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ABP News: BGCT considers building sale 2/28/2013
Broadway Buzz: 10 Fascinating Facts About Ann's Fabulous Title Character Ann Richards 2/28/2013
K-Love Radio: Fathers, Daughters Benefit From Time Together 2/28/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Irish poet Heaney to read his works at Baylor's Beall festival 2/28/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: New York quartet will highlight Baylor Percussion Symposium 2/28/2013
Yahoo! Finance: Elsevier Names Dr. Jim Nolin Editor-in-Chief of Order Set Solution 2/28/2013
ABP News: Remembering C. Everett Koop (and Lewis Smedes) 2/27/2013
Associated Newspapers Ltd.: Sport not chat is the way to bond with your daughter: Study reveals shared activities are family 'game changers' 2/27/2013 Drug Residue in Water has an Impact on Fish Behavior 2/27/2013
Many Years Young (blog): Baylor University researches study barriers, resources to physical activity in Texas towns 2/27/2013 Baylor Professor Looking for Black Gospel Music 2/27/2013
The Rocky Mountain Collegian: CSU remains silent about on-campus stadium fundraising 2/27/2013
Automotive Industries: Thasunda Brown Duckett Named CEO of Chase Auto Finance 2/26/2013
Construction Equipment Guide: Holt Names Senior Vice President 2/26/2013
Medical News Today: Resources And Barriers To Physical Activity Studied In Texas Border Towns 2/26/2013
The Texas Tribune: The Hot Seat: A Conversation with Waco Lawmakers 2/26/2013
Times Union (Albany, N.Y.): Famous 'Victory or Death' letter returns to Alamo 2/26/2013
1. KLIF-Radio: Shared Activities - Especially Sports - Are Turning Points for Daddy-Daughter Bonding 2/25/2013
1. NPR: A User's Guide to Washington Jargon 2/25/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco lawmakers support more school funding on 'Hot Seat' 2/25/2013
2. KXXV-TV: Politicians follow voters' opinions on casinos or stick to convictions 2/25/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor helps prepare prisoners for business in study program 2/25/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor regents appoint new student, faculty members 2/25/2013
Houston Chronicle: Former Baylor RB works at sub shop during NFL offseason 2/25/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor gets $500K foundation gift for scholarships 2/25/2013
1. The Dallas Morning News: Gov. Perry appoints three members to UT Board of Regents 2/22/2013
2. The San Antonio Express-News: Perry appoints 3 regents amid Senate probe 2/22/2013
Associated Press: 'Victory or death' letter returning to Alamo for 2 weeks 2/22/2013
Austin American-Statesman: Southwestern University chooses nationally known professor as new president 2/22/2013
Houston Press: Top 5 Food Trends on College Campuses 2/22/2013
Medical Xpress: Researchers study barriers, resources to physical activity in Texas towns 2/22/2013
109 Prisoners To Seek Certificates in Entrepreneurship from Baylor University in Partnership with Prison Entrepreneurship Program 2/21/2013
Baylor University Researchers Study Barriers and Resources to Physical Activity in Texas Border Towns 2/21/2013
Baylor University's Board of Regents Elects Faculty and Student Regents 2/21/2013
Examiner: Downton Abbey: Baylor University connected to famous television series 2/21/2013
Huffington Post: The Dark Night of the Oscar: And the Envelope Goes to Stories of Loss and Hope 2/21/2013
KWTX-TV: Baylor Students To Start Up Businesses 2/21/2013
Sports Illustrated: In The Fields Of The Lord 2/21/2013
The Texas Tribune: Photos - Turning Prisoners Into Entrepreneurs 2/21/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: 'Armory Show' changed how Americans saw art 2/21/2013
Discovery News: Banned Chemical Makes Streets Unsafe 2/20/2013
Irving Rambler: Side by Side concert explores bullying through music 2/20/2013
KWKT-TV: New office space aims to place Waco on the map as "creative start-up capital of Texas" 2/20/2013
KXXV-TV: Waco site chosen to participate in wetland study 2/20/2013
PsychCentral: No One is Immune to the Stigma 2/20/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: New Hope Baptist's native son brought Waco fame with voice 2/20/2013
