Baylor Streams a Comic Opera by Seymour Barab

March 15, 2021
Baylor Opera Theatre will present A Game of Chance by American composer Seymour Barab (1921-2014) on Saturday, March 20, beginning at 3:00 p.m.
Barab wrote this charming one-act comedy in 1956, with a libretto by Evelyn Manacher Draper after the short play All on a Summer’s Day by Florence Ryerson and Colin Clements. A Game of Chance is one of many chamber operas written by composer Barab during his prolific career. Performers in the Baylor production will be Deb Sorensen (First Knitter), Charity Cooper (Second Knitter), Valarie Miles (Third Knitter), and Troy McDonald (The Representative).
This opera will be directed and produced by Jen Stephenson, with musical preparation by conductor Jeffrey Peterson, and the pianist will be Maggie Stith.
Set in an eternal garden, the Fates weave the tapestry of life. Each laments her boredom, and what she would want, should she be given life as a human. A Representative, the eternal messenger of the gods, brings to each of the three young women her single dearest wish: to be wealthy, to be famous, and to have a lover, respectively. Each leaves the garden to experience her life on Earth but quickly discovers that we all want either too much or too little.
To join the virtual audience for this Baylor Opera Theatre performance of Seymour Barab’s A Game of Chance, visit the School of Music’s streaming page at
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