Baylor in the News Archives for Oct. 2010

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Story Date
1. Discovery News: Superstitious Beliefs Getting More Common 10/29/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Quietly making a difference: Mart prison ministry helps boys change outlook 10/29/2010
2. On Wall Street: With Taxes Rising, The Rich Take The Hardest Hit 10/29/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor back Finley driving offense's success 10/29/2010
3. One News Now: Obama plays voters' psychiatrist-in-chief on trail 10/29/2010
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor men's hoops in preseason poll for 1st time 10/29/2010
4. Jaffe Legal News Service: Baggett Honored by the Dallas Bar Association 10/29/2010
Sports Illustrated: Led by dynamic QB Robert Griffin, Baylor is the surprise of Big 12 10/29/2010
The Optimist (Abilene Christian University): Interior design students win multiple awards in Dallas 10/29/2010
1. Toledo Blade: Despite high hopes, casino's economic payoff not sure bet 10/28/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor prof appointed to executive council 10/28/2010
2. Bloomberg Business Week: Exxon Trails Chevron After Russell Ranking Change 10/28/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Initiative teaches art to children 10/28/2010
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: 125 tasty years and counting: Dr Pepper, Waco's hometown drink 10/28/2010
Dallas Morning News: Baylor to give Founders Award to Dallas-based Chacon Autos 10/28/2010
Top News Network (UK): Story of Breast Cancer Survivor 10/28/2010
USA Today: Robert Griffin helps Baylor football end years of doldrums 10/28/2010
1. All Voices: Two Reasons Why Couples Fight 10/27/2010
2. News Blaze: Baylor Angel Network Announces New Angels 10/27/2010
3. San Francisco Chronicle: Labor & Employment Partner Stephen Cockerham Joins Brown McCarroll 10/27/2010
San Antonio Express-News: Natural Bridge Caverns wins award 10/27/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor professor's book examines 'Religious History of the American Revolution' 10/27/2010
Washington Post: Obama plays voters' psychiatrist-in-chief on trail 10/27/2010
1. The Dallas Morning News: Texas Rep. Edwards again relies on veterans' support 10/26/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco still largely Baptist, but not like it once was 10/26/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Brazos Past: Baylor to open Poage Map Room at library 10/26/2010
4. The Dallas Morning News: Book review: 'Jesus and Gin,' by Barry Hankins 10/26/2010
4. Waco Tribune-Herald: Q&A: Baylor grad makes a living with video games 10/26/2010
Austin American-Statesman: Ghosts, Astrology, UFOs and Bigfoot - A review of "Paranormal America" 10/26/2010
Kansas City Star/Religion News Service: How many versions of the Bible do we need? 10/26/2010
The2. Pittsburg (TX) Gazette: Wright featured in Baylor commercial 10/26/2010
1. Baptist Standard: Why sing? Worship leaders explore question at Baylor conference 10/25/2010
1. ESPN: No. 25 Baylor nabs 1st ranking since '93 10/25/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: What a weekend! Hope you didn't miss it all 10/25/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Meet the Baylor University Meritorious Achievement Award winners 10/25/2010
2. The Dallas Morning News: Carlton: Surprise! Baylor Bears find themselves atop Big 12 South 10/25/2010
2. USA TODAY: The weekend by the numbers: Baylor reaches a new level 10/25/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's regents meet, discuss changes 10/25/2010
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Brice Cherry: Bears deliver gift to fans, themselves 10/25/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: Bears' women's basketball team loaded for bear 10/22/2010
1. Fort Collins Coloradoan: Americans' views of God shape attitudes on key issues 10/22/2010
2. The Michael Medved Show: Does Your Perception of God Determine Your Politics? 10/22/2010
3. Religion News Service: How many versions of the Bible do we really need? 10/22/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: New, improved Griffin leading Baylor to shot at bowl 10/22/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: On 1-year anniversary, Baylor research center coming along, on schedule 10/22/2010
1. History News Network: Live Q&A With Thomas S. Kidd 10/21/2010
1. The Dallas Morning News: New American Airlines president aims high, relishes challenge ahead 10/21/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: A lot rides on Baylor Bears' matchup against Kansas State on Saturday 10/21/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Examples for all to behold 10/21/2010
