MM Requirements

Diagnostic Exams

During the week preceding the semester in which a graduate student enrolls he/she will take music theory and music history diagnostic exams. Appropriate remedial course work may be required as a result of the exams. In addition, graduate students with majors in vocal performance, collaborative piano, and church music with vocal performance emphasis will be tested over their knowledge of Italian, German, and French lyric diction. If the student is deficient in any of these languages he/she will be expected to enroll in an appropriate diction course.

Degree Completion

The normal time for completion of the requirements for the degree ranges from two semesters and a summer to four semesters. A minimum of two semesters in residence or three consecutive summer sessions in residence and thirty (30) semester hours are required. No correspondence work may be counted for graduate credit.


Enrollment in an ensemble, as assigned by the Conducting faculty, is required throughout the term of residence for most degree programs. Ensemble participation is not required of Piano Performance majors or Collaborative Piano majors. Students in Piano Pedagogy may fulfill the ensemble requirement through enrollment in two semesters of Studio Collaborative Piano (MUS 5036), Piano Ensemble, or Chamber Music. Organ performance majors will fulfill the ensemble requirement through enrollment in two semesters of a choral ensemble.


Students will be admitted to candidacy upon successful completion of Music 5320 and nine (9) hours in their major field, the courses to be approved by the major professor and the director of graduate studies in music.

Upon admission to candidacy, students may register for thesis or the second graduate recital.

Oral Exams

All candidates for a master's degree must pass a comprehensive oral examination.

Unconditional Graduate Standing and Probation

Every graduate student must maintain a 3.0 average in graduate work. Failure to maintain this average in any semester will result in the student being placed on probation for the next semester. The average must be raised to 3.0 by the end of the probationary semester or the student will be dismissed from the graduate program.