Baylor in the News Archives for June 2010

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Story Date
1. AOL Health: Two Reasons Why Couples Fight 6/30/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: TEXAS FAITH: Summer Reading Recommendations 6/30/2010
2. The Texas Tribune: Texas' Participation in Summer Food Program Abysmal 6/30/2010
2. Virginia Business: Sands Anderson lawyer named president of local women's bar group 6/30/2010
3. DC Velocity: Who are this year's Rainmakers? 6/30/2010
3. San Antonio Express-News: School newspaper wins four awards 6/30/2010
The New York Times: New Gifted Testing in New York May Begin at Age 3 6/30/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: New schools chief truly on a mission 6/29/2010
1. The Associated Press: Lindsey's name prominent as Suns begin GM search 6/29/2010
2. Houston Chronicle: For college students, starting small can save big money 6/29/2010
2. Medicine Net: Couples Fight Due to Perceived Threat, Neglect 6/29/2010
ESPN: Coaches: Big 12 will be smaller but tougher 6/29/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Limiting doctors' work shifts more doesn't help patients 6/29/2010
Web Couples Fight Due to Perceived Threat, Neglect 6/29/2010
Baptist Standard: Nonprofit administration a new niche for Baylor School of Social Work 6/28/2010
Fars News: Study Identifies Couples' Underlying Concerns during Fight 6/28/2010
San Francisco Chronicle: Conservatives divided over Kagan; Starr vs. Meese 6/28/2010
Suite Female Fly Boys -- The WASP's Were Revolutionary Women 6/28/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Neighborhoods, a drug court, the Texas Senate got our attention 6/28/2010
1. Houston Chronicle: Udoh jump-starts Bear market 6/25/2010
1. Science Daily: Study Identifies Couples' Underlying Concerns During a Fight 6/25/2010
1. The Independent (UK): Why you and partner fight 6/25/2010
1. USA Today/Associated Press: Warriors go with big man Udoh with No. 6 pick 6/25/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor's Udoh drafted by Golden State with 6th pick in NBA draft 6/25/2010
2. Watering down masculinity 6/25/2010
2. Victoria Advocate: Veterans share experiences for oral history 6/25/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor's Griner nominated for ESPY 6/25/2010
3. KXAS-TV: Mission to End Hunger in Texas 6/25/2010
1. Associated Baptist Press: Texas church fighting hunger in its area one child at a time 6/24/2010
1. Houston Chronicle: Huntress: Accessories designer is flying high in Marfa 6/24/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor University gets $1.46M cancer-research grant 6/24/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: David A. Smith: Path a local art museum should take 6/24/2010
2. Naples Daily News: Edison's new director for Lee campus sees the college as cutting-edge 6/24/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor's Udoh on A-list for NBA draft 6/24/2010
1. IU Newsroom (Indiana University): IU's Brown County Playhouse presents 'The Nerd,' a comedy set in Terre Haute, Ind., opening July 9 6/23/2010
1. News 8 Austin: Professor sheds light on tiny animal's battle in the gulf 6/23/2010
2. Baptist Standard: Texas church fighting hunger in its area one child at a time 6/23/2010
2. Christian Today: David Crowder Band's acoustic EP hits iTunes 6/23/2010
3. FoxBusiness: Manpower Inc. Appoints Dustin Little as Director, Permanent Placement Solutions Eastern U.S. 6/23/2010
KXTX-TV: HOT Fair Complex Master Plan Proposal Approved 6/23/2010
Politico: When gaffes surpass laughs 6/23/2010
1. Texas Highways Magazine: A new archeological park in Waco documents the area's prehistoric creatures 6/22/2010
2. Amarillo Globe-News: Excerpts from recent Texas editorials 6/22/2010
Oil and Gas Financial Journal: Parker, Taylor set up new energy, real estate law firm 6/22/2010
PsychCentral: Underlying Concerns Compel Couples to Fight 6/22/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Michael Attas: Combining arts, sciences may result in great things in the brain 6/22/2010
1. Fort Worth Star Telegram: Preacher who was put 'on the shelf' finds surprising ally 6/21/2010
1. Southern California Public Radio: When It Comes To Retirement, 67 Is The New 55 6/21/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: After Big 12 ordeal, Baylor and Waco community leaders see value of 'all hands on deck' 6/21/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: What economic indicators do analysts watch to monitor recovery? 6/21/2010