2. National Catholic Register: How to Ask the Wrong Question About God 10/21/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Beef vs. Bears: Longhorns (not the burnt orange kind) invade Baylor's homecoming day 10/21/2010
3. Los Angeles Business Journal: University of Maryland Business School Honors Home Depot's Supply Chain Head 10/21/2010
3. Waco Tribune Herald: When running game clicks, Baylor offense a force 10/21/2010
1. Bryan Eagle: Photo book features homeless 10/20/2010
1. The Chronicle of Higher Education: NCAA Considers a National Pro-Sports Counseling Panel 10/20/2010
2. Dallas Morning News: Baylor has bowl bid within grasp 10/20/2010
2. Indianapolis Star: New book tackles how Americans see God 10/20/2010
3. YubaNet: From Bigfoot to Haunted Houses to Palm Readers: Who Believes? 10/20/2010
Pakistan Observer: We worship God of security 10/20/2010
The Oklahoman: How many versions of the Bible do we really need? 10/20/2010
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco film fest organizers aim to show depth of best horror films 10/20/2010
1. Chicago Sun Times: Loving, harsh, distant, critical: Americans' four views of God 10/19/2010
1. CNN: Reverend: If Heaven is integrated, why not churches? 10/19/2010
1. KCBD-TV: Lubbock business wins award from Baylor University 10/19/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor hopes to reward homecoming crowd with chance at bowl game 10/19/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Ex-Bear Jerrells traded from Spurs to Hornets 10/19/2010
2. Yahoo Finance: SWS Group, Inc. Announces Resignation of CFO 10/19/2010
3. KWBU-FM: Waco Symphony Internship Program Allows Students To Be Professionals, Part 2 10/19/2010
3. The Wall Street Journal: Top 11 Gifts to Universities 10/19/2010
1. CNN: Can you believe in Bigfoot and the Bible? 10/18/2010
1. KPRC-AM (Houston): Second Elderly Murder-Suicide Under Investigation 10/18/2010
1. KWTX-TV: Baylor Student from Chile 10/18/2010
1. Richmond (VA) Times-Dispatch: How Many Gods? 10/18/2010
2. Dallas Business Journal: CFO of the Year Winner- Temple H. Weiss, LQ Management LLC - LaQuinta Inns & Suites 10/18/2010
2. USA TODAY: We worship the God of security 10/18/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Farmers watch estate tax deadline 10/18/2010
3. Reuters: Baylor University Announces Top Texas Family Businesses of 2010 10/18/2010
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor 1 win away from clearing bowl-eligibility hurdle 10/18/2010
1. Microsoft DNS Hijacked, IP Addresses Are Used To Push Pharma Spam 10/15/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor receiver lets game do his talking 10/15/2010
2. Fox Sports Southwest: Baylor's Epperson Continues To Flip the Field 10/15/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: EDITORIAL: Pickup sticks at Cameron Park 10/15/2010
3. The Belltower (Samford University newsletter): Baird Discusses 'Achieving the Self' at Philosophy Teachers Conference 10/15/2010
Dallas Business Journal: Baylor University Announces Top Texas Family Businesses of 2010 10/15/2010
Inside Higher Ed: Mobile Momentum and Doubts 10/15/2010
1. Dallas Morning News: 2 News writers win Philbin Awards for legal reporting 10/14/2010
1. The Washington Post: 3 books on UFOs 10/14/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: 'Soliloquies' exhibit uses rich visuals to show spiritual themes 10/14/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Disguising coverage key for Baylor secondary 10/14/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: David A. Smith: Recent events give glimpse at potential of Waco arts scene 10/14/2010
2. Wetland Center Partnership Allows Firsthand Learning 10/14/2010
3. Associated Baptist Press: ABP to honor founding chair, Charles Overby, at 20th birthday celebration 10/14/2010
1. Discovery News: Metamaterials Could Help Simulate Warp Drive 10/13/2010
1. The Baptist Standard: BRIC nations may pave the way for understanding global Christian growth 10/13/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Lady Bears sweep preseason Big 12 awards 10/13/2010
2. News Blaze: From Bigfoot to Haunted Houses to Palm Readers: Who Believes? 10/13/2010
3. Associated Baptist Press: Congregations struggle to become diverse, retain diversity 10/13/2010
1. Christian Century: A review of God of Liberty 10/12/2010
1. Galveston Daily News: Survey: Americans lack knowledge of religions 10/12/2010
1. KWTX-TV: Baylor Profs Write Book On America's Gods 10/12/2010
1. The Chronicle of Higher Education: Video Portfolio: Susan Mullally's What I keep 10/12/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: Lady Bears hit the gym 10/12/2010
2. Word & Way: Some rural churches see their calling as providing a laboratory for training ministers 10/12/2010
3. Americans Divided on the Nature of God 10/12/2010
1. Austin American-Statesman: Seasoned legal talents will play key roles in Hasan case 10/11/2010
