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ABC News/AP: 1893 Recording of Black Vocal Group Auctioned Off 11/26/2013
Boulder County Business Report: Foothills United Way 11/26/2013
Cable Networking Systems: International Collegiate Programming Contest Spotlights Cloud Computing 11/26/2013
International Food, Wine & Travel Writers Association: I'll see your beautiful architecture and raise you a ceiling in Waco, Texas 11/26/2013
Lawton (OK) Constitution: Carson nominated to undersecretary spot 11/26/2013
Orange County (CA) Register: Tough future for evangelicals, numbers reveal 11/26/2013
The Chronicle of Higher Education: MOOCs: Usefully Middlebrow 11/26/2013
The Layman Online: Controversy Underscores Importance Theology 11/26/2013
University Business: Big 12 Conference and its member schools jointly launch integrated marketing campaign focused on academics 11/26/2013
Yakima (WA) Herald-Republic: Allied Arts creating a new identity 11/26/2013
1. Avvenire (Italy): Jenkins: LaTerza Chiesa cresce tra i poveri 11/25/2013
1. University of Wisconsin-Eau Claire College of Business: Baylor, Kansas State, and North Dakota State take top honors at 2013 Sales Warm-Up 11/25/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Ansel Adams exhibit pulls year's worth of visitors 11/25/2013
2. Elon Musk Says the Human Brain Cannot Cope with Business Failure. Is He Right? 11/25/2013
2. Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Small towns, big hearts; activists fight rural hunger 11/25/2013
3. KCEN-TV: Baylor Remembers JFK 11/25/2013
3. The Root: 120-Year-Old Recording of Black Vocal Group Auctioned Off 11/25/2013
4. Columbia Faith & Values: Baptist historian speaks on importance of labels 11/25/2013
4. KXXV-TV: Remembering JFK 11/25/2013
D Magazine: What Would Jesus Film? 11/25/2013
Inside BizEd: $2.5 Million Gift Given to Paul L. Foster Campus for Business and Innovation at Baylor University 11/25/2013
The Baptist Standard: Baylor program prepared Moldovan woman for doctoral studies 11/25/2013
The Christian Post: Baylor University Researchers: Which God Do You Believe In? 11/25/2013
1. KWBU-FM: Identifying Eye Cancer in Kids Using a Digital Camera 11/22/2013
1. The Baptist Standard: Baylor School of Social Work makes impact in Eastern Europe 11/22/2013
1. The Oklahoman: Former Oklahoma congressman Brad Carson nominated for U.S. Army under secretary 11/22/2013
1. The Wall Street Journal: Baylor's 12th Man: Interstate 35 - To Climb the BCS Rankings, the Bears Take a Road Made of Pavement 11/22/2013
1. USA TODAY: JFK assassination resonates on campuses 50 years later 11/22/2013
2. CNBC/AP: 1893 recording of black vocal group up for auction 11/22/2013
2. Qmed: What Ophthalmology and Baby Photos Have in Common 11/22/2013
2. The Baptist Standard: Retired missionary shows thanks by giving time to others 11/22/2013
2. USA TODAY: Big 12 game of the year about more than title for Baylor, OSU 11/22/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Ripples from JFK death changed lives in Central Texas 11/22/2013
3. Mudgee Guardian: The Day the world changed 11/22/2013
3. Patheos: 2013 Maston Lecture: "Sin Boldly: Christian Ethics for a Broken World" 11/22/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Paul and Jane Meyer Foundation donates $2.5 million for new Baylor business school 11/22/2013
4. KWBU-FM: Baylor Stadium On Track, Half Finished 11/22/2013
4. The Living Church: Due Credit for Inklings 11/22/2013
1. KCEN-TV: Live from Baylor Stadium 11/21/2013
1. KEAN Radio: Holly Tucker Talks About Her 'The Voice' Experience, Plays Her Blake Shelton Guitar, Promotes Benefit Concert + More - Exclusive Interview 11/21/2013
1. WBUR-FM: Here & Now: Anthropologist Works To Return Migrants' Remains 11/21/2013
2. KCEN-TV: Live Interview from Baylor Stadium with SMG Representative Les Crooks 11/21/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Regents' actions on Starr, Briles will benefit Baylor, Waco in variety of enduring ways 11/21/2013
Deseret News: Lesser-Known JFK assassination controversy involving Catholic priest explored in new book 11/21/2013
Gift from Meyer Family Foundation Establishes Conference Center in Foster Campus for Business and Innovation 11/21/2013
Home Accents Today: ALA names new president, announces two staff positions 11/21/2013
KEYT-TV: Whale Earwax Reveals Life History Of Animal 11/21/2013
Newser: Your Baby's Pictures could Reveal Cancer: Study 11/21/2013
Sunday Star Ledger: Birth of a Salesman: National Sales Challenge tests students' skills 11/21/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Quality of art judged by monetary value 11/21/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Crowder alums Digital Age return home for Waco Hall show 11/21/2013
1. KXXV-TV: Waco approves Baylor Stadium Authority, City Manager 11/20/2013
2. Huffington Post: Last Rites For President John F. Kennedy Remembered By Catholic Priest Rev. Oscar L. Huber 11/20/2013
3. WFMY-TV (Greensboro, NC): The Raleigh Call Links the JKF Assassination to NC 11/20/2013
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco Transit wins 'Innovator' award 11/20/2013
American LiveWire: Retinoblastoma Pediatric Cancer Detected Through Baby Pictures New Research Shows 11/20/2013
Baylor Waco Stadium Authority Established to Lease New Stadium Year Round 11/20/2013
Birmingham Business Journal: Renasant names Riley as senior vice president 11/20/2013
Metro News: Gettysburg Address 150 years on: Abraham Lincoln's way with words 11/20/2013
The Baptist Standard: Guard against clergy misuse of money, sex and power 11/20/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Public authority will book Baylor Stadium year-round 11/20/2013
1. Vision Systems Designs: Academic Researchers Working to Create Pediatric Eye Cancer Detection Software 11/19/2013
Baptist Standard: Texas Tidbits: Baylor extends Ken Starr's contract 11/19/2013
Baylor's Trena Wilkerson Elected to the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics' Board of Directors 11/19/2013
Carson Valley Times: Brad Spires Named Legislative Chair for the Nevada Association of Realtors 11/19/2013
San Antonio Business Journal: Guido Construction named Family Business of the Year by Baylor 11/19/2013
ScienceNewsline: Sobriety Spirituality Linked for Teens in Treatment 11/19/2013
The Kansas City Star: Baylor black gospel music collection to DC-bound 11/19/2013
USA Today: Entrepreneurs opt to do business by the good book 11/19/2013
USA Today: Human need to know future boosts psychic's popularity 11/19/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Hybrid sales a mixed bag locally 11/19/2013
1-800-RECYCLING: Rebound and Recycle: Greening the Game at Baylor 11/18/2013
1. Headlines & Global News: Baby Photos Could Reveal a Rare Form of Eye Cancer; Milky White Eyes a Tell-Tale Sign 11/18/2013
1. The American Friends of Turkey: Ataturk Lecture 11/18/2013
2. Popular Science Australia: Baby Pics Can Diagnose Deadly Cancer 11/18/2013
2. The Baptist Standard: Controversy underscores importance of theology in hymns 11/18/2013
3. The Baptist Standard: Truth endures, but hymn styles change 11/18/2013
3. The Greenville (SC) News: Upstate entrepreneurs look to God for guidance, support 11/18/2013
4. Detroit Free Press: Seer and Seekers: Human needs to know the future boosts popularity of psychics 11/18/2013
5. PsychCentral: Spirituality Improves Outcomes for Teens in Rehab 11/18/2013
Baylor Art Students Get Their Chance to Showcase Work 11/18/2013
The Murfreesboro (TN) Post: Former newspaper editor joins open government group 11/18/2013
USA Today: Your baby's pictures could reveal cancer, study says 11/18/2013
1. The Triple Tragedy of Christian Persecution in Middle East 11/15/2013
Baylor Theatre Department Presents "Shipwrecked!" 11/15/2013
Baylor's American Chemical Society Will Welcome Science Lecturers 11/15/2013
El Paso Times: El Paso's Saucedo locksmith company honored by Baylor institute 11/15/2013
Fort Hood Sentinel: Interns gain valuable insight with cross training at OTC 11/15/2013
Institute for Studies of Religion and Department of Classics Welcome Dirk Obbink 11/15/2013
KCEN-TV: Baylor Stadium Update 11/15/2013
KWTX-TV: Behind the Green & Gold: Baylor Stadium Almost Half Complete 11/15/2013
Popular Science: Baby Pics Can Diagnose Deadly Cancer 11/15/2013
The Baptist Standard: Do you need a doctorate to minister in a missional world? 11/15/2013
UPI: Sobriety, spirituality linked for teens in treatment 11/15/2013 Lucas Energy Announces Fiscal 2014 Second Quarter Financial Results and Appointment of New Chairman of the Board of Directors 11/15/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor gives Briles 10-year extension 11/14/2013
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Theatre's "Shipwrecked!" truth-stretching storytelling 11/14/2013
Thomasnet: NEMA hires first public relations specialist 11/14/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Arts: Looking at individuality through Tiffany glass 11/14/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor musician Savion Wright builds on college experience 11/14/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Stadium tour gives front-row seat to massive project 11/14/2013
YNN: Baylor stadium construction on schedule 11/14/2013
1. KRLD-AM (DFW): Expanded Role for Baylor President Ken Starr 11/13/2013
1. The Dallas Morning News: TEXAS FAITH: What words of religious faith should politicians really hear and heed 11/13/2013
1. Voice of America: America's Bloodiest Battlefield Becomes Magnet for Ghost Hunters 11/13/2013
2. America Now: Con Artists Posing as Psychic Mediums 11/13/2013
2. KRIV Fox 26 (Houston): Regents extend contract of Baylor President Starr 11/13/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Lawyers offer advice about county redistricting 11/13/2013
3. Austin American-Statesman: Regents extend contract of Baylor President Starr 11/13/2013
3. The Baptist Standard: 2nd Opinion: Trying to Teach Globally 11/13/2013
4. The Eagle (Bryan-College Station): Regents extend contract of Baylor President Starr 11/13/2013
5. The Wall Street Journal: People Moves: Stroz Friedberg, Baylor University and Kroll 11/13/2013
6. The Baylor Lariat: BU announces $1.5 million donation to be used for business school 11/13/2013
Daily Journal (Illinois): Hutson named new director at southern Illinois VA medical center 11/13/2013
The Tower: Observers Worry Anti-Christian Violence in Middle East Will Deepen Regional Instability 11/13/2013
1. KHOU-TV (Houston)/AP: Regents extend contract of Baylor President Starr 11/12/2013
2. Fort Worth Star-Telegram/AP: Regents extend contract of Baylor President Starr 11/12/2013
3. KWTX-TV: BU President Gets New Contract, New Title 11/12/2013
4. KXXV-TV: Regents extend contract of Baylor President Starr 11/12/2013
5. The Clinton (IA) Herald: Justices should get over their camera shyness 11/12/2013
6. The Baptist Standard: Community Partners help poor connect to benefits 11/12/2013
7. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor President Starr's contract extended, chancellor added to title 11/12/2013
Gift from Waco Entrepreneur Establishes McClinton Family Auditorium in Foster Campus for Business and Innovation 11/12/2013 Botched health-plan rollout puts Obama's credibility at risk 11/12/2013
Keston Center Presents First Symposium 11/12/2013
Memorial Conference at Baylor Honors Christian Author and Philosopher C.S. Lewis 11/12/2013
Miami Herald: Veterans will be honored at UM 11/12/2013
Stamford Advocate: Attorney Michelle May O'Neil on the Cover of Living Magazine 11/12/2013
The Greenwich Post: Greenwich associates named top sales team 11/12/2013
The Oncology Pharmacist: Parents can check their kids for retinoblastoma using digital photography 11/12/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor students selling handbags from Rwanda 11/12/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Maggie McCarthy, guest columnist: Central Texas vets are well-served by 'one-stop-shop' 11/12/2013
