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1. Decatur (IL) Herald-Review: Like a tree's rings, blue whale's earwax tells story of its life 9/30/2013
1. KUHF-FM "Houston Matters": Cell Phone Culture in Houston 9/30/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Leukemia survivor meets donor match Baylor student 9/30/2013
2. CultureMap Dallas: Texas earns top marks for university entrepreneurial programs 9/30/2013
2. Qatar Tribune: Whale earwax a time capsule of stress and toxins 9/30/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: SNAP decision: Bill to cut food aid raises worries in Waco 9/30/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: 'Tomlinson Hill' documentarian talks race, family in Central Texas 9/30/2013
4. The Hollywood Reporter: Dick Van Dyke at ICG Awards: 'Surprised Everyone's Out on the Final Night of 'Breaking Bad'" 9/30/2013
Harvard Business Review: Entrepreneurs Feel Closer to God Than the Rest of Us Do 9/30/2013
The Wall Street Journal Law Blog: Special Masters' New Roles: From Court Orders To Lunch Orders 9/30/2013
Why Bother with the Older Testament? The Professor of the Year Can Tell You 9/30/2013
1. Christian Retailing: InterVarsity author Os Guinness addresses U.N. diplomats 9/27/2013
1. USA TODAY: Rising immigrant deaths put burden on Texas county 9/27/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Who was that kilted man? A Baylor "redneck" prof 9/27/2013
2. Vampire Steroid Reassembles at Night, Haunts US Rivers, Streams 9/27/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Author celebrates grit of Dust Bowl survivors 9/27/2013
3. Month-long study by UH targets improved air quality 9/27/2013
CBS Minnesota: Good Question: How Did Homecoming Traditions Start? 9/27/2013
Department of Modern Foreign Languages Welcomes Consul General 9/27/2013
Engineering Master's Candidate Awarded Scholarship for Work on Non-Destructive Material 9/27/2013
NewsBeat Social: Blue Whale Earwax May Save The Species 9/27/2013
Switchfoot to Perform at Baylor on Oct. 28 9/27/2013
The Parchman Endowed Lecture Series Welcomes Richard Mouw 9/27/2013
The Salt Lake Tribune: 8 tips to break free from your smartphone 9/27/2013
1. Science Daily: Tattoo Tributes, Mobile Memorials and Virtual Visitations: Grieving in the 21st Century 9/26/2013
Austin Business Journal: Austin software player gets $500K seed financing 9/26/2013 Author to give lecture at Union 9/26/2013 (UK): US: "Price and novelty" drive bamboo apparel purchases 9/26/2013
Methodist Children's Home Blog: One Act Play Class Practices Stage Makeup 9/26/2013
Press-Enterprise Bloggers: ECO-FRIENDLY: Price, novelty influence purchases of bamboo apparel 9/26/2013
The Baptist Standard: Ministers: Not able to leap tall buildings or stop bullets 9/26/2013
Toronto Sun: Fall festivals worth traveling for 9/26/2013 Eco-Friendly Bamboo Garments Lures consumers - If Price Is Right 9/26/2013
1. Baylor Professor Corey Carbonara Receives an Award from the International Cinematographers Guild 9/25/2013
1. FOX-TV (Houston): County forced to pay for immigrants who die trying to cross the border 9/25/2013
1. South China Morning Post: Whale's earwax provides a hormonal and chemical biography 9/25/2013
1. The New York Times: Bodies Pile Up in Texas as Immigrants Adopt New Routes Over Border 9/25/2013
2. Award-winning Film about the Historic Racial Divide in a Small Texas Town Will Be Screened at Baylor Sept. 30 9/25/2013
2. Emory News: 'Straightforward as a Gunshot': Exploring Flannery O'Connor's tough-minded faith 9/25/2013
2. Whale Ear Wax Used to Form a Detailed Record of Ocean Pollutants 9/25/2013
2. The Baptist Standard: Learning to lean ... on others 9/25/2013
3. CNBC-TV: Online orders replace mom's college care packages 9/25/2013
3. Oman Daily Observer: Earwax holds whale's life story 9/25/2013
4. Lab Online (Australia): Unprecedented chemical profiles found in whale earwax 9/25/2013
