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1. OSHA Healthcare Advisor: Body scanners bringing fashion and fit to PPE 8/31/2011
2. The Times-Picayune (LA): The best is yet to come in humanity's progress; the average Obama -- and other picks by opinion writers 8/31/2011
Shopper Revolution: The Shopper's Trophy 8/31/2011
USA Today: Texas A&M notifies the Big 12 it is leaving next June 8/31/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: David A. Smith: Wal-Mart heir creates new hub of American art 8/31/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: Waco native, TCU professor documents real 'Help' stories 8/31/2011
1. 1st Hot Job: Photographer got start with snow cones 8/30/2011
1. Baptist Standard: Invincibles came to the rescue in isolated, rural churches 8/30/2011
1. Lab Manager: New Way to Predict Chemical Safety 8/30/2011
1. The New York Times: How the Serve Went Over the Top 8/30/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor football transfers making quick transition 8/30/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Private sector salary raises keeping up with government employees' 8/30/2011
2. KRLD-AM: Interview with Dr. Curt Nichols 8/30/2011
2. PC World: 10 questions for NetSuite CFO Ron Gill 8/30/2011
1. C-SPAN BOOK-TV: Authors on the Air August 26, 2011: Ronald Bishop, Mary Jo McConahay 8/29/2011
1. Seattle Times: America's gambling addiction threatens the nation's soul 8/29/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor volleyball preview: Bears working to regain traction after down year 8/29/2011
1. Yahoo! News: Obama's win will determine if he is an 'average' or 'great' president: Study 8/29/2011
2. Austin American-Statesman: Drought could push salamanders to brink of extinction 8/29/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: John Werner: TCU provides Baylor motivation for opener 8/29/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: More companies eyeing Waco this year, which could bring job growth 8/29/2011
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Pro Baseball Notebook: Baylor ex looks forward after gruesome injury 8/29/2011 Rudeness At Work: On the Rise, And Coming With A Big Cost 8/29/2011
Martin Museum of Art Presents McRay Magleby Silkscreen Posters and Ann Ekstrom Oil Paintings 8/29/2011
New Psychology Class Encourages Students to Think Positive 8/29/2011 Sophia Young Reaches 3,000-Point Plateau 8/29/2011
1. Environmental Health Safety Magazine: Baylor University Researchers Use Body Scanners as Tools for Designing Protective Clothing 8/26/2011
1. Houston Chronicle: Big 12 entitled to brag with a load of championships 8/26/2011
1. Workplace drama can damage your home life 8/26/2011
2. St. Louis American: Sociologist studies impact of education on religion 8/26/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor grad student Melissa Jones fills new role on volleyball court 8/26/2011
3. R&D Magazine: New approaches developed to predict the environmental safety of chemicals 8/26/2011
4. The Atlantic Wire: The 22nd-Greatest President; Counting Female TV Characters 8/26/2011
The Wall Street Journal: Religion and the Bad News Bearers 8/26/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Martin Museum goes big with 2 new exhibits 8/26/2011
1. Infection Control Today: Body Scanners as Tools for Designing Medical Protective Clothing 8/25/2011
1. KOTA-TV: Taber Estes Thorne & Carr Adds Litigator Greta A. Matzen 8/25/2011
2. Audiology Online: CareCredit Names New National Account Manager 8/25/2011
2. Baptist Standard: Baylor faces potential reduction in BGCT funding plan 8/25/2011
3. Cherokeean Herald: Gov. Perry Names Friedkin Chair of Texas Parks and Wildlife Commission 8/25/2011
e!Science: Obama: Our 22nd greatest president? 8/25/2011
Finding the Perfect Fit: Baylor University's Apparel Program Explores Body Scanners as Tools for Designing Fashions and Protective Clothing 8/25/2011
Science Daily: Scientists Develop New Approaches to Predict the Environmental Safety of Chemicals 8/25/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Wacoans share their memories of the city on Facebook page 8/25/2011
1. Economic Times: Barack Obama likely to be an 'average' President: Survey 8/24/2011
1. Environmental Protection: Scientists Develop New Approaches to Predict the Environmental Safety of Chemicals 8/24/2011
