Music Buildings

  • McCrary Music Building
    • Jones Concert Hall & Meadows Recital Hall
    • Instrumental & Ensemble Faculty
    • Practice Rooms
  • Waco Hall Complex
    • Waco Hall, Roxy Grove Hall, and Recital Hall II
    • Academic, Keyboard, and Vocal Faculty
    • Administrative Leadership & Staff

Performance Halls

  • Waco Hall (2,200 seats) in Waco Hall Complex
  • Jones Concert Hall (1,000 seats) in McCrary
  • Armstrong Browning Library
  • Roxy Grove Hall (500 seats) in Waco Hall Complex
  • Meadows Recital Hall (200 seats) in McCrary
  • Recital Hall II (120 seats) in Waco Hall Complex


  • Opera Black Box
  • Jones Theatre (356-seat proscenium) in Hooper-Schaefer Fine Arts Center
  • Waco Hall 301



  • Alinea (Marrs McLean Science Building, 330)
    • Alinea's current space houses specialized equipment for research involved in creating fixed and interactive electroacoustic music, scoring for film, and experimenting with other arts technologies.
  • Comp Lab (Roxy Grove Hall, 220)
    • a publishing lab for composition students to edit, print, bind, and package their compositions. It is equipped with an 11x17 duplex printer, spiral binder, and other binding necessities.
  • Crouch Music [Technology] Lab
    • specialized instructional technology center for music applications

Music Education

Piano Pedagogy

  • Two Class Piano labs
  • O'Neal [Piano] Pedagogy Library
    • more than 59,000 titles, some of which date from the 19th century, provides a rich resource for the program in piano pedagogy as well as for research by faculty and graduate students
  • Children's Lab


  • McLane Organ - located in Jones Concert Hall (McCrary)
    • 4 manuals, 92 ranks, electro-pneumatic action
  • Joyce Jones Organ - located in Markham Organ Studio (McCrary)
    • 3 manuals, 39 ranks, mechanical action (Swell and Positiv expressive) - built by Letourneau
  • Higginbotham Memorial Organ  - located in Roxy Grove Hall (Waco Hall Complex)
    • 3 manuals, 62 ranks, electro-pneumatic action
  • Travis Johnson Memorial Organ - located in Recital Hall II (Waco Hall Complex)
    • 2 manuals, 17 ranks, mechanical action
  • Truett Chapel Organ - located in Truett Seminary
  • Practice Organs - located in McCrary
    • Five practice rooms in the organ wing house a variety of instruments.


  • 3 Hamburg Steinways
    • Two located in Roxy Grove Hall (Waco Hall Complex)
    • One located in Jones Hall (McCrary)
  • 1 Bösendorfer
    • Located in Meadows Recital Hall (McCrary)
  • 1 New York Steinway B
    • Located in Recital Hall II (Waco Hall Complex)

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