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Story Date Serving Legal Documents by Facebook 12/23/2008
Austin American Statesman: Cedar fever season arrives 12/23/2008
Biblical Recorder: Was innkeeper history's rudest host? 12/23/2008
International Herald Tribune: Broncos' Bell a corner who wants to be a chemist 12/23/2008
News 8 Austin: Economy causing some college grads to walk across the stage again 12/23/2008
North Carolina Star News: Volunteer diver teaches from watery classroom 12/23/2008
Pegasus News: Allen lawyer named as judge of Collin County District Court 12/23/2008
The Advocate: Poll: We believe in angels 12/23/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: Carlos Sanchez: Waco on the cusp of something big 12/23/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: Editorial: Renaissance time for Waco 12/23/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: New federal safety rules forcing temporary closure at popular local pool 12/23/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: Who are Baylor's all-time best? 12/23/2008
Austin American Statesman: Young: Come to a biblical understanding 12/19/2008
Baptist Press Sports: Lady Bears deliver bears to hospital patients 12/19/2008
FierceCIO Techwatch: Facebook 'pokes' used for court notification 12/19/2008
Jacksonville News: Doctor makes native Colombia proud 12/19/2008
KLTV-TV: Track Star Ivery Donates To Boys & Girls Club 12/19/2008
KWTX-TV: Black Gospel Christmas Jubilee to Air on KWBU-FM 12/19/2008
KWTX-TV: Former Baylor Baseball Star Named Superintendent At West 12/19/2008
OpEdNews: Why the Republicans and Their Religious Base Are in a Lot More Trouble Than They Realize 12/19/2008
San Antonio Express News: Surviving the holidays with kids home from college 12/19/2008
Times Higher Education: The Plot to Kill God: Findings from the Soviet Experiment in Secularization 12/19/2008
Chronicle of Higher Education: 3 Institutions Will Plan 21st-Century Dormitories in Housing Project's Next Stage 12/18/2008 Bringing the Bible Up To Date 12/18/2008 Three New Directors Set to Join Board 12/18/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: Students find economics class mirrors real-life concerns 12/18/2008
Associated Baptist Press: Evangelical leaders seek broad moral agenda in Cizik replacement 12/17/2008
Associated Press: Aussie court OKs using Facebook for serving lien 12/17/2008
Austin American Statesman: The three wise guys of Austin 12/17/2008
Catholic News Service: Mr. Cao goes to Washington as first Vietnamese-American in Congress 12/17/2008
CNET News: Facebook 'pokes' can be used for court notification 12/17/2008
Dallas Morning News: Texas tie to the newest Louisiana congressman 12/17/2008
Huntington Herald Dispatch: VA physician assistant chosen for Army-Baylor University graduate program 12/17/2008
NBC News Dallas: Arlington Names Lone Superintendent Finalist 12/17/2008
Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: Madoff scheme hits Jewish charities hard 12/17/2008
The Heritage Foundation: Diplomacy in an Age of Faith: How Failing to Understand the Role of Religion Hinders America's Purposes in the World 12/17/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: EDITORIAL: Count us aboard on the idea of reviving a downtown trolley 12/17/2008
Advocate (LA): Cao made history with victory 12/16/2008
Dallas Business Journal: Staying power 12/16/2008
Greater Tulsa Reporter, Business & People Notes 12/16/2008
International Business Times: Seismic Ventures Grows Company with new Direct Hydrocarbon Detection Services Division 12/16/2008
Lubbock Avalanche-Journal: Acclaimed tenor David Phelps to perform in Lubbock 12/16/2008
Telegraph (UK): Science review of the year 2008 12/16/2008
Tulsa World: Ex-Congressman Carson to deploy as reservist 12/16/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Former classmate pleasantly surprised at Baylor alum's rise to U.S. House 12/16/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Gatesville murder follow-up - Threats voiced to third parties often difficult to act on 12/16/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Joseph Yoon, guest column - As American as - me 12/16/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: The Brownings' big fan - A.J. Armstrong and the Browning Library 12/16/2008 Less Silence on Physician Assistant Doctorates Already 12/12/2008
