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1. KWTX: New Play About Late Texas Gov. Ann Richards Opens 12/22/2011
1. The Associated Press: Baylor's Griffin is AP player of the year 12/22/2011
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor economist finds second career on witness stand 12/22/2011
2. Bleacher Report: Robert Griffin III Earns AP Player of the Year Honors 12/22/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Greater Waco Economic Index points to gradual recovery 12/22/2011
2. West Lake Picayune (Texas): River Hills artist Nina Beall adds human color to life's canvas 12/22/2011
3. Las Vegas Review-Journal: Drew, Baylor glimpse mountaintop 12/22/2011
3. NewsBlaze: Changing Times in Nativity Art: Images Throughout History Carry Social, Political Messages as Well as Spiritual Ones 12/22/2011
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Griffin adds AP Player of Year to trophy case 12/22/2011
Baptist Standard: Baylor University releases draft of strategic plan 12/22/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Off the court with Brittney Griner 12/22/2011
1888 Press Release: Horvitz & Levy Partner David Axelrad to Participate in Mock Argument on Global Warming Liability 12/21/2011
4 Traders: RigNet Names Chad Winkle Vice President of Sales and Business Development 12/21/2011
Free Republic: Christianity's Triumph (Christianity is growing more rapidly than that of any other major faith) 12/21/2011
KRON-SF : Inside Edition 12/21/2011
Orlando Sentinel: Nativity scenes often reflect cultural influences, Baylor scholars say 12/21/2011
Science Magazine: Tracking Contaminants in Whales--Using Their Earwax 12/21/2011
The Dallas Morning News: Editorial: Strong K-12 education will help men finish college 12/21/2011
The Dr. Will See You Now: Bad Bosses Follow You Home 12/21/2011
Tulsa World: Former AT T chief s capacity may help American land 12/21/2011
1. The Wall Street Journal: How to Make Your Nest Egg Last Longer 12/20/2011
Austin American-Statesman: Ranking the 12 best players in the Big 12 12/20/2011
CSPAN: Congressman John Carter Recognizes Robert Griffin III 12/20/2011
ESPN College Football: RG3 adjusting to life as a Heisman winner 12/20/2011
ESPN Video: Baylor Highlights 12/20/2011
KCEN-TV: "Global Encounter" Brings Local Elementary Students around the World 12/20/2011
Temple Daily Telegram: Commentary: Baylor, college football needed Griffin's story 12/20/2011
The New York Times: Gingrich Represents New Political Era for Catholics 12/20/2011
Word and Way: Bulletin: Hardage nominated for BGCT executive director 12/20/2011
1. Texas Bar Journal: Texas Senator Kirk Watson to receive Texas Access to Justice Legislative Hero Award 12/19/2011
1. The Dallas Morning News: Austin group launches report today on private investments in Texas 12/19/2011
1. The New York Times: Griffin Is Latest Bang in Texas Quarterback Boom 12/19/2011
1. Yahoo! Finance "The Daily Ticker": Think Before Buying: Material Possessions Won't Make You Happy, Says Consumer Expert 12/19/2011
2. FOX Sports Houston: Heisman for Griffin not biggest Baylor honor 12/19/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Ex-Trib publisher Preddy dies at age 71 12/19/2011 Baylor hands No. 2 UConn its first loss 12/19/2011
1. Associated Baptist Press: Hardage nominated for BGCT executive director 12/16/2011
1. KSAT: Heisman trophy winner boosts Alamo Bowl ticket sales 12/16/2011
1. The Alabama Baptist: Looking at the Value of STMs 12/16/2011
2. Florida Courier: Heisman Trophy goes to Baylor's 'Superman' 12/16/2011
2. Texas Medical Science and Religion Do Mix, Study Says 12/16/2011
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Christmas music: Some of the most beloved, and loathed, songs are holiday staples 12/16/2011
