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Baylor Set to Debut New Television Commercial 8/30/2013
Be OsoSafe: Baylor Hosts Campus Safety Awareness Day Sept. 3 8/30/2013
Christianity Today: A front-Row Seat to African Faith 8/30/2013 Animal Dreams: A Conversation with Melissa Miller 8/30/2013 Labor Day and Faith: Rauschenbusch's Prayers for Workers 8/30/2013
First Baptist Church Spring Branch of Houston Presents $1 Million Gift to Baylor's George W. Truett Theological Seminary 8/30/2013 Harper Chapel UMC sends two students to college with cash 8/30/2013
My San Antonio: New UT chairman bows out of Baylor board 8/30/2013 Evangelicals Falling to the Left 8/30/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor University regent Foster steps down to chair UT System board 8/30/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Final Baylor season at Floyd Casey cause for both reflection, hope 8/30/2013
Walmart Foundation Grant Establishes Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration between Baylor's Texas Hunger Initiative and Business School 8/30/2013
1. The Baptist Standard: Baylor Alumni Association vote sparks media blitz 8/29/2013
Associated Baptist Press: Moderates seek exit from 'messy middle' 8/29/2013 Saying Goodbye to Floyd Casey Stadium 8/29/2013
KWTX-TV: Waco: MLK's Dream Celebrated With Bell-Ringing Event 8/29/2013
KXXV-TV: "A tale of two Syrians" studying in Waco 8/29/2013
Red News: Strang To Expand Transwestern's Tenant Advisory Service 8/29/2013 WKU to Host 2013 Tag Fall Institute 8/29/2013
The (Ohio) Times Reporter: Army Lieutenant Colony Lori Sigrist retires after serving 23 years 8/29/2013
1. United Press International: 'I Have a Dream' speech remembered for use of 'sacred touchstones' 8/28/2013
2. The Dallas Morning News: TEXAS FAITH: Is MLK's dream for America achievable? 8/28/2013
3. The Baptist Standard: Many ministers saddled with seminary debt 8/28/2013
4. Was Paul the Eternal Enemy of Women? 8/28/2013
5. KWTX-TV: Waco: 48-Year Law Professor Named Baylor Lawyer Of The Year 8/28/2013
ABC News: How Martin Luther King Put Rights Movement 'Where His Mouth Was' in 'Dream' Speech 8/28/2013
Baylor Engineering Programs Reaccredited 8/28/2013
Baylor Environmental Science Professor Earns Prestigious Fulbright Award 8/28/2013
Houston Citybizlist: Transwestern Appoints Amber Strang as Executive Managing Director of TAS 8/28/2013 Do Couples Prefer Conflict Over Shared Power? 8/28/2013
Blue Ribbon News DFW Edition: American National Bank of Texas names new LPL financial advisor at Rockwall Banking Center 8/27/2013
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texans should not have to go hungry 8/27/2013
Huffington Post: How Couples Can Get to Divorce - Real Fast! 8/27/2013
KCEN-TV: Baylor Students Head Back to Class for Record-Setting Year 8/27/2013
Newnan (GA) Times-Herald: History Scholars to Share Insights 8/27/2013
Professor David Guinn Named 2013 Baylor Lawyer of the Year 8/27/2013
Science Codex: Sexual health for postmenopausal women improved by hypnotic relaxation therapy, Baylor study shows 8/27/2013
1. KCEN-TV: Baylor's iEngage Summer Camp, Part 1 8/26/2013
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: East river trail extension to Baylor Stadium approved 8/26/2013
2. KCEN-TV: Baylor's iEngage Summer Camp, Part 2 8/26/2013
3. National Review: Real Men of West Monroe 8/26/2013
Baylor's Truett Seminary Expands Its Reach With a New Extension Campus in Austin 8/26/2013
Martin Museum of Art Will Feature Black-and-White Photographs of Renowned Photographer Ansel Adams In Exhibition Beginning Sept. 10 8/26/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: LETTERS: Praise for Waco animal clinic, pondering Baylor alumni and our schools 8/26/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: M. Stephen Beard, guest columnist: 'No' vote at Baylor Alumni Association meeting means serious consequences 8/26/2013
1. Associated Baptist Press: Study connects views on race, church size 8/23/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Meredith Pinson-Creasey, guest columnist: Financial realities demand focus on upcoming BAA vote 8/23/2013
2. Can Hypnosis Turn You On? 8/23/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Diaspora Duo blends new music with folk influence at Baylor 8/23/2013