Baptist Standard: History's most notorious rude host gets a bum rap 12/12/2008
Ennis Daily News: Cheerleaders learn more than just chants 12/12/2008
MarketWatch: Qualcomm Elects Thomas Horton to Board of Directors 12/12/2008
The Chronicle of Higher Education: An Appreciation for Buildings & Grounds Guest Bloggers 12/12/2008
Concord Monitor: Real mystery is why humans want the supernatural to be real 12/11/2008
Dallas Morning News: Baylor researchers find use for coconut husks in car parts 12/11/2008
First Things: Same-Sex Marriage and the Failure of Justificatory Liberalism 12/11/2008
Houston Chronicle: Briargrove resident, father share 'face' time 12/11/2008
Indianapolis Star: To move up in this world, start with school 12/11/2008
Mission Network News: Shoes provide solid footing for ministry in Honduras 12/11/2008
Philanthropy Journal: Nonprofit news roundup for Dec. 9, 2008 12/11/2008
Utility Products: New Emerson Network Power CTO Expects New Focus on Business Continuity in 2009 12/11/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: David Phelps returns to old stomping grounds with Christmas concert at Waco Hall 12/11/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: Waco native Caroline Cutbirth returns home for WSO concert 12/11/2008
Dallas Morning News (Religion Blog): Baylor researchers find use for coconut husks in car parts 12/10/2008
News 8 Austin: Waco working to retain more college graduates 12/10/2008
San Marcos Daily Record: Holiday Spectacular 12/10/2008
Texas Bar Journal: Honorary Paw Degree 12/10/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: Editorial: Brain power: In crucial stage of life, community can do more 12/10/2008
ABC World News Tonight - Persons of the Year: 'World News' Revisits Two Who Lived Life Well, Despite Life-Threatening Illness 12/9/2008
ActiveRain: What Does The Future Hold For Residential Real Estate? 12/9/2008
Associated Press/Washington Post: Brief bios of La. congressional candidates 12/9/2008
Baptist Standard: From Spurgeon to Sousa - Christian studies professor at home on the marching field 12/9/2008
Catholic News Service: First Vietnamese-American in Congress is former Jesuit seminarian 12/9/2008
Daily Texas: Viewpoint - Why not trayless? 12/9/2008 Your Firm Has a Story to Tell. It's Your Job to Sell It! 12/9/2008
Hannibal Courier Post: MACC Foundation receives substantial gift 12/9/2008 Study Finds Link Between Adolescent Drinking and Adult Tolerance 12/9/2008
Las Cruces Sun Times: College dream: Santa Teresa student is first in his family 12/9/2008
Los Angeles Times - Opinion: Ghosts, aliens and us 12/9/2008
New York Times: History and Amazement in House Race Outcome 12/9/2008
Philanthropy Journal: Baylor in good shape despite economic slump 12/9/2008
Philippine News: Almighty Image 12/9/2008
Tendencias Sociales: La dosis moderadas de alcohol en adolescentes también afectan al cerebro a largo plazo 12/9/2008
University Business: Baylor Official: Endowment is Weathering Stormy Economic Times 12/9/2008
USA TODAY: Vietnamese hail Cao's win over Jefferson in La. 12/9/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: As recycling grows in Waco, demand for recycled goods falls 12/9/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor official - Endowment is weathering stormy economic times 12/9/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor University students begin Campus Kitchen project 12/9/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Getting a crack at costuming 'The Nutcracker' 12/9/2008
Washington Post: GOP Finds an Unlikely New Hero in Louisiana 12/9/2008
Washington Post: Researchers Stepping Up Study of Health And Religiosity 12/9/2008
Amarillo Globe-News: Skilled trade classes needed 12/5/2008
Dallas Examiner: Funding college for our children 12/5/2008
Ghana Today: Profiles of the NPP presidential and vice presidential candidates 12/5/2008 Baylor U. nonprofit major puts twist on learning 12/5/2008 Baylor U. quells financial concerns 12/5/2008
Longview News Journal: College News: Baylor student picked for Foundation 12/5/2008
Norman Transcript: Students take home vocal awards at regional competition 12/5/2008
