9.1-Channel Studio Manual

Here is the 5.1 surround sound MioConsole3d template.

Power Up

  1. login to computer
  2. flip on the power switch on the Furman at the very top right of the rack (this turns on the interfaces):
  3. wait for a few seconds for the interface to turn on so there is no pop in the speakers
  4. turn the key on the power sequence switch (this turns on the speakers): description
  5. open (application on the Mac Pro computer)
  6. open the DAW or other audio program you will be working in and choose "MHLink Audio" as the interface.

Power Down

  • Execute the same steps as above but in reverse order

If using Logic:

Do the following to disable the MCU Pro within Logic so it controls MIOConsole3d ONLY

  1. open Logic
    • if you are starting a new project, it is best to do the following before creating a new project
  2. go to the menu Logic Pro X > Preferences > Advanced Tools …
  3. put a checkmark in "Show Advanced Tools" and click the "Enable All" button at the bottom
  4. go to the menu Logic Pro X > Control Surfaces and click "Bypass All Control Surfaces”
  5. create a new Logic Project (File > New)

Then, do the following if you are going to use software (MIDI controlled) instruments in your project. Here is a short video showing the following:

  1. go to the menu Window > Open MIDI Environment
  2. next to "Layer:" at the very top left of the Environment box, choose "Click & Ports”
  3. from the "New" dropdown menu at the top of the Environment box, choose “Monitor"
  4. move the "Monitor" object below the other objects
  5. make the Physical Input box larger by clicking on it and dragging the bottom right of the box
  6. click and drag to create patch cables between all four outputs from the "Physical Input" box MCU Pro Ports to the Monitor box you just created
    • now it will monitor the inputs but it will not allow them to be used by instruments in Logic

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