MM Audition Requirements

Auditions are required only for the following majors:

• Performance in all areas
• Collaborative Piano
• Piano Pedagogy
• Conducting (see below for additional information)
• Church Music with Performance or Conducting emphasis


Live, in-person auditions are preferred. You may schedule an audition by completing your School of Music application which can be found here:

Audition Dates are listed below:

Friday, November 30, 2018 - piano, voice
Friday, January 25, 2019 - voice
Saturday, January 26, 2019 - brass (euphonuim, tuba only), piano, strings, voice, woodwinds
Saturday, February 9, 2019 - brass (trumpet, euphonuim, tuba only), organ, piano, percussion, voice, woodwinds
Friday, March 1, 2019 - brass, piano, percussion, strings, voice, woodwinds
Saturday, March 2, 2019 - brass, piano, percussion, strings, voice, woodwinds

In the event you are unable to attend a regularly scheduled audition day, graduate students may make special arrangements for auditions by contacting the Division chair in their area of audition.

Audition requirements for performance majors vary with each instrument or area. For specific information about audition expectations, please follow the links below:

Brass Strings Woodwinds
Trumpet Violin Flute
Trombone Viola Clarinet
French Horn Cello Oboe
Low Brass Bass Bassoon
  Harp Saxophone
Organ Percussion  
Piano Voice  

Conducting Auditions


The audition process for Conducting majors begins with submission of a video of the prospective student’s conducting of an ensemble in rehearsal and performance. This will be evaluated by the Conducting faculty, who will then decide whether or not to invite the student to the campus for in-person auditions, interviews, and diagnostic testing in analysis and ear training. After this second round of auditions a final selection of candidates will be made for admission and assistantships. To submit video files electronically, please go to:


Schedule for conducting auditions:


January 15: Deadline for receipt of audition videos by the Baylor School of Music. To submit video files electronically, please go to:
February 1: Status regarding the in-person audition will be determined and the students notified shortly after.
March 3: Admission and assistantship status will be determined and the students notified shortly after.

Note: These requirements and dates apply only to Conducting majors, not to Church Music majors with Conducting emphasis, who are required only to submit a video of their conducting.

Note: Prospective MM-Conducting (Choral) students are not required to audition for the voice faculty as part of their admission process.






For further information about audition requirements and scheduling contact the following persons:


Voice Dr. Jamie Van Eyck
Piano Dr. Brian Marks
Organ Dr. Isabelle Demers
Instrumental Dr. Todd Meehan
Orchestral Conducting Mr. Stephen Heyde
Band Conducting Dr. Eric Wilson
Choral Conducting Dr. Lynne Gackle



For questions about auditions, please contact: