Graduate Assistantships

This page includes Financial Aid (below) and School of Music graduate assistantship information. Selection of graduate assistants is highly competitive and offered in a variety of fields. Applicants in Church Music, Collaborative Piano, Composition, Conducting, Instrumental Performance, Musicology, Music Theory, Organ Performance, Piano Performance, Piano Pedagogy, and Vocal Performance will be considered for assistantships. Graduate Assistantships are not awarded by the School of Music to MDiv/MM in Church Music students because they receive funding through Truett Seminary.

Graduate Assistantships typically pay for up to fifteen hours of tuition per academic year plus a stipend for working twelve hours per week in the School of Music. Graduate Assistantships do not cover fees (e.g., the General Student Fee).

To be considered for a Graduate Assistantship students must:

  1. Apply to, be accepted, and be admitted to the School of Music
  2. Apply to, be accepted, and be admitted to the Graduate School
  3. Submit a C.V. or résumé as part of their Graduate School application materials
    • The music faculty recommends that you include any teaching and/or applicable work experience on your C.V. or résumé.

Graduate Assistantships are awarded based on the recommendation of the faculty in the student's major area. Decisions typically begin to be made about April 1 (March 15 for Conducting Assistantships) and may take up to two months to complete. Candidates will be notified of their status as soon as possible after this has been determined.

Students who are awarded Graduate Assistantships will be asked to sign and return a contract. The Graduate Program Director of the School of Music will make the official notice of Graduate Assistantship awards in writing. Any discussion of Graduate Assistantship awards or assignments prior to that notice, or by any other persons, shall be considered preliminary and unofficial.

Graduate Assistantships are typically awarded one year at a time. For new students, the expectation is that the contract will be renewed for a second year. This renewal depends principally upon the student maintaining good academic standing, making musical progress, and satisfactory performance of the assigned duties.

The duties of Graduate Assistants will vary depending upon the requirements of the area in which the Assistantship is awarded. Responsibilities may include classroom or private teaching of non-majors, tutoring, classroom or general assistance for faculty, accompanying, grading, staffing labs, office or recording studio work, etc.

Students must maintain a Grade Point Average of at least 3.0 to retain Graduate Assistantships. Only students with full graduate standing may be considered for assistantships. A student on probation is not entitled to apply for assistance or to continue receiving any financial aid awarded prior to the deficiency.

For information on the Council of Graduate Schools' Resolution regarding deadlines for acceptance of financial offers by Graduate Scholars, Trainees, and Assistants, see the following link:

Financial Aid

To be considered for all possible scholarship and financial aid opportunities, U.S. citizen graduate students must complete the following application. You may complete it before you get accepted or audition (the earlier you complete this application, the better). We recommend completing before February 1 for those wanting to begin school in the Fall.

  • We HIGHLY recommend U.S. citizens complete the FAFSA (Baylor school code = 003545): Incoming graduate students can apply for financial aid including loans, grants, and scholarships for the upcoming academic year as soon as possible beginning October 1 at

Baylor University maintains a student financial aid program including scholarships, grants, on-campus employment, and loans totaling approximately $60 million dollars annually. 92% of Baylor students receive financial aid.

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