The Courtside Players

Dr. Stuart Ivey, Director

The Baylor University Courtside Players provides musical entertainment to thousands of basketball and volleyball fans across the nation. The band performs for all home volleyball and basketball games. An integral part of game atmosphere, the Courtside Players brings Baylor spirit and enthusiasm to the Ferrell Center and when traveling with the teams during tournament season.

Performing at approximately 40 games during the regular season, this ensemble is a critical component of the athletic environment in the Ferrell Center. This ensemble offers amazing performance opportunities at home and across the country.

The Courtside Players is an offshoot of the Golden Wave Marching Band and performs much of the same music. To be eligible for Courtside each member must currently participate in the Golden Wave Band or have two years of previous Golden Wave Band experience. The drum set players are exempt from this policy due to the nature of the instrument.

The auditions for wind players are a simple process:
Prepare music with two contrasting styles: something that shows off your technical playing skills as well as your lyrical musicianship. The excerpts from etudes or solos should only last a total of two minutes. Prepare the chromatic scale from the lowest to highest note you can comfortably play. It is appropriate to use a triplet pattern for rhythm and to tongue notes of the scale on the way up and slur notes on the way down.

Drumset and bass guitar positions will be auditioned at our first rehearsal in Jones Hall (Date and Time to be announced at a later date.). During the rehearsal all prospective drummers will be rotated in to perform music of various styles. By the end of the rehearsal a determination will be made as to which drummers will be offered a spot.

There is a one-time fee of $30 to cover the expenses for the uniform. This fee will be collected by Oct. 1 and can be paid via cash or check (make checks out to Baylor Golden Wave Band).

Game Assignment & Master Roster:
Members will be assigned and paid for a minimum of 10 games throughout the course of the season. Each player will be paid $10 per game. This ensures that all members receive equitable compensation for their participation in Courtside.

If you cannot attend a game for which you are assigned you may get a substitute but you are still required to participate in 10 games. The Master Roster will be made available after auditions so each member will know in advance which games they have been assigned to and can plan accordingly.

You may have another member substitute for you if you know in advance that you will not be able to attend an assigned game. The substitute will get paid in your stead. You may get as many substitutes as you need but you must attend a minimum of 10 games throughout the course of the season whether you are assigned or not.

Payment is disbursed at the following times:
Regular season: Payment for all regular season games, including volleyball and men’s and women’s basketball will be disbursed at the conclusion of the regular season and after any NCAA Tournament play. This is typically around the second week of April. The disbursement will be made in cash and requires your signature.

Holiday Games:
Holiday Game payment will be process immediately following the last Holiday Game. Payment for Thanksgiving and Christmas games will be made available typically the last week in January. As with regular season payment, disbursement will be made in cash and requires your signature.

Tournament Travel:
Being available for tournament travel is required of all members of the Courtside Players.

The tournaments we are currently scheduled to travel to include:

  • Women’s Big XII Tournament in Oklahoma City, OK 
  • Men’s Big XII Tournament in Kansas City, MO 

Traveling with the Courtside Players is an amazing opportunity to visit sites all across the country. Each trip is typically a 4 or 5 day event where we have a rehearsal and 2 basketball games ’ the rest of the time is open for activities.

For more information about joining please contact Dr. Stuart Ivey.

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