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The Baylor University String Project is a unique program that introduces low-cost group string instruction to Waco-area 4th - 12th graders. Students enrolled learn how to read music and play a stringed instrument (violin, viola, cello, bass). In the process, they develop good work habits and improve their ability to collaborate and cooperate in groups.

The BU String Project functions as a training ground for university students enrolled in string music education classes have the opportunity to teach beginning string students from the local community. The practical teaching experience gained in this program has a powerful effect on their preparation for the teaching workforce.

Because we use college students in a supervised teaching roles, Baylor is able to offer these music lessons at substantially reduced fees, making the program accessible to all families in the community who wish to participate.

Classes meet twice weekly on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons from 4:15-5:00 PM in Waco Hall East. Classes rotate between large group and small group instruction.

Students are encouraged to rent their instrument, as string instruments come in fractional sizes and growing students may need to move to a larger instrument as often as every 4-6 months. After the Master Teacher has determined the appropriate size of instrument for each child at the new student / parent meeting, an instrument dealer will be on hand to arrange for rentals.

For more information, contact Dr. Michael Alexander or Ms. Kristen Jones.

To begin your registration, complete this form and return it to Ms. Kristen Jones

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Who can enroll in the BU String Project?

All students are required to be a member of their school string program (if one exists at their grade level). Home school students, students too young for their school program, or students at schools without a string program are also allowed to participate. Classes and groups begin at the 4th grade level.

When and where do classes meet?

Group classes meet Tuesday and Thursday afternoons, 4:15 - 5:00 PM each semester in Waco Hall East, Room 129. For a Baylor campus map, click here.

How do I find an instrument for my student?

Don't. We determine all instrument sizes at our required New Student / New Parent meeting. After we've helped determine the right instrument size for your student, we'll help connect you with our local string shop that can provide you with rental instruments.

How much does participation in the BU String Program cost?
  • $75 per semester for beginner or advanced group instruction (12 classes per semester meeting once a week)
  • $110 per semester for beginner group instruction and buddy lessons (12 classes per semester meeting once a week plus 12 private lessons taught in pairs)
  • $180 per semester for private lessons (12 lessons per semester meeting once, includes participation in 12 group instruction classes)
  • $180 per semester for private lessons only (12 lessons per semester scheduled by the private lesson teacher in collaboration with the parent and student)

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