by Dr. Lesley McAllister

Practicing to reduce risk of injury:
  • Take breaks!
    • At least every 45 min.
    • Take first break early
  • Warm up: slower, softer work
  • Vary schedule/repertoire
  • Alternate fast/loud with soft/slow
  • Efficient posture
  • Incorporate mental practice
  • Use a practice journal
  • Dynamic movements before practice
    • Wrist circles, firecrackers, neck rolls, shoulder rolls, chest opener pulses
  • Stretch midway through practice
    • Goal post backbend, modified down dog, prayer position for wrists and “finger raises,” arm stretch across body, shoulder stretch with interlaced fingers
If you experience pain:
  • Tell your teacher, including your ensemble director
  • Modify your practicing
  • Go to a physician if lasts longer than one week
  • Ice reduces swelling—acute injury; Heat relaxes muscles—chronic injury
Hearing Health:
The Whole Musician:
  • Sleep: Keep it consistent; Aim for 7-8 hours
  • Diet: 3 meals a day, including breakfast; whole foods, lean protein
  • Exercise: Aim for 3-4 times a week; Baylor GroupX program'

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