Baylor in the News Archives for Feb. 2011

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Story Date
1. BBC: Baylor tennis team wins with international talent 2/28/2011
1. KCEN-TV: Managing "Good Deal" Fever 2/28/2011
2. Deseret (UT) News: The rise of the nons: Why nondenominational churches are winning over mainline churches 2/28/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Killeen population now bigger than Waco, but Fort Hood impact questioned 2/28/2011
The New York Times: Seeking Lynching Stories as Accounts of Faith 2/28/2011
1. Hawaii News Now (KGMB and KHNL): Black gospel musicians tackled civil rights issues on "B" sides of vintage records 2/25/2011
3. Richmond (VA) Times Dispatch: Religious Freedom: Political prudence 2/25/2011
4. Metro St. Louis Suburban Journals: Delmar Baptist appoints new senior pastor 2/25/2011
Baptist Standard: 2nd Opinion: Pursuing theology & science 2/25/2011
The Washington Post: The Oscars 2011: Seeking a Social Network 2/25/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: David A. Smith: Good movies offer insight into artists 2/25/2011
1. Numerous Non-Invasive Glucose Monitors under Development 2/24/2011
1. Science+Religion Today: Why Are Some Paranormal Beliefs More Attractive to Males While Others Are More Appealing to Females? 2/24/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Exhibit on religious persecution in the Soviet Union opens Thursday at Baylor 2/24/2011
2. Charleston (SC) Examiner: Author explains negative connotations to Christianity 2/24/2011
3. ESPN: Texas Tech, Baylor made right move 2/24/2011
1. WCIV-TV (Charleston, SC): Black gospel musicians tackled civil rights issues on "B" sides of vintage records 2/23/2011
2. Hawaii Independent: Hawaii League of Women Voters says legalized gambling is still the wrong bet 2/23/2011
3. Townhall. com: New Generation Strengthens Pro-Life Movement 2/23/2011
4. Patheos: Can Religious Liberty Become "Halal"? 2/23/2011
5. Broadway World: BWW Interviews: Melodie Madden Adams, A Life in the Theater 2/23/2011 Starr heading up Baylor University 2/23/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: European ethnic heritage waning in small Texas towns 2/23/2011
1. Charlotte Observer: From one-room school to world's gospel stage 2/22/2011
1. FOXBusiness: Your Money Matters: Not All Retirement Dollars Are Created Equal 2/22/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Police get crash-course on 'narco-saints' associated with drug cartels 2/22/2011
2. KSSK AM 590 (Honolulu): Gambling in Hawaii?? Hear the Pros and Cons from an expert 2/22/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Missouri prof teams with Baylor to record oral histories from witnesses to lynchings 2/22/2011
3. The Real Truth: American's Unknown God 2/22/2011
1. KWTX-TV: People's Law School 2/21/2011
1. The Dallas Morning News: What holiday? For many disenchanted Texans, Presidents Day has lost its purpose 2/21/2011
1. WBRC-TV (Birmingham, AL): Black gospel musicians tackled civil rights issues on "B" sides of vintage records 2/21/2011
2. Deseret News (UT): Checking out of church: Are young people giving up on God? 2/21/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Census: Minorities account for nearly all of Waco, McLennan population growth 2/21/2011
3. Associated Baptist Press: Gospel writers harmonize; they don't sing the melody of Jesus in unison 2/21/2011
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: BRIC research center pushing ahead despite uncertain funding 2/21/2011
Bryan/College Station Eagle: Starr makes a trip to Aggieland 2/21/2011
1. Harper Academic: The Fifth-Century Political Battles that Forever Changed the Church 2/18/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: People's Law School is fun, educational way to get our legal bearings 2/18/2011
1. WTAW (College Station): Ken Starr to Speak at Texas A&M 2/18/2011
2. Baptist Standard: Gospel writers harmonize; they don't sing the melody of Jesus in unison 2/18/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Art exhibit shows portraits of Waco's homeless with prized possessions 2/18/2011
3. Insurance Journal: Beck Reappointed as Head of Texas Office of Public Insurance Counsel 2/18/2011
Insights on PBS Hawaii: Legalized Gambling 2/18/2011
1. Patheos: Love, Hope, and "The Other Jesus": An Interview with Greg Garrett 2/17/2011
2. Hypnosis May Help Lessen Hot Flashes 2/17/2011
3. dBusiness News: Henry Joins Dykema in Dallas 2/17/2011
4. Daytona Beach News-Journal: Despite industry's challenges, SunTrust enjoys success 2/17/2011
Dallas Morning News: Angel conference shares tips with entrepreneurs 2/17/2011
KWTX-TV: Local Band Nominated For Dove Award Wednesday 2/17/2011
The Pearland Journal: Pearland soprano to audition at the Met 2/17/2011
Yahoo! Finance Canada: Where Do IRAs Fit in Your Retirement Distribution Plan? 2/17/2011
1. Associated Baptist Press: Baylor to allow non-Baptists on governing board 2/16/2011
1. Austin American-Statesman: Greg Garrett and The Other Jesus - Rejecting a Religion of Fear for the God of Love 2/16/2011
2. Daily Reporter (MI): First in Print: Has science given us the Incredible Shrinking God? 2/16/2011
2. The Gatesville Messenger: Baylor recognizes long-time supporters 2/16/2011
3. Associated Baptist Press: Opinion: Faith and science, complementary rather than conflict 2/16/2011
3. San Angelo Standard Times: TEXAS HUNGER INITIATIVE: Group aims to keep community fed 2/16/2011
4. Insurance Network of Texas Announces New CEO 2/16/2011
4. Telos: From the 2011 Telos Conference: Interview with Peter Candler 2/16/2011
KCEN-HD: Keep your house healthy: what you should know about your plastics, cleaners 2/16/2011
The Vancouver Sun: Believe it or not, most believe in the paranormal 2/16/2011
1. Baptist Standard: Awards presented to missions leader, pastor & medical doctor 2/15/2011
1. Baptist Standard: For relationships, technology can be two-edged sword 2/15/2011
1. The Medical News: Baylor's new nurse-midwifery program gets initial accreditation 2/15/2011
1. Vancouver Sun: Believe it or not, most believe in the paranormal 2/15/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor professors discuss role of blacks in the Civil War 2/15/2011
2. Christian Century: Baylor to allow non-Baptists on governing board 2/15/2011
2. KWTX-TV: Sign Goes Up On Baylor's Downtown Social Work Building 2/15/2011
2. Plainview Daily Herald: Noted New Testament scholar to present Willson Lectures at Wayland 2/15/2011
1. Baptist Standard: Baylor's Baptist Center designed to preserve, celebrate heritage 2/14/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: R. Dary Stone, guest columnist: Success at Baylor means sharing our mission with fellow believers in Christ 2/14/2011
2. Dallas Morning News: Card collectors have endless love for vintage valentines 2/14/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor regents vote to open board membership to non-Baptist Christians 2/14/2011
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor aims to create new Baptist research center 2/14/2011
Black Gospel Blog: Civil Rights on the B Side 2/14/2011
Inside Higher Ed: Faith and the Baylor Board 2/14/2011
1. Beaumont Enterprise: "B" sides of gospel records promoted civil rights movement 2/11/2011
2. Henderson Daily News: Spreading the good news 2/11/2011
Calhoun (GA) Times: Shorter University names Dr. Donald Dowless its new president 2/11/2011
The Baptist Standard: Baylor regents vote to allow non-Baptists on governing board 2/11/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Local reactions mixed to Mubarak's decision not to cede power yet 2/11/2011
1. NFL-bound Baylor OT was firefighter first 2/10/2011
1. Huffington Post: The Complicated Connection Between Religion and the Paranormal 2/10/2011
1. KITV-TV (Honolulu): Shipboard Gambling Alive In Legislature 2/10/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor football loads up on bruisers 2/10/2011
2. Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Lawmakers' End of Earmarks Affects Local Programs Large and Small 2/10/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: MCC names new vice president 2/10/2011
3. Yahoo! Finance: Fulbright & Jaworski Names 16 New Partners 2/10/2011
1. Baptist Standard: Researcher finds civil rights songs on flip side of gospel records 2/8/2011
1. Elle Magazine: Liar! Liar 2/8/2011
1. The New York Times: Lawmakers' End of Earmarks Affects Local Programs Large and Small 2/8/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Great dates lead to Baylor mates 2/8/2011
2. Community Impact Newspaper (Tomball, TX): Trinity Cheer and Dance Relocates to 10,000-square-foot Facility 2/8/2011
2. Daily News & Analysis: Why rap songs portray black women as oversexed jezebels, gold diggers 2/8/2011
1. Associated Baptist Press: Researcher finds civil rights songs on flip side of gospel records 2/7/2011
1. The Wall Street Journal: Where Have All the Presbyterians Gone? 2/7/2011
2. FOXBusiness: Smart Withdrawals Can Stretch Your Retirement Income 2/7/2011
3. All Headline News: Steelers punter Daniel Sepulveda sidelined by injury, soothed by faith 2/7/2011
The Dallas Morning News: Halftime show will feature local design student 2/7/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor history professor recognized by Christianity Today 2/7/2011
1. Amarillo Globe News: Baylor-bound McGowan grateful for Boys Ranch 2/3/2011
1. Insurance News: Robert Nitsche earned his 'own way' at family-owned Insurance Network of Texas 2/3/2011
1. San Angelo Standard-Times: San Angelo summer meals program to continue 2/3/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor freshman recalls life in Cairo 2/3/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Theatre makes Thornton Wilder play 'immersive experience' 2/3/2011
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Fewer students today interested in space exploration, need 'audacious' goal to spark enthusiasm 2/3/2011 Steelers' Daniel Sepulveda Talks Super Bowl XLV 2/2/2011
KWTX-TV: Gatesville Locals Named Founders Of Baylor 2/2/2011
Miami Herald: Twain's whiskey/water quote appears greatly exaggerated 2/2/2011
NBC-DFW: Texas Marks 150-year Anniversary of Secession 2/2/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Hard times, hard choices: Local leaders foresee broad hit from budget cuts 2/2/2011
Yahoo! Canada: Zion Oil & Gas Appoints Victor Carrillo as Executive Vice President 2/2/2011
Yahoo! Finance: The safety trap: Protect yourself against index annuities 2/2/2011
1. Galveston Daily News: King James Version Bible turns 400 this year 2/1/2011
1. Public News Service: Gospel Music "Flip Side:" Research Uncovers Secret Civil Rights Message 2/1/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Property crimes down in Waco, following national trend 2/1/2011
1. Yahoo News!: The Quest for a Painless Way to Check Blood Sugar 2/1/2011
2. Fox Business: How to Decide an Appropriate Asset Allocation 2/1/2011
2. KXXV-TV: On 150th anniversary of Texas secession many still believe in state independence 2/1/2011
3. Sacramento Bee: Twain's whiskey/water quote appears greatly exaggerated 2/1/2011

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