Washington Examiner: Credo: 'More God, Less Crime' author Byron Johnson 2/20/2013
World Magazine: Addicted state governments 2/20/2013
Food Product Design: When PETA or Other Activists Attack 2/19/2013
Forbes: Texas Prisoners Learn Business Skills, But Are Education Programs Behind Bars In Decline 2/19/2013
KCEN-TV: Professors Protest Guns On Campus 2/19/2013
Patheos: One Day More: Spirituality at the 2013 Oscars 2/19/2013
The Texas Tribune: Inmates Bank on Business Program for a New Start 2/19/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: 'Hot Seat' forum should press lawmakers hard on health care, education 2/19/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor profs: Birdwell's campus gun bill 'appears to add gasoline' to fire 2/19/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Downtown Waco's historic Praetorian building attracts artists to studio space 2/19/2013
1. CBS News: Catholic Church faces shifting landscape as it ponders new pope 2/18/2013
1. The Gilmer Mirror: Baylor University and Tufts University Will Examine Innovative Boy Scout Program to Determine Long-Term Effect 2/18/2013
1. The Miami Herald: With passengers home, focus turns to cause of Carnival Triumph fire -- and prevention 2/18/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco trying to hatch startups in downtown business space 2/18/2013
2. Yahoo News: Tipsy Fish: When Anti-Anxiety Meds Get Into Rivers 2/18/2013
Baylor University and Tufts University Will Examine Innovative Boy Scout Program to Determine Long-Term Effect 2/18/2013
Great Texts and Honors College Host Seminar on Dante's Commedia 2/18/2013
The New York Times: Starting New Businesses Behind Bars Creates an Incentive for Texas Inmates 2/18/2013
1. Murray Ledger & Times (Kentucky): Tuesday Breakfast brings in nearly $18,000 for Scouting 2/15/2013
1. The New York Times: A Laboratory for Revitalizing Catholicism 2/15/2013
2. Christianity Today: Why Evangelical Leaders Love Pope Benedict XVI (And His Resignation) 2/15/2013
2. News Blaze: Companies May Overreact When Confronted by Activists 2/15/2013
3. Science News: Antianxiety drugs affect fish, too 2/15/2013
Robert Browning at 'Downton Abbey?' 2/15/2013
Sun-Times (Chicago, Ill.): US Airways, American boards approve $11 billion merger 2/15/2013
TIME Magazine: Tipsy Fish: When Anti-Anxiety Meds Get Into Rivers 2/15/2013
1. MSN Healthy Living: Are you addicted to your phone? 2/14/2013
Companies May Overreact When Confronted by Activists, According to Baylor Study 2/14/2013
Digital Signage Connection: Thinking Small With In-Store Signage Can Attract Attention, Increase Sales 2/14/2013
NPR: Traces Of Anxiety Drugs May Cause Fish To Act Funny 2/14/2013
Public Radio International: Next papal selection could bring first non-European pope 2/14/2013
USA Today: Mood drug that gets into waterways shows impact on fish 2/14/2013
Yahoo Finance: Huntington Ingalls Industries Names Chad Boudreaux Chief Compliance Officer 2/14/2013
Brownwood Bulletin: ETBU Student Affairs names Dean of Students 2/13/2013
KXXV-Web: Drayton McLane honored by Baylor University 2/13/2013
MediLexicon: The Benefits And Pitfalls Of Conformity 2/13/2013
The Boston Globe: Cardinal O'Malley reflects on trials for next pope 2/13/2013
The New York Times: Shooting in the Dark 2/13/2013
The New York Times: Pope Resigns, With Church at Crossroads 2/13/2013
The Wall Street Journal (Market Watch): Taxes, Social Security and your part-time job 2/13/2013
Anchorage Daily News (Anchorage, Ala.): Studying the effects of playing violent video games 2/12/2013
CBN News: Reagan Symposium Tackles Once-Taboo Topics 2/12/2013
Chattanooga Times Free Press (Chattanooga, Tenn.): Pope's decision shock Chattanooga area faithful 2/12/2013
International Business Times: The First Black Pope Benedict XVI's Successor Come From Africa? 2/12/2013
Sacramento State: Political Scientist Takes Lead at Research Institute 2/12/2013
The Journal (Houston): Taylor appointed to The Energy Council Feb. 8, 2013 2/12/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor approves 3rd recent $100M fundraising campaign. 2/11/2013
2. KCEN-TV: Baylor Fundraising For $100 Million Business Building 2/11/2013
3. KWTX-TV: New Business School on the Way 2/11/2013