2. Dallas Morning News: Waco site features skeletons of mammoths 6/21/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: EDITORIAL: Baylor University gives resources to county's drug treatment court 6/21/2010
3. The Borne Star: Life is good for Boerne grad Josh Lomers 6/21/2010
4. Fort Worth Business Press: Education Notes: Wesleyan law professor receives Fulbright Award 6/21/2010
1. NPR: When It Comes To Retirement, 67 Is The New 55 6/18/2010
1. Texas Bar Journal: Waco Individuals and Organizations Honored by State Bar of Texas 6/18/2010
2. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Fort Worth preacher J. Frank Norris focus of new book 6/18/2010
2. The Medical News: Baylor University researchers awarded grant to research and test new compounds for cancer 6/18/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Big 12's holding firm is great for entire state 6/18/2010
Washington Post: Elephant poaching in the Garden of Eden 6/18/2010
1. Associated Press: Scott's bold moves unveils new Pac-10 6/17/2010
1. Houston Chronicle: EDITORIAL: The new Big 12: All's well that ends well -- for both the state of Texas and our universities 6/17/2010
1. KXXV-TV: Baylor receives $1.46 million grant for cancer research 6/17/2010
1. Washington Post: Animals in Christian art: New terrain? 6/17/2010
2. Boulder (CO) Daily Camera: Hard work paying off for Kevin Russo 6/17/2010
2. News 8 Austin: Baylor University and community react to Big 12 decision 6/17/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Staying in Big 12 a boost to Baylor academically as well 6/17/2010
3. KYTX-TV: Waco community and Big 12 fans celebrate 6/17/2010
3. Waco Tribune Herald: John Werner: Baylor staying in Big 12 a cause for celebration 6/17/2010
4. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Beal: It isn't ethical to allow an attorney to cheat 6/17/2010
4. Waco Tribune Herald: EDITORIAL: Lessons for Big 12, Act II 6/17/2010
1. CNBC: Losing The Right Two Schools Saved The Big XII 6/16/2010
1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Big 12 revival is cause for celebration in Waco 6/16/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Big 12 exhales after conference's near demise; commish talks about future 6/16/2010
2. BeliefNet: Spiritual, but not religious 6/16/2010
2. KWBU: Baylor, Rivals Remain Intact in Big 12 6/16/2010
2. The Bryan Eagle: Aggie-at-heart celebrates 100 years 6/16/2010
3. Oelwein Daily Register (IA): Upper Explorerland names new director 6/16/2010
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Kim Patterson, Trib Board of Contributors: I'm forever moved by the Talitha Koum center, building emotional connections with infants crippled by poverty 6/16/2010
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: Judge considers county drug court success, looks to expand with Baylor help 6/16/2010
Dallas Morning News: Texas business leaders: Big 12 survival means state prevails 6/16/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: Owls, humans can live together 6/15/2010
1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Texas schools of the Big 12 belong together 6/15/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor coaches, officials cherish news of Big 12 Conference remaining intact 6/15/2010
1. Yahoo! Finance: How to Find a Low-Tax Place to Retire 6/15/2010
2. Baylor Student's Huge Painting of Elephant Calls Attention to Inhumane Poachers 6/15/2010
2. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Big 12 conference will continue with 10 members 6/15/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Waco politicians, city and business leaders celebrate big off-the-field win for Baylor 6/15/2010
3. The Dallas Morning News: Texas stays in Big 12, and league gets a new life after turnaround 6/15/2010
4. Houston Chronicle: Big 12 remaining intact with 10 schools 6/15/2010
5. San Antonio Express-News: Big 12 remaining intact with 10 schools 6/15/2010
6. Austin American-Statesman: Big 12 revived: Horns, others to stay 6/15/2010
1. Houston Chronicle: Editorial: Timeout! Why the rush to break up the Big 12? 6/14/2010
1. U.S.News & World Report: How to Find a Low-Tax Place to Retire 6/14/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Big 12 official sweetens TV deal for remaining schools with 11th-hour pitch 6/14/2010
1. Washington Post: Baylor AD: Big 12 still viable with 10 schools 6/14/2010
2. BeliefNet: The Devil Made Me Do It 6/14/2010
2. KENS-TV (San Antonio): DAVID FLORES: Baylor's Briles puts positive spin on Bears' football future 6/14/2010
2. KWTX-TV: BU Professor Makes Movie a Family Affair 6/14/2010
3. KWBU-FM: Starr Addresses Baylor's Future in Big 12 6/14/2010
3. News 8 Austin: An economic look at Baylor and the Big 12 6/14/2010 New Proposal to save Big 12 with 10 teams being considered by UT 6/13/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Donnis Baggett: Time to step up, Gov. Perry, and show leadership amid threats to the Big 12 6/13/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor mounts effort to keep 10-team Big 12 together 6/12/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: As the Big 12 crumbles, the silence from Austin is deafening 6/12/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Letter from State Rep. Doc Anderson to chancellors, regents of Big 12 Texas universities 6/12/2010
1. Austin American-Statesman: Dunnam: Decisions affecting the Big 12 should be made in public 6/11/2010
1. KWTX-TV: Economic impact of Big 12 shakeup 6/11/2010
1. U.S.News & World Report: How to Get In: Baylor Law School 6/11/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor leaving Big 12 could have big impact on Waco economy 6/11/2010
2. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Congressman urges Legislature to hold hearings 6/11/2010
2. KCEN-TV: City of Waco fighting for the Big 12 6/11/2010
2. Student's Painting Calls Attention to Inhumane Poachers 6/11/2010
3. Campus Kitchen at Baylor University farms alongside World Hunger Relief Haiti Effort 6/11/2010
3. News 8 Austin: Waco leaders push to keep Baylor with Texas, Texas A&M 6/11/2010
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: State's top politicians not making pitch to help Baylor stay in Big 12 6/11/2010
4. KBTX-TV (Bryan/College Station): Rep. Chet Edwards Urges Hearings on Big 12's Future 6/11/2010
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: Jim Dunnam, guest columnist: Vibrant public discussion needed before Texas schools defect from Big 12 6/11/2010
5. KXXV-TV: Baylor Athletic Director comments on Big 12 realignment 6/11/2010
6. KWTX-TV: Baylor: 10 Teams Are Better Than 12 6/11/2010
7. KCEN-TV: Baylor President hopes Big 12 will remain intact 6/11/2010
Associated Press: Texas, Texas A&M discuss Big 12 future 6/11/2010
Des Moines Register: Questions, concerns for Iowa State, Big 12 grow more ominous 6/11/2010 What now for Baylor? 6/11/2010
1. Advance for Nurses: Dallas - DNP Nurse-Midwives Graduate From Baylor 6/10/2010
1. Discover Magazine: Gone but not forgotten 6/10/2010
1. Houston Chronicle: Opinion: Big 12 Texas schools must face realignment together 6/10/2010
1. KWTX-TV: Study: Separating BU From Texas, A&M, Tech Will Cost Waco Millions 6/10/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Mayor, Chamber urge Texas schools to stick together 6/10/2010
2. Delaware News Journal: Newark man believes Jesus returns in 2011 6/10/2010
2. KWTX-TV: Central Texas Politics Playing in the Big 12/Pac-10 Talks 6/10/2010
2. The Texas Tribune: The big hungry 6/10/2010
3. Seals' bodies switch fuel usage as they begin diving 6/10/2010
3. Waco Tribune Herald: Waco hosts 2 unique Texas exhibits of Latino artists, photographers 6/10/2010
Dallas Morning News: Chet Edwards wants Texas Legislature to have hearings on imminent Big 12 collapse 6/10/2010 Oklahoma State Booster T. Boone Pickens No Fan of Expansion 6/10/2010
KCEN-TV: Waco Mayor Jim Bush speaks on Big 12 fate 6/10/2010
KWTX-TV: Edwards Calls For State Hearings On Big 12 6/10/2010
Manhattan (KS) Mercury: Currie still trying to remain positive 6/10/2010
1. Houston Chronicle: Big 12 needs to keep Baylor at the table 6/9/2010
1. KBTX-TV (Bryan/College Station): Edwards Discusses Gulf Oil Disaster, Big XII Drama 6/9/2010
1. Seattle Post-Intelligencer: Big 12 needs to keep Baylor at the table 6/9/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Political muscle could aid in fight to protect Big 12 rivalries, our economic prosperity 6/9/2010
2. Fort Worth Business Press: Cureton assumes U.S. Magistrate post in Northern District 6/9/2010
2. KCEN-TV: "Top Gun" Mock Trial Competition at Baylor 6/9/2010
2. NewsBlaze: Baylor University's MBA Healthcare Program Earns Seal of Approval from CAHME 6/9/2010
3. Oneindia: Seals' bodies switch fuel usage as they begin diving 6/9/2010
Austin American-Statesman: Longhorns are not the villain in expansion scenarios 6/9/2010
1. Daily Oklahoman: Realignment roundup: Baylor president hopeful Big 12 stays intact 6/8/2010