Rockwall County Herald Banner: "I can't make this stuff up." 12/5/2008
TCU Daily Skiff: December graduation rate keeps rising 12/5/2008
Temple Daily Telegram: Turn the lights on 12/5/2008
The Daily Texas (UT): Trayless dining system planned for Jester and Kinsolving cafeterias 12/5/2008
XChange: Spotlight on Ethernet 12/5/2008
Asian Week: Almighty Image 12/4/2008
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Baylor Bears coach believes days as Big 12 pushover have ended 12/4/2008
Philippine Daily Inquirer: Almighty Image 12/4/2008
San Antonio Express-News: Study: Serious mental illness often dismissed by church 12/4/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor law professor's blog honored by ABA Journal 12/4/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor's Griffin adds AP offensive newcomer honors 12/4/2008
Alcohol Reports: Baylor Study Finds Alcohol During Adolescence Leads to Alcohol Tolerance Later in Life 12/3/2008
Dallas Examiner: Intelligent people believe in God 12/3/2008
Furniture Dallas Market Center names new VP of Finance 12/3/2008
KWTX-TV: Baylor's Griffin Named Big 12 Offensive Freshman Of The Year 12/3/2008
KWTX-TV: Waco Council Approves Homeless Program Grant 12/3/2008
KXXV-TV: Baylor Students Hold Vigil For Mumbai Terror Victims 12/3/2008 Early alcohol use leads to tolerance to high doses of alcohol later in life 12/3/2008
Waco Today: Guest column: Is it still a wonderful life? 12/3/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: Baylor's Robert Griffin top freshman on coaches' all-Big 12 team; 3 Bears make 1st team 12/3/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: Waco-born babies to receive free music CD from Baylor group 12/3/2008 7 price tags that are falling 12/2/2008
Baptist Standard: Around the State 12/2/2008
Colorado Springs Gazette: Nice ring to this story 12/2/2008
Dallas Business Journal: Back to class 12/2/2008
DC Examiner: Good stewardship, mindful consuming are central to faith 12/2/2008
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Executive education can be a wise strategy for self-investment 12/2/2008
Fort Worth Star-Telegram: Preparing for a growing global economy 12/2/2008
KWTX-TV: Cyber Monday Follows Black Friday 12/2/2008
KWTX-TV: Perry Reappoints Central Texas Man To Wastewater Research Council 12/2/2008 Fitch Rates Baylor University's (TX) Taxable CP Program 'F1+' 12/2/2008
Nacogdoches Daily Sentinel: Nacogdoches man ready to go to jail over his traffic tickets 12/2/2008
National Review Online: Thankful for the NEA? 12/2/2008
North American Windpower: Lamb Named CEO Of Clipper Windpower Development 12/2/2008
Rockport Pilot: Kirby leaves Mansion for Austin post 12/2/2008
Santa Rose Press-Gazette (FL): Alleged murderer brought back to Santa Rosa County 12/2/2008 God Lags Behind Aliens and Ghosts in Credibility 12/2/2008
The National (UAE): 'The 99' takes to the air 12/2/2008
The Tribune: KHS graduates record Christmas album to raise funds for Kenya support trip 12/2/2008
U.S.News & World Report: A Tribute to a Bush Appointee - Dana Gioia, Head of the National Endowment for the Arts 12/2/2008
Valley Morning Star: Bright Future - Juan Mendoza 12/2/2008
Valley Morning Star: Jaime Flores appointed new arroyo watershed coordinator 12/2/2008
Waco Tribune Herald: Long-time Baylor supporter Thornton Sterling dies at 95 12/2/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Baylor football's new $34 million riverfront home should help recruiting 12/2/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: December grads finding much tougher job market 12/2/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Editorial - Inspiring kids toward higher ed, the GEAR-UP way 12/2/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Mumbai attacks worry Indian Baylor student 12/2/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Sheryl Kattner-Allen, guest column - Businesses can GEAR UP for sake of our work force 12/2/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Today is first ever National Day of Listening 12/2/2008
Waco Tribune-Herald: Waco area officials sound off on latest economic bailout effort 12/2/2008
Yahoo News: People Said to Believe in Aliens and Ghosts More Than God 12/2/2008

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