The Wind Ensembles of Baylor University and Midway High School

January 25, 2019
The 83-member Baylor University Wind Ensemble will present its next concert on Friday, February 1, beginning at 7:30 p.m. in Jones Concert Hall, located within the Glennis McCrary Music Building. Joining them, to open the concert, will be the 65-member Midway High School Wind Ensemble. The Baylor group is conducted by Director of Bands J. Eric Wilson, and the Midway group is conducted by Pam Hyatt.
The program will begin with the Midway High School Wind Ensemble playing American composer Jack Stamp’s Gavorkna Fanfare from 1991.
Then they will perform Russian composer Boris Kozhevnikov’s Symphony No. 3 for Band, subtitled “Slavyanskaya.” This four-movement work dates from 1950.
The Baylor University Wind Ensemble will open its portion of the program with the premiere of Larry Tuttle’s Big World, completed earlier this year. Big World pays homage to the traditional march, which Tuttle calls “one of the best vehicles for pure exuberance ever invented.”
Next, guest conductor Steve Dailey, Assistant Director of Bands, will lead music of English composer Gordon Jacob. Dating from 1958, Old Wine in New Bottles is Jacob’s setting of four early English songs: “The Wraggle Taggle Gypsies,” “The Three Ravens,” “Begone Dull Care,” and “Early One Morning.”
American composer Warren Benson wrote The Passing Bell in 1974. It is a gripping work that makes use of contemporary compositional and instrumental techniques, combined with two old chorale melodies. Its theme is mortality and the fragile brevity of human life.
Concluding the program will be the Baylor Wind Ensemble’s performance of the rollicking Tam o’Shanter from 1955 by English composer Malcolm Arnold. Based on a poem by Robert Burns, this grimly humorous legend of a hard drinker who ignores his wife’s warning that he will one day be caught by the warlocks for his misdeeds.
This concert is free of charge and open to the public. For more information, call the Baylor University School of Music at 254-710-3991.
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