1. KWTX-TV: Baylor Poverty Summit 10/11/2010
1. The Chronicle of Higher Education: Stanley Cavell's Philosophical Improvisations 10/11/2010
2. Arizona Republic: A new book examines diverse visions of God and why they matter 10/11/2010
2. The Dallas Morning News: Second Thought Theatre Company hires 2 artistic directors 10/11/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Students at poverty summit: Pop culture, mass media create misperceptions 10/11/2010
The New American: Sociologists Analyze America's "Four Gods" 10/11/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor hosting summit focusing on poverty and hunger issues 10/8/2010
1. WLQV-AM (Detroit): Paul Edwards Program 10/8/2010
2. CBN News: Report: Americans View God in Different Ways. 10/8/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Struggling families can find help at Waco event 10/8/2010
3. KWTX-TV: Getterman Stadium Indoor Softball Facility Dedication 10/8/2010
3. News & Record (Greensboro, N.C.): Exploring the value of personal treasures 10/8/2010
4. Harry Potter, Christian Hallows, and C.S. Lewis: A Q&A with Greg Garrett 10/8/2010
5. Urban Christian News: Congregations Struggle to Get -- and Keep -- Racially Diverse Members 10/8/2010
ABC World News Tonight: A Look at the 4 Ways Americans View God 10/8/2010
1. CNN: Why Sunday morning remains America's most segregated hour 10/7/2010
1. The Liberty County Vindicator: 10-10-10, 100th Birthday of Liberty Legend 10/7/2010
1. USA Today: Americans' views of God shape attitudes on key issues 10/7/2010
1. Waco Tribune Herald: Brash brass fun comes to Waco 10/7/2010
2. Virtue Online: Clergy sexual abuse 'pervasive,' co-author of study says 10/7/2010
3. Segregation vs. diversity in church 10/7/2010
1. /AP: Texas professor shows homeless through photo book 10/6/2010
1. The Dartmouth (student newspaper): Prof. finds uses for coconut waste 10/6/2010
2. Broadway World: Burning Coal Presents Staged Reading of THE RIVER NUN, 10/4 10/6/2010
2. KTBC-TV(Austin): Is Cheerleading a Sport? 10/6/2010
3. Innovations Report: Catfish Survival: Study Explores Why Popular Sportfish Survives in Some Texas Lakes, Perishes in Others 10/6/2010
4. Wauwatosa (WI) NOW: Biostatistician joins Medical College faculty 10/6/2010
5. Sharing the Victory: Bearing Through 10/6/2010
E! Science News: Catfish Survival: Study Explores Why Popular Sportfish Survives in Some Texas Lakes, Perishes in Others 10/6/2010
1. Associated Baptist Press: Clergy sexual abuse 'pervasive,' co-author of study says 10/5/2010
1. Houston Chronicle: Texas professor shows homeless through photo book 10/5/2010
2. Baptist Standard: Poverty moves into suburbia; creates ministry opportunities 10/5/2010
2. iStockAnalyst: Waco Tribune-Herald, Texas, Bill Teeter column 10/5/2010
3. Austin American-Statesman: 'Quints by Surprise' parents say show creates great memories 10/5/2010
3. History News Network: The Founding Fathers Would Be Shocked at Our Religious Ignorance 10/5/2010
4. USA Today: SLCC to begin midwifery training 10/5/2010
5. Reuters: Essent Healthcare Appoints Chief Executive Officer for Its Texas Hospital 10/5/2010
Washington Post: The Gospel according to Bobby Jones 10/5/2010
1. Austin American-Statesman: Pet blessings are part of bigger blending of animals and religion 10/4/2010
1. National Public Radio "Tell Me More": Some Faith Leaders Offer Women More Than Prayer 10/4/2010
1. Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Big 12 future hinges on success 10/4/2010
2. Dallas Morning News/AP: Texas professor shows homeless through photo book 10/4/2010
2. Fredericksburg (VA) Free Lance-Star: So what's the inspiration of Harry Potter? 10/4/2010
2. Waco Tribune-Herald: Big 12 conference confers stature, prestige to city of Waco through Baylor 10/4/2010
3. Waco Tribune-Herald: Value of campus stadium at Baylor a question mark 10/4/2010
CSPAN Book TV: God of Liberty: A Religious History of the American Revolution 10/4/2010
The Chronicle of Higher Education: Math as Narrative Drama 10/4/2010
1. Associated Baptist Press: Rural Churches: Some see their calling as providing a minister-training lab 10/1/2010
1. KWBU-FM: Scholarship Initiative Aims To Make Baylor More Affordable 10/1/2010
2. Waco Tribune Herald: College theater musicals highlight girls with difficult home lives 10/1/2010
2. Washington Times: BOOK REVIEW: 'God of Liberty' 10/1/2010
3. Investors Business Daily: The Hopeful Face Of Mary Kay 10/1/2010
3. Waco Tribune Herald: EDITORIAL: Stakes are high at Baylor's Big 12 game this weekend 10/1/2010
4. Steamboat Today: Steamboat artist of brush and harp opens her 1st show tonight 10/1/2010
5. Yahoo! News: What's True in the Facebook Movie 10/1/2010
The Washington Post: Joseph Cao, the unlikely congressman from New Orleans 10/1/2010

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