1. KCEN-TV: Growing electronic textbook use saves students thousands 8/24/2011
1. Obama: Our 22nd Greatest President? 8/24/2011
1. Sun Sentinel Times: With Zachery Tims gone, what's next for New Destiny? 8/24/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Former Temple back Seastrunk joins Baylor football 8/24/2011
2. Boston Globe: Rudeness is contagious 8/24/2011
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Robinson grad 1st to get new Baylor scholarship 8/24/2011
3. Waco Tribune Herald: EDITORIAL: One need not be a Baylor alumnus to commit to its foremost priority 8/24/2011
1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Sacred and secular working to fight crime 8/23/2011
1. Huffington Post: The Effect of Being Smarter Than A Fifth-Grader 8/23/2011
2. (MI): Incivility at work can be hard on your marriage 8/23/2011
3. Biblical Recorder: Study: Bible reading changes views 8/23/2011
3. The Columbus Dispatch: Some twist belief into something evil 8/23/2011
ABC News: Colleagues Behaving Badly: Stress of Rude Co-Worker Can Affect Home Life 8/23/2011
Baylor Scientists Develop New Approaches to Predict the Environmental Safety of Chemicals 8/23/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Talk of the Neighborhood: Local achievements and honors 8/23/2011
1. USA TODAY: Religious freedom under assault 8/22/2011
Associated Baptist Press: New Bible translation seeks common ground 8/22/2011
Houston Chronicle: Football rivalries in Texas are worthy of protection 8/22/2011
New York Daily News: A horrible coworker can also mean a horrible home life, according to study by Baylor University 8/22/2011
The Tennessean: Generation NEXT: 20somethings take the reins as CEOs 8/22/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor soccer poised for breakout year 8/22/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Less state money means fewer low-income students at Baylor 8/22/2011
1. 1660ESPN Radio: Interview with President Starr, Part 1 8/19/2011
1. KCEN-TV: Music Makes for Quite a Love Story (embedded video) 8/19/2011
2. 1660ESPN Radio: Interview with President Starr, Part 2 8/19/2011
2. Baptist Standard: New Bible translation seeks common ground 8/19/2011
3. News Blaze: Reality TV Mom Isn't Down for the Count, Despite Cancellation of Her Television Show, Baylor Journalism Researcher Predicts 8/19/2011
3. The Dallas Morning News: Baylor president: College athletics starting to look like an 'embarrassing Jurassic Park' 8/19/2011
4. Conroe Courier: Big 12 must resolve issues together 8/19/2011
5. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Mark White, former Tx governor, says A&M would be making a "permanent mistake" to leave Big 12 8/19/2011
Arlington Citizen-Journal: In Arlington, getting school supplies to needy kids is community effort 8/19/2011
Live Science: Rude Behavior Can Spread Like a Virus 8/19/2011
Yahoo! News: Study: Rudeness Spreads Like Virus 8/19/2011
1. Baylor Researcher to Study Air Pollution, Asthma Exacerbation in Fort Worth Area School District 8/18/2011
1. Financial Post: Can it be that the not-so-nice finish first? 8/18/2011
1. Good Health: With Age, Focus on Body Shifts From Appearance to Function 8/18/2011
1. KCEN-TV: Baylor University welcomes most academically advanced freshmen class 8/18/2011
1. KWTX-TV: Incoming Baylor Freshman Boost Waco Economy 8/18/2011
1. Tulsa World: LOOK expands presence into Texas 8/18/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Nickelback competition vital to new Baylor defense 8/18/2011
2. Psychology Today: Do Nice Guys Finish Last, And Get Paid Less? 8/18/2011
1. Beaumont Enterprise: Southeast Texas attorney defends those accused of capital murder 8/17/2011
1. New Studies Help Boy Scouts 'Be Prepared' 8/17/2011
2. ABC News4: 12th Annual H. Bruce Russell Global Innovator's Award Competition Brings Corporate Real Estate's Best to Emory University 8/17/2011
2. Star Tribune: Singletary's fire, desire burn bright 8/17/2011
Christianity Today: Revolutionary Faith 8/17/2011
e! Science News: Baylor University study finds consequences of co-worker rudeness are far-reaching 8/17/2011
Faith Matters: Countering biblical literalism: 8-15-11 8/17/2011
Huffington Post: The Secrets of Orthodox Exorcists 8/17/2011