5. The Salt Lake Tribune: Faith can help parents feel better - or worse - about themselves 9/25/2013
6. Novelty of eco-friendly bamboo garments lures customers 9/25/2013
7. Novelty of Eco-Friendly Bamboo Garments Lures Consumers - If the Price Is Right 9/25/2013
KWTX-TV: Long-term Effects from Explosion on Children 9/25/2013
1. Huffington Post: Does Religion Increase or Decrease Parental Stress? 9/24/2013
Huffington Post: Top Undergrad College Entrepreneurship Programs: Princeton Review 2013-14 Ranking 9/24/2013 Novelty of eco-friendly bamboo garments lures consumers - if the price is right, study shows 9/24/2013
States Chronicle: Whales' earwax can unfold many secrets on its lifetime, marine pollution 9/24/2013
The Baptist Standard: Aging with dementia requires understanding 9/24/2013
The Dallas Society of Visual Communications (DSVC): Congratulations to all the 2013 Dallas Show Medal Winners 9/24/2013
TIME: Rising Immigrant Deaths Put Burden On Texas County 9/24/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Brazos Past: Ann Richards' place 'in the dome' at Capitol 9/24/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: JFK exhibit at Baylor seeks memories of 1963 assassination 9/24/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco ISD principals sign agreement to meet standards 9/24/2013
1. "The Doctors": Coal Tar Sealant Risks 9/23/2013
1. Associated Press/Washington Post: Rising immigrant deaths burden Texas county 9/23/2013
1. Baylor's Huber following father's lead in football, medicine 9/23/2013
1. Sports Illustrated's Monday Morning Quarterback: From Jock to Doc 9/23/2013
1. The Baptist Standard: Texas Tidbits: Truett Scholarship 9/23/2013
2. 5 Reasons to Look Inside a Blue Whale's Ear 9/23/2013
2. The Baptist Standard: SNAP cuts place Texas families at risk, advocates insist 9/23/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Theatre's 'Legally Blonde' shows student appeal 9/23/2013
3. Audubon Magazine: Blue Whale's Earwax Reveals Its Life History 9/23/2013
3. The (University of Missouri) Maneater: Meera Chandrasekhar selected as finalist for Cherry Award 9/23/2013
4. Whales' Ear Wax Tells Life Story, Tracks Pollution 9/23/2013
5. Science Daily: Eco-Friendly Bamboo Garments Lure Consumers - If the Price Is Right 9/23/2013
Baylor Professor Corey Carbonara Receives an Award from the International Cinematographers Guild 9/23/2013
C-SPAN2 Book TV: Religious Freedom Discussed During On Topic at Baylor 9/23/2013
Grieving in the 21st Century - Tattoo Tributes, Mobile Memorials and Virtual Visitations 9/23/2013
Washington Post Columnist Michael Gerson and Former Congressman Chet Edwards Will Speak on Engaging Public Service Sept. 24 9/23/2013
1. Bing: Baylor Professors Study Whale Earwax 9/20/2013
2. AOL: Whale Ear Wax Records Animal's History 9/20/2013
3. CBC News (Canada): Whale's earwax reveals his life story 9/20/2013
4. United Academics: Scientists Plumb Blue Whales' Secrets by Looking in Their Ears 9/20/2013
5. BioNews Texas: Professors from Baylor University Innovate Whale Earwax Analyses to Study Chemical Exposures 9/20/2013
6. Dailymotion: Whale Ear Wax Records Animal's History 9/20/2013
7. New England Ocean Odyssey: Blue whale ears - more than meets the eye 9/20/2013
C-SPAN2 Book TV: On Topic with Ken Starr and Os Guinness Airs Sunday Night 9/20/2013
KVUE-TV: How you can help reduce hunger across Texas 9/20/2013
KWKT-TV: Baylor University sets record high enrollment numbers 9/20/2013
NPR Science Friday: A Chronicle of a Whale's Life, Captured in Earwax 9/20/2013
The Washington Post: Online orders replacing college care packages from home, with thanks by text, photo or Vine 9/20/2013
Variety: International Cinematographers Guild Names Special Awards Winners 9/20/2013
1. Friday: Baylor Researchers to Appear on NPR Science Friday 9/19/2013
1. MSN: Want to know how old a blue whale is? Check its earwax 9/19/2013
