Degree Plans

Baylor University's School of Music is a member of the National Association of Schools of Music and the Texas Association of Music Schools. Students who major in music enjoy small class sizes and personal attention both in and out of the classroom from faculty who are active musicians with avriet specialties in research, composition, and performance. Degree programs include:

Bachelor of Music

Bachelor of Music Education

The Bachelor of Music Education degree is a comprehensive curricular program leading to undergraduate EC-12 music certification in the state of Texas. The degree program includes field experiences at all levels of study combined with intensive on-campus instruction in music and pedagogy. 

Secondary Major

The Secondary Major in Instrumental Performance or Keyboard Performance allows advanced instrumental players (piano, organ, winds, brass, strings, or percussion) to continue their interest in music performance while pursuing another academic career path. The secondary major is differentiated from a music major in that academic music requirements (music theory, music history, etc.) are substantially reduced while retaining regular private instruction, participation in ensembles and chamber music, and the performance of a formal recital in the senior year. Through this secondary major option, upon graduation, a student earns one baccalaureate degree in an area other than music. Although that student will not be awarded a second degree in music, the student's transcript will reflect that he or she has earned a Secondary Major in Instrumental or Keyboard Performance. An audition is required for acceptance into the Secondary Major. 

Academic Minor

Any undergraduate student at Baylor University, in any major other than music, may elect to minor in music by completing at least 21 semester hours in music as outlined in the Undergraduate Course Catalog. The minor is designed to broaden the educational experience of student by providing a variety of music experiences in ensembles and in the classroom. No audition is required for the music minor. Students may choose to minor in: