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Fort Worth Star-Telegram: AT&T gets naming rights to Cowboys stadium 7/31/2013 Southerners are less trusting, but trust is a factor in environmental cooperation, study shows 7/31/2013 Southerners Are Less Trusting, But Trust Needed to Save the Environment 7/31/2013 Semester Online Adds Baylor, Temple, Southern Methodist 7/31/2013
The Baptist Standard: Judge lifts injunction delaying alumni center demolition 7/31/2013
The Irish Times: That's Men 7/31/2013
The Military Channel: Baylor Business Prof Appears Tonight on "America: Facts vs. Fiction" 7/31/2013
Woodlands Online: Five on Five: College campuses around the country 7/31/2013
Baylor University Joins Semester Online as Charter Affiliate Partner 7/30/2013
Inside Higher Ed: 2U Course Pool Picks Up Three 7/30/2013
KXXV-TV: Hundreds of athletes compete in Triwaco race 7/30/2013 The Politicization of the Methodist Church 7/30/2013
Southerners Are Less Trusting, but People Who Trust Are More Likely to Cooperate to Save the Environment, Baylor Study Shows 7/30/2013
The Baptist Standard: Living sacrifice: Giving up privileges and comfort 7/30/2013
The Chronicle of Higher Education: 3 Universities Will Grant Credit for 2U's Online Courses 7/30/2013
World Magazine: God as righteous judge or dashboard bobblehead? 7/30/2013
Yahoo! News: 6 Common Money Fights 7/30/2013
1. Inside Deer Park: DP alum earns high state education award 7/29/2013
2. Victoria Advocate: Cuero man who wrote book loses battle with lung cancer 7/29/2013
KSTX-FM (San Antonio): The Source: Losing Our Religion 7/29/2013
Town Square Buzz: MHS' Ngo, Boyd's Rha Awarded National Merit Scholarships 7/29/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Drayton McLane, guest columnist: Pedestrian bridge will meld Baylor Stadium to campus 7/29/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Judge lifts order banning Baylor alumni building demolition 7/29/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Back to school: Midway school brings 'Sage Sisters' into the classroom 7/26/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Directors create Youth Chorus of Central Texas 7/26/2013
3. The London Evening Standard: The chicest thing right now is to not exist on Google: it's time to do the internet detox 7/26/2013
Associated Baptist Press: Giving it up for Jesus 7/26/2013
Baylor's Center for Christian Music Studies Presents 2013 Exemplary Leadership in Church Music Award 7/26/2013
Money News: Pro Staff Welcomes its New vice President in Houston 7/26/2013
Waco Today: Portals to the past: Special echelon of honor 7/26/2013 Beaumont millionaire gave away fortune 7/25/2013
CNBC: Cabela's building on gun sales gains by leveraging date 7/25/2013
Odessa American: Odessans strut their stuff 7/25/2013
Texas Bar Blog: Texas Access to Justice Foundation Announces Grants for Veterans' Legal Services 7/25/2013 When It Comes to Resolving Conflicts in Relationships, One Size Does Not Fit All 7/25/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Back to school: Baylor's teacher education program best in Texas 7/25/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Holly Tucker: Star still rising for Lorena girl after 'Voice' spotlight 7/25/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco economic index sets record in June 7/25/2013
Albany Herald: Humor raises money for serious needs 7/24/2013
Pensacola (FL) News Journal: Pensacola 2.0: Making the Leap to Success 7/24/2013
The Baptist Standard: Baylor regents OK alumni event center at stadium 7/24/2013
The Dallas Morning News: Hot dog fundraiser to rebuild West City Park raises more than $80,000 7/24/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: FAITH MATTERS: Lynn Tatum, guest columnist: Wacoans cover the spectrum of religious beliefs 7/24/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: MCC amps up focus on transfer, degree-completion rates 7/24/2013
Yahoo! News Canada: Analysis: Cabela's building on gun sale gains by leveraging data 7/24/2013
1. The 70 Most Popular American Universities on Instagram 7/23/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor among best colleges for employees 7/23/2013
3. KWTX-TV: Waco: Baylor Is Great College To Work For, National Newspaper Says 7/23/2013
Associated Baptist Press: Study finds health benefit to Jewish prayer 7/23/2013
Counsel & Heal: Why 'Sorry' Isn't Good Enough: Couples Argue to Win Power in Relationships 7/23/2013
Midland Reporter-Telegram: Three months later, Texas town still faces long road to recovery 7/23/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Baylor's $17 million alumni events center might reflect better times ahead 7/23/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Parker's Park Project raises over $80,000 for West park 7/22/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Religion in Brief 7/22/2013
2. The Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Divided by design 7/22/2013
Baylor University Named Among 'Great Colleges to Work For' 7/22/2013