Baylor's Sustainability Practices Recognized by Sierra Club's 'Cool Schools' List 8/23/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Baylor's new residential digs show what collegiate competition, academics require today 8/23/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Wilton Lanning, Board of Contributors: It's high time for Baylor infighting to end 8/22/2013
KCEN-TV: Baylor Move In Day 2013 8/22/2013
KWBU-FM: Baylor Students Move In to New Dorm 8/22/2013 Sexual Health for Postmenopausal Women Improved by Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy 8/22/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: A vibrant small town scene 8/22/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor greats add twists to legendary tales 8/22/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco Index rises for 18th straight month 8/22/2013
Australian Broadcasting Corporation: What Egypt's history suggests about its nightmarish future 8/21/2013
KWTX-TV: Waco: City Welcomes First H-E-B plus! Store 8/21/2013 Sexual Health for Postmenopausal Women Improved by Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy, Baylor Study Shows 8/21/2013
The Living Church: Garrett Turns to the Afterlife 8/21/2013
U.S. News & World Report: 10 Least Expensive Private Business Schools 8/21/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's new East Village dorm aims to attract more upperclassmen to on-campus housing 8/21/2013
1. Business Insider: 7 Ways To Generate Brilliant Ideas 8/20/2013
1. KWBU-FM: New Baylor Stadium 30 Percent Complete 8/20/2013
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Voices of Valor: Sean Escarciga 8/20/2013
1. A New Treatment for Hot Flashes 8/20/2013
2. Diversity Inc.: Millennial Tactics That Can Benefit Any Generation 8/20/2013
2. Graham Leader: Geology student learns about soil, culture in Africa 8/20/2013
2. Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy Improves Sexual Health for Postmenopausal Women 8/20/2013
3. Church Executive: Faith-based re-entry saves tax dollars 8/20/2013
4. Yahoo: Mind the Gap If You Delay Social Security 8/20/2013
Sports Illustrated: Adopt-a-Team: Baylor Bears of the Big 12 8/20/2013
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Stadium project on track as project scope grows 8/19/2013
2. The Dallas Morning News: Carlton: Baylor's long-envisioned football home is quickly becoming a reality 8/19/2013
2. The Dallas Morning News: Photos: A look at the progress of Baylor's new football stadium 8/19/2013
3. The Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Baylor envisions smooth sailing on voyage to new stadium 8/19/2013
4. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Bear Blog - Baylor Stadium contractor discusses project 8/19/2013
5. KXXV-TV: Baylor Stadium update 8/19/2013
6. KWTX-TV: Baylor Stadium Construction On Schedule 8/19/2013
7. KCEN-TV: Touring Baylor's New Stadium 8/19/2013
8. KWKT-TV: Baylor on new stadium: "Right on track" 8/19/2013
CTV News (Canada): Can't put down your smartphone? Eight tips to curb your addiction 8/19/2013
The Huffington Post: Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy Improves The Sex Lives Of Postmenopausal Women, Study Says 8/19/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Carroll Webb, guest columnist: Alumni, vote 'yes' to ensure strong future for Baylor, BAA 8/19/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: International students a priority for Baylor STEM programs 8/19/2013
1. Christian Post: Study: Some Evangelicals in 'Messy Middle' on Homosexuality, Civil Unions 8/16/2013
1. National Review: Blue Jasmine: Woody Allen Returns 8/16/2013
2. Hypnotic relaxation therapy improves sexual health in postmenopausal women 8/16/2013
2. The Arizona Republic: Anatomy of a bomb: What went wrong with 'Lone Ranger' 8/16/2013
3. Congregation size shapes view of racial inequality, Baylor study shows 8/16/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: John Howard, guest columnist: Here's how to keep BAA voice independent 8/16/2013
KCEN-TV: Bell County Summer Send-off Party for Incoming Freshmen 8/16/2013
Science Codex: Faith-based re-entry program for prisoners saves money, reduces recidivism, Baylor study finds 8/16/2013
Star Tribune (Minnesota): Obituary: Andrew Oerke, poet and global visionary 8/16/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco-made films find new audiences 8/16/2013
1. Faith-based re-entry program for prisoners saves money, reduces recidivism, study finds 8/15/2013
