Oxford University Press recently released Take Note: An Introduction to Music through Active Listening, a new music appreciation textbook by Dr. Robin Wallace, Professor of Musicology at Baylor. Designed for an introductory course for non-music majors, this book offers a listening-centered approach that differs from the chronological presentation found in most other texts. It focuses on a core repertory of representative musical works from all periods that are presented in multiple contexts over the course of the book, inviting students to become thoroughly familiar with them. It is accompanied by innovative, web-based interactive listening guides that take full advantage of current technology to deepen and expand students' experience of the music.

Dr. Wallace has taught music appreciation over a twenty-five-year period at several different schools, including Baylor. This book reflects the results of his experience and his lifelong engagement with the pedagogy of the introductory music course. Itresponds to a widely felt need for new approaches to this material designed with today's students in mind. Elliott Cheney of the University of Utah says: "This is the best guide to learning how to listen. It's an outstanding book in every way, well written, and full of great ideas."