The Baylor Jazz Program Goals

• To provide young performers of jazz music with the knowledge and skills to begin and sustain a long and successful jazz career.

• To provide the teachers of tomorrow with the knowledge and skills to start, run and teach a successful jazz program.

• To provide playing and performing opportunities in both large and small jazz ensembles.

• To encourage and guide students to find their own voice in performing, writing and arranging music.

• To provide students with a good understanding of this improvisational music so that they can be the successful and inspirational musicians, writers and performers of tomorrow.

To describe the importance, complexity and beauty of Jazz so that our students will become the listeners, consumers and fans of the next generation of jazz musicians.

Jazz Courses

MUS 3310 Jazz Improvisation

An introduction to the techniques of jazz improvisation. This course will include the study of jazz theory and the uniquely American artform, Jazz, its artists and its styles.

MUS 4110 Advanced Jazz Improvisation

An in-depth study of jazz improvisation techniques under the supervision of one faculty member. The Jazz Improvisation course MUS 3310 is a prerequisite for advanced jazz improvisation.

MUS 4208 Jazz Theory

This course is an in-depth study of jazz theory from scales, modes and jazz voicings to the practical use of theory in improvisation and composition and arranging. Theory II is a prerequisite for the Jazz Theory Course.

MUS 4219 Jazz Pedagogy

This course will give practical information to perspective secondary school and college directors about directing a jazz ensemble or a jazz combo. It will provide students with a basic understanding of various jazz styles, rehearsal and performance techniques, improvisational techniques and selecting literature for the secondary school ensemble.

MUS 3203 Jazz Arranging

This course is designed to give practical information on styles and techniques of various styles of jazz arranging. The course will give students factual and conceptual knowledge as well as practical and applied experience.

MUS 4V80 Independent Study in Jazz Arranging

A more in-depth study of jazz writing and arranging under the supervision of one faculty member. MUS 3203 Jazz Arranging is a prerequisite for this course.

MUS 3323 Jazz History

The study of Jazz from its West African and American blues roots through ragtime, urban blues, big bands, bebop, cool, 1960s avant garde, and present developments.