2. The Baptist Standard: Study: Members of large churches see race differently 8/15/2013
3. Religion News Service: Evangelical 'Messy Middle' is more accepting of gays 8/15/2013
Chattanoogan: Womack Named Partner At Lattimore Black Morgan And Cain 8/15/2013
Kiplinger's Personal Finance: Mind the Gap If You Delay Social Security 8/15/2013
Sexual Health for Postmenopausal Women With Hot Flashes Is Improved by Hypnotic Relaxation Therapy, Baylor Study Shows 8/15/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Buying art the Amazon way 8/15/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor, MCC change requirements for dual-enrollment program 8/15/2013
Amarillo Globe-News: Amarillo lawyer edits oil, gas law guide 8/14/2013
Associated Baptist Press: Faith-based re-entry saves tax dollars 8/14/2013
KTRK-TV (ABC Houston): Baylor University Texas Collection staff use social media to expand reach, promote Texas history 8/14/2013
KWTX-TV: Waco: Baylor Community Mourns Passing of Visiting Distinguished Professor 8/14/2013 Huge congregations view racial inequality differently than others do, study shows 8/14/2013
Temple Daily Telegram: Baylor Student Send-off 8/14/2013
The Huffington Post: Evangelical Middle Is Increasingly Accepting Of Gays, Study Shows 8/14/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Waco zoo proves engaged citizens give life to city's culture 8/14/2013
Arab Times: Kuwaitis Doing Feminism Their Own Way 8/13/2013
Baylor Mourns Passing of Visiting Distinguished Professor Jean Bethke Elshtain 8/13/2013
CBS Dallas/Fort Worth: Social Media used to Promote Texas History 8/13/2013
Houston Texans: Elliot Coffey goes from Enterprise to Texans in 1 week 8/13/2013 Faith-based Re-entry Program for Prisoners Saves Money, Reduces Recidivism 8/13/2013
The Baptist Standard: Texas Tidbits: Hunger Initiative's new home 8/13/2013
The Washington Post/RNS: Evangelical 'Messy Middle' is more accepting of gays 8/13/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor, WISD mark partnership 8/13/2013
Yahoo: 9 Hidden Causes of the Biggest Marriage Problems 8/13/2013
1. KVUE-TV (Austin): Game on: camp teaches kids science behind video games 8/12/2013
1. Science Codex: Study: Many evangelicals are ambivalent about homosexuality and civil unions for gays 8/12/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Silas Ragsdale, Kyle Gilley, guest columnists: Forging a new era of harmony for Baylor, BAA 8/12/2013
2. Research shows faith-based re-entry programs save money for tax-payers and reduces recidivism for prisoners 8/12/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Social Media extending reach of 90-year-old Texas Collection at Baylor 8/12/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Mike Copeland: Permits issued for new Denny's, pedestrian bridge 8/12/2013
Huge Congregations View Racial Inequality Differently than Others Do, Study Shows 8/12/2013
Many Evangelicals Are Ambivalent about Homosexuality and Civil Unions, Study Shows 8/12/2013
The New York Times: In Missouri, Race Complicates a Transfer to Better Schools 8/12/2013
Victoria Advocate: At 35, St. Joseph High alumna becomes federal judge 8/12/2013
(Houston) Guidry News: Team effort lands big music scholarships 8/9/2013
(Whitehouse, Troup and Lake Tyler) Tri County Leader: Caitlin Giddens: Writing her own dream 8/9/2013
Baptist Standard: Inmate re-entry program effective, Baylor study shows 8/9/2013
Dallas Morning News: Gosselin: Ex-Baylor QB Florence shows there is good life after football 8/9/2013
St. John's University of Law School Center for Law and Religion Forum: Conversations: Rodney Stark 8/9/2013
The Baptist Standard: Obituaries: Cunningham, Hightower 8/9/2013
The Leading Events: What Attendees Want from Exhibitors 8/9/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Caritas, Texas Hunger Initiative to share space and ideas on ending hunger 8/8/2013
Faith-based Re-entry Program for Prisoners Saves Money, Reduces Recidivism, Baylor Study Finds 8/8/2013
Houston Chronicle: Educator found new path to aid community 8/8/2013 Orange Leap Closes Convertible Debt Round to Fund Growth 8/8/2013
The Imaginative Conservative: Story Lines, not Party Lines 8/8/2013
USA Today: Baylor builds a big 12 contender, and perhaps more 8/8/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor grad Josh Grider returns to familiar territory 8/8/2013
(California) Record-Bee: KHS grad Brown scores major equestrian win 8/7/2013
