Baylor in the News Archives for April 2010

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Story Date
1. EMII: Baylor University Appoints CIO 4/30/2010
1. Medical News Today: Fewer Risks, Lower Costs And Healthier Mothers And Babies 4/30/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: BU's Glime providing offense after 3 sparse years 4/30/2010
2. Medilexicon: Fewer Risks, Lower Costs And Healthier Mothers And Babies 4/30/2010
2. Silobreaker: Baylor Senior Receives Second Critical Language Scholarship To China 4/30/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Maytin, Bley steady forces for Baylor men's tennis 4/30/2010
3. Waco Tribune Herald: Englishwomen change their lives in Baylor Theatre's 'Enchanted April' 4/30/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Bryan Fonville, Trib Board of Contributors: An alliance for our future, an investment in our fellow citizens 4/30/2010
1. Arizona Central: Convict petitions Obama to reduce crack penalty 4/29/2010
1. Associated Baptist Press: Contraception, abstinence not contradictory messages, study says 4/29/2010
1. The Liberty County Vindicator: Bellamy Educational Trust awards $42,000 4/29/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: David A. Smith: Strong arts scene helps community thrive 4/29/2010
2. Global Investments Magazine: Baylor University names investment chief 4/29/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Bottom of lineup puts Baylor women's tennis on top 4/29/2010
3. The Tennessean: About Saad Ehtisham 4/29/2010
4. U. S. Representative Anh Joseph Cao to Speak at National Archives at Atlanta 4/29/2010
1. Baptist Standard: Contraception and abstinence not contradictory messages, Baylor researcher says 4/28/2010
1. KWBU-FM: Black Glasses Highlights Student Filmmakers 4/28/2010
1. Pensions and Investments: Baylor endows UBS' Webb with CIO title 4/28/2010
2. Baptist Standard: Making disciples key to the missions imperative, experts insist 4/28/2010
2. DC Progressive: Can Arizona's Immigration Law Withstand Legal Challenges? 4/28/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Pledge to KWBU 4/28/2010
USA Today: Convict petitions Obama to reduce crack penalty 4/28/2010
1. Chicago Tribune: Stop kids from killing kids 4/27/2010
1. Houston Chronicle: New video game academy won't be child's play 4/27/2010
1. The Detroit News: Enlist students to fight violence in the schools 4/27/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor University names new Chief Investment Officer 4/27/2010
2. The Black Church: Alive and Well 4/27/2010
2. KWTX-TV: Baylor Names New Chief Investment Officer 4/27/2010
3. AP/Macon (GA) Telegraph: Some Presbyterians see salvation by other faiths 4/27/2010
3. KWBU-FM: CPRIT Awards Grant to Baylor University Researchers 4/27/2010
1. Midland Reporter-Telegram: Kenneth Starr says freedom of religion universal right 4/26/2010
1. New Bern (NC) Sun Journal: To stop kids from killing kids 4/26/2010
1. The Black Church: Alive and Well 4/26/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Local U.S. House race between Edwards, Flores should be competitive, contentious, experts say 4/26/2010
2. National Review: Avatar on Earth Day 4/26/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor center Walton taken by Broncos in 3rd round of NFL draft 4/26/2010
3. Bemidji (MN) Pioneer: Bemidji Symphony Orchestra final concert of season set for Sunday 4/26/2010
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor WR Gettis going home to Carolina in NFL Draft 4/26/2010
1. Fox Sports Southwest: Q&A with Baylor Head Football Coach Art Briles 4/23/2010
1. Houston Chronicle: Baylor professor hopes for Jewish return to ethical tradition 4/23/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor Film Fest Moves to Waco Hippodrome 4/23/2010
2. Baptist Standard: New Testament stories shape Christian character, Gregory says 4/23/2010
2. Biblical Recorder (Associated Baptist Press): Experts give advice on greening church facilities 4/23/2010
3. The Baptist Standard: IN FOCUS: Telling stories of Christ & Texas Baptists 4/23/2010 The great debate: Are stocks pricey? 4/23/2010 19th century British literature manuscript found in Texas 4/23/2010
1. Education Week: Texas' Clout Over Textbooks Could Shift With Market 4/22/2010
1. Killeen Daily Herald: Character puts 18-year-old at top of Belton High class 4/22/2010
1. The Huffington Post: Scholar Philip Jenkins on a Would-Be Divine Jesus, Militant Fundamentalists, and the Catholic Abuse Scandal 4/22/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Summer will soon be here -- and so will the mighty sounds of Waco progress 4/22/2010
2. San Antonio Express-News: San Antonio Express-News A Team 4/22/2010
2. On Earth Day, winners of the 'Nobel of environmental awards' to discuss conservation 4/22/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor President's Concert moves outside 4/22/2010
3. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Ex-Baylor star Jason Smith knows all about draft day 4/22/2010
3. Market Watch: ExxonMobil and Employees Donate $7.9 Million to Texas Educational Institutions 4/22/2010
3. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor NFL draft prospects hoping names are called 4/22/2010
1. A Reliable Non-invasive Blood Glucose Monitor May Soon Be a Reality 4/21/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: `Science and Faith' seminar set for Dallas' Wilshire Baptist Church this Saturday 4/21/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor law professor bids dramatic farewell to school, students 4/21/2010
2. Baptist Standard: Renewing evangelism the focus of Baylor symposium 4/21/2010
2. Foreign Affairs Magazine: Bradley A. Thayer 4/21/2010
2. KCEN-TV: Waco City Council Votes to Invest $2.5 Million in Research Park 4/21/2010
3. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Southlake Carroll Grads Spend Day with Warren Buffett 4/21/2010
3. The Durham News: Faith in Focus 4/21/2010
USA Today: The Founders wouldn't back Hastings 4/21/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: Texas Stadium implosion may provide data about earth's underside 4/20/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: The Rev. Cecil Sherman was leader of moderate Baptists' group 4/20/2010
1. Science and Religion Today: Why religion can lead to racism 4/20/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Money for Waco's new high-tech research center beginning to arrive 4/20/2010
2. Associated Press/Houston Chronicle: Seismic data studied after Texas Stadium implosion 4/20/2010
2. Austin American-Statesman: White not right - or even close - in GOP budgeting criticism 4/20/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Water issues loom large for McLennan County area communities 4/20/2010
3. Dallas Morning News: Irving Good Kid: Haley Harris from MacArthur High 4/20/2010
1. KXXV-TV: Baylor students build ramp for disabled woman once confined to home 4/19/2010
1. Miami Herald: Patriots get to run Boston Marathon 4/19/2010
1. News 8 Austin: Web Exclusive: Central Texas students commit to their communities 4/19/2010
1. USA TODAY: Any faith can become violent 4/19/2010
2. Denton Record Chronicle: Student Named Eagle Scout 4/19/2010
2. The Tribune-Democrat (PA): On casino deal, no thanks, Senator 4/19/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: BAYLOR SPRING FOOTBALL WRAP-UP: Briles bullish on Bears' future 4/19/2010
3. Grand Junction (CO) Daily Sentinel: Actor Terry Kiser shares his craft with Ouray teenagers 4/19/2010
The Dallas Morning News 4/19/2010
1. Austin American-Statesman: Historians decry social studies revisions 4/16/2010
1. VirtueOnline: Baylor study links religion to racial prejudice 4/16/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Dunn returning to Waco 4/16/2010
2. DOTmed News: Microwave Beams Could One Day Replace Finger Stick Test for Diabetes 4/16/2010
2. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Baylor Lady Bears now have experience and talent 4/16/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor, Waco pay respects to Robert Reid, a Baylor teaching legend 4/16/2010
3. Gazette (Cedar Rapids, Iowa): Hip to be holy: David Crowder Band reaches out with contemporary spin for the masses 4/16/2010
4. Pittsburgh Tribune-Review: Exhibit showcases best in contemporary fiber art worldwide 4/16/2010
Houston Chronicle: Law school rankings -- UT still 15th 4/16/2010
Medical Device Network: Baylor Develops Portable Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor 4/16/2010
1. Lubbock Avalanche Journal: Lubbock acts on redistricting, road coating process 4/15/2010
1. Money: The Great Debate: are stocks pricey? 4/15/2010
1. Pittsburgh Post Gazette: Fiberart international weaves an exhibition of eclectic work from 15 countries 4/15/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: National retail sales rise, and Waco shoppers say lower prices are helping 4/15/2010
2. Allen Star: Greathouse lives up to her name 4/15/2010
2. Birmingham Business Journal: Samford business school dean Beck Taylor leaving post 4/15/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Midway basketball star signs to play for mom at Baylor 4/15/2010
3. Waco Tribune Herald:Baylor faculty member named one of '20 Most Brilliant Christian Professors' 4/15/2010
1. Claremore Progress: Seven Tips to Ace Your Nursing School Interview 4/14/2010
2. Clerical Abuse Watch (blog): Abuse Not Confined to Children 4/14/2010
3. NewsBlaze: Researcher Develops Accurate, Portable Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor 4/14/2010
4. Christianity Today: Wilson's Bookmarks 4/14/2010
5. USA Today: Baylor junior forward Ekpe Udoh will enter NBA draft early 4/14/2010
Killeen Daily Herald: Griffin's passion for football increases in wake of injury 4/14/2010
Today's Medical Developments: Accurate, Portable Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor 4/14/2010
1. CBS11 (DFW): High School Senior Gives Mom Early Graduation Gift 4/13/2010
1. KWBU-TV: CPRIT Awards Grant to Baylor University Researchers 4/13/2010
1. Medical News Today: Researcher Develops Accurate, Portable Non-Invasive Blood Glucose Monitor 4/13/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: State official names Baylor among cancer research giants at presentation Monday 4/13/2010
2. KRIS-TV: City to host the nation's largest annual regional water conference 4/13/2010
2. The St. Charles Republican (IL): Ferson Creek educator wins "Memorable Teacher" award 4/13/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: BAYLOR HOOPS SPECIAL: Men's season in review 4/13/2010
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: BAYLOR HOOPS SPECIAL: Women's season in review 4/13/2010
Today's Medical Developments will run a story tomorrow about Dr. Randall Jean's research into a new portable, non-invasive blood glucose monitor. 4/13/2010
1. Discover Magazine: Texas Stadium Implosion: Football's Loss, Seismologists' Gain 4/12/2010
1. Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Thousands watch as Texas Stadium is demolished 4/12/2010
1. The Dallas Morning News: Students from six colleges to share redevelopment visions for stadium site 4/12/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco director's film to debut at Seattle independent film fest 4/12/2010
2. Brenham Banner-Press: New Independence visitor center will be dedicated Friday 4/12/2010
2. Peoria (IL) Star-Journal: Angela engages in 'Office' banter 4/12/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: BAYLOR HOOPS SPECIAL: NCAA runs put Waco on national sports map 4/12/2010
3. McAllen Monitor: Weslaco will always be home to Christi Proctor of 'Trading Spaces' 4/12/2010
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: John Werner: Drew's tenure at Baylor far from over 4/12/2010
1. San Angelo Standard-Times: TEXAS HUNGER INITIATIVE: Group hopes to combat hunger on summer break 4/9/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Pinckard becoming BU's do-it-all player 4/9/2010
2. Baptist Standard: Congreso draws record number of participants, commitments 4/9/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: County sees 1.8 percent wage increase 4/9/2010
3. Baptist Standard: Baylor nursing celebrates 100. 4/9/2010
3. News Channel 25 KXXV: Children's Home names interim president 4/9/2010
Nature News: Dallas stadium demolition a boon to science 4/9/2010
Tx H20 (Texas Water Resources Institute): This is your stream. This is your stream on drugs. 4/9/2010
1. Associated Baptist Press: Study links religion to racial prejudice 4/8/2010
1. Author: Fifth Century Bloody Feud Over Christ's Humanit Resonates Today 4/8/2010
1. Houston Chronicle Blog: A Baylor University study links religion to racism 4/8/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: New book chronicles 100-year history of Waco's Cameron Park 4/8/2010
2. Baptist Standard: Documentary makers warn viewers to 'Beware of Christians' 4/8/2010
2. BP Sports: Tweety Carter took an 'open life' to Baylor 4/8/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Linebackers still Bears' strength 4/8/2010
1. Eileen Flynn Blog: The Grand Scheme: Faith column: 'Jesus Wars' shows church's bloody battle over nature of Christ 4/7/2010
1. Mormon Times: Marriage can curb terrorism, BYU professor says 4/7/2010
2. Denton Record Chronicle: Lancaster school board names superintendent finalist after yearlong search 4/7/2010
2. ScientificBlogging: Does Christianity Encourage Racism? 4/7/2010
3. Plano Star-Courier: McCall named sole finalist for Chancellor of the Texas State University System 4/7/2010
3. USA Today: More private colleges court community college transfers 4/7/2010
4. Baptist Press: Baylor guard gears up for mission trip 4/7/2010
KWTX-TV: Ubanyionwu Honored 4/7/2010
KXAS-TV : Preservation Project Aims To Keep Gospel Legacy From Disappearing 4/7/2010
1. Deseret News (Provo, Utah): Marriage can curb Terrorism, BYU professor says 4/6/2010
1. The Dallas Morning News: 4 friends from Dallas team up and hit the road for film about their Christian faith 4/6/2010
1. The St. Louis American: Black Gospel Music Restoration Project at Baylor brings oldies to life on iTunes 4/6/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: EDITORIAL: Final Four defeat strikes us as terrific warm-up for the Lady Bears 4/6/2010
2. ESPN: A Day in the Life of Brittney Griner 4/6/2010
2. The Potpourri (Magnolia, Tx): Local student spends time with Warren Buffett 4/6/2010
3. Associated Baptist Press: Opinion: Catholic sex-abuse cases share window in Baptist house 4/6/2010
4. Bay 9 News (Tampa Bay, Fla.): Using coconut fibers in car parts may save nation's oil 4/6/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: Kim Mulkey inspires Baylor women to overachieve 4/1/2010
1. The Baptist Standard: Jokester Jesus? 4/1/2010
1. USA Today: Baylor's Lady Bears are roaring, soaring ahead of Final Four 4/1/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Griner garners award for nation's top frosh 4/1/2010
2. Detroit Free Press: Starr's regret: No seat on the Supreme Court 4/1/2010
2. Houston Chronicle: Maybe it's UConn that should be worried about Baylor 4/1/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Development of O-line big part of Bears' spring 4/1/2010
3. Fort Worth Star Telegram: Baylor women not in awe of UConn 4/1/2010
4. Dallas Morning News: Leppert: Internship program is changing students' lives 4/1/2010

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