Musikgarten (Early Childhood Music Program)

An early childhood music education program nurtures a child's social and musical development while enhancing the bond between parent and child. Classes incorporate movement, singing, listening activities, and playing percussion instruments. Children attend classes with their parents while they sing, dance, play rhythm instruments, and engage in chants and nursery rhymes that delight their senses and help them develop social and listening skills. All of these activities enrich the child's musical, motor, and aural development while they increase the bond between adult and child.

We may be offering a Family Music for Toddlers class for children ages 18 months to 3 years old in spring 2020. Please contact Lesley McAllister with questions. To register in the class, please complete and submit the registration form with a check for $37.50 made out to Baylor University to pay for materials and hold your child's spot in the program.

What is Musikgarten?: Our class is primarily a music and movement class. We will be singing, dancing, and using rhythm instruments, listening to pieces throughout the weeks, not specifically learning a particular instrument. The music and movement activities we do together will help facilitate a better sense of musical understanding, singing, and rhythmic development that will help your child to possess a solid musical foundation before they enter music lessons on a particular instrument! Parents (or caretakers) are greatly encouraged to stay with the child during the class time. This helps the child and parent/caretaker form a stronger bond through music, helps the child to feel more comfortable and supported on this new musical journey, and allows the parent/caretaker to become familiar with the materials that will be used at home during the week between classes.
  • Where?: Baylor University, Waco Hall, Piano Pedagogy, West wing, Room 2
  • Who?: Ages 18 months - 3 years old
  • How long?: 30-minute class
  • When?: Weekly
  • Class time: Mondays, 9:30-10:00 a.m.; our first class together will be Monday, January 27.
  • Cost?: Registration: $37.00 per family enrolling.
  • Tuition: $150.00 per child. – Both payments are due in separate checks made out to Baylor University at the first class on Monday, January 27.

Please email to receive a copy of the registration form. If you are wishing to enroll more than one child, please fill out additional forms. The registration cost of $37 will remain the same no matter the number of children you wish to enroll from your family.

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