BME Evaluations

Freshman Year Evaluation (First Year Evaluation for Transfer Students)

Following the first two semesters of work, grade-point averages for all freshmen and transfer students will be reviewed. All students below a 2.75 GPA overall will be contacted for a conference with the Music Education Division Director.

All BME majors will be advised to take MUS 1330, Introduction to Music Education, in the spring semester of their freshman year. Transfer students should take this course in either their first or second semester at Baylor.

Sophomore Evaluation

During the fall or spring semester of the sophomore year (or for transfer students, after completing MUS 1330), each BME student must apply for professional review and for admittance into upper level study in music education. The semester of the review will be determined by the Division Director. The application must be done in writing to the Division Director, using a form provided to the student by email. The completed application form must be turned in to the Music Education Division Office by a designated due date. In order to make application for upper level study, a student must have completed MUS 1330 and have a 2.75 overall GPA and a 2.75 GPA in music. Three letters of recommendation from members of the music faculty, including the major professor in applied concentration, an ensemble director, and an academic music/music education faculty member, are also required. The forms for the application and letters, including instructions, will be emailed to the sophomore BME student several weeks prior to their indicated due date.

Those students who have completed the written application for admittance to upper-division music study will be notified to schedule a professional review conference with the music education advisory committee during exam week of the semester of their application. At this review, the student's strengths and weaknesses will be discussed in terms of their demonstrated ability to complete degree requirements. At the end of the review, the faculty committee will make one of the following recommendations concerning the student:

1) Recommended admittance into upper-level study in music education

2) Recommended probation with re-application

3) Recommend dismissal from the music education program

The student will be notified in writing of the results of the professional review conference. No student will be allowed to register for upper-division music education or conducting courses before he/she has been admitted into upper-level study in music education following successful completion of his/her Sophomore Evaluation. Standards required for admission to upper-level music education courses must be maintained in subsequent enrollments.

BME Re-admission Application Procedures

Any student that has been advised that he or she cannot continue in the Bachelor of Music Education degree program as a result of the Sophomore Evaluation process may apply for re-admission to the program based on the following procedures:

1) A student may apply for re-admission to the BME program no sooner than two semesters (not including the summer term) after leaving the BME major.

2) To apply for re-admission, the student must meet the following criteria:

a. The student must re-audition for the applied faculty in the area of the applied major. All grades in the applied area since the withdrawal from the BME major must be a B or above. The applied faculty must submit a written letter of recommendation for re-admission to the BME program to the Director of Music Education.

b. The student's current transcript must reflect both of the following:

• Grade C or above in all music courses. A course may be repeated only once after withdrawal from the BME degree program. Grade of WF in a course will be considered as an attempt at the course. The requirement for the grade of C or above applies to all music courses taken at Baylor University, not just those taken since the withdrawal from the BME major.

• A minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75 in all non-music courses.

c. The student must make written application for re-admission to the Director of Music Education in the form of a letter, addressing the reasons for the request and the strategies planned for the successful completion of the degree program. A meeting will then be scheduled with the student and the music education advisory committee. The committee will review all materials, interview the student, and make a recommendation to the Dean as to re-admittance to the degree program.