2. Discovery News: Whale Ear Wax Tells of Short, Contaminated Life 9/19/2013
2. Friday: Baylor CRASR Prof's Study on Coal-Tar Sealants on "The Doctors" 9/19/2013
3. Red Orbit: Whale Earwax Reveals Secrets of Their Past 9/19/2013
3. Yahoo! News: 10-Inch-Long Earwax Plug Reveals Blue Whale's Life History 9/19/2013
4. Business Insider: It Takes Only 10 Inches of Earwax to Tell the Life Story of A Blue Whale 9/19/2013
5. Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Whales' ear wax tells life story, tracks pollution 9/19/2013
5. Motherboard: Blue Whale Earwax Offers a Surprisingly Good Record of Pollution 9/19/2013
5. The Atlantic Cities: This Dead Whale Is Helping Science in an Incredibly Gross Way 9/19/2013
6. CBC Radio: Ear wax tells the story of a whale's life in Baylor University research 9/19/2013
6. Counsel & Heal: The Key to Studying a Blue Whale? Look at the Ear Wax 9/19/2013
7. Boating World: Ear Wax From Whales Keeps Record of Ocean Contaminants 9/19/2013
7. io9: This is the secret to discovering a whale's life history 9/19/2013
8. Alaska Dispatch: In earwax, the tale of a whale 9/19/2013
Discovery Canada "Daily Planet": Whale Earwax 9/19/2013
The New York Times: Former AP Correspondent Loyal Gould Dead at Age 86 9/19/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Andy Hogue, Board of Contributors: Political veterans Michael Gerson, Chet Edwards to offer solutions, ideas at Baylor forum 9/19/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Gershwins created music that's uniquely American 9/19/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor hits 3rd year of record enrollment 9/19/2013
1. Tyler Morning Telegraph: Judge Ken Starr visits Tyler; speaks at TJC 9/18/2013
1. Yahoo!: Earwax, Flame Retardants, and Hormones: The World's Weirdest Whale Study 9/18/2013
2. Christian Science Monitor: In earwax, the tale of a whale 9/18/2013
2. KLTV-TV (Tyler): Ken Starr Visits ETX 9/18/2013
3. KETK-TV (Tyler): Ken Starr in Tyler Speaking About Constitution 9/18/2013
3. Latinos Post: Blue Whale's Earwax Offers a Window into the Whale's Life and Oceanic Pollutants 9/18/2013
3. PBS NewsHour: Reading a whale's life story from ear wax 9/18/2013
4. DRadio "Deutschlandfunk" (German Public Radio): Ein ganz besonderer Pfropfen 9/18/2013
4. KWTX-TV: BU President Weighs In On Constitution Day 9/18/2013
4. Nature World News: Blue Whale Earwax Reveals History into Whale, Ocean Health 9/18/2013
5. Austin American-Statesman: Whales' ear wax tells life story, tracks pollution 9/18/2013
5. Mother Nature Network: Whale ear wax (you heard that right) carries a lifetime of ocean pollutants 9/18/2013
6. International Science Times: Whale Ear Wax Keeps Record of Ocean Pollution 9/18/2013
7. French Tribune: Ear Wax May Throw Light on Lives of Free-Swimming Species 9/18/2013
8. HNGN: Ear Wax Reveals Whale's Life History But Smells 'Terrible'; Could Show Human Effect On Environment 9/18/2013
9. Ocean Leadership: Whale Ear Wax (You Heard That Right) Carries a Lifetime of Ocean Pollutants 9/18/2013
LiveScience: 10-Inch-Long Earwax Plug Reveals Blue Whale's Life History 9/18/2013
Student Diversity, Freshman Retention Highlight Baylor's Fall Enrollment 9/18/2013
1. National Geographic: Biography of A Blue Whale, Told Through Ear Wax 9/17/2013
1. National Geographic: Giant Gob of Earwax Reveals Blue Whale Secrets 9/17/2013
1. Patheos: When the United Nations Did Good: Os Guinness and Religious Liberty 9/17/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: MCC, Baylor partner on joint transfer program 9/17/2013
2. Baylor Lariat: Baylor, MCC make transfer program official 9/17/2013
2. First Things: No Happy Harmony 9/17/2013
3. KXXV: MCC unveils new Baylor Bound program 9/17/2013
3. Smithsonian: Blue Whale Earwax Reveals Pollution Accumulated Over a Lifetime 9/17/2013
