Our Future

The Semper Pro Musica Strategic Plan for the School of Music is generated by the Music Council composed of division chairs and elected members from the faculty of the School of Music. The plan is periodically reviewed, discussed, and voted on by the full faculty. The first bullet in each section indicates essential goals that attain the status of Important Achievable Goals (IAG).

TEACHING (our students)

We will:

  • Critically examine all undergraduate and graduate degrees, including the curricula of each program and the number of credit hours required for completion, to ensure that each degree includes artistic and academic content to adequately prepare our students for their discipline
  • Create policies and procedures to ensure students receive intellectually challenging and educationally sound solo, chamber, and large ensemble experiences while respecting their need for balance and personal wellness
  • Align with Baylor University’s five-year goals to establish common student learning outcomes that address societal challenges through service and capacity-building partnerships on campus and beyond, and to encourage students from other majors to experience music and to recognize its value.

We will:

  • Increase stipends to raise the quality of graduate assistantships, advocate for new and/or redefined faculty lines, and seek additional funding to provide more time for tenure-track/tenured faculty to devote to creative/scholarly activities
  • Provide increased funding for creative activities/scholarship to faculty and students to develop ideas, publish, and increase presentation/performing opportunities at prestigious conferences and venues
  • Identify emerging inter-disciplinary expertise at the University and beyond to advance music faculty research in education, theory, history, religion, performance, composition, cultural studies, entrepreneurship, and health and wellness related field

We will:

  • Add a professionally trained staff member with expertise in marketing to cultivate a dynamic regional, national, and international presence for the School of Music in areas of advertising, messaging/branding, event promotion, and print/online communication
  • Identify expertise on and off campus to inform and educate faculty and students on health and wellness as these areas relate specifically to music, and to build on campus partnerships to promote the Fine Arts as central to a healthy and culturally literate society
  • Seek ways to reach out effectively via the Internet to prospective students, alumni, friends, and the public at large to offer them meaningful ways to connect with the School of Music

We will:

  • Build toward an endowment of $50M with emphasis given to creating naming opportunities for scholarships, programs, initiatives, instruments, and spaces
  • Develop the School’s infrastructure in recording capabilities in the areas of sound isolation, playback quality, and ease of scheduling; identify specific funding and legal/copyright support for the distribution of recordings generated by Baylor faculty and students
  • Effectively communicate the need to bring the unification of the School of Music back into the University Capital Improvement Plan

Passed by the full faculty of the School of Music on October 24, 2017

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