Ensemble Audition Information

This page contains information for music-majors and current Baylor students. Audition and placement information for incoming students who are non-music majors is available here.

Band and Orchestra

Note: Instrumental Audition submissions are closed for most instruments (as of 1pm Aug. 14, 2020). Contact Mrs. Christina Rains if you have any questions.

* updated July 17, 2020

Concert Band - No Audition Required.

Chamber Groups

No audition required.


Fall 2020 Choir Audition Information:
Incoming Freshmen / New to Baylor Choirs (Concert Choir, Men's Choir, Women's Choir):

Fall 2020 Choir auditions will take place via online form and unlisted YouTube video submission throughout the summer. If an audition submission is not possible beforehand, additional audition times will be scheduled August 20-23, as schedule and current in-person guidelines permit. To submit an audition, please fill out the form located at bit.ly/BaylorChoir2020 and include your unlisted YouTube video link with the following elements:

1) State your full name.

2) Sing an unaccompanied hymn or patriotic song - one verse or verse/chorus. (Possible examples are Amazing Grace, Be Thou My Vision, My Country ‘Tis of Thee, or America the Beautiful)

3) If you are familiar with a major scale, sing a major scale in a comfortable range ascending and descending. You can use any system (i.e. solfege or numbers) or sing it on a neutral syllable.

4) Siren/vocalize/slide on an “ah” vowel from the bottom of your range to the top and back down.

Please work to submit your audition at least THREE DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR ONLINE ADVISING APPOINTMENT, so we can review your audition, place you appropriately, and let you know how to register.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Gusukuma (Stephen_Gusukuma@baylor.edu)

A Cappella Choir, Bella Voce, Chamber Singers, VirtuOSO (sophomores → graduate students):

Fall 2020 Auditions for A Cappella Choir, Bella Voce, Chamber Singers, and VirtuOSO will take place in person on August 20-23, as current in-person guidelines permit.  Please contact individual faculty directors for questions regarding specific ensembles, including calendar/schedule and expectations.  Additional information regarding auditions will be posted by August 1, 2020 and emailed to members of all Spring 2020 choirs.

Early Music

The Early Music Ensembles are open to all members of the student body by audition. No previous experience in early repertoire is required.


No audition required.


* updated July 23, 2020

New Music


Golden Wave Marching Band


  • Must enroll in Opera Workshop (MUEN 1104) to be considered for casting 
  • Those who wish to volunteer to work backstage are not required to register for the class, but must be available during the scheduled class time and rehearsals.
  • Those who want to sing in the opera chorus do not need to audition; just register for the course. Without an audition you will not be considered for named roles. 
    • this option only applies when there is a chorus in the upcoming opera.
  • Non-graduating students must audition in the spring for the following year’s productions.
  • Auditions for spring performances are held at the end of fall semester for anyone who has not auditioned previously.
  • Incoming Graduate Students: Your graduate audition can count for your opera audition as well, so long as the audition happens prior to casting. 


  • Singers will present two selections:
    • one aria or art song in a foreign language
    • one in English (The English selection can be an aria, art song or musical theater)
  • A pianist will be provided at the audition
    • the student must provide clean, 3-hole punched, copies of their music in a 3 ring binder for the pianist
  • There is always a potential for callbacks

Contact the Director of Opera if you have any quesitons.

Orchestra and Band

Note: Instrumental Audition submissions are closed for most instruments (as of 1pm Aug. 14, 2020). Contact Mrs. Christina Rains if you have any questions.

* updated July 17, 2020

Baylor Percussion Group

Contact Dr. Todd Meehan.

World Music


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