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1. The Dallas Morning News: When everything changes, West shows what town has 'always been' 4/30/2013
Austin American-Statesman: Austin native on front lines fighting for peace 4/30/2013
Baptist Press: Chaplain introduces Obama to grieving families in Texas town 4/30/2013
Deseret News: Believing in God, going to church means better health, studies are showing 4/30/2013
Examiner: New book released addressing Special Needs ministries in the church 4/30/2013
The Baptist Standard: First woman elected to Missouri post 4/30/2013
1. Amarillo Globe-News: Beilue: Pampa nursing student renders aid after deadly West explosion 4/29/2013
1. Chicago Tribune: Father-daughter action plan 4/29/2013
1. The Omaha World Herald: Baylor professor praises Omaha 360 anti-crime efforts 4/29/2013
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor surpasses $100 million fundraising goal for Presidential Scholarship Initiative 4/29/2013
1. TribLive: Starr on Making Baylor Excellent 4/29/2013
3. C-SPAN: Memorial Service for Victims of West, Texas Fertilizer Plan Explosion 4/29/2013
3. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's "Mad Forest:" the limits of revolution 4/29/2013
4. CNNMoney: Disaster Donations: West Lags Way Behind Boston 4/29/2013
4. NPR State Impact: "America Needs Towns Like West" 4/29/2013
1. Associated Baptist Press: Obama, Bible play big in West memorial 4/26/2013
1. The Los Angeles Times: Obama praises Texas blast responders at memorial for the dead 4/26/2013
1. The Washington Times: President Obama Speaks at West Memorial at Baylor 4/26/2013
2. The New York Times: 'We Stand With You,' Obama Tells Mourners at Texas Memorial 4/26/2013
2. The Washington Post: Obama, Texas officials honor firefighters killed in fertilizer plant explosion 4/26/2013
3. Associated Baptist Press: Baylor campus moved by memorial 4/26/2013
3. USA TODAY: Memorial service honors Texas plant explosion victims 4/26/2013
4. Boston Globe: Obama consoles Texas community 4/26/2013
4. Chicago Tribune: Obama praises Texas blast April 25, responders at memorial for the dead 4/26/2013
4. The Wall Street Journal: Obama Praises 'Brave Men' Killed in Texas 4/26/2013
4. TIME: Obama Consoles Families, Survivors of Texas Blast 4/26/2013
5. ABC News: Firefighters Gather for Texas Plant Blast Memorial 4/26/2013
5. CBS News: Obama tells West, Texas: You are not alone 4/26/2013
5. CNN: Obama hails courage beyond words in Texas 4/26/2013
5. FOX News: Obama meets with families, survivors of deadly Texas plant explosion 4/26/2013
5. NBC News: 'America needs towns like West': Obama thanks Texas fallen at memorial 4/26/2013
6. Obama Honors Fallen Firefighters in Texas 4/26/2013
6. NPR All Things Considered: Texas Plant Explosion Memorial Focuses On First Responders 4/26/2013
6. NPR: Mourners Pack Arena To Honor Victims Of Texas Explosion 4/26/2013
6. YNN Austin: Thousands march to honor fallen heroes 4/26/2013
7. Austin American-Statesman: Starr: Texans knew to stop in West before blast 4/26/2013
7. The Dallas Morning News: Obama joining firefighters in Waco to mourn those killed in blast 4/26/2013
8. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Memorial for West victims honors men forever bound by bravery 4/26/2013
9. Houston Chronicle: West firefighters honored at memorial 4/26/2013
9. San Antonio Express-News: Obama: Nation stands by West 4/26/2013
9. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Community, state and nation unite behind West first responders at memorial service 4/26/2013
Thousands Gather at Baylor to Honor First Responders Killed in West Explosion 4/26/2013
ABC 2 News: Obama, Cornyn, Perry to speak at West memorial 4/25/2013
Amarillo Globe News: Nonprofit adds mission coordinator 4/25/2013
Baylor University Announces Success for Scholarship Initiative 4/25/2013
Kentucky Kernel: Provost candidate says student success is first priority 4/25/2013
KXXV-TV: Baylor University surpasses scholarship initiative goal 4/25/2013
Medill Reports: Prescription Take-Back event could mean cleaner water, experts say 4/25/2013
Shreveport Times: Eagle Scout carries lifelong value 4/25/2013
USA Today: Texas explosion prompts student action 4/25/2013
Associated Baptist Press: West, Texas church gathers for worship 4/24/2013
Houston Chronicle: Rail car ruled out as cause of West plant explosion 4/24/2013
Houston Chronicle: White House pledges to stand with West as Texas town rebuilds 4/24/2013
KFMB-TV (San Diego): Howard University Wins Deloitte Foundation's National 4/24/2013
Lessons from the memorials 4/24/2013
Ecumenical News: Rising mental illness stirs search for appropriate Christian response 4/23/2013
Firefighter Nation: Honor Guard for West Texas Firefighters 4/23/2013