3. The Bryan-College Station Eagle: Faculty members' kids embracing home life on Baylor campus 9/17/2013
4. KWTX: Waco: Baylor MCC Sign Transfer Agreement 9/17/2013
4. NBC News: A whale's life story is recorded in its ear wax 9/17/2013
4. NPR Morning Edition: Ear Wax from Whales Keeps Record of Ocean Contaminants 9/17/2013
5. Huffington Post: Whale Ear Wax Reveals Animal's Exposure to Stress & Toxins, Scientists Say 9/17/2013
5. Los Angeles Times: Like a tree's rings, blue whale's earwax tells a story of its life 9/17/2013
5. NewScientist: Whales record major life events in their earwax 9/17/2013
6. ABC (Australia) Science: Ear wax reveals whale's tale 9/17/2013
6. The Guardian (UK): Buried in every whale's earwax resides a record of their lifetime exposure to pollutants 9/17/2013
6. Wired: Whale earwax reveals a timeline of its exposure to contaminants 9/17/2013
7. The Conversation: Scientists plumb blue whales' secrets by looking in their ears 9/17/2013
8. The Weather Channel: Whale Earwax Traces a Lifetime of Contaminants 9/17/2013
9. Take Part: Ear Wax, Flame Retardants and Hormones: The World's Weirdest Whale Study 9/17/2013
KWKT: Baylor, MCC announce new transfer program 9/17/2013
Nature: Whale earwax a time capsule for stress and toxins 9/17/2013
The Crimson White: Director brings global experience to local community 9/17/2013
1. Baptist Standard: Good, bad news from the hunger summit 9/16/2013
1. KWBU-FM: Baylor Collaborative Strives to Unite Research and Industry 9/16/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor team helps collect remains in Hewitt 9/16/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Wacotown begins stadium countdown 9/16/2013
2. Upstart Business Journal: Could prayer, faith be linked to better startups? 9/16/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor program offers free musical lessons to kids with special needs 9/16/2013
2. Why we need a technology detox, now 9/16/2013
3. Nature World News: Price and Novelty Most Important Factors in Consumption of Eco-Friendly Apparel, Study Suggests 9/16/2013
3. Times-Georgian: Theologian to speak about issues facing the modern church 9/16/2013
4. Providence Journal: William McKenzie: The religious left and right share moral concerns about Syria 9/16/2013
Baylor And McLennan Sign Commitment For New Transfer Program 9/16/2013
Baylor Professors Use Whale Earwax to Develop New Method of Determining Lifetime Contaminant Exposure in Whales 9/16/2013
Baylor Scholar Is Honored by Methodist Historians 9/16/2013
Faith & Freedom in the Lone Star State: Baylor University's Institute for Studies of Religion Hosts Lecture Series 9/16/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Faculty kids embracing home life on Baylor campus 9/16/2013
1. KWKT-TV: Baylor gives tour of BRIC 9/13/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Local achievements 9/13/2013
2. Baptist Standard: Baylor student athletes pack more than 108,000 meals 9/13/2013
2. Baylor Lariat: Alums get new BU email accounts 9/13/2013
2. Baylor Lariat: Conference to re-evaluate effectiveness of missions 9/13/2013
2. KWTX-TV: Baylor Shows Off 330,000-Square-Foot Research Facility 9/13/2013
3. Baylor Lariat: BRIC brings research, job opportunities to town 9/13/2013
3. Denton Record-Chronicle: TWU briefs: Phi Kappa Phi members earn award 9/13/2013
Honors College to Host Evening of the Arts 9/13/2013
Rethinking Missions Topic of Baylor University Conference Sept. 16-17 9/13/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Holly Tucker to present concert for Cameron Park Zoo fundraiser 9/13/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: L-3 making itself home at BRIC 9/13/2013 Abnormal Interviews: Law Professor Jill Wieber Lens of Baylor Law School 9/12/2013
Baylor Lariat: New psych clinic director seeks to serve community, grow program 9/12/2013
Baylor Lariat: Students study abroad in China with new program 9/12/2013
