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The Baylor Music Education Program is among the most respected teacher certification programs in Texas and the United States. Featuring programs across all disciplines, the Baylor Music Education Program seeks to develop well-rounded teachers who are outstanding musicians prepared to teach band, choir, orchestra, and elementary general music in the classroom from day one.


Dr. Michael Alexander
Associate Professor of Music Education
Dr. David W. Montgomery
Associate Professor of Instrumental Music Education
Dr. Michele Henry
Professor of Music Education (Choral),
Director, Music Education Division

Alumni Profiles

"The Baylor School of Music provided me a family-like atmosphere and all of the opportunities of a large university. With the encouragement and knowledge gained from top-notch professors and talented peers, I felt I was able to enter a competitive field with real-world education experiences and endless support."
Sarah Council Associate Director of Choirs, Plano West Senior High
"I have the fondest memories of Baylor, and of the School of Music in particular. I remember feeling so welcomed and immediately part of the culture and community. I always felt challenged academically, but more importantly, I felt cared for. I always tell people that certain professors were like family to me. I do believe the music education department did it's best to prepare me for teaching orchestra. I would recommend anyone who wants a quality education, fine and caring professors, and a smaller, more intimate environment, to attend Baylor's School of Music Education."
Brenda Johnson Director of Orchestras, O'Connor High School
"My experiences as a student in the School of Music taught me about music, leadership, teaching, teamwork, friendship, worship, life... and so, so many other things. The skills that I learned as a student at Baylor have opened doors for me that I could not have imagined as an entering freshman, and I am eternally grateful to all that have guided me and continue to support me on this journey."
Dr. Blair Williams Assistant Professor of String Music Education, Texas Tech University

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