KBTX (College Station): Four To Be Inducted In SHSU's Texas Bankers Hall of Fame 4/23/2013
KWTX: Baylor Students To Dedicate Baylor Build Habitat Home Saturday 4/23/2013
The Huffington Post: Faith and Economic Growth: Drive to Succeed in Business Crosses Religious Traditions 4/23/2013
Time: Texas Fertilizer Plant Explosion: Lawsuits to Come? 4/23/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Lawyers flocking to sign up potential litigants in West explosion 4/23/2013
Washington Post: Obama, first lady, traveling to Texas to memorial service for plant explosion victims 4/23/2013
1. KPHO-CBS News 5 (Phoenix): Rescue efforts end in TX fertilizer plant explosion 4/22/2013
1. Real Clear Religion: A Tsarnaev House Divided 4/22/2013
1. San Antonio Express-News: Don't punish children for parents' actions 4/22/2013
2. Killeen Daily Herald: Nature lovers enjoy early Earth Day hike 4/22/2013
2. NBC Southern California (Los Angeles): Cause of Texas Plant Blast Remains Unknown 4/22/2013
1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: International spotlight on small Texas town 4/19/2013
2. San Antonio Express-News: Close-knit West residents band together after disaster 4/19/2013
3. KXXV-TV: Local colleges help the victims of West 4/19/2013
Associated Press: Five For Fighting Plays West Benefit Thursday 4/19/2013
KRGV-TV (Rio Grande Valley): Blast Impacts Baylor Students 4/19/2013
KSLA-TV (Shreveport, LA): Shreveport woman joins Baylor efforts to help West victim 4/19/2013
KTVN-TV (Reno, Nev.): Damonte Ranch Graduate Helps Texas Explosion Victims 4/19/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Wave of Community Support, Assistance Flows to West Disaster 4/19/2013
Baylor Researcher Says "Psycho"-inspired TV Show Offers Moms and Sons Food for Thought 4/18/2013
Baylor's Entrepreneurship Program Ranked Third in the Nation by Bloomberg BusinessWeek 4/18/2013
KWBU-FM: Sen. George Mitchell on State of Partisanship 4/18/2013
Mike Hashimoto: West explosion: Another stunning story, another test of our resilience 4/18/2013
The Baptist Standard: Congreso participants urged to follow Christ fearlessly 4/18/2013
Waco-Tribune Herald: BU students hold midnight prayer vigil for West victims 4/18/2013
Austin-American Statesman: UT bells play in tribute to Boston bombing victims 4/17/2013
DublinPatch: Valley Christian Schools Announces New Superintendent of Schools 4/17/2013
Hospitality Times: Executive MBA in Hospitality Administration Programme 4/17/2013
Irving Blog: North Lake College student wins award in film contest 4/17/2013
KWBU-FM: International Students Adjust to Life Abroad 4/17/2013
KWTX-TV: Baylor Sophomore Blows Judges Away In NBC Show "The Voice" 4/17/2013
Science Daily: Older People May Be at Greater Risk for Alcohol Impairment Than Teens 4/17/2013
The Christian Science Monitor: Obama and 'terrorism': why he hesitated to use that word 4/17/2013
Bloomberg BusinessWeek: Dacus inspired by 'humble' childhood to strive for success 4/16/2013
Huffington Post: Alcohol Risk For Older People May Be Greater Than That For Teens 4/16/2013
KWKT-TV: Baylor to host 'Celebrating Exceptionalities' benefiting autism 4/16/2013
North Dallas Gazette: Dallas International Film Festival awards over $100,000 in prizes 4/16/2013
The Baptist Standard: CBF council recommends new leaders 4/16/2013
The Baptist Standard: Ministry of presence and listening crucial for grieving families & churches 4/16/2013
The Belton Journal: Local teacher honored at MTNA 4/16/2013
1. KCEN-TV: Baylor Students 'Steppin Out' to Help Waco Community 4/15/2013
1. The Daily Telegraph (UK): Middle aged drinkers more likely to suffer memory loss 4/15/2013
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Democracy's survival depends on understanding our rights, how government works 4/15/2013
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Talking with George Mitchell, former senator, envoy, troubleshooter 4/15/2013
1. Tyler Morning Telegraph: Dacus inspired by 'humble' childhood to strive for success 4/15/2013
2. KWBU-FM: An Inevitable End: George Mitchell on Conflict 4/15/2013
2. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Coal tar industry fights bans on sealants 4/15/2013
2. The Dallas Morning News: Booker T. Washington and Baylor University students win top honors in TXU student film contest 4/15/2013
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Former U.S. Sen. George Mitchell headlines "On Topic" talk at Baylor University 4/15/2013
3. 1660ESPN Radio: Interview with Sen. George Mitchell 4/15/2013
The Science of Wondering: Fifth Annual Action Research Symposium 4/15/2013
1. KWKT: BAN to fund Baylor start-ups 4/12/2013
2. Fox Business: Tips for buying homeowners insurance 4/12/2013
2. KWKT: Baylor to address cheating in new study 4/12/2013