Baylor Lariat: Sustainability takes center stage on Baylor campus 9/12/2013
JDJournal: BYU Tops List of Ranked Private Law Schools 9/12/2013
KWTX-TV: Behind The Green & Gold: Life After Football For Florence 9/12/2013
KWTX-TV: China Spring Couple Linked Forever to Tragedy 9/12/2013 The just-married insurance checklist 9/12/2013
Novelty of Eco-Friendly Bamboo Garments Lures Consumers -- If the Price Is Right, Baylor Study Shows 9/12/2013
Professions: Can Introverts Succeed in Public Relations? 9/12/2013 William McKenzie: Religious factions share moral concerns about Syria 9/12/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Local achievements: Sept. 1, 2013 9/12/2013
Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion to Host "Women in the Bible" Symposium 9/11/2013
Bowling Green Daily News (Kentucky): Speaker says consider students' backgrounds 9/11/2013
Brownwood Bulletin: Heritage Hall Gallery artists of the month is Ruth Ann Taylor Sept. 10, 2013 9/11/2013
Harvard Business Review: Entrepreneurs Feel Closer to God Than the Rest of Us Do 9/11/2013
KMOO Radio (Mineola, Texas): Lindale assistant superintendent named president-elect for state principals' organization 9/11/2013
Lariat: BU plans to move forward 9/11/2013
Lariat: Guinness, Starr chat about religious freedom 9/11/2013
Mass Tort Litigation Blog: Jill Wieber Lens on a Defendant's Accuracy-Based Right to Present Defenses 9/11/2013
Novelty of Eco-Friendly Bamboo Garments Lures Consumers -- If the Price Is Right, Baylor Study Shows 9/11/2013 Back, Now to High School 9/11/2013
The Wall Street Journal: How to Maximize Social Security Benefits 9/11/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: 12 years out from 9/11 attacks, hostilities abroad remind us of what we can lose at home 9/11/2013
Absolutely! Katy Community Magazine (Stafford, Texas): All Girls Can Cook 9/10/2013
Associated Baptist Press: The birds, the bees and the Baptists 9/10/2013
Creative Cow: Stardust Embarks On A Mission For Baylor University 9/10/2013
Houston Chronicle: Look up: Pollution-sniffing planes flying above Houston this month 9/10/2013
KETK-TV (Tyler, Longview, Jacksonsonville): Baylor Presidnet, Judge Ken Starr to speak at Smith Co. Bar Foundation 'Constitution Day' reception 9/10/2013
Morningstar: Social Security: Delaying Equals Staying Power for Your Portfolio 9/10/2013
Patheos: Faithful Fiction: A Review of "A Land Without Sin" 9/10/2013 Baylor University Statistical Science - Forrest Williamson 9/10/2013
1. Ethics Daily: How Professionalizing the Church Has Hurt the Ministry 9/9/2013
1. Press-Enterprise (Riverside, CA): STUDY: More ambivalence among evangelicals about homosexuality 9/9/2013
1. The National Jurist: BYU, Baylor top list of Best Value private law schools 9/9/2013
1. The University of Hong Kong: HKU to present Honorary University Fellowships to seven distinguished individuals 9/9/2013
2. Books & Culture: The Barbarous Years: Bernard Bailyn's cool eye 9/9/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: BAA future unclear after transition agreement rejected 9/9/2013
3. The Baptist Standard: Vote to dissolve Baylor Alumni Association fails 9/9/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: West Nile virus season skips Central Texas, so far 9/9/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Ansel Adams: Black-and-white beauty at Baylor 9/9/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Holly Tucker to play Arlington Music Hall on Saturday, zoo on Sept. 14 9/9/2013
'On Topic with Ken Starr' To Feature Conversation Sept. 10 with Os Guinness, Author of 'The Global Public Square' 9/6/2013
1. Baylor Lariat: New era of Baylor pending BAA member vote 9/6/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Bill Whitaker: Baylor-BAA fracas just isn't on many BU students' radar 9/6/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Truett dean honored with collection 9/6/2013