Reality TV Mom Isn't Down for the Count, Despite Cancellation of Her Television Show, Baylor Journalism Researcher Predicts 8/17/2011
USA TODAY: Baylor's Starr: College athletics becoming embarrassment 8/17/2011
1. Austin American-Statesman: Don't destroy the Big 12 and Texas rivalries 8/16/2011
1. KPRC-TV Houston: Teens Use Cupcakes To Help Others 8/16/2011
1. The Christian Post: Bible Interpretation Influenced by Education of Fellow Worshippers, Study Says 8/16/2011
1. Vancouver Sun: Anger, Violence with the Heat 8/16/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Aggies leaving Big 12 would deal blow to Waco economy 8/16/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor grad Conaway new pastor at Seventh & James Baptist Church 8/16/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's last line of defense is its safeties 8/16/2011
1. You Can't Leave It at the Office: Baylor University Study Finds Consequences of Co-Worker Rudeness Are Far-reaching 8/16/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: We encourage Gov. Perry to defuse Aggie wanderlust, fight for Big 12 stability 8/16/2011
1. Houston Chronicle: Move by A&M to SEC defies logic 8/15/2011
1. KCEN-TV: Rumors of Texas A&M leaving the Big 12 hitting Waco's economy 8/15/2011
1. KGO-AM San Francisco: "God Talk" 8/15/2011
1. KXXV-TV: Baylor professor debunks wildly popular muscle-building supplement 8/15/2011
2. KWTX-TV: A&M Defection Would Cost Texas Millions Of Dollars, Thousands Of Jobs 8/15/2011
2. MSN Health: With Age, Focus on Body Shifts From Appearance to Function 8/15/2011
2. Salt Lake City Tribune: Warren Jeffs' legal saga isn't over by a long shot 8/15/2011
2. The Washington Post: Rep. Branch thinks committee will get to question Big 12, SEC, A&M before Aggies make SEC move 8/15/2011
Temple Daily Telegram: Baylor alumni welcome new students 8/15/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Keep the Big 12 together 8/15/2011
1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: People really are more ornery when it's hot out, experts say 8/12/2011
1. How you read the Bible is tied to fellow worshippers' education, Baylor researcher finds 8/12/2011
2. Nutrition Review: Study Suggests Popular Muscle-Boosting Supplement Does Not Increase Blood Flow 8/12/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Drought, record heat could have serious impact on local ecology 8/12/2011
Sunday "God Talk" Program on KGO San Francisco to Feature Kierkegaard Expert Dr. Stephen Evans 8/12/2011
Voice of America: Experts Say Belief in Paranormal Common in US 8/12/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor walk-on receiver back in school after stint in minors 8/12/2011
1. Business Weekly: Time to Admit It: The Sales 'Relationship' Is Over 8/11/2011
1. Deseret News: Survey claims women are leaving churches 8/11/2011
1. Science Daily: Popular Muscle-Boosting Supplement Does Not Increase Blood Flow, Study Suggests 8/11/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor offensive line hopes to continue NFL pedigree 8/11/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Community news 8/11/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Talk of the Neighborhood: Local achievements and honors 8/11/2011
2. Modern Medicine: Body satisfaction: Seniors differ 8/11/2011
Baylor Sociology Student Wins Award for Research Showing that How You Read the Bible is Linked to Whether Your Fellow Worshippers Went to College 8/11/2011
1. KFMB-AM (San Diego): Flexible schedule helps keep new moms in the workplace 8/10/2011
1. The Student Operated Press: The Link Between Brain Malfunctions and Sin 8/10/2011
2. Deseret News: Gambling on the rise: Is America becoming addicted? 8/10/2011
2. MercatorNet: Will science banish superstition forever? 8/10/2011
Baylor Study Finds Popular Muscle-Boosting Supplement Does Not Increase Blood Flow 8/10/2011
Deseret News: Overcoming the obstacles to faith-based approaches to crime 8/10/2011
Interest Alert!: Newegg Adds Two New Independent Members to Its Board of Directors 8/10/2011
KWTX-TV: Baylor In Full Pads For First Time At Fall Practice 8/10/2011
Radio Rhema New Zealand: Bible reading changes views 8/10/2011
1. Baptist Press: 3 Baptist colleges named best workplaces 8/9/2011
1. Massage Magazine: Which Matters Most--Appearance or Functionality? 8/9/2011