1. News 8 Austin: Baylor fights to keep Texas schools together 6/8/2010
1. USA TODAY: Baylor president hopeful Big 12 stays intact 6/8/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor president Ken Starr reiterates desire for Big 12 Conference to stay together 6/8/2010
2. Advance for Nurses: Dallas - DNP Nurse-Midwives Graduate From Baylor 6/8/2010
2. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Baylor firm on loyalty To Big 12 6/8/2010
2. KWTX-TV: The Waiting Game 6/8/2010
3. San Antonio Express-News: Future of Big 12 remains the hottest of topics 6/8/2010
4. Houston Chronicle: Commentary: Forget tradition; it's money that counts 6/8/2010
5. Dallas Morning News: Baylor president Ken Starr optimistic Big 12 with remain intact 6/8/2010 Next move in possible shift could come from Notre Dame 6/8/2010 Pac-10 ready to move forward; Baylor hustling 6/8/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: Ken Starr: Texas' Big 12 schools should stick together 6/7/2010
1. ESPN/Associated Press: Baylor devoted to keeping Big 12 intact 6/7/2010
1. The Chronicle of Higher Education: 2 Scholars Examine Cyberbullying Among College Students 6/7/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Ken Starr, guest columnist: Baylor, other Big 12 Texas schools must stick together in any conference realignment 6/7/2010
2. Beliefnet: Have You Had These Religious Experiences? 6/7/2010
2. Dallas Morning News: Don't forget about Baylor in expansion mix 6/7/2010
2. KWTX-TV: School States Case with Realignment Rumors Swirling 6/7/2010
3. KXXV-TV: Baylor president 'cautiously optimistic' regarding Big 12 changes 6/7/2010
4. KCEN-TV: A Big 12 fallout could have big impact on Waco 6/7/2010
Andina Peru News Agency: Model OAS General Assembly in Lima 6/7/2010 Fate of Big XII to be clearer in a week 6/7/2010
ESPN: Website: Legislators want Baylor in mix 6/5/2010
KBTX-TV: Pac 10 may now be considering Baylor over Colorado 6/5/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor and Big 12 officials optimistic conference will remain intact 6/5/2010
1. Nursery Management and Production Magazine: Succession Plan Scenario 6/4/2010
2. Beliefnet: Women are More Religious, but Why? 6/4/2010
Andina Peru News Agency: Foreign students attending MOAS share their experiences 6/4/2010
Baptist Standard: Book Reviews: The Making of Evangelicalism 6/4/2010
KWBU-FM: Starr Assumes Helm of Baylor University 6/4/2010
KWTX-TV: The Buzz: Mayborn Museum Opening New Lego Exhibit 6/4/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: Texas agriculture chief working to feed more hungry children this summer 6/3/2010
1. E! Science News: Seal's bodies burn fuel differently when diving 6/3/2010
1. The Chutry Experiment (blog): DIY Dialogues: Chris Hansen, part 2 6/3/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor Theatre's 'OTMA' dramatizes royal sisters in their final days 6/3/2010
2. New American: Beck's Founders' Fridays Attempts to Undo Revisionists' Damage 6/3/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Do-it-all pitcher keeping Baylor baseball season alive 6/3/2010
3. Who Would Jesus Execute? 6/3/2010
1. Journal of Perinatal & Neonatal Nursing: Mothering the World Improving Global Maternal Health 6/2/2010
1. KWTX-TV: New Baylor President Ken Starr's First Day 6/2/2010
1. KYTX-TV (Tyler): Starr pledges better community involvement as Baylor president 6/2/2010
2. Austin American-Statesman: Principals named in Leander, Pflugerville districts 6/2/2010
2. KCEN-TV: Starr pledges better community involvement as Baylor president 6/2/2010
2. The Chutry Experiment (blog): DIY Dialogues: Chris Hansen, part 1 6/2/2010
3. KXXV-TV: Ken Starr meets with students, faculty on first day as president 6/2/2010
4. Waco Tribune Herald: EDITORIAL: Memo to Ken Starr: Welcome. Find the coffee, then get down to hard work for Baylor and for Waco 6/2/2010 O segredo dos mórmons, os meninos de camisa branca 6/2/2010
Investment Advisor: Why an Optimistic FPA President, Tom Potts, Wants Regulation: The Weekend Interview 6/2/2010
1. Austin Business Journal: Whole Tree Inc. receives $500K 6/1/2010
1. OpEdNews: Nakba, Shoah, and May 14-15 6/1/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor professor trying to bring hypnotic techniques into mainstream 6/1/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Ken Starr to step into Baylor presidency starting today 6/1/2010
2. Alexandria (LA) Town Talk: Jardon: When you worry you make trouble double 6/1/2010

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