Music and Theatre Combine for "It Must Be Love!"

October 29, 2021
Performing artists from the Baylor University School of Music and Department of Theatre Arts join forces to perform “It Must Be Love!,” a staging that teams instrumental and vocal music, drama, and dance to celebrate the elusive notion of love. This concert, on Saturday, November 6, beginning at 7:30 p.m. in Roxy Grove Hall, is a collaboration that features five faculty members: clarinetist Ran Kampel, pianist Joseph Li, soprano Amy Petrongelli, actor Steven Pounders, and choreographer/dancer Meredith Sutton, along with student dancer Dawson Boudreaux.
The program opens with clarinetist, pianist, and actor in a joint interpretation of Three Romances, Op. 94, by German composer Robert Schumann. The text is actual excerpts from the correspondence of Clara Wieck and her future husband, Robert Schumann.
Next, the clarinetist and both dancers come to center stage for their rendition of French composer Louis Cahuzac’s solo clarinet work, Arlequin. According to Cahuzac himself, “It was the composer’s intention to depict the main traits of this emblematic figure of the Italian commedia dell’arte: the whimsical clown’s blunders and mistakes amuse and entertain an audience that laugh at his pains and joys alike. The clarinet translates the character’s pirouettes and turns, his exuberant gesticulating and comical melancholy.”
Closing the program will be a performance of German composer Louis Spohr’s Six German Dances, Op. 103. Scored for soprano, clarinet, and piano, this collection dates from the year 1837.
“It Must Be Love!” is free of charge and open to the public. It is also available for livestreaming at
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