Music Major Scholarships

The Baylor University School of Music has a generous scholarship program for those majoring in music. Qualifications are established by audition. Scholarships are awarded for one academic year, unless otherwise specified, though usually renewed for the normal duration of the degree plan of the recipient contingent upon maintenance of a satisfactory grade point average and recommendation to the Dean by the appropriate Division Director and/or Major Ensemble Director. In addition, the Student Financial Aid Office administers a comprehensive program of grants and loans.

Each year, the School of Music holds audition days for students wishing to be admitted to the School of Music as music majors. These days also include informative meetings for parents of prospective students in which University Financial Aid representatives are present to answer questions. One audition suffices for the determination both of admissibility to the School of Music and scholarship qualification. Though taking an audition on one of the scheduled dates is most preferable, other times can be arranged if applicants are unavailable on the published audition dates. If significant distance or other complication precludes the taking of a live audition, arrangements for a taped audition can be made.

Non Music Major Scholarships

In addition to the aid programs administered by the Assistant Vice President for Student Financial Aid, there are a limited number of School of Music non-music major scholarships available for string players who wish to participate in the Baylor University Orchestra Program. A taped audition is required of those wishing to apply for these non-major awards. This audition tape should include two contrasting selections (they may be portions of movements, or brief selections) that demonstrate the applicant's technical and musical capabilities. The taped auditions should be sent to the address given below, preferably by April 1st of the year before enrollment begins.

For more information, please contact:

Stephen Heyde, Mary Franks Thompson
Professor of Orchestral Activities
Baylor University School of Music
P. O. Box 97408
Waco, TX 76798
(254) 710-3269
Email address: