All undergraduate students who apply and audition for the School of Music with the intent to major in music are eligible to receive Music Merit Scholarships. Outstanding students pursuing a music degree that will enroll as full-time students will be recommended for music scholarships based on their performance ability and the programmatic needs of the School of Music. 

To receive a music scholarship students must:

  • Apply to the School of Music
  • Audition for the School of Music
  • Complete the FAFSA
  • Pursue a Bachelor of Music, Bachelor of Music Education, or Secondary Major in Music degree

Notification of Scholarships

Students receive notification of their financial aid status from the University. If a student is selected to receive a music scholarship, they will receive a separate notification from the School of Music via mail and will be asked to respond to verify acceptance of the scholarship. No notification letters are sent in the event that a student does not qualify for a music scholarship.