1. Interview with Rodney Stark 8/7/2013
1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Obama's decision to declare West explosion major disaster is welcome news 8/7/2013
2. The Dallas Morning News: TEXAS FAITH: What relevance does Pope Francis have beyond the Catholic Church? 8/7/2013
3. U.S. News & World Report: Why Can't We Follow Simple, Good Money Advice? 8/7/2013
Baylor to Serve as Satellite Host for 2013 Willow Creek Leadership Summit 8/7/2013 7 Natural Ways to Reduce Hot Flashes 8/7/2013
Smithsonian Magazine: Sharks Made Out of Golf Bags? A Look at the Big Fish in Contemporary Art 8/7/2013
The El Paso Times: Business People 8/7/2013
Baylor Launches Online Ticket Sales for Major Fall University Events, Including Single-Game Football Tickets 8/6/2013
Caritas Renovation Provides Office Space, Platform for Collaboration with Baylor's Texas Hunger Initiative-Waco Regional Team 8/6/2013
Killeen Daily Herald: Faces & Places 8/6/2013
Knoxville Times: Southerners are less trusting, but people who trust are more likely to cooperate to save the environment, Baylor study shows 8/6/2013
Living Green Magazine: Southerners, Trust, and the Environment: Insights Into Human Behavior 8/6/2013
Lodi (CA) News-Sentinel: Air Force Lt. Col. James C. Parsons 8/6/2013
The Business Journals: Orange Leap Closes Convertible Debt Round to Fund Growth 8/6/2013
The Christian Post: Scholars Respond to Reza Aslan's 'Zealot: The Life and Times of Jesus of Nazareth' 8/6/2013
The Military Channel: "America: Facts vs. Fiction - Thomas Edison" 8/6/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor considering online courses, degree programs 8/6/2013
1. Science Daily: Southerners Are Less Trusting, but Trust is a Factor in Environmental Cooperation, U.S. Study Shows 8/5/2013
1. The Military Channel: "America: Facts vs. Fiction - Ben Franklin" 8/5/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Baylor hearts, skills aiding African orphans 8/5/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Letters - Dispatches from Kenya 8/5/2013
2. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Former Texas justice, congressman Hightower dies 8/5/2013
2. Lock Haven (PA) Express: Brandon Kibler becomes Eagle Scout 8/5/2013
2. Patheos: Trayvon Martin, Self-Defense, and Christian Non-Violence: A Response to Preston Sprinkle's "Fight" 8/5/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Earl Santee, guest columnist: A football stadium needs great location, great passion--and Baylor has both 8/5/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Central Texas fishing legend Charlie Pack dies at 76 8/5/2013
Baylor Mourns Death of Former University Chaplain and Trustee Milton Cunningham 8/5/2013
Baylor University Mourns Passing of Distinguished Public Servant and Alumnus Jack Hightower 8/5/2013
1. Call and Post: Black-white Education Achievement Gap Is Worsened by Unresponsive State Policymakers, Baylor Study Shows 8/2/2013
1. Long Island Newsday: Davies: Gambling won't be the jackpot New York needs 8/2/2013
1. The Dallas Morning News: Baylor football-player-turned-bobsledder sets sights on Olympics 8/2/2013
2. Dallas Business Journal: What's in a name? Millions for the Dallas Cowboys 8/2/2013
2. Kentucky Ag connection: Southerners Trust Less, But Those Who Do Likely to Save Environment 8/2/2013
2. The (Baton Rouge) Advocate: 'Louisiana is a wonderful place to write poetry about' 8/2/2013
3. Cypress Creek Mirror: CFISD names new principal for Fiest Elementary School 8/2/2013
3. Word and Way: Living sacrifice: Giving up privilege for others 8/2/2013
4. New York Post: Our love affair with debt 8/2/2013 Southerners are less trusting, but trust is a factor in environmental cooperation, study shows 8/1/2013
Information Week: Semester Online Adds Baylor, Temple, Southern Methodist 8/1/2013 HFF Austin hires John Taylor as managing director in its investment sales group 8/1/2013 Southerners are Less Trusting, but Trust Is a Factor in Environmental Cooperation, Study Shows 8/1/2013
The Dallas Morning News: Mitchell Schnurman: For Cowboys and AT&T, stadium naming rights aren't a money grab 8/1/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: David A. Smith: Right influence can help young people find arts 8/1/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Ken Starr: Baylor students' work in Africa ensures a better world 8/1/2013

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