Opera Production Workshop

The Baylor Opera Theatre exists to provide every student who is currently a part of the Vocal Department at Baylor University and enrolled in Opera Production Workshop at least one performance opportunity that is appropriate to their current level of vocal development and personal career goals. Concurrently, students in the Opera Program are provided training in acting for the singer, stage deportment, rehearsal etiquette, technical theatre overview, taxes for artists, exposure to choreography for both dance and stage combat, basic opera history and performance practice, extensive vocal coachings and intensive individual role and aria coachings with the Director of Opera and other staff and guests, plus an array of additional areas and events too numerous to mention in this format.

Major Opera Productions at Baylor University will be double-cast, when possible, to provide the maximum amount of performing opportunities for Baylor Students. These opera productions will be chosen with the Baylor student in mind, meaning that: Opera Productions at Baylor University will be chosen to best fit the current group of voice students enrolled in Opera Workshop. Opera productions will be performed in the original language with sir-titles with occasional exceptions for specific scenes or works. All opera projects at Baylor University will be chosen collaboratively by a committee which includes, but is not necessarily limited to: The Director of Opera, Every Member of the Voice Faculty, The Conductor of the Opera, and The Director of Choral Activities. This committee will not only choose all opera projects, but will be responsible for casting these projects as well. Thus, no Baylor student should feel that his or her chances to sing a specific role are any more or less than any other Baylor student.

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