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Heisman Halftime Celebration 12/16/2011
ESPN: Kim Mulkey stokes the fire at Baylor 12/16/2011
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor Barbershop will Close Doors 12/15/2011
AOL Sports: Robert Griffin III named Sporting News' player of the year 12/15/2011
Courier Mail (AUS): Toxic bosses 'can harm love life' 12/15/2011
CSPAN: General Speeches 12/15/2011
Fox News 26 Houston: Reaction to Heisman announcement 12/15/2011
Fox Sports: Murphy loves attention RG3 is bringing Baylor 12/15/2011
KFOR-OKC (NBC) - Oklahoma City: RG3 Welcomed Home 12/15/2011
San Antonio Express-News: Griffin well deserves this year's Heisman 12/15/2011
Texas GOP Vote: Texas Senators Recognize Baylor's Robert Griffin III As 77th Heisman Winner 12/15/2011
Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor's Griffin 1st-team All-America pick 12/15/2011
Arkansas Business: Underwood: Online Sales Tax Exemption Puts Retailers at Disadvantage (Executive Q&A) 12/14/2011
Business Insider: 10 Signs Your Boss Will Make Your Life A Living Hell 12/14/2011
Corsicana Daily Sun: Baylor football: RG3 shattering myths: Don't tell Baylor, QB they 'can't' 12/14/2011
ESPN: Red Sox, Kelly Shoppach agree 12/14/2011
KCEN TV: RG3 Heisman Gear Hits Stores 12/14/2011
KENS 5 San Antonio: Ticket sales spike with RG3 playing in Alamo Bowl 12/14/2011
KWTX: Heisman Winner Returns Home, Along With The Trophy 12/14/2011
KWTX: Waco: Baylor Barbershop Closes After Six Decades 12/14/2011
The Dallas Morning News: Editorial: Congratulations to Baylor student-athlete RG3 on Heisman win 12/14/2011
The Globe and Mail: Five ways to spot a bad boss in an interview 12/14/2011
USA Today: 27 percent of college students say they have been cyber-bullied 12/14/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor teammates welcome home Heisman winner 12/14/2011
Yahoo: 5 Ways To Spot A Bad Boss In An Interview 12/14/2011
1. CBS: David Letterman - Robert Griffin III Heisman Top Ten 12/13/2011
2. ESPN Dallas/Fort Worth: Best of Baylor 12/13/2011
3. CNBC: RGIII's Super Socks Prove Super Elusive 12/13/2011
4. San Antonio Express-News: Griffin's Heisman drives up Alamo Bowl ticket sales 12/13/2011
5. Baptist Press: SPORTS: RG3's Heisman makes Baylor history 12/13/2011
e! Science News: Technology Blended with Spirituality? It Can Be a Mixed Blessing, Author Says 12/13/2011
MSNBC: Your Boss May Be Ruining Your Marriage 12/13/2011
San Angelo Standard-Times: Farewell notes: Longtime music minister retires: Emmanuel Episcopal Church says goodbye to James Queen 12/13/2011
The Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Baylor and Waco must work together in this glorious post-Heisman moment 12/13/2011
Waco Tribune-Herald: Brazos Past: Waco's frontier grocer with a colorful name 12/13/2011
Yahoo: What to Say When... Your Friend is Depressed 12/13/2011
1. CBS Sports "The NFL Today": Robert Griffin III stops by The NFL Today 12/12/2011
1. CBS Sports: Griffin III selection good for Heisman Trophy, college football 12/12/2011
1. USA Today: Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III captures Heisman Trophy 12/12/2011
2. The New York Times: Baylor's Griffin Wins Heisman 12/12/2011
3. NPR: Baylor's Griffin Wins Heisman 12/12/2011
4. The Wall Street Journal: RG3 Wins First Heisman for Baylor 12/12/2011
5. Sports Illustrated: Griffin's Heisman Trophy win helps to transform long-suffering Baylor 12/12/2011
6. The Dallas Morning News: Baylor's Robert Griffin III adds to lore as school's first Heisman winner 12/12/2011
7. CNN American Morning: Robert Griffin III on winning the 77th Heisman Memorial trophy 12/12/2011