2. Baylor Lariat: Saturday decision holds fate of The Baylor Line magazine 9/6/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Brian E. Daugbjerg, guest columnist: Transition agreement will bring alumni outreach into 21st century 9/6/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Downtown Waco art shows explore the abstract, unpredictable 9/6/2013
3. Baylor Lariat: Baylor/BAA Transition: Those who say Yes 9/6/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Brad Toben, guest columnist: BAA debate is no place to make personal attacks 9/6/2013
4. Baylor Lariat: Alumni Network works to unite Baylor family 9/6/2013
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor alumni group unveils magazine proposal ahead of transition agreement vote 9/6/2013
Baylor Lariat: Viewpoint: "Yes" vote good for students, alumni 9/6/2013
President Starr Talks 'Religious Liberty' Past and Present at Lifelong Learning Program for Alumni and Friends 9/6/2013
Animation World Network: Stardust Embarks On a Mission for Baylor University 9/5/2013
Knox News: Carson-Newman professor earns teaching and leadership award 9/5/2013
KWTX-TV: Baylor Holds "Live Burn" Demonstration 9/5/2013
Public Relations Society of America: Let's get (socially) ethical: A BEPS roundtable discussion 9/5/2013
Publishers Weekly: The Prodigal: A Ragamuffin Story 9/5/2013
The American Conservative: Syria's Christians Risk Eradication 9/5/2013
The Baptist Standard: Texas Tidbits: Truett extension planned 9/5/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Kelly Rapp, guest columnist: Non-voting Baylor regents have plenty of say 9/5/2013
ThomasNet News: Sponsor, Contestants Announced for SPE ACCE poster competition 9/5/2013
Womens Radio "Keeping Up with Gen Y": Young Dancer Lifts Special Needs Students to New Heights 9/5/2013
CNBC: Crowdfunding college and other clever ways to cut costs 9/4/2013
Composites World: SPE ACCE 2013 scholarship winners announced 9/4/2013
Dean Garland Honored with Festschrift 9/4/2013
Financial Advisor: Do Not Invest Social Security Benefits, Expert Says 9/4/2013
News-Medical: New manual by psychologist explains basics of hypnotherapy 9/4/2013
The Baptist Standard: Ultimate Training Camp integrates faith, sports, sweat 9/4/2013
The Dallas Morning News: TEXAS FAITH: Why isn't the West getting any better at handling religious conflict? Or are we? 9/4/2013
The Texas Tribune: New UT Regents Chairman Determined to Avoid Drama 9/4/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor season ticket sales spike in anticipation of new stadium 9/4/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Syrian students find relief from civil war in music studies at Baylor, MCC 9/4/2013
Two Baylor Entities Merge to Encourage Deeper Moral and Theological Reflection 9/4/2013
Yahoo!: Riskonnect, Leading Provider of Risk Management Information System Technology, Announces Three Executive Roles to Help Lead its Continued Growth and Demand for its Services 9/4/2013
FOX Sport SW: Baylor's S3 Program at Texas Rangers Game 9/3/2013
NPR "All Things Considered": Cowboy Church: With Rodeo Arena, They 'Do Church Different' 9/3/2013
The Baptist Standard: Ultimate Training Camp integrates faith, sports, sweat 9/3/2013
The Dallas Morning News: Q&A: Former UT System Chancellor William Cunningham talks money, power and politics 9/3/2013
The Loop (Canada): Why do long-term partners die together? 9/3/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Floyd Casey's 1st tenants share tales of 1950 triumphs 9/3/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Transition agreement promises healing, unity for Baylor Nation 9/3/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Todd Still, Jim H. Patton, Lori Baker, guest columnists: Baylor faculty senate agrees move will help alumni, university 9/3/2013

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