KWTX-TV: Waco: Baylor Approves New Multi-Million Dollar Facilities 7/22/2013
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Great Colleges to Work For 2013 7/22/2013
1. Scrubs: Baylor University nursing students make adorable video 7/19/2013
2. The Yes-Woman's Guide to Being Assertive 7/19/2013
90.9 WBUR (Boston): Update From West, 3 Months After Plant Explosion 7/19/2013
Baylor Regents Authorize Feasibility Study and Fundraising to Begin for Alumni Events Center, Approve Next Step in Design Process for Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation 7/19/2013
Fox News Magazine: Hot Water and Lemon: A Weight Loss Breakfast? 7/19/2013
The Baptist Standard: Baylor Gift Helps West Church with Debris Removal 7/19/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Ansel Adams photos, Tiffany art glass due for fall Waco shows 7/19/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Involvement in theater can be transformative 7/19/2013
WTVT-TV "Good Day Tampa Bay": West Recovers from Explosion 7/19/2013
KCEN-TV: Baylor Stadium Club Seats Sold Out 7/18/2013
Longview News-Journal: Pine Tree graduate pursues profession singing in Army 7/18/2013
The Atlanta Journal-Constitution: Plan to demolish 4 Austin homes draws scrutiny 7/18/2013
The Daily Beast: Apology Not Accepted 7/18/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Future Baylor Stadium club seats sold out 7/18/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Musicians work to beat the heat of outdoor gigs 7/18/2013 Lottie Moon's church led by a woman 7/18/2013
Education Week "Inside School Research": Reports Focus on Closing Achievement Gap 7/17/2013
Houston Business Journal: The Business Journal Interview with Deborah Byers, EY's new Houston leader 7/17/2013
KY Forward: String music striking right chord for budding musicians and families in Northern Kentucky 7/17/2013
The Foundry: Family Fact of the Week: Majority of Americans Pray 7/17/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Brazos Education Foundation Scholars 7/17/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco anti-poverty leadership unclear following death of education expert 7/17/2013
Yahoo! Health: What Your Lover Really Wants to Hear During an Argument 7/17/2013 Study Suggests that Legislators Only Take Action When White Students Start Failing in School 7/16/2013
Killeen Daily Herald: Killeen names new finance director 7/16/2013
Patheos: Preaching the Social Media Gospel 7/16/2013
Power Line: The Power Line 100: Alan Jacobs 7/16/2013
The Dallas Morning News: Three months later, West still faces long road to recovery 7/16/2013
The Houston Chronicle: Plan to demolish 4 Austin homes draws scrutiny 7/16/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Downtown Waco artist studios provide space, foster connections 7/16/2013
1. Associated Baptist Press News: FBC West receives Baylor donation 7/15/2013
1. Why You Shouldn't Apologize 7/15/2013
2. The Root: When White Students Fail, Action Is Taken 7/15/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Mediating parties should keep Baylor University's enormous potential foremost in mind 7/15/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: $180M Waco riverfront plans draw plaudits, questions 7/15/2013
C-SPAN American History TV: Chet Edwards 7/15/2013
Rental Equipment Register Magazine: Groves Equipment Rental Donates RT880E to Help Build Baylor Stadium 7/15/2013
The Huffington Post: Achievement Gap Study Suggests Legislators Only Take Action When White Students Fail 7/15/2013
2. KSAT-TV: Forensic experts, students work to identify immigrant remains 7/12/2013
Daily Mail (United Kingdom): Want a successful relationship? Forget saying sorry - just relinquish power to your partner and be prepared to compromise 7/12/2013
KCEN-TV: Donations Still Coming into West; $3.5 million-plus so far 7/12/2013
KWTX-TV: Baylor Spends Hundreds of Thousands to Assist in West Debris Removal 7/12/2013
Medical News Today: A Willingness To Relinquish Power, Not Apologies, Is What Warring Couples Want 7/12/2013
Philadelphia Inquirer: Healthy meals or physical activity? 7/12/2013
The Baptist Standard: Baylor students on mission in Africa, Europe, South America 7/12/2013
The Panola Watchman: Patterson leaving Panola to head UT Tyler-Longview Center 7/12/2013
The Toronto Star: Couples fight for control, not apologies, study says 7/12/2013
1. Associated Press/Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Baylor gives nearly $300K for West home demolition 7/11/2013
1. Donated RT880E Helps Build Baylor University Stadium 7/11/2013
1. New York Magazine: Are We Fighting for Power or Are We Just Cranky? 7/11/2013
2. Associated Press/Austin American-Statesman: Baylor gives nearly $300K for West home demolition 7/11/2013
2. Resolving Relationship Conflict by Understanding Underlying Concerns 7/11/2013
3. WFAA-TV (D/FW): West recovery center passes major hurdle 7/11/2013
4. KWTX-TV (Waco): Millions In Donations Could Soon Be Headed to West 7/11/2013