4. KXXV-TV: Baylor approves $100 million fundraising campaign for new business school building 2/11/2013
Focus Daily News (Dallas): Baylor Scholar Earns Award for his Volunteer Mentoring of a Waco Youth 2/11/2013
National Survey Finds Baylor Alumni Retain Strong Bond With University 2/11/2013
Science Daily: Going Along Means Getting Along -- And That's Not Always Good 2/11/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor alumni want more outreach from university 2/11/2013
1. Baylor Regents Approve Public Fundraising for New Business School Building 2/8/2013
2. Baylor Scholar Earns Award for his Volunteer Mentoring of a Waco Youth 2/8/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Exhibit explores Jules Bledsoe's connection to Waco boyhood church 2/8/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Blonde gets last laugh in Baylor's 'Born Yesterday' 2/8/2013
4. KWTX-TV: North Texas Town Helps Local Students Start Up Businesses 2/8/2013
5. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco baseball history exhibit a hit with opening-day visitors 2/8/2013
Laguna Beach Coastline Pilot: Architect Cheryl Mohr builds a sustainable home in Edgewater 2/8/2013
Science Newsline: Going Along Means Getting Along - And That's Not Always Good, Baylor Study Finds 2/8/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor admissions staffers round out 2013 freshman class 2/8/2013
1. FOX Business: Entrepreneurship Courses: What Students Can Expect 2/7/2013
2. The Dallas Morning News: Addison offers young entrepreneurs from Baylor free office space, support 2/7/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco's $3.4M sales tax rebate shows strong holiday spending 2/7/2013
Going Along Means Getting Along -- and That's Not Always Good, Baylor Study Finds 2/7/2013
KWTX-TV: Photography Exhibit Takes Closer Look At Middle Eastern Culture 2/7/2013
Longview News-Journal: Perry reappoints Cargill to top post on State Board of Education 2/7/2013
Phys.Org: Going along means getting along--and that's not always good, study finds 2/7/2013
The Town of Addison and Baylor University Launch Entrepreneurial Incubator 2/7/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: North Texas city to aid Baylor grads who start their own businesses 2/7/2013
Patheos: Making Room for the Thoughtful Ones: A Review of Susan Cain's "Quiet" 2/6/2013
The Dallas Morning News: Addison creates incubator for Baylor University's Accelerated Ventures program 2/6/2013
The Selma Times-Journal: Selma's newest ambassador 2/6/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco home sales, values rise in 4th quarter of 2012 2/6/2013
WGCL-TV (Atlanta): Veteran Appellate Lawyer Stephanie Nelson Joins Dallas' Hankinson LLP 2/6/2013
Workforce: Study Touts the Benefits of Internal Social Networking Sites 2/6/2013
Business News Daily: Social Media at Work Keeps Employees Happy 2/5/2013
Daily Courier-Observer: Bass clarinetist from Atlanta featured at SUNY Potsdam concert 2/5/2013
Insurance News Net: Gov. Perry Reappoints Beck to Office of Public Insurance Counsel 2/5/2013
The Christian Science Monitor: It's 'common sense' - or is it? The politics of Obama's new favorite phrase. 2/5/2013
The Marshall News Messenger: ETBU Student Affairs names Dean of Students 2/5/2013
YNN: New exhibit at Baylor examines robots in American culture 2/5/2013
1. KWTX-TV: A Bears-eye View 2/4/2013
2. KWKT-TV: Robot exhibit opens in Waco 2/4/2013
ABP News: Christ, Valentine heroes of Baylor prof 2/4/2013
Forbes: Why Building Your Own Corporate Facebook Will Usually Fail 2/4/2013
Killeen Daily Herald: Baylor group names Mills as this year's distinguished woman 2/4/2013
1. CNN Money: Splunk CEO Godfrey Sullivan likes to horse around 2/1/2013
1. Incentive magazine (Secaucus, N.J.): Social Networking Boosts Workplace Morale 2/1/2013
2. Grand Rapids Business Journal (Grand Rapids, Mich.): Is PR your organization's conscience? 2/1/2013
2. Town Square Buzz (McKinney, Texas): State Representative Leach Appointed to Three Committees 2/1/2013
Dallas Business Journal: Addison, Baylor to launch incubator for student companies 2/1/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: New water bottle refill stations aim to reduce waste at Baylor 2/1/2013

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