How do I apply to Baylor University?

Application for admission to Baylor University should be made in the fall of the senior year in high school. To begin your application, create a goBAYLOR login.

If I am accepted to the University, am I automatically accepted into the School of Music?

No. Getting into the School of Music is a dual-acceptance process. All students desiring to pursue a degree in music must:

     • Apply and be accepted to Baylor University
     • Apply to the School of Music
           o On your School of Music application, you will be asked to select an audition day
     • Audition for the School of Music
           o Auditions are required for acceptance into the music degree program.

The on-campus audition day provides an opportunity for students to display their abilities and to meet the faculty. The audition day also provides an opportunity to have questions answered concerning the School of Music, the admissions process, student financial aid, housing, campus life and other aspects of being a music student at Baylor.

Am I required to audition to play in the band or orchestra, or to sing in a choir as a non-music major?

School of Music auditions are not required if your only desire is to perform in the bands, orchestras, or choirs. However, the band, orchestra, and choir directors do audition students for placement into those ensembles.

What do I do if I cannot attend a scheduled audition day?

If necessary, auditions may be scheduled on other days. In the event that distance prohibits a personal audition, a video recording may be submitted as part of your School of Music application.

What do I perform for the audition?

The audition in your major performance area is the most important factor in determining whether or not you will be accepted as a music major. It will normally last about ten minutes. The audition committee consists of faculty members from your area of concentration. An accompanist is not necessary. For instrument specific guidelines, please visit our Audition Information page.

Is it possible for me to double major?

At Baylor University, students may enroll in only one degree program. Because the School of Music offers two professional degrees, the Bachelor of Music degree (BM) and the Bachelor of Music Education degree (BME) it is not possible for a student enrolled in one of these degree programs to also enroll in another degree program offered by the university, such as the BA, BS, BBA, BSE, BSCS, etc.

What about solo performance opportunities?

Opportunities for solo performance are strongly encouraged and include weekly studio classes and departmental recitals which provide a format for students to present single works. Convocations showcase superior student performers in recitals attended by the entire School of Music student body. In their Junior and Senior Recitals, performance majors present partial and entire concert programs, respectively. Special Recitals are often presented by ambitious students in addition to the degree requirement recitals. Master Classes with guest artists are held every year as well.

Will I have access to faculty members who can assist me in my professional development?

From the time you enter the Baylor University School of Music, you will be able to confer with full-time faculty members. All msuic majors will study one-on-one each week with a faculty member. Faculty advisors will help develop a plan for each upcoming semester during a School of Music advisement period that precedes pre-registration. Members of the faculty are also available by appointment to counsel and advise you throughout the semester when you have questions.