Baylor in the News Archives for Jan. 2012

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Story Date
1. Kiplinger's Retirement Report: On the Home Stretch to Your Retirement 1/31/2012
1. The Daily Pennsylvanian: Polling locations could sway votes, study finds 1/31/2012
2. The Huffington Post: Mean Boss? Exercise Could Help Lower Stress, Study Shows 1/31/2012
Appleton Post Crescent: Peter Hetland column: You should make journey of purpose 1/31/2012
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Florida melting pot could be best GOP barometer yet 1/31/2012
The Huffington Post Business: Super Bowl: Are Ads Worth The Millions? 1/31/2012
The Journal of Blacks in Higher Education: Two Black Scholars Named to Endowed Chairs 1/31/2012
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Professor runs half-marathon 5 months after surgery 1/31/2012
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Talk of the Neighborhood: Local achievements and honors for Jan. 29, 2012 1/31/2012
Washington Examiner: Social media helps Obama skirt press, target youth 1/31/2012
World on Campus: Speaking about the unspeakable 1/31/2012
1. First Things: Perpetual Adolescence: A Review of Young Adult 1/30/2012
1. John and Marie Chiles Named Founders of Baylor University 1/30/2012
1. KWTX-TV: Waco: Baylor Presents Founders Medallion To Dallas Couple 1/30/2012
1. The Washington Post: A terrible bet for Prince George's County 1/30/2012
1. Tyler Paper: Father, Son Law Partners Are Mentors And Friends 1/30/2012
2. Is Super Bowl Advertising Worth the Cost? 1/30/2012
2. Religion in American History: Gods of Liberty: An Interview with Thomas Kidd 1/30/2012
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor opera a gem of a production 1/30/2012
Dallas Morning News SportsDay: Carlton: How Baylor made pitch to dazzling PG Jackson a slam dunk 1/30/2012
L.A. Talk Radio "Answers for the Family": "Shiny Objects: Do Possessions Have Anything To Do With Happiness?" 1/30/2012
1. Austin-American Statesman: Baylor studying on-campus football stadium idea 1/27/2012
1. Dallas Morning News: For ambitious students, giving it the ol' college try has become more cutthroat 1/27/2012
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: New view of printmaking technique in Baylor exhibit 1/27/2012
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: David A. Smith: National Gallery of Art always escapes wrath of politicians 1/27/2012
4. Leesburg Today: Patrick Henry Biographer To Lecture At PHC 1/27/2012 More Companies are Opening On-site Clinics to Provide Health Care to Employees 1/27/2012
Neighbors Go: Godwin Ronquillo PC Names Former Judge Marilea Lewis a Shareholder 1/27/2012
The Daily Pennsylvanian: Polling locations could sway votes, study finds 1/27/2012
1. National Review: Oscar Nominations: The Year of Sentimental Populism 1/26/2012
2. Long Island Press: A Shinnecock Casino At Belmont? Don't Bet On It. 1/26/2012
CoStar Group: Barker Joins Endura as VP 1/26/2012
KWTX: Waco: A New Spin On "Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde" 1/26/2012 Carol Meyer Willingham, Soprano, to Sing in Concert Benefiting the SADS Foundation 1/26/2012
Presbyterian Church USA: For many, 'Losing My Religion' isn't a song: It's life 1/26/2012
Reuters: ABOTA Foundation Presents Lifetime Achievement Award to Lewis R. Sifford 1/26/2012
The New York Times: Baylor Football, Post-Griffin 1/26/2012
Waco Tribune-Herald: Builders hammer out details for Baylor football stadium 1/26/2012
Waco Tribune-Herald: Good reads at Waco libraries: February 2012 1/26/2012
Benefits Link: More Companies are Opening On-site Clinics to Provide Healthcare to Employees 1/25/2012
Digital Journal: Study shows 'religious priming' influences political voting 1/25/2012
KTVN: Behringer Harvard Appoints New Head of Retail Distribution 1/25/2012
National Review: Oscar Nominations: The Year of Sentimental Populism 1/25/2012
New Orleans Times-Picayune: Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III selected winner of the annual Manning Award 1/25/2012
Office of the Governor Rick Perry: Gov. Perry Appoints Three to Texas Medical Board 1/25/2012
The Ann Arbor Chronicle: UM's Business of Research, Academics 1/25/2012
The Huffington Post: Victoria's Secret vs. The Bible: Redefining Beauty Through Proverbs 31 1/25/2012
Baptist Standard: 2nd Opinion: Baptists, theology & the presidency 1/24/2012
Eureka- Wildwood Patch: Beauty About Females Redefined by Male College Student from Wildwood 1/24/2012
Florida Today: Norris Burkes: Bible is a guide, not a singular object of worship 1/24/2012
Louisiana Tech University News: School of Art exhibitions show history, life 1/24/2012
MultifamilyBiz: ARA's Central Texas Broker Roster Expands 1/24/2012
New York Post: The house loses 1/24/2012
News Ok: Baylor fan Daniel Clark enjoying the rise 1/24/2012
News Ok: Why Baylor is bearing down on the Big 12, and everyone else 1/24/2012
The Huffington Post: Let's Stop Voting in Churches 1/24/2012
Tulsa World: Tulsans to gather in march for life 1/24/2012
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Williams shining as Griner's sidekick 1/24/2012
Waco Tribune-Herald: Griffin's Heisman points recruits toward Baylor 1/24/2012
Waco Tribune-Herald: Michael Attas: 'Hidden stains' of life affect our well-being 1/24/2012
Waco Tribune-Herald: Outdoors: Right conditions make fishing easy 1/24/2012
1. Science Codex: Where you vote may influence how you vote, Baylor University researchers find 1/23/2012
1. The New York Times: New York's Bad Bet 1/23/2012
2. The Blaze: 'Religious Priming': Location of Voting Booths Can Sway Decisions 1/23/2012
2. Tyler Morning Telegraph: Meadows Gallery Shows International Exhibition 1/23/2012
3. The Lima (OH) News: Faith behind bars 1/23/2012
Baptist Standard: Around the State 1/23/2012
Baylor Professor Appointed to American Chemical Society's Committee on Environmental Improvement 1/23/2012
Baylor Professor Named Association for Information Systems Fellow 1/23/2012
Denver Post: Baylor researchers say where you vote may influence how you vote 1/23/2012
The Daily Oklahoman: Why Baylor is bearing down on the Big 12, and everyone else 1/23/2012
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Opera's strong chorus, entertaining narrative in 'Dido and Aeneas' 1/23/2012
1. Fort Hood Sentinel: RG3 returns 1/20/2012
1. The Sacramento Bee: For some 49ers fans, price of ticket to Sunday's big game is no object 1/20/2012
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Opera's strong chorus, entertaining narrative in 'Dido and Aeneas' 1/20/2012
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: War documentary opens return of Texas film series at Baylor 1/20/2012
2. Texas Business: Baylor University Names Former U.S. Congressman Chet Edwards as The W.R. Poage Distinguished Chair for Public Service, Donation of Congressional Paper 1/20/2012
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Brice Cherry: Griner reigns as shot-block queen 1/20/2012
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: City of Waco book calls for river development while preserving natural beauty 1/20/2012
3. The Lima News: Thomas S. Kidd: Patrick Henry warned about infringement on liberty 1/20/2012
The Telegraph (United Kingdom): Polling stations locations may influence voters, research suggests 1/20/2012
USA Today: Hidden triggers prompt voters' choices 1/20/2012
ABC News: Polling Location May Influence Vote, Study Finds 1/19/2012
Associated Baptist Press: Jim Newton, Baptist journalist, dies at 75 1/19/2012
Bethel University: Seminary San Diego Speaker Discussed How Christians Should Respond to Environmentalism 1/19/2012
My San Antonio: Baylor hires Chet Edwards as 'distinguished chair for public service' 1/19/2012
Reuters: Climate Change Liability the Focus of Mock U.S. Supreme Court at UH Law Center Jan. 19 1/19/2012
The Atlantic: Study of the Day: Need Help? Turn to Your Most Humble Friends First 1/19/2012
The Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Good luck to RG3 in the NFL - come back anytime 1/19/2012
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco resident Hardage tabbed to lead Baptist General Convention 1/19/2012
WTOP 103.5 FM Washington, D.C.: Incivility on the rise at work 1/19/2012
Big 12 Conference: Baylor Student Athlete Spotlight: Pierre Jackson 1/18/2012
Cleburne Times-Review: Former U.S. Rep. Edwards to teach at Baylor 1/18/2012
Killeen Daily Herald: Local officials discuss defense speech 1/18/2012
KWTX: MomsEveryday: Raw Egg Dangers - Dr. Suzy Weems 1/18/2012
Patheos: The Challenge of Proximity: Guidelines for the Global Church 1/18/2012
The Waco Tribune-Herald: John Werner: Baylor, fans owe debt of gratitude to RG3 1/18/2012
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco pastor offers series of public counseling sessions 1/18/2012
The Washington Times: BOOK REVIEW: 'Patrick Henry' 1/18/2012
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Staying the course at Baylor University 1/17/2012