KCEN TV: Baylor Freshman Advances to Finals of Statewide Student Film Contest 4/12/2013
National Institute of Health: NIH Health Matters 4/12/2013
Science Codex: Older people may be at greater risk for alcohol impairment than teens, according to Baylor Study 4/12/2013
El Dorado Times (El Dorado, KS): David Phelps grateful for his talent 4/11/2013
Fort Hood Sentinel: Pair of famous poets alive through collection 4/11/2013
KIII-TV (Corpus Christi): Baylor Anthropologist Set to Exhume Immigrant Remains in Falfurrias 4/11/2013
KWBU-FM: Interview with Sen. George Mitchell 4/11/2013
Older People May Be at Greater Risk for Alcohol Impairment than Teens, According to Baylor Study 4/11/2013
Rampant Cheating in Universities Will Be the Focus of a Baylor University Study Funded by Templeton World Charity Foundation 4/11/2013
Standard Times (San Angelo): Texas Hunger Initiative: Group hopes to combat hunger on summer break 4/11/2013
The Baptist Standard: Ministry of presence and listening crucial for grieving families & churches 4/11/2013
Waco Tribune Herald: Texas will feel effects of arts cuts 4/11/2013
Brownwood Bulletin: HPU hosts Model United Nations conference 4/10/2013
ESPN: New stadium changes perception of Baylor 4/10/2013
Texas Association of School Boards: Shields Appointed to TASB Supplemental Employee Benefits Board 4/10/2013
The New York Times: Obama Pushes His Choice for Position on Appeals Court 4/10/2013
WORLD Magazine: We can't afford more ways to gamble 4/10/2013
Yahoo! Finance: Tips for buying homeowners insurance 4/10/2013
Electric Energy: Winners Named in 2013 TXU Energy Student Film Contest 4/9/2013
Harvard Gazette: Souter, O'Connor join Civics Education conversation 4/9/2013
Longview News-Journal: Too hungry: Baylor makes a stand against hunger in Texas 4/9/2013
Money News (Berkeley Heights, N.J.): Summit Medical Group Welcomes Robert L. Bell, M.D., M.A., FACS 4/9/2013
The Washington Times: Cell phones promote serious social, psychological issues 4/9/2013
1. CNN: My Take: How churches can respond to mental illness 4/8/2013
1. NFL Network: NFL running back works at Jimmy John's 4/8/2013
1. The New York Times: Edith Schaeffer, Definer of Christian Family Values, Dies at 98 4/8/2013
1. Winston-Salem Journal: Bioethics conference set April 12-13 at Wake Forest 4/8/2013
2. Augusta (KS) Gazette: Kent Bush: David Phelps grateful for his talent 4/8/2013
2. The Christian Post: Go to Church, Live Longer 4/8/2013
KCEN-TV: Lorena's Holly Tucker Performs on "The Voice" 4/8/2013
1. The Baptist Standard: Hillman proposed for BGCT first vice president 4/5/2013
1. WND Commentary: Go to church, live longer 4/5/2013
2. Dallas Citybizlist: United Way's Sampson Named 2013 Most Powerful & Influential Woman by The National Diversity Council 4/5/2013
3. Boulder Daily Camera (Boulder, Co.): Foothills United Way announces Doug Yeiser as new president and CEO 4/5/2013
Chicago Tribune: Coal tar industry fights bans on sealants 4/5/2013
The Daily Item (Sunbury, Pa.) via Science Magazine: Flushed Drugs May Threaten River Slime 4/5/2013
1. Christianity Today: Died: Buryl Red, Baptist Composer Who Paved Way for Chris Tomlin and Modern Worship 4/4/2013
Associated Baptist Press: 'Celebrate Life' composer Buryl Red dies 4/4/2013
KVET-FM: Baylor Student Holly Tucker Gets Picked Up By Team Blake On The Voice 4/4/2013
Science Magazine: Flushed Drugs May Threaten River Slime 4/4/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Beall Poetry Fest displays poetic diversity at Baylor 4/4/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Young immigrants can get help at Baylor Law clinic 4/4/2013
All Voices: Christians are Hatching Ideas for a More Religious Easter 4/3/2013
Belmont Shore-Naples News: CSULB Trumpet Ensemble Draws National Attention 4/3/2013
Harvard Gazette: A case for yawn-free civics 4/3/2013
KWTX-TV: New TCCTA President From MCC To Take Over Monday 4/3/2013
Marshall News Messenger: Baylor steps up to ease food insecurity 4/3/2013
The Oregonian: Christians and Easter, by the numbers 4/3/2013
U.S. Geologic Survey: You're Standing on It! Health Risks of Coal-Tar Pavement Sealcoat 4/3/2013
Bloomberg Businessweek: Human resources manager named to Leadership Texas 4/2/2013
Houston Chronicle: Silverado Senior Living Expands Leadership Team in Austin 4/2/2013
Mt. Shasta News: Hyper consumption: Consumer mindset leaves U.S. and individuals vulnerable 4/2/2013
Rodale: Your Neighborhood's Cancer-Causing Secret 4/2/2013
Today's Best Hits: "The Voice" Recap: Firefighter, Ex-Child Star, Former Country Recording Artist Highlight Latest Auditions 4/2/2013
United Press International: Washington consultants and opaque Ukrainian government tenders 4/2/2013

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