Research in the School of Music takes a variety of forms and reflects the diversity of our musical scholars. For some, it leads to traditional types of scholarship, such as journal articles, books, and conference presentations. For others, it is about artistic creation that results in a new musical work, a recording of world-class performances, or collaborations that bring new music to life for audiences.

Soon, there will be a site dedicated to showcase School of Music research. In the mean time, here are some examples of recent research in the School of Music:

  • Scientific Experimentation:
    • Bassoon professor, Dr. Ann Shoemaker, has been collecting data during the process of reed making using scientific equipment in order to quantifiably discover how best to make reeds
  • Book Authoring:
    • Ethnomusicologist, Dr. Monique Ingalls's book Singing the Congregation outlines her research: how performing contemporary worship music has changed US evangelical Christians’ understanding of worship and brought into being new ways of creating community
  • Music Composition:
    • Composer, Dr. Scott McAllister was commissioned to write Flight of the Elephant (for wind ensemble), a collaborative symphony with art, film/animation, and music to bring awareness to the plight of the elephant for WILDAID
  • Collection, Performance, Recording, and Commissioning of New Music:
    • Clarinetist, Dr. Jun Qian, established the East Meets West Project to commission and record new compositions for clarinet that are inspired by Asian cultures and that combine Chinese musical elements with Western art music. Dr. Qian has recorded three CDs with Albany Records for this project.
  • Journal Article Authoring
    • Musicologists, Dr. Jean Boyd and Dr. Alfredo Colman, co-authored an article to illustrate how instructors can design and develop a course on music and identity for any state or geographical region, and to provide an overview of Western Swing as a case study to illustrate historical events and beliefs reinforcing social and cultural identity in Texas.

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