Piano Pedagogy Degree Plans

The undergraduate and graduate programs in piano pedagogy at Baylor University incorporate an extensive amount of teaching experience with a variety of ages and levels. These teaching opportunities help to develop confidence and instructional effectiveness along with expertise in twenty-first century piano pedagogy. With access to the Audra O’Neal Piano Pedagogy Library, students can become familiar with all of the newest anthologies and method books as well as historical collections of literature. This emphasis on teaching experience and research coincides with the high-level refinement of performance skills at the piano.

Degree Plan Checklists:
Master of Music in Piano Pedagogy & Performance Objectives:
  1. To provide a high level of training in musical performance combined with a professional specialization and intensive practicum in piano pedagogy;
  2. To broaden the student’s knowledge of music history and literature, and music theory;
  3. To prepare students to evaluate pedagogical methodologies and present their findings in a scholarly manner
  4. To prepare students for careers in college, university, conservatory, preparatory department, private school, and independent studio teaching.

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