5. YNN Austin: Baylor gives nearly $300K for West home demolition 7/11/2013
6. KDFW-TV: Baylor gives nearly $300K for West home demolition 7/11/2013
7. KRLD-AM (D/FW): Baylor gives nearly $300K for West home demolition 7/11/2013
8. KRIV-TV (Houston): Baylor gives nearly $300K for West home demolition 7/11/2013
9. KSAT-TV (San Antonio): Baylor gives nearly $300K for West home demolition 7/11/2013
9. KXAS-TV (D/FW): Baylor gives nearly $300K for West home demolition 7/11/2013
The Houston Chronicle: Baylor undergrads picked for summer institute 7/11/2013
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor gives money to help Baptist church project in West 7/11/2013
ABC News: Following a Trail of Skeletons and Trying to Identify Them 7/10/2013
ABP News: Christians and capital punishment 7/10/2013
Baylor West Relief Fund Assists City of West Homeowners, First Baptist Church of West with Remainder of Debris Removal Project 7/10/2013
Education News: Study: Race Plays Role in Political Response to Falling Grad Rates 7/10/2013
Georgetown College News: Public lecture by Baptist scholar Barry Harvey keynotes Georgetown College's annual Young Scholars in the Baptist Academy conference 7/10/2013
Killeen Daily Herald: Coryell County musicians play first concert of third season of concert series 7/10/2013
Patheos: California conference aims to help build Catholic culture 7/10/2013
Science Daily: What Warring Couples Want: Power, Not Apologies, Study Shows 7/10/2013
The Seattle Times: Belief is a big part of behavior 7/10/2013 Buckner Retirement Services Announces 2 New Leadership Team Members 7/9/2013 What warring couples want: Power, not apologies, study shows 7/9/2013 Music Notes from Plainview Symphony Orchestra 7/9/2013
The Gilmer Mirror: Oil Museum will host book signing July 27 for award-winning Piney Woods chronicle 7/9/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Brice Cherry: the Case faces a world of possibilities 7/9/2013 Christians and violence 7/9/2013
1. Associated Baptist Press: Christian Views on Violence Vary 7/8/2013
1. Deseret News: Survey: Many Americans Believe Rise in Number of Non-religious is Bad 7/8/2013
1. Killeen Daily Herald: Ex-Accenture analyst opens gluten free bakery in Killeen 7/8/2013
1. Seguin Gazette: Hunger persists, even during vacation season 7/8/2013
2. Jewish Herald-Voice: Go to shul and enjoy better health, says Baylor researcher 7/8/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Lone Ranger distinct in hero/superhero movie world 7/8/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Era of peace and prosperity: 10 years after Dennehy tragedy 7/8/2013
What Warring Couples Want - Power, Not Apologies, Baylor Study Shows 7/8/2013
1. Diverse Issues in Education: Study: Black-White Achievement Gap Has 'Political Foundations' 7/5/2013
2. The New York Times: Opinionator/The Great Divide 7/5/2013
3. Minnesota Spokesman-Recorder: Marketing, fast-food locations promote unhealthy eating among Blacks 7/5/2013
4. Chatelaine: How attending a religious service might make you happier 7/5/2013
The Wall Street Journal: The Myth of Unreligious America 7/5/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor students see value in unpaid internships 7/5/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: When politics finds religion: Q&A with Baylor University political scholar and author Andy Hogue 7/5/2013
1. Why Do We Punish the Most Generous in a Group? 7/3/2013
24-7 Press Release: Deborah Breen Junek inducted into Worldwide Who's Who for Excellence in defense and commercial law 7/3/2013
Abilene Reporter-News: Smart move: Wylie grad wins Fulbright scholarship to Jordan 7/3/2013
Dallas Citybizlist: Stream Realty Partners names Christy Means as managing director of property management 7/3/2013 Avoiding conflict easier as couples get older 7/3/2013
1. El Paso Inc.: Paul L. Foster elected to Baylor board 7/2/2013
Exhibitor: CEIR releases new report on the role of exhibitions in supporting organizational learning 7/2/2013
Foster's Daily Democrat (Dover, NH): Quite an accomplishment; five Eagle Scouts in one year 7/2/2013
KNOE-TV (Monroe, LA): New office managing partner named for Ernst & Young's Houston office 7/2/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Funding for colleges to be based on student academic, career success 7/2/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: New exhibit at Baylor's Texas Collection tells of money struggles in early Texas republic 7/2/2013
WFMY-TV (Greensboro, NC): Toxic driveways and the test you can do at home 7/2/2013
1. Huffington Post: Synagogue boosts happiness? Temple attendance, well-being linked in new study of Jews 7/1/2013
1. The Baptist Standard: Christians and violence: Seek peace and pursue it 7/1/2013
CBS News: Putting a name to those who have died crossing the border 7/1/2013
POTUS: Entrepreneurship and Prisoners 7/1/2013 Turning prisoners into entrepreneurs 7/1/2013

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