1. BioNews Texas: Baylor University and Harvard Researchers Reveal How Digital Camera Photography Helps Reveal Retinoblastoma 11/11/2013
1. Houston Chronicle: Holly Tucker takes 'Voice' fame to next level 11/11/2013
1. NPR: In College Football, Offense Is Flashy, But Defense Wins The Game 11/11/2013
1. The Dallas Morning News: The triple tragedy of Christian persecution in Middle East 11/11/2013
1. The Hanford (CA) Sentinel: Local family seeking to purchase elevator for injured daughter 11/11/2013
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Black Gospel Music Collection at Baylor to Become Part of Smithsonian 11/11/2013
2. KPCC-FM (Pasadena, CA): Save the whales! - Their ear wax is magnificent! 11/11/2013
2. The Texas Tribune: Efforts to Boost Veterans' Job Prospects Praised 11/11/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: First Street Cemetery board will oversee reburials of exhumed remains 11/11/2013
3. KXXV-TV: Congressmen Hold Employment Hearing 11/11/2013
4. KWTX-TV: Rep. Bill Flores in Central Texas 11/11/2013
5. Waco Tribune-Herald: Massive Floyd Casey crowd caused few problems; police brace for UT game 11/11/2013
American Studies Conference at Baylor Will Host Author Donna Johnson, a JFK Documentary, Poetry Readings and Panel Discussions on Timely Topics 11/11/2013
Baylor Professor George Cobb Will Receive Award for Involvement in SETAC 11/11/2013
Baylor Regents Extend President's Contract, Add Chancellor Title 11/11/2013
Baylor to Host the Eugene Scassa Mock Organization of the American States 11/11/2013
Baylor's Roy B. Albaugh Lecture Welcomes Charles Ramirez Berg 11/11/2013
ISR's Final Faith and Freedom Session Will Hear From Baylor's Michael Parrish and ACU's Edward Robinson 11/11/2013
Philosophy Professor Robert Baird Will Lecture at the First Education Showcase Luncheon 11/11/2013
The Digital Age Brings Tour to Baylor 11/11/2013
1. FOX Sports: Baylor seizes its big moment 11/8/2013
1. Oregon Public Broadcasting: How Pictures of Infant Boy's Eyes Helped Diagnose Cancer 11/8/2013
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Nation says win proves football team among country's elite 11/8/2013
3. BioNews Texas: Texas A&M Prof Says Discovery Of Alaska Spear Points Raises New Questions About Human Arrival in North America 11/8/2013
3. KCEN-TV: Baylor Fans Black Out Floyd Casey Stadium 11/8/2013
4. KCEN-TV: Baylor's Head Coach Thanks Fans 11/8/2013
5. KWTX-TV: Surprise Proposal During Baylor Band Rehearsal 11/8/2013
6. Muscatine Journal: Justices should get over their camera shyness 11/8/2013
Associated Baptist Press: Ethicist says violence a moral option 11/8/2013
Baylor Hosts Annual Cold War Film Festival 11/8/2013
Baylor Institute for Studies of Religion Welcomes Stephen Post 11/8/2013
Dongpo News (Seoul, S. Korea): Korean Consul General Visits Baylor 11/8/2013
Medical News Today: Catching Pediatric Eye Cancer With A Smart Phone: Digital Photography Reveals 'White Eye,' Early Sign Of Retinoblastoma 11/8/2013
Science Codex: Researchers help make pediatric eye cancer easier to detect 11/8/2013
The New York Times: In a Chaotic Game, Baylor Leaves Its Past and Oklahoma Far Behind 11/8/2013
University of London's Michelle Brown Can Prove Ancient Manuscripts Still Matter 11/8/2013
Washington Examiner: Botched health-plan rollout puts Obama's credibility at risk 11/8/2013
1. The New York Times: Baylor's Briles Is a Down-Home Innovator 11/7/2013
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Acclaimed gospel groups highlight Baylor symposium 11/7/2013 Where Your Next Burger Will Be Coming From... 11/7/2013
Fort Hood Herald: OTC interns gain valuable insight with cross training 11/7/2013
KCEN-TV: Creating More Jobs For Veterans 11/7/2013
McClatchy DC News: Texas scholar's work to ID immigrant corpses is gratifying and sad 11/7/2013
National Public Radio: How Pictures of Infant Boy's Eyes Helped Diagnose Cancer 11/7/2013
US News and World Report: Highest-Ranked Universities with Rolling Admissions 11/7/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Veterans, advocates lobby Rep. Flores for improved business and education benefits in committee hearing 11/7/2013