8. ESPN: Griffin defies odds, redefines Heisman 12/12/2011
9. ESPN: Baylor's Griffin gets his chance 12/12/2011
CBS The Early Show: Griffin on Heisman win: "Unbelievably believable" 12/12/2011
Forbes: 5 Ways To Spot A Bad Boss In An Interview 12/12/2011
FOX and Friends Saturday: Baylor President Ken Starr 12/12/2011
The Late Show with David Letterman: RG3 to Present Top Ten List 12/12/2011
Bloomberg: Griffin III Is Favored to Become Baylor University's First Heisman Winner 12/9/2011
Crosswalk: Why Do We Spend Money on Happiness We Can't Afford? 12/9/2011
ESPN Big 12 Blog: Why Robert Griffin III should win Heisman 12/9/2011
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: O'Brien awarded to Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III 12/9/2011
iVillage: What to Say When... Your Friend is Depressed 12/9/2011
KWTX-WACO: Morris Everyday News at 4 12/9/2011
President Starr on Fox & Friends - Dec. 10 12/9/2011
Sports Illustrated: Baylor's Griffin the rare Heisman candidate with stats, intangibles 12/9/2011
The Baptist Standard: Baylor prof asks, 'Why do we spend money on stuff we can't afford?' 12/9/2011
The Denver Post: Henderson: Baylor QB Griffin deserves Heisman Trophy 12/9/2011
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Solid foundation molded Baylor quarterback 12/9/2011
The Wall Street Journal: Heisman finalist Griffin changed Baylor perception 12/9/2011
USA TODAY: Baylor's Robert Griffin looks poised to grab Heisman 12/9/2011
1. Texas Lawyer Blog: J. Rodney Gilstrap to be sworn in Dec. 20 as federal district judge for the Eastern District of Texas in Marshall 12/8/2011
1. The New York Times: The Heisman View From Baylor: Robert Griffin III 12/8/2011
1. The Washington Post: Why do we spend money on happiness we can't afford? 12/8/2011
2. San Antonio Express-News: Why love RG3? A few million reasons 12/8/2011
2. The Huffington Post: 'Shiny Objects' By James Roberts Examines Why Do We Spend Money On Happiness We Can't Afford? 12/8/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Q&A: David Phelps returns to Waco for the holidays 12/8/2011
3. Sporting News: In Robert Griffin III, I entrust the Heisman 12/8/2011
3. The Christian Century: Why do we spend money on happiness we can't afford? 12/8/2011
4. The Belton Journal: Courtney Pate signs with Baylor University 12/8/2011
4. The Sacramento Bee: Viewpoints: Credit craze could be coming back to bite us 12/8/2011
5. Waco Tribune-Herald: David A. Smith: What style says about our national memorials 12/8/2011
Funny T-shirts raise awareness of Baylor-area robberies 12/8/2011
USA TODAY: Why do we spend money on happiness we can't afford? 12/8/2011
560WQAM "The Gino Torretta Show with Steve White": Will Robert Griffin III Bring the Heisman Trophy Back to Waco? 12/7/2011
Austin American-Statesman: Baylor's Griffin expected to win Heisman Trophy RG3 leads tracking services and gets full support of AA-S voters. 12/7/2011 Robert Griffin III is your heavy Heisman favorite 12/7/2011
Houston Chronicle: Judge Rodney Gilstrap confirmed by Senate as federal district judge in Texas 12/7/2011
KWTX-TV: Satellite artifacts from NASA arrive at the BRIC 12/7/2011
KXXV-TV: Satellite artifacts from NASA arrive at the BRIC 12/7/2011
More: Mean Boss, Bad Marriage? 12/7/2011
San Antonio Express-News: Baylor QB will be flashy at Heisman ceremony 12/7/2011
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor gets NASA satellite system to display at BRIC (w/video) 12/7/2011
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Differing voices share memories of Pearl Harbor, 70 years later: Dec. 7, 2941 12/7/2011
The Washington Times: Griffin has created bear market for Heisman 12/7/2011
