Concerto Competition



2020-2021 Results:

Winner: Miles Gillette-Bockhorn
  • Miles Gillette-Bockhorn is a freshman BM student of Dr. Terry Lynn Hudson. He performed the Piano Concerto No. 2 in E Major, Op. 59, by Moritz Moszkowski.

Other finalists:
  • Aidan Gettemy, cello, student of Dr. Philip Borter
  • Sadie Hamrin, violin, student of Ms. Patricia Shih
  • Kody Harrington, bassoon, student of Dr. Ann Shoemaker
  • Olivia Jirousek, flute, student of Dr. Charlotte Daniel
  • Alison Marseglia, trumpet, student of Mr. Wiff Rudd and Mr. Mark Schubert
  • Brice Mayfield, piano, student of Dr. Terry Lynn Hudson
  • Chase Teachey, euphonium, student of Dr. Kent Eshelman 
  • Dr. Igor Lipinski, Assistant Professor of Piano at the University of Oklahoma
  • Dr. Oleg Pokhanovski, Professor of Violin at the University of Manitoba
  • Mr. John Romero, Principal Trombone of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra (and former winner of the Baylor Concerto Competition)
  • Mr. Stefan Sanders, Music Director of Fayetteville Symphony Orchestra, Spartanburg Philharmonic, and Central Texas Philharmonic
  • Mr. William Short, Principal Bassoon of the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra

A special thank-you to Dr. In-Ja Eshelman, Dr. Cameron Hofmann, and Dr. Rajung Yang for the artistry and time they gave to collaborating with the finalists. Thanks also to Rick Carpenter, Dick Veit, Darren Roos, Ange Townsend, Randy Umstead, Ruth Tucker, Lori Clifton, Angela Traylor, and the faculty members who helped secure the judging panel.

2019-2020 Results:

Winner: Fjoralba Zguro
  • Fjoralba Zguro is a BM piano student of Dr. Jani Parsons and was named the winner with her performance of Ravel’s Concerto in G.

Other finalists
  • Egle Uljas, piano, student of Krassimira Jordan
  • Darren Carter, violin, student of Eka Gogichashvili
  • Sarah Hamrin, viola, student of Kathy Steely
  • Wolfgang Draving, oboe, student Eury Alvarez
  • Kody Harrington, bassoon, student of Ann Shoemaker
  • Joseph Tkach, trumpet, student of Wiff Rudd and Mark Schubert
  • Chase Windmueller, euphonium, student of Kent Eshelman
  • Mr. Richard Giangiulio - Principal Trumpet (retired), Dallas Symphony Orchestra; Music Director, Greater Dallas Youth Orchestra
  • Dr. Jonathan Guist - Associate Professor Music (Clarinet), University of Texas-Rio Grande Valley
  • Dr. German Gutierrez - Director of Orchestras and Professor of Orchestral Studies, Texas Christian University
  • Dr. Kiyoshi Tamagawa - Professor of Music (Piano), Southwestern University
  • Dr. Martha Walvoord - Associate Professor of Violin and Associate Chair of the Music Department, University of Texas at Arlington

We owe a huge thank you to Cameron Hofmann and Rajung Yang, who provided all the accompaniment.

Thank you to Jim Grady, Kathy Johnson, Ruth Tucker, Darren Roos, Craig Waldrop, Angela Traylor, Dick Veit, and the faculty who secured the judges.


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