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Building on a clear vision: An interview with Baylor Provost Elizabeth Davis 1/17/2012
3. The Waco Tribune-Herald: BU's next 10-year plan more open-ended than Baylor 2012 1/17/2012
Ann Arbor: University of Michigan chemistry professor wins $275,000 award for teaching 1/17/2012
Associated Baptist Press: Board elects Hardage BGCT executive director 1/17/2012
Austin American-Statesman: Baylor's in rare air 1/17/2012
ESPN College Football: Big 12 Blog: Robert Griffin III gets the key to hometown 1/17/2012
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Former congressman Chet Edwards takes part-time gig at Baylor 1/17/2012
Killeen Daily Herald: Honoring King where rights movement began: church 1/17/2012
Napa Valley Register: Uncommon valor found in Giants star 1/17/2012
Sports Illustrated: Griffin's Heisman paying dividends for Baylor on recruiting trail 1/17/2012
The Examiner: College of Community Association Lawyers (CCAL) announces new president 1/17/2012
The Orange (Texas) Leader: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Religion shouldn't be a factor in elections 1/17/2012
The Waco Tribune-Herald: University of Michigan professor receives prestigious Baylor award for teaching 1/17/2012
Weatherford Telegram: Secondary principal named new chief administrator of Trinity Christian 1/17/2012
1. Associated Baptist Press: Board elects Hardage BGCT executive director 1/13/2012
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: David A. Smith: Your orchestra is interrupting my texting 1/13/2012
2. Baptist Standard: Newly elected executive director eager to tell the Texas Baptist story 1/13/2012
2. The Dallas Morning News: Carlton: Robert Griffin III leaves Baylor a better place 1/13/2012
2. The High Point Enterprise: City honors King's legacy 1/13/2012
3. Amarillo Globe-News: Griffin made a lasting mark 1/13/2012
3. Associated Baptist Press: Former congressman named to Baylor chair 1/13/2012
4. University of Houston: Mock Supreme Court to hear climate arguments: EENR sponsors session on likely liability issues Jan. 19 at UHLC 1/13/2012
5. The Eagle: Baylor hires Chet Edwards for lectures 1/13/2012
The Christian Post: Should Christians Vote for a Mormon? 1/13/2012
ABC News: It's official: Heisman winner RG3 jumping to NFL 1/12/2012
Houston Chronicle: Baylor hires Chet Edwards as 'distinguished chair for public service' 1/12/2012
KXXV: Waco flag back home after officer's Iraq tour 1/12/2012
Neighbor Newspapers: Turner Seminary Celebrates With Annual Isaac R. Clark Clergy and Lay Conference 1/12/2012
PR Web: Brown McCarroll Names Two New Partners 1/12/2012
The Dallas Morning News: Sherrington: Once meek, Baylor is sporting a new athletic image 1/12/2012
The New York Times: The Good News Bear 1/12/2012
Waco Tribune-Herald: Saying 'it was time,' RG3 declares for NFL draft 1/12/2012
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco resident Hardage tabbed to lead Baptist General Convention 1/12/2012
1. NPR: Heisman Winner RG3 Leaving Baylor Early for NFL 1/11/2012
1. The Baptist Standard: Former congressman named to Baylor chair; donates papers to archives 1/11/2012
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco flag carried to Iraq back in city's hands 1/11/2012
Deseret News: Ken Starr: 'Can I vote for a Mormon?' 1/11/2012
Edmonton Journal: Old ideas can still be winners if timing is right 1/11/2012
ESPN College Football: Griffin III leaves Baylor a place changed forever 1/11/2012
Houston Chronicle: In casting vote, faith should not be an issue 1/11/2012
Killeen Daily Herald: At the churches 1/11/2012
KWTX: Former Central Texas Congressman Appointed To Teach At Baylor 1/11/2012
Star Local News: 'Sic 'em' success: McKinney grad garners national accolade at Baylor 1/11/2012
The Hillsboro Reporter: Litigation Delays New Voter Cards 1/11/2012
The University of Kansas News: Three KU alumni selected for CASE awards 1/11/2012
WGN Radio: Mike McConnell, Dr. James Roberts Interview 1/11/2012
Bangor Daily: A candidate's religious beliefs should not be the guide 1/10/2012
Baptist Standard: What about 'so what?' 1/10/2012
Catholic Online: The Happy Priest: The Epiphany of the Lord Teaches us the Meaning of Life 1/10/2012
Dallas Morning News: Eagle Scouts 1/10/2012
KXXV: Baylor student's motivational video goes viral 1/10/2012
Lancaster (PA) Online: Column: Mormon theology: a lively debate 1/10/2012
The Star Phoenix: Old ideas can still be winners if timing is right 1/10/2012