1. MSN Health: With Age, Focus on Body Shifts From Appearance to Function 8/9/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald Tennessee punter next in line for Baylor football 8/9/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco investment advisers urge clients to stay the course 8/9/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: With NASA grounding shuttle, SpaceX and Central Texas take lead in space exploration 8/9/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Is Waco's irritability increasing along with record high heat? 8/9/2011
1. HealthDay: With Age, Focus on Body Shifts From Appearance to Function 8/8/2011
1. Houston Chronicle: Critics, believers ready their Response to Perry rally 8/8/2011
1. Killeen Daily Herald: Museum's Lost Egypt exhibit an exciting find 8/8/2011
2. Austin American-Statesman: Community of evangelicals in Central Texas plan to attend to pray for nation, leaders 8/8/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Several Baylor professors keep busy with recent grant awards 8/8/2011
3. Dallas Morning News: In search of cheap stocks 8/8/2011
FOX News: More God, Less Crime 8/8/2011
Houston Chronicle: Thomas Miller, former Chronicle managing editor 8/8/2011
KWBU-FM: Baylor Line Camp Imparts Community Service Value to Students 8/8/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: 10 local students' civic artwork on display at Waco City Hall 8/8/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor homecoming, parents' weekend tickets available 8/8/2011
1. The Phinsider: NFL Does Not Require Ambulances At Practice 8/5/2011
2. San Antonio Express-News: S.A. lawyer to head diplomacy council 8/5/2011
3. Palestine Herald-Press: PISD Board officially hires new superintendent 8/5/2011
Baptist Courier: Bible reading changes views of conservatives and liberals, study says 8/5/2011
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Boots with extra spirit bringing in new customers 8/5/2011
Paddock Talk: 2011 ARCA: School's Out For Summer, But Lessons Carry On For Michael Leavine 8/5/2011
U.S. News and World Report: With Age, Focus on Body Shifts From Appearance to Function 8/5/2011
World Magazine: More God, Less Crime 8/5/2011
1. Austin Business Journal: Texas is top 10 among entrepreneur states 8/4/2011
1. Medical News: Older men, women have different opinions on body function and appearance 8/4/2011
1. Psych Central: Body Satisfaction Important Even As We Age 8/4/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor football must hit field running 8/4/2011
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Waco feels like dancing as interest explodes 8/4/2011
1. Deseret News: Religious objects connect to God in a material world 8/3/2011
1. ESPN Radio Pittsburgh: Cleveland Browns sign former Baylor athlete Phil Taylor 8/3/2011
2. Baptist Standard: Gregory helps BWA promote better preaching 8/3/2011
2. FIBA: USA - Griner, Vandersloot, added to United States roster 8/3/2011
3. Cherokeean Herald: New Book by Baylor Professor Looks at Consumerism and Happiness 8/3/2011
Science Daily: Satisfaction in Body Function, Body Appearance Differs in Older Men and Women 8/3/2011
1. Baylor Study Finds Satisfaction in Body Function, Body Appearance Differs in Older Men and Women 8/2/2011
1. The New York Times: A Social Security Calculator That Helps Hedge Your Bets 8/2/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor's Odyssey Sims hopes to represent US in China 8/2/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: TSTC training is BRIC research center's ace in the hole, official says 8/2/2011
2. The Dickinson Press: New taunting rule in college football could take points off Scoreboard 8/2/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Local woman turns painful memories into foundation to help others 8/1/2011
2. The Other Journal: The Tree of Life and the Lamb of God 8/1/2011
3. The Town Talk: Author makes case for God, faith to heal nation 8/1/2011
Houston Chronicle: Perry prayer day at Reliant: piety and politics? 8/1/2011
New Book by Baylor Professor Looks at Consumerism and Happiness 8/1/2011
Trinidad Express Newspaper: Hewitt grabs 200 gold 8/1/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Thoughts on choral director/composer Robert Young 8/1/2011

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