
The New York Times: Evangelicals Find Themselves in the Midst of a Calvinist Revival 1/7/2014
Waco Today: Telling the stories: Christian Writers Conference returns to Woodway church 1/7/2014
1. KXXV-TV (Waco): Baylor, UCF Fans Volunteer at Phoenix Food Bank 1/6/2014
2. KSAZ-TV (Phoenix): Baylor, UCF Fans Volunteer at Phoenix Food Bank 1/6/2014
3. WESH-TV (Orlando): Baylor, UCF Fans Volunteer at Phoenix Food Bank 1/6/2014
4. KWTX-TV (Waco): Baylor Fans Ready for the Fiesta Bowl 1/6/2014
5. KCEN-TV (Waco): Baylor, UCF Fans Volunteer at Phoenix Food Bank 1/6/2014
6. WFTV-TV (Orlando): Baylor and UCF Helping the Phoenix Community 1/6/2014
InformationWeek: Gas Stations Use Data To Pump Up Sales 1/6/2014
KWTX-TV (Waco): Students Travel Far to Attend Game 1/6/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Fiesta Bowl opponents filled other bowls as well 1/6/2014
1. ABC Religion & Ethics: 'Now Our Endless Journey Stops': W.H. Auden and the Time of the Incarnation 1/3/2014
1. Baptist Standard: Study: Minorities less likely to be involved in church 1/3/2014
1. Guidry News: Baylor Announces Plan to Name New Stadium in Honor of the Drayton McLane Family 1/3/2014
2. D Magazine: 2014 Healthcare Predictions, Part Three 1/3/2014
2. KWKT TV: New BU stadium to be named after Drayton McLane 1/3/2014
2. Register-News (Central New Jersey): BORDENTOWN TOWNSHIP: Official seeks ban on coal tar 1/3/2014
3. Patheos: FROM ANGELS TO ARMAGEDDON 1/3/2014
3. Sports Business Daily: Baylor Honors Drayton McLane By Renaming New Football Stadium After Him 1/3/2014
4. Inland Valley News (Upland, Calif.): Gospel Music Headed to the Smithsonian Institution 1/3/2014
5. Preaching from a Galaxy Far, Far Away: Appropriating the Star Ways Myth for the Pulpit 1/3/2014
Killeen Daily Herald: Instructor's traveling art school inspired by Haitian buses 1/3/2014
1. KCEN TV: Baylor University fans help out at food bank before Fiesta Bowl 1/2/2014
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: City parks board wise to recommend conditions for proposed adventure park 1/2/2014
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Waco's Jubilee Theatre embodies the value of arts 1/2/2014
2. WESH TV (Orlando, Fla.) Baylor fans help out at food bank before Fiesta Bowl 1/2/2014
4. Associated Press: Baylor to name stadium for McLanes 1/2/2014
The Philadelphia Inquirer: Philly's Oakman finding redemption at Baylor 1/2/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: McLane Stadium name change honors family with strong area impact 1/2/2014
Waco Tribune-Herald: Local minister uses rap to connect with youth 1/2/2014

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