Baylor University and Harvard Medical School Researchers Help Make Pediatric Eye Cancer Easier to Detect 11/6/2013
Baylor's Pruit Memorial Symposium to Focus on Black Gospel Music 11/6/2013
Huffington Post: One Texan's Remedy for War: 'Preemptive Love' 11/6/2013
Patheos: "The Prodigal" and Brennan Manning: An Interview with Greg Garrett 11/6/2013
Patheos: C.S. Lewis 50th Memorial Conference Week at Baylor: Nov. 18, 22-13 11/6/2013
The American Association of Individual Investors: Social Security Strategies for Singles 11/6/2013
The Dallas Morning News: Volunteer has book depository's historic plaque looking like new 11/6/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: County hires redistricting experts to redraw JP lines 11/6/2013
1. Associated Baptist Press: Team work needed to fight hunger: official 11/5/2013
2. Baylor Lariat: Hearing talks GI Bill, jobs for veterans 11/5/2013
3. KWTX-TV: Fans Prepare for Baylor Blackout 11/5/2013
4. KCEN-TV: Baylor Gears up for Big Game 11/5/2013
Aberdeen (SD) News: Effort to ID immigrants' corpses is gratifying - and sad 11/5/2013
Baylor Round Table Shares American Thanksgiving Traditions with International Students 11/5/2013
Daily Mirror (Sri Lanka): Govt. cannot gamble with our country - Editorial 11/5/2013
El Paso Times: Tom Lea Month: Old friend's art can be found across Texas 11/5/2013
Houston Chronicle: A&M, Baylor find changes idea of how America was populated 11/5/2013
Roger Olson Presents T.B. Maston Lecture 11/5/2013
The Baptist Standard: Editorial: Fertility, evangelism & American Christianity 11/5/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor, Midway grad's writing program helps students become novelists 11/5/2013
1. CNN: 10 heroes of Income Equality, USA 11/4/2013
1. Forbes: Who Are The Greatest American Entrepreneurs Ever? 11/4/2013
1. Iowa City Press-Citizen: Justice should get over their camera shyness 11/4/2013
1. KCEN-TV: Baylor Students in West for Annual Steppin' Out Day of Service 11/4/2013
1. The Buffalo (NY) News 11/4/2013
2. KCEN-TV: Baylor Students Clean Up West 11/4/2013
2. Psych Central: Non-Religious Friends, R-rated Films May Lessen Importance of Faith in Teens 11/4/2013
2. The Baptist Standard: Hunger a moral problem, White House official tells summit 11/4/2013
3. The Baptist Standard: Texas Tidbits: New business campus set at Baylor 11/4/2013
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor opens up Passport to Waco program to MCC, TSTC students 11/4/2013
Baylor Research and Innovation Collaborative Welcomes Nobel Laureate 11/4/2013
Baylor's Executive MBA Program Is Ranked Internationally by Financial Times 11/4/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor hunger summit helps boost breakfast, summer meal usage 11/4/2013
World's Most Requested American Opera Tenor Will Perform at Baylor University 11/4/2013
1. Texas Lawyer: Results from the July Texas bar exam are online 11/1/2013
1. The Why Files: Happy Halloween! 11/1/2013
2. KXXV-TV: Area Psychologists and Counselors Encourage West Survivors to Seek Help 11/1/2013
3. Patheos: Faith at War 11/1/2013
Baylor Law No. 1 in Texas Bar Exam Results 11/1/2013
Baylor's Institute for Family Business Honors 'Texas Family Business of the Year' 11/1/2013 Watching R-rated Movies Cuts Down on Church Attendance, Lessens Importance of Faith for Young People, Baylor Study Finds 11/1/2013
Los Angeles Times: Effort to ID immigrants' corpses is gratifying -- and sad 11/1/2013
Machines Like Us: Supernatural experiences trigger religious donations 11/1/2013
The Foundry: Lady Gaga and "The Walking Dead"? What Are College Students Learning These Days? 11/1/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Prairie grass, wildflowers part of Cottonwood golf course plans 11/1/2013
Waco Tribune-Herald: Re-ignited passion for Waco: John Durham follows in father's footsteps as hometown pastor 11/1/2013

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