Audition Requirements

The audition is the single most important factor in determining whether or not a student will be accepted as a music major at Baylor. The audition committee consists of Dr. Meehan and faculty members from the Instrumental and Conducting Divisions. There will be an interview session following the audition which will include questions about performance/research interests, repertoire interests, and career goals. The audition process is competitive and it is in the student’s best interest to audition and apply early. Acceptance is based on the student’s performance abilities, artistic potential, and maturity as demonstrated in the audition/interview process.

In addition, both undergraduate and graduate students should submit two letters of recommendation (private teacher, band director, faculty member, etc) and a one-page resume detailing your music-related achievements. Prospective graduate students should also submit a written statement about music advocacy your role in its promotion (not required for undergraduates).

Undergraduate percussion requirements:

• One keyboard solo of significant length (marimba or vibraphone)

• One concert snare drum solo or etude

• One rudimental snare drum solo or etude (played on a concert snare)

• One timpani solo or etude

• Sight-reading on keyboard, snare, or timpani

• Demonstrate ability to tune intervals on timpani

• Demonstrate various drum set styles (recommended but not required)

Graduate percussion requirements:


• One 4-mallet marimba solo of significant length

• Two orchestral mallet excerpts of your choice


• One concert solo or etude (ex. Delecluse etude or something of similar difficulty)

• One rudimental solo or etude (played on a concert snare, ex. Wilcoxon or something of similar difficulty)

• Two orchestral snare excerpts of your choice


• One solo or etude (ex. Carter or Delecluse etude or something of similar difficulty)

• Two orchestral timpani excerpts of your choice

• Demonstrate ability to tune intervals

Miscellaneous - Please choose ONE of the following three areas to supplement your audition:

• Multiple percussion solo

• Drum set (demonstrating different styles or prepared solo)

• Any other area in which you possess a degree of mastery (ex.accessory excerpts, hand drumming, other world music genres,etc.)

Sight-reading on keyboard, snare, and/or timpani

All candidates are welcome to communicate directly with Dr. Meehan ( with questions regarding their application, repertoire, audition date, etc.