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor, Briles excited to flip page to next football season 1/10/2012
Townhall: BP journalism competition winners named 1/10/2012
Tyler Paper: Perryman To Give Economic Forecast 1/10/2012
Waco Tribune-Herald: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Religion shouldn't be a factor in elections 1/10/2012
WTFTV: Mega-casino bill passes; Lawmakers back to work 1/10/2012
1. Abilene Reporter-News: Longtime pastor Maciel remembered for trend-setting in Abilene, at Baylor 1/9/2012
1. Technorati: Humility is Key To a Person's Helpfulness 1/9/2012
1. The Baptist Press: BP journalism competition winners named 1/9/2012
1. The Baptist Standard: Baylor athletics scores big wins, takes top honors 1/9/2012
1. The Daily Oklahoman: Book review: "Patrick Henry, First Among Patriots" by Thomas S. Kidd 1/9/2012
2. Philanthropy News Digest: Four Universities Receive $2.4 Million From Kern Family Foundation 1/9/2012
2. Salon: So what if America is the most religious nation? 1/9/2012
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Robberies up, violent crime down in Waco, say FBI stats 1/9/2012
The Washington Post: Can I vote for a Mormon? 1/9/2012
1. Dayton Daily News: UD to participate in new 'intrapreneur' study 1/6/2012
1. Eagle Tribune (North Andover, Mass.): Why We Try to Buy Happiness 1/6/2012
1. Hockey paves way for Watkins football glory 1/6/2012
1. UPI: Humble people more likely to help 1/6/2012
2. Brown Pelican: Patrick Henry Warned Us about Extravagant Government 1/6/2012
2. Killeen Daily Herald: Baylor receives funds to boost entrepreneurs 1/6/2012
2. Live Science: Humble People Are More Helpful 1/6/2012
3. HealthDay: Need Help? Seek Out the Humble 1/6/2012
3. Interest Alert: Congresswoman Eddie Bernice Johnson Hosts Texas No Kid Hungry Dallas Summit, Bringing Together Local and National Child Hunger Thought Leaders 1/6/2012
Boston Globe: Baylor basketball part of school's renaissance 1/6/2012
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor filmmaker goes to Europe to talk about faith 1/6/2012
1. National Geographic: Humble People Are Helpful People 1/5/2012
1. The Globe and Mail: The surprising success of the Confession app 1/5/2012
1. The Washington Post: Baylor president says impact of Griffin winning Heisman Trophy is 'unbelievably believable' 1/5/2012
2. FOX News: My Faith and Politics in America 1/5/2012
2. National Post: At the world's hottest church 1/5/2012
3. The Atlantic: Bad Bosses Follow You Home 1/5/2012
The Austin American-Statesman: What to make of the economic mess? No agreement here 1/5/2012
The Sacramento Bee: Jones Walker Announces New Partners, Office Heads, and Board of Directors Members 1/5/2012
USA Today: Spirits finally soaring for Baylor athletics 1/5/2012
Waxahachie Daily Light: Krista Jeffrey using forensic science to help solve crimes 1/5/2012
1. USA Today: For many, 'Losing My Religion' isn't just a song: It's life 1/4/2012
2. Huffington Post: Humble People More Likely To Help Than Arrogant People, Study Finds 1/4/2012
3. e!Science News: Humble people are more likely to lend a helping hand, Baylor University study finds 1/4/2012
4. CBC News: Humble people more likely to be helpful 1/4/2012
Clarion Ledger: Clinton's Gunn new speaker of House 1/4/2012
MPR News: The pros and cons of consumerism 1/4/2012
National Geographic: Evolution of Angels: From Disembodied Minds to Winged Guardians 1/4/2012
New York Times: Baylor Basks in Heisman's Glow 1/4/2012
New York Times: The Finds of the Lost Decade 1/4/2012
Poten and Partners: Southern Professor Links Presidential Success To Prior Experience 1/4/2012
Waco Tribune Herald: Waco Mammoth Site awaits monument designation 1/4/2012
1. My San Antonio: Baylor president optimistic new stadium 'will happen' 1/3/2012
1. Scientific American: Workplace Rudeness Has a Ripple Effect 1/3/2012
Bill's 'Faith Matters' Blog: Christmas art's context 1/3/2012
CBS Sports Update: RG3 hasn't made his NFL decision yet 1/3/2012
Culture Map Houston: Robert Griffin III goes bodyguard crazy, scores 67 -- and still stands tall as classiest Heisman winner ever 1/3/2012
Dallas Morning News: Carlton: No official word on Robert Griffin's status, but signs point to NFL 1/3/2012
MSNBC: Need a hand? Find someone humble 1/3/2012
NPR:When To Put The Brakes On Brand Names For Kids 1/3/2012
Toledo Blade: Mobile app helps Catholics prepare to make Confession 1/3/2012

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