USA Today: Heisman Watch: Baylor's Robert Griffin III surges to finish first 12/7/2011
1. ESPN: Baylor's RG3: Officially a Heisman finalist 12/6/2011
1. Sports Illustrated: Griffin edges idle frontrunners, earns my Heisman Trophy vote 12/6/2011
2. TIME: Luck, Griffin Lead Heisman Finalists 12/6/2011
3. The Dallas Morning News: SportsDay's Heisman voting: RG3 should get acceptance speech ready 12/6/2011
4. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Baylor QB Robert Griffin III picked as one of five Heisman Trophy finalists 12/6/2011
5. San Antonio Express-News: Baylor's Griffin on list of Heisman's top five 12/6/2011
Businessweek: AMR Insider Horton Brings AT&T Deal-Making History to CEO Role 12/6/2011
DeKalb News: Friends School partners with universities to implement new science curriculum 12/6/2011
Group Travel Leader: Small towns in Texas 12/6/2011
Health Day: Abusive Boss May Harm Workers' Home Life,Too 12/6/2011
Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Iowa keeps America guessing on GOP picks 12/6/2011
The Huffington Post: Abusive Workplace Behavior Effects Home Life 12/6/2011
WACOAN Magazine: Robert Darden: 2011 Wacoan of the Year 12/6/2011
Yahoo! Shine: Could Your Boss Be Sabotaging Your Relationship? 12/6/2011
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Heisman campaign using subtlety, social media 12/5/2011
1. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Editorial: Baylor Bears give us all a big lesson in self-confidence 12/5/2011
1. U.S. News and World Report: Abusive Boss May Harm Workers' Home Life, Too 12/5/2011
2. Austin American-Statesman: Waco site a worthy national monument 12/5/2011
2. Live Science: Abusive Bosses Can Cause Marital Problems 12/5/2011
2. The Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor draws Washington in Alamo Bowl 12/5/2011
3. Everyday Health: Abusive Boss May Harm Workers' Home Life, Too 12/5/2011
3. San Antonio Express-News: Offensive fireworks expected at Alamo Bowl 12/5/2011
CBS Early Show: Author explores our material world 12/5/2011
KCEN-TV: Baylor Students Help Build a Home for One Family in Need 12/5/2011
The Waco Tribune-Herald: Doris Miller memorial passes $100,000 fundraising mark 12/5/2011
Abilene Reporter-News: Work of Art: Briles credited for returning Baylor to prominence 12/2/2011
Baylor Marketing Professor to Appear Monday on the CBS Early Show 12/2/2011
Bloomberg: AMR Insider Horton Brings Deal-Making History at AT&T to Airline CEO Role 12/2/2011
Houston Chronicle: Baylor's Ganaway rushing for records 12/2/2011
KWTX: Waco: Baylor Names Dr. Shelley F. Conroy Dean Of Nursing 12/2/2011
My San Antonio: Baylor rides Griffin to relevance 12/2/2011
The Dallas Morning News: Lone Star artist Bruce Greene selected to create sculpture of firefighter Shannon Stone, who died from a fall at a Texas Rangers game 12/2/2011
The Sunday Mail (UK): How stress from a bullying boss 'could harm your marriage' 12/2/2011
UPI: Abusive boss puts strain on family life 12/2/2011
Yahoo: Abusive Bosses Can Cause Marital Problems 12/2/2011
1. San Angelo Standard-Times: Missing in Laos, honored at home: Veterans gather in San Angelo to remember 12/1/2011
2. Texas Business: Rising Hispanic Population in U.S. Prompts Baylor University Linguist to Create a Medical Spanish Course for Pre-med Students 12/1/2011
2. The Palestine Herald: Lance W. House 12/1/2011
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco events to get you into Christmas spirit 12/1/2011
KWTX: Waco: What Would You Pay For A Date With A Law Professor? 12/1/2011
New Zealand Herald: How a bully boss 'could harm your marriage' 12/1/2011
The London Free Press: Bad bosses make bad marriages: Study 12/1/2011

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