Concerto Competition



2021-2022 Results:

Winner:  Cezary Karwowski
  • Cezary Karwowski, student of Dr. Bradley Bolen, who performed Piano Concerto No. 2 in F Minor by Frederic Chopin. 
Other finalists:
  • Cole Allex (saxophone), student of Dr. Michael Jacobson
  • Hunter Bellows (euphonium), student of Dr. Kent Eshelman
  • Darren Carter (violin), student of Dr. Eka Gogichashvili
  • Sam Day (cello), student of Dr. Philip Borter
  • Myles Meader (oboe), student of Dr. Eury Alvarez
  • Blake Moreland (horn), student of Dr. Kristy Morrell
  • Joshua Painter (piano), student of Dr. Terry Lynn Hudson
  • Dr. Jung Choi, Assistant Professor of Oboe, University of North Texas
  • Ms. Angela Fuller Heyde, Principal Second Violin, Dallas Symphony Orchestra
  • Dr. Stacie Mickens, Associate Professor of Horn, University of North Texas
  • Mr. Farkhad Khudyev, Assistant Professor of Orchestral Studies and Music Director of the University of Texas Symphony Orchestra, University of Texas at Austin
  • Dr. Carolyn True, Professor of Piano, Trinity University

2020-2021 Results:

Winner: Miles Gillette-Bockhorn
  • Miles Gillette-Bockhorn is a freshman BM student of Dr. Terry Lynn Hudson. He performed the Piano Concerto No. 2 in E Major, Op. 59, by Moritz Moszkowski.

Other finalists:
  • Aidan Gettemy, cello, student of Dr. Philip Borter
  • Sadie Hamrin, violin, student of Ms. Patricia Shih
  • Kody Harrington, bassoon, student of Dr. Ann Shoemaker
  • Olivia Jirousek, flute, student of Dr. Charlotte Daniel
  • Alison Marseglia, trumpet, student of Mr. Wiff Rudd and Mr. Mark Schubert
  • Brice Mayfield, piano, student of Dr. Terry Lynn Hudson
  • Chase Teachey, euphonium, student of Dr. Kent Eshelman 
  • Dr. Igor Lipinski, Assistant Professor of Piano at the University of Oklahoma
  • Dr. Oleg Pokhanovski, Professor of Violin at the University of Manitoba
  • Mr. John Romero, Principal Trombone of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (and former winner of the Baylor Concerto Competition)
  • Mr. Stefan Sanders, Music Director of Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra, Spartanburg Philharmonic, and Central Texas Philharmonic
  • Mr. William Short, Principal Bassoon of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

2019-2020 Results:

Winner: Fjoralba Zguro
  • Fjoralba Zguro is a BM piano student of Dr. Jani Parsons and was named the winner with her performance of Ravel’s Concerto in G.

Other finalists
  • Egle Uljas, piano, student of Krassimira Jordan
  • Darren Carter, violin, student of Eka Gogichashvili
  • Sarah Hamrin, viola, student of Kathy Steely
  • Wolfgang Draving, oboe, student Eury Alvarez
  • Kody Harrington, bassoon, student of Ann Shoemaker
  • Joseph Tkach, trumpet, student of Wiff Rudd and Mark Schubert
  • Chase Windmueller, euphonium, student of Kent Eshelman
  • Mr. Richard Giangiulio - Principal Trumpet (retired), Dallas Symphony Orchestra; Music Director, Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra
  • Dr. Jonathan Guist - Associate Professor Music (Clarinet), University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley
  • Dr. German Gutierrez - Director of Orchestras and Professor of Orchestral Studies, Texas Christian University
  • Dr. Kiyoshi Tamagawa - Professor of Music (Piano), Southwestern University
  • Dr. Martha Walvoord - Associate Professor of Violin and Associate Chair of the Music Department, University of Texas at Arlington


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