Students in Baylor's BME Program have the option to complete their journey on their own schedule. Typically students finish in between four and five years. No matter the length of your Baylor journey, there are five significant milestones every student passes on their way to graduation.

1) Admission

To study in the Baylor Music Education program, you must be apply to BOTH Baylor University and the School of Music. Audition dates are chosen on the School of Music application. For more information check out How to Apply.

2) Audition

Every student seeking an undergraduate music degree at Baylor, education or otherwise, must audition and be accepted to the School of Music. For more information check out How to Apply.

3) BME Evaluation

During the second year of study, every BME student undergoes a review process prior to entering upper-level study in the Baylor Music School and for admission into the Teacher Education Program. This evaluation is designed to assess our students' musical and academic performance and fitness for continued study towards a BME. The experience is intended to be an honest conversation about each student's future We want every student that graduates from our program to be ready for the joys and challenges that teaching music can bring.

4) Recital

In the final year of study, all BME students are required to give a 25-minute recital. This recital is the capstone project of a student's applied music study at Baylor, and a wonderful opportunity to showcase the outstanding musicianship learned in years of study. For more information on student recitals, click here.

5) Student Teaching

You made it! The final semester of the BME is completed off-campus, in the classroom as you combine everything you have learned during your student teaching. We work with our students as much as possible to provide assignments in line with their career goals. Student teaching takes place either in Waco, or in communities within a 200-mile radius of the Baylor campus. Student teaching is challenging, rewarding, and